A killing with a gold-trim Midnight Team: Violence, Death, Treason

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Re: A killing with a gold-trim Midnight Team: Violence, Death, Treason

#11 Post by Anadelonbrin » Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:21 pm

First off, I'm sorry I showed up without signing up first. I had not seen the forum post from Friday and just went with assumption based on what was said in the guild meeting and the GMotD. I will try to do better on the beforehand communication next time.

Second, as I warned at the start, I had some OOC issues bothering me, which is why I opted to go to a more quiet part of the scene. I really enjoyed reading all the shenanigans going on. It was great to be able to participate without having to make a lot of quick calls and emotes the whole time.

Due to Ana's position, she had further to move to get out and hence could not reasonably run out with the rest. At the time she got pulled into a more active role, it was less action all around which made it easier to follow.

It had both pros and cons to have everything in raid chat.
- Everyone got to see OOC what was going on.
- Makes it easier for people who don't want to participate since there's nothing in guild chat to drag them in.

- Complicates knowing what my character actually can hear IC.
- Makes it harder to single out and scroll back etc since when everything is in one channel, it can't be separated into different chat windows (I usually have OOC and guild chat on one side of the screen and IC on the other).
- Makes it a little bit weird IC why other people who were not in the event would not hear what we said over the stone.

Possible improvements/solutions
- It helped when people showed at the start of a sentence that it was over the stone.
- Maybe we could to some degree utilise parties and party chat for things happening in different rooms? It would take some extra admining to move people between groups when they move between areas of a scene, but it's something I've found helpful in PvE raid communication and maybe it could be used in RP too? The downside with it would be that the raid leader/GM would not be able to read everything.
- Could the Midnight Team have a separate stone IC that is not connected to the regular stone? That way, characters who are not in the guild could also logically be part of the IC communication without compromising the guild.
- Perhaps we could have a permanent MT OOC chat?

All in all, I enjoyed the event and had not anticipated the consequences and implications it would have for my character. Unexpected character development. I'm interested to see where it will lead.

Thumbs up!

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Re: A killing with a gold-trim Midnight Team: Violence, Death, Treason

#12 Post by Morrigan » Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:50 pm

Overall, it was fun!
I had hoped that there would be a dramatic showoff between SL and Mierin (because character developement) but SL was too damn sneaky and Mierin was too damn distracted.

I also want to echo Ana regarding emotes in raid. I'd recommend scenes between players in different rooms be emoted in /e and /s. At one point, I noticed that when I was RPing a scene with Cheysa, Nomine thought Cheysa was interacting with an NPC and responded in kind. Small complaint though!

Overall, was great fun and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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Re: A killing with a gold-trim Midnight Team: Violence, Death, Treason

#13 Post by Nomine » Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:41 pm

Lessons learned.

My Main-takeaways

Having the killing take place "off-screen" and focus the RP on other aspects, that worked. Or at least it was not seen as negative.

The event gave a chance to focus on "small" things, observations, what is seen and not seen on a character, which is positive, but also tricky to build upon in other types of events. It does give room for further development of this story.

Use of raid/chat
With this number of participants, raid chat as/say /emote /OOC information /dice rolling, did not work.
It became overcrowded and hard to keep track of. So for further events of this scale, a better solution needs to be used — another channel, for instance.
I think to keep /raid to OOC information, is likely the best solution - and one that feels the most natural. While another channel can be used for emotes and /say (but only one another, as this means effectively juggling four information channels for a player.

This first event had a lower than expected impact - room for change, so the next event should be built for a more intense impact.

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