Guild meetings - what did I miss?

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Guild meetings - what did I miss?

#1 Post by Chit » Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:54 pm

Guild meetings are the hub of our rp - please come and meet up with people! They start promptly at 8 pm game time!

Guild meeting Monday 13th January 2020

Introductions from Xuviuz, Marcy and Conwal. See recruitment thread on the forum.

Lumi wants help in saving souls. Lumi is helping a former Karabor acolyte to help souls trapped in the Path of Glory. She’s looking for people who are able to make Holy Water using the Light. Also people who are willing to help to administer the Holy Water to the Path. (You don’t need to be attuned to the light to help with administering the Holy Water.)

Fishing for Disaster Part 2 – 24 or 25 Jan, TBA. Opt-in. Or contact Nomine if you’d like to bring an NPC to help with the plot. When we destroyed the supplies of the virulent plague attack from the Horde that we dealt with recently in Pandaria, we committed to going to the source – near Orgrimmar – to ensure no more vials of plague are produced. Nomine has arranged letters of passage for the Alliance side, under cover of being do-gooders working for a rich widower “To bring light and joy to those untouched by it” (A volunteer is needed to play the Widower.). We will not have to infiltrate the city or villages, but a facility in the general location. Remember there is currently a truce with the Horde. We aim to avoid violence and to stun but some killing may be necessary. There is also the risk of infection with this virulent plague; and healing is difficult. We will take whatever action is needed to avoid any spread of infection, and there may be hard choices to make.

Pathfinder training – training will start for those members wishing to become Pathfinders and help new people to understand and find their place within Starlight in January. Date TBA. It will be run by Syrawenn, Anadelonbrin and Chit (current officer and two former officers).

Inter-guild rp with the Rusty Nails Adventurers – we are working with the Rusty Nails Adventurers to explore opportunities to do some joint role play. We’ve demoed our rolling system to them and hope to involve them in Mission to Orgrimmar.

Planned Forum update. The forum is having an update from the webhosts on 16 January. We will back up the forum on the 15th. This will probably mean that vanishes from the internet. When it happens – let the officers know so they can correct it. This should be a routine update.

Philias's Eat and Meet – Saturday 18th, 8 pm. A pot luck supper organised by Philias. Bring food, get to know people! See post on the Forum. Sign up on the calendar please!

Next guild meeting: Sunday 19th January

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Re: Guild meetings - what did I miss?

#2 Post by Syrawenn » Sun Jan 19, 2020 9:06 pm

Guildmeeting sunday 19.01.2020

- recap eat and meet
Something to be repeated when new people come in. A good way to get to know one another a bit.

- fishing for disaster 2 (saturday 25th of january)
This is an MT (Midnight Team) adventure! Tags: disease, biological warfare.
Follow up on the disease that broke out during a Pandaren fishing contest. A team will go after and hopefully deal with the source of this attack. It has been traced back to horde. Although we will get close to Ogrimmar, we do not intend on actually getting into a conflict there...
To join us: a group of hired mercenaries (from the Rusty Nails Adventurers).
This adventure is open to all if you are okay with aforementioned tags.

- pathfinder training (sunday 26th of january)
For those who actually signed up for the pathfinder training! Those not present at the guildmeet will be warned. Place to be determined.
Chit and Anadelonbrin will be conducting this training.

- Releasing the Stillborn (friday 31st of january)
This adventure is an epilogue to a longer running adventure involving collapsed houses in Stormsong Valley. Czele will be asking people to join her to release the still trapped souls of stillborn. If you feel you are a magic user who can add to this, please contact her or Syrawenn. We could use one more.
Because it is an epilogue, this time there is only room for those already involved (right now that is Czele, Aila, Lumi, Nomine, Chit plus perhaps an additional magic user!).

- Brianshaw got promoted to full member. He has hosted a lovely black jack event and has shown himself to be an active, supporting member of Starlight.
Yes, more was said on this, but this is a summary :)

- forum update, no troubles were reported, no information lost.
- patch & rp implications (New race, new threat and horde ambassadors in SW. Patch is live, so can be used ic. Be aware of quest spoilers in chat since some people have not hit level 120 yet.)

Next guildmeeting: monday january 27th.

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