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Ellbry Manley

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Character Name: Ellbry Manley
Aliases: Ell, Berry, Angel, Honeybear, etc etc etc.
Race: Human
Gender: male
Profession: Tailor

Apparent age: 21
Hair/mane: Lustrous golden waves.
Skin/fur: Fair skinned
Appearance details: Usually has a bright smile, sea green eyes, wears very fancy clothing over his slender figure. He is short.

Personality: Friendly, happy go lucky, easily confused, giving, loving.
Religious beliefs/philosophy: - Tidesages

Childhood: carefree and playful
Recent history: Living in a house within Stormwind, shared with his beloved Philias Has two dogs, Audrey and Baxter and spends a lot of his time working or socialising.
Notable relationships: Friends: Starlight. A few other people here and there.

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Making clothing, the plethora of contacts that he has gathered since moving to Stormwind. He is easy to talk to.
Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: He can be very easily confused, stubborn and easily distrac-...Oooh was that a shiny?!

Favored alcoholic beverage: Fruity cocktails preferably without any gender changing potions, thank you.
Favored food: Anything that his Teddy Bear cooks up for him. Damn is that man good in the kitchen.
Favored weather or season: Spring, or autumn.
Favored color: ALL OF THE COLOURS! Life is a rainbow!

How does your character react when... Describe how your character reacts, either in actions or what they would say out loud.
You find a powerful weapon: He'd give it to someone like Nomine and definitely not Morrigan.
You find a coin purse: "Oh dear, I'll ask around and see if anyone has dropped it, but I'll ask them what colour the purse was. If I don't find the owner, I'll hold onto it."
You find food: Usually yummy. Though he's fussy about where it comes from sometimes.
You find a trap: by walking into it.
You find a corpse: Looks around to make sure there's nobody suspicious around and depending on where he is, he either seeks assistance or carries out last rites.
You find a suspicious scroll: It's given to older and wiser people than he, likely Ana or Fio.

Any roleplay preferences or limitations for this character? Nope.

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