Hold their Love Close - Ibelin's song.

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Hold their Love Close - Ibelin's song.

Post by Morrigan »

I wanted to have this finished for Mats' funeral, but it's been a difficult few weeks for me, and none of the melodies or words I tried to write seemed to mean anything. I was afraid it'd be inappropriate, I was worried it wouldn't sound good - but I really, really wanted to do this for him. He was always so supportive of my staggering attempts at creating music.

The first version of the song was slower, more somber, but it had none of that sweet hopefulness that was Ibelin/Mats. So I scrapped the entire thing and begun anew, reworking a more hopeful melody.

As a result, I'd like to apologise for the roughness of this tune. The recording and mixing was done in a rush because I ran out of time, and my voice has been very unreliable lately. The lyrics don't rhyme and the words are clumsy, but they're all right from my heart.

This is for all of you who are mourning, missing and remembering. But most of all, this is for you, Ibsy.

http://www.mediafire.com/listen/y5p7im2 ... ong%29.wav

Dark Falls
Their farewell tales are told
Tears fall
Thoughts swell
Voices silenced by grief

Hold their love close
Remember the warmth in their words
Keep their faces
With you wher'ever you are.

-Love, Ronja/Morrigan
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Re: Hold their Love Close - Ibelin's song.

Post by Barathean »

And yet it's brilliant and wonderful :>
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Re: Hold their Love Close - Ibelin's song.

Post by Chit »

It is just beautiful.

It captures both the sadness and the love. You were right to wait for the sweet hopefulness.

You've done a remarkable thing here, thank you so much.
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Re: Hold their Love Close - Ibelin's song.

Post by Miëlle »

Beautiful. <3 Listened to it while Miern sang it during the howl. Thank you!
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Re: Hold their Love Close - Ibelin's song.

Post by Tahrina »

That was just... lovely

I cried a tear... Ibelin and Mats will be missed and such lovly tunes, you really made a marble here Morri, truely worthy of Mats
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Re: Hold their Love Close - Ibelin's song.

Post by Stoen »

Thanks for doing this. It's beautiful as always and the uplifting undertones really do match Mats very well.

You echo what so many have said about him: That he was always supportive, always one to be there when his friends needed him. Where he found the strength to do this, I'll never know, but he really was an amazing friend.

If you ever want to talk or just receive copious amounts of supportive "*Hug*" emotes, I'm sure you're always welcome in the Starlight skype channel.
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Re: Hold their Love Close - Ibelin's song.

Post by Karina »

Utterly beautiful and clearly from your heart, thank you for sharing it with us all. I too listened to it during the Howl and had to reach for tissues while still smiling, imagining him hearing it too.

I know he would have loved it, even while being embarrassed by 'all the fuss' over him.
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