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Elanora Foy

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Name: Elanora Foy
Gender and sexuality: Female and straight.
Describe your character with one sentence: Foy is not afraid to stand up for herself.
Religious/ethical view: Foy isn't religious, but like all fantasy universes, everyone knows that these things exist. Foy just chooses not to devote herself to any of it.
Family: A large family, blood related or not. They're all pirates, considering they all lived in Freehold and the areas surrounding it. She isn't on good terms with them anymore.
Why your family is..: Foy's family never treated her right, she lived a life of plunder and crime she didn't choose. Eventually she left the life of shanties and ale drinking.
One thing your character loves: Loyal friends.
One thing your character hates: Cheaters.
One thing your character fears: Her family, but especially loneliness.
One thing your character would never do: Magic, mostly because she never saw the point in letting magic do all the work for you. But more seriously, double dipping.
What would it take for your character to steal: When she hits rock bottom, and can't feed herself. She might "borrow" something from an abandoned house, but that's just her pirate nature!
What it would take for your character to wound someone: Heavily threatened or provoked, also if she had to defend herself.
What it would take for your character to kill somebody: Are they Sylvanas loyalists? Murder. Are they part of an occult group trying to summon the old gods? Murder.
One happy childhood/teenage memory: Her crush in Tirisgarde, a boy who turned that stubborn tough skinned lady into a real softie. Didn't work out though. Long distance?
Character's view on the opposite sex and or other races: Men can be bad, but they can also be good. Foy thinks that all the races in Azeroth is what makes it home. She would never choose any other planets in the entire Great Dark Beyond.
One hobby your character has: Creating poisons for her weapons and other uses in combat situations. Even antidotes for poisons!
Character's trademark: Hm, if I think about it, Foy doesn't really have any trade marks. Perhaps that she likes to be called Foy instead of her first name!
A goal your character has: To find the meaning in this short life. ( I realize this is very vague, but I will definitely add more another time!)
Soundtrack/music piece that fits him/her: S.L.U.T by Bea Miller. I choose this song because it will makes me feel bad ass when I play it, kind of like how I imagine Foy all the time.
If you could give your character one piece of advice, what would it be?: Don't think about the future or analyze the past, stay focused on the present.

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