Contest Entry: A Small Gift - Anomen

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Contest Entry: A Small Gift - Anomen

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Do you remember when we first really spoke?
It still makes me laugh when I think back on it.
Brief yet impactful. We chatted a little on the stone and I asked if you would like to meet at some point.
Only makes sense to want to get to know everyone of our group, right?
But you declined. Said that you'd heard about me and thought it wouldn't be wise.
I didn't really feel hurt then, you know.
It felt... refreshing in a way.
So many people smile at me and call me friend to only go off and badmouth me behind my back, trying to sour other people's thoughts on me.
Yet you gifted me honesty.

Of course, we eventually did meet after you reconsidered your stance.
I mean, it would be kind of weird if you never had. We're raising four kids together now, after all.
We met on the overlook besides Stormwind. And then we met again. And again. And another time.
You made me feel at ease.
Somehow, you got me to show you parts of that silly little book I was writing... and you loved it.
The twinkle in your eyes and the wide smile on your face as you told me how you felt about it...
That's when I fell for you, I think.
Obviously you were battling your own demons much like I was... for who knows how long.
But you showed such unapologetic jubilation at having finished the bits of the book I gave you.
And so did I when I finished it because of your encouragement and kind words.

We both struggled with many things but I think our biggest opponent was ourselves.
Neither of us thought we were deserving of happiness yet we found it in each other.
Sure, it required me being incredibly stubborn and to keep going despite obviously making a fool out of myself.
We kept meeting at the overlook, you found me in Kul Tiras, you got to know Sienna and even began making dinners for us all.
Yet you were always insistent on not staying.
You weren't hungry yet your stomach growled.
You weren't comfortable yet I saw your body stop shaking for the first time.
You weren't sure about imposing on Sienna yet the both of you got along as if you knew each other for years.
Hell, I remember the time you collapsed in front of my home...
Exhaustion had claimed you yet all your worries were focused on if you had bothered me.
You're a silly woman, you know that?

I think what amuses me most is just how awkward we have been over the years.
Vividly I remember when we tried to compliment each other and how that progressed.
You rarely commented on my appearance so when you made a nice comment about my shirt... well, I thought you wanted to kindly inform me that I had haphazardly thrown one of my house shirts on and it was entirely revealing my chest.
On my end, I often managed to somehow get my tongue twisted and garble out nonsense in my attempts.
It's so effortless to be charming with others from what I have gathered but you flustered me, truly.
Honestly, you still do sometimes. Often I look at you and wonder how I've become so blessed to be yours.

And so I look back. Celebrating that you were so honest that day causing me to wish to know you better yet also that you managed to reconsider and give me the chance to show myself.
It may not have been a gift in the traditional sense and it may not have been extravagant... but you gifted me that honesty.
A gift that I treasure to this day as we take care of our family which is the greatest gift of my life.


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