Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

Events and competitions both ic and ooc and good practice in staging events

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#1 Post by Chit » Sun May 24, 2020 7:18 pm

Validar Brightlance joins Starlight and introduced himself
Mielle returns to Starlight – a previous Seneschal (officer of Starlight) she has been a Dreamer for some years – her body sleeping but her spirit fighting against The Nightmare in The Emerald Dream. Mother to Annie, wife to Tikal.

Upcoming Events
*Vote for the Tuesday/Friday movies! Theme is Action – warning, some are rated R for violence if you have children watching. Link to vote is in the Discord Event Planning chat
*Lost at Sea – the culmination of the adventure is at hand! 20.00 Weds 27th May. Find out what’s been going on in the description under Events on the forum, which also gives the location to be at on Weds at 20.00. After hearing that a woman is despairing of finding her lost son, Captain Blackwall, last seen in entrepreneurial activity 4 years ago in his ship based in Ashran, Starlight has concluded its investigations and is hoping to stage a rescue. We discussed the preparations that have been made for this journey. Anadelonbrin is the Operational Leader; Irenya is the Medical Leader.
*Server rp – Ferelas Sowing Festival. One of an on-going series of events aiming to make Ferelas a hubs for rp. Details here:

We are going to try out an adventure which consists of different small rp groups at different times – the three groups will be posted at the same time so you can pick your slot. Any spare spaces will be allocated afterwards. The aim is to provide small group rp that offers a chance to show your character and build ic relationships.
Look out for the Adventures of Anomen's Imp, on the forum! He was handing out copies of this children's book he has written at the guild meeting.

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