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Philias Redcliff

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Character Name: Philias Redcliff
Aliases: Phil, Gramps, Pops, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Race: Human, afflicted by Worgen-curse
Gender: male
Profession: Toy-maker/Tailor

Apparent age: 50+
Hair/mane: light copper, streaked with silver
Skin/fur: light
Appearance details: Severely scarred face, missing right eye. Usually has a Satchel around his waist and a notebook at his belt. Eyepatch.

Personality: Easy to rile up, very protective, incredibly loyal
Religious beliefs/philosophy: -

Childhood: carefree and playful
Recent history: Living in a house within Stormwind, shared with his partner Ellbry. Has two dogs, Audrey and Baxter and lives a quiet life. Currently trying to get into tailoring garments.
Notable relationships: Friends: Starlight. Makeshift family: Varric, Augustus, Syrawenn, Eileena. Love: Ellbry

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Making plushies. Talk to him about his creations and he will be all over that conversation!
Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: He's incredibly stubborn. Tries to put a plaster on every painful experience, which... does not always help. Can't shoot for shit anymore.


Favored alcoholic beverage: He's trying to stay dry, thank you very much.
Favored food: Anything that contains meat of any sort. And bacon! Was there talk of bacon?!
Favored weather or season: Spring, moderate temperature
Favored color: Purple

How does your character react when... Describe how your character reacts, either in actions or what they would say out loud.
You find a powerful weapon: Brings it home. "Angel can i keep this?!"
You find a coin purse: "Guess Fortuna is smiling down on me today."
You find food: "DELICIOUS!"
You find a trap: Tries to disarm the trap. This is no fun!
You find a corpse: Places a cloak over it. Seeing dead people out in the open like that? Have some decency... If in the wild? Burial started!
You find a suspicious scroll: Starlight will know what to do with this.

Any roleplay preferences or limitations for this character? None.
"In a world full of fear and hurt, even the least fortunate child deserves a toy to remind it of better times. If only temporarily. And if it smiles? That's the best kind of payment in my eye." P. B. Redcliff

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