Mr Mythic Inc. (Starlight Mythics)

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Mr Mythic Inc. (Starlight Mythics)

#1 Post by Anomen » Thu Mar 05, 2020 9:15 am

Dear Starlighters. It is a known thing that Mr Mythic Inc. is a quite active group in our community. However, we are struggling with something. There are only three of us. While our awesomeness is undisputed, a full group is five people. We are reaching out to you beautiful people with an offer. We are looking for a fourth and possibly fifth member. Your gearscore isn't a problem, we'll happily help you gear up while giving constructive criticism and giving you the Mr Mythic treatment. Either a DPS or Healer will do, don't you dare try to come as a Tank, we'll lynch you. This message was sponsored and double-checked by Pagmir's Court of Critters. If you need to get something done right, contact someone else. But if you want it done horribly yet hilarious, Pagmir's Court of Critters is perfect for you!

Hello peeps, I'm here as a representative of the Mr Mythic Inc. or more commonly known, the three idiots that are Aldus, Anomen and Brianshaw.
Some of you may know us for being the ones spamming the OOC SL chat in game with Mythic info or bragging about 'high' Ilvls in the Discord server. We are not sorry.
But today we have come here to basically officially post that we are willing to help people with Mythic + and stuff like that.
And yes, the announcement is slightly clickbaity and confusing, it was meant that way :P.

We have already helped a few of you all out with runs and I like to say that we are experienced enough to teach people the ropes!
To those that are worried about having bad DPS, bad Ilvl or just general bad mechanics, there is no need for that! This is all low pressure and meant to be "fun run"s! So if you are hesitating to ask us because of that, hop right over that hesitation ledge!
Voice Chat isn't necessary for if that isn't your thing so that is another problem that could make you hesitate that is gone!
I don't have much to add besides saying that we are patient and will do what we can to help you get adjusted to the Mythic formula.
The only payment we ask for is for you to possibly smile and be happy at the end of it, maybe even wiser and more experienced! If you fail to comply with any of these conditions, we charge about one lung per run.

Beyond us helping people out, we are looking for more members to add to our main group, though. (Guess that removes a little bit of the clickbait)
We currently have the three idiots already but we are actually quite flexible in what we are looking for. If we look at our main roles, we would need both a healer and a DPS. However, Aldus is flexible (In other words, we'll force him!) to switch to Healer for if we have two people interested to go DPS. I could also possibly switch from Tank to DPS though I am a rusty Unholy user.
While I still wouldn't say that we are "hardcore" in terms of doing high Mythics, we are serious enough that we wish to keep improving at it.
Voice Chat for this is recommended because of tactics being made up on the fly most of the times + call outs. If you aren't comfortable with talking, that won't be too much of a problem. Just hop in, keep yourself on mute and listen to our hoarse, crackly voices as we yell to move out of swirlies!

If there are any further questions about the post or such, feel free to contact me and ask. I'm in the Starlight Discord server under the same name as this forum and if you aren't in that, you can always message me through this (not sure how it exactly works or if it is possible but hey, you can always reply to this post)
Thank you all for reading this and don't hesitate to contact Mr Mythic Inc. to help you out for those pesky Mythics that make you tremble in fear!

Mr Mythic Inc. is not able to be held responsible for any possible injuries or lost keys. By opening this post, you are accepting that you forfeit any possible right to complain and demand a refund. You also have given us all rights to claim your television remote as our own

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Re: Mr Mythic Inc. (Starlight Mythics)

#2 Post by Syrawenn » Thu Mar 05, 2020 12:07 pm

Love you guys!
I would like to do some informal healing again.

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Re: Mr Mythic Inc. (Starlight Mythics)

#3 Post by Anadelonbrin » Thu Mar 05, 2020 12:33 pm

I'd be happy to join you guys as "DPS". Though "rusty" doesn't even start to describe my skills and reaction time. More like "is there still a person in there under all this moss?"

My previous raiding and mythic+ etc has mainly been done on my hunter.

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Re: Mr Mythic Inc. (Starlight Mythics)

#4 Post by Devvy » Thu Mar 05, 2020 5:34 pm

Priest Devvy is a healer, but it would be the first healing in about three years...
Hunter Devvy is DPS of course and more practised in whacking stuff (c) Chit

Never even done a tiny mythic on any character... But happy to come :-)
“Auri," I asked slowly, "are you joking with me?"
She looked up and grinned. "Yes I am," she said proudly. "Isn't it wonderful?”

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Re: Mr Mythic Inc. (Starlight Mythics)

#5 Post by Darthias » Thu Mar 05, 2020 6:34 pm

Big rock bear or boomie chicken Darthias is up for helping.

Although I am not adverse to trying to assist with "Miss Starlight Brewer" this year, yes I gave myself that titlte and you can't take it away, Shienlao either as a healer, person who smacks people with beer kegs or Kung Fu Fury Panda.

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