Feedback on Syra's Court case

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Feedback on Syra's Court case

#1 Post by Syrawenn » Sun Nov 24, 2019 6:53 pm

First of all: thank you all for you presence and involvement! To me as the accidental instigator who got to poke people to play roles it was simply amazing, but that's cause I was in the middle of the spider's web. To have to delegate all roles and the outcome to other players was scary and intriguing. To see everyone play it out to their heart's content, was wonderful.

Question is, how was this for YOU all? Witnesses, lawyers, audience...We are especially interested in feedback from all those in the audience since you did not have an active part. We saw different things happen, which sparked all kinds of beautiful moments, but yeah, how was this from your point of view?

Let us know!

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