Trials and Tribulation/Trial and Error

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Trials and Tribulation/Trial and Error

#1 Post by Anomen » Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:56 pm

Logging started on 11/09/2019 at 19:40:50.
19:53:23 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Which one of you is that?
19:53:26 You look at Tikál.
19:57:27 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Now there are two...
19:57:32 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Which one are you?
19:57:33 You peer at Liathéne searchingly.
19:57:53 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: Can't tell us apart yet?
19:57:58 Liathéne grins at you wickedly.
19:58:18 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: I know you aren't Tikal because of the burn thing but I can't see the face of the one up there.
19:58:26 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Oh, he's gone.
19:58:29 Liathéne nods at you.
19:58:34 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: Lia
19:58:44 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Good to see you, miss Lia.
19:58:45 You smile at Liathéne.
19:58:58 Liathéne smiles at you.
19:59:51 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: So... any idea how this is going to go?
19:59:56 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: None at all.
20:00:09 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Oh great, another one.
20:00:13 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: But we might have to be downstairs, I think.
20:00:14 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Ana?
20:00:18 You peer at Necrea searchingly.
20:00:25 Necrea-ArgentDawn tilts her head as she looks at Anomen.
20:00:36 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Yeah, I think we should go down, then.
20:00:44 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Or are you Necrea... eh, who knows.
20:01:15 Nomìne-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders
20:01:44 Tikál smiles at Liathéne.
20:01:54 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Evening miss Heartfang
20:01:55 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Well, celebratory ice cream might be in place, depending on how it goes
20:01:58 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Heya.
20:02:01 Tikál hisses at Devvy.
20:02:02 Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles
20:02:03 You smile.
20:02:10 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Good evening.
20:02:11 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: What?
20:02:22 Stoen-ArgentDawn lifts a large box out of his flying thingiemagingie and starts carrying it towards the tower, grunting a bit along the way.
20:02:24 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Oh, yeah. I owe you an apologise and thanks.
20:02:32 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: For keeping Morrigan busy.
20:02:33 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: *does an Ana impression* Get me fish Stoen.
20:02:37 Necrea-ArgentDawn preens her feathers lazily.
20:02:38 Tikál peers at Devvy searchingly.
20:02:39 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Brother, you can't repay me the debt you owe me.
20:02:40 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Eve to ye, Brother.
20:02:40 You wink slyly at Varríc.
20:02:45 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Evening.
20:02:46 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over people
20:02:46 You smile at Philias.
20:02:47 Stoen-ArgentDawn puts down his box.
20:02:52 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: oh.... a bit confused now
20:02:54 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Going to call me a pet again, hm?
20:02:54 Philias-ArgentDawn looks over to Varric with an amused growl.
20:03:00 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Yer still alive!
20:03:02 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Evening miss Gwynni
20:03:03 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Gwynni.
20:03:04 Gwynni waves at Devvy.
20:03:10 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Survived my dinner i see.
20:03:17 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Oh, it.. Hello, um.. Ana and Tickle and Nekra?
20:03:23 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Devvy likes your dress
20:03:26 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: We're Gilneans.
20:03:30 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Gilneans are no pets...
20:03:31 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Seems like we are getting a good crowd, Reckon Syrawenn herself might be a few minutes delayed
20:03:31 Devvy nods at Gwynni.
20:03:34 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Mister Tikal.
20:03:42 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Yet you called me Morrigan's pet, if I recall correctly.
20:03:44 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: I nearly started a brawl last night because someone called me a dog...
20:03:45 Tikál-ArgentDawn waves to Gwynni.
20:03:47 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Devvy.
20:03:48 Anomen-ArgentDawn rubs his chin as he peers at Philias
20:03:52 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Just to calm her down.
20:03:54 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Well, there is "Pet" an there is "pet" Anomen
20:03:59 Necrea-ArgentDawn fluffs up her feathers and blinks drowsily.
20:04:20 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: How could i've known about her goin' crazy just because i called her a ... good girl...
20:04:23 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Whatever pet he meant, I don't really appreciate it, chief.
20:04:39 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: I mean... didn't you notice her reaction the first time?
20:04:42 Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles
20:04:43 Anomen-ArgentDawn tilts his head
20:04:57 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Well, I knew the previous, geniuine pet that Morrigan had
20:04:59 Philias shrugs at you. Who knows?
20:05:08 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Went over my head.
20:05:21 Anomen-ArgentDawn sighs
20:05:35 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Just... please remember that you can't just call someone like her that, just be careful.
20:05:47 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Yer not her type Anomen, so yer safe in that regard
20:05:58 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: I am quite aware, chief.
20:06:14 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: i will not do so again, trust my word.
20:06:31 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Thank you, brother, it's all I ask for.
20:06:31 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Anomen, it was a rather cute sabre puppy
20:06:32 You smile at Philias.
20:06:40 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Had the softest fur
20:06:53 Varríc-ArgentDawn remains quiet. Both men were dear to him so he didn't want to get involved.
20:06:53 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Chief, you should feel my hair, then.
20:07:03 Anomen-ArgentDawn lets out a soft chuckle
20:07:13 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Ah, well, what is true for Phillias, is true for you
20:07:28 Philias-ArgentDawn quirks a brow at that tilts his head.
20:07:31 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Why should i?
20:07:33 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: So where is the vixti.... Syra?
20:07:51 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: She will come soon enough I expect
20:07:57 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Shall we join the rest?
20:08:01 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. I'm sure she's just doing warm ups?
20:08:03 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: boo
20:08:06 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Like stretching and such.
20:08:06 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Hey, if it isn't Syra herself.
20:08:09 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Now, now Gwynni she is not a victem tonight.... Ok perhaps she is..
20:08:10 You smile at Syrawenn.
20:08:11 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Reckon they will be needed
20:08:11 Philias-ArgentDawn nods slowly and turns to Syra.
20:08:15 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Hey, Shortstuffs!
20:08:17 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Yeah, the sacrificial lamb reports in
20:08:18 Necrea-ArgentDawn perks up.
20:08:19 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: heh
20:08:20 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Evening!
20:08:29 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Ey
20:08:33 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn looks nervous
20:08:37 Necrea-ArgentDawn places a hand on Syra's arm, looking worried.
20:08:43 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: mm?
20:08:45 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: You can do this, Syra, I know you can.
20:08:52 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Did you bring healers?
20:08:54 Necrea-ArgentDawn looks at Syra with her head tilted.
20:09:06 Nomìne-ArgentDawn takes a breath
20:09:09 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Yah
20:09:11 Necrea-ArgentDawn then looks around at all the gathered people...
20:09:13 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Miss Gwynni? How are you with bandages?
20:09:15 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Yes, Crea, I'm nervous as nether
20:09:22 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: So be it
20:09:24 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Super duper!
20:09:28 Philias-ArgentDawn looks at the new elf and perks his ears.
20:09:30 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Get it over with, right?
20:09:35 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: And who's that Missy?
20:09:35 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Now... humand bleed a lot. So be careful of stains
20:09:36 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Just bite on through it.
20:09:38 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn nods at Anom
20:09:40 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Well, they do not know what is coming
20:09:41 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I can bite
20:09:41 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Oh, it.. Don't worry, Syrawn, it.. There are healers, so you're very likely to survive!
20:09:43 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn grins
20:09:46 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Yeah, I remember.
20:09:46 Stoen-ArgentDawn nods eagerly.
20:09:47 Necrea-ArgentDawn draws her hand away slowly.
20:09:49 You wink slyly at Syrawenn.
20:09:50 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn coughs
20:09:55 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: heh
20:10:03 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: It's okay, Crea
20:10:08 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Ain't a death sentence
20:10:09 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn grins
20:10:16 Necrea-ArgentDawn nods slowly.
20:10:17 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: That's still over ten days away.
20:10:25 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn growls at Anom
20:10:30 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: FUNNY
20:10:33 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: anyway
20:10:36 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: reportin to dad
20:10:43 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Head on through.
20:10:43 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: ok, that is minus two points for ignoring the gnomes
20:10:44 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: evenin
20:10:56 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: who is ignorin who
20:10:57 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn frowns
20:11:00 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Good save there
20:11:09 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Evening miss!
20:11:12 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Evenin
20:11:20 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: If ye'll excuse waitin an all that...
20:11:23 Gwynni smiles at Syrawenn.
20:11:23 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: And Devvy is already asking for hea;ers and told miss Gwynni that humans bleed a lot
20:11:30 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: ...yea...thanks..?
20:11:38 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Brought aprons
20:11:48 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: That is good, Miss Devvy.
20:12:18 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Hey, Ano.
20:12:25 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Yeah, Var?
20:12:28 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: I nearly threw your brother into a canal for calling you ugly.
20:12:40 Necrea-ArgentDawn flicks her ears rapidly.
20:12:46 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Should have just done it, if you ask me.
20:12:47 Pol waves.
20:12:48 You smile at Varríc.
20:12:49 Philias-ArgentDawn laughs lowly and snorts as it tapers donw.
20:12:51 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Heya Pol.
20:12:52 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Hey there
20:13:00 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: I have not missed much right?
20:13:01 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: There's our call.
20:13:02 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: All gathered up!
20:13:02 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Nah.
20:13:10 Pol looks at Gwynni.
20:14:13 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over people, before nodding to himself
20:14:24 Morrîgan stares Necrea down.
20:14:29 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Well, we need to get this on the road, one way after another.
20:14:37 Tikál-ArgentDawn looks at Lia having a feeling she accomplished something, but he's not sure what.
20:14:40 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Thank you for coming here tonight, all of you and I trust all can hear me well
20:14:44 Necrea-ArgentDawn looks at Morrîgan.
20:14:44 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: See? Road
20:14:50 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn sighs
20:14:53 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Loud and clear, chief.
20:14:57 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Hear you just fine, Boss.
20:15:02 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Very loud.
20:15:06 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn narrows her eyes suspiciously at the unfamiliar, uh... Deer.
20:15:16 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: He is a bit, isn't he?
20:15:32 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: We are gathered here tonight, for Syrawenn
20:15:37 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: She is up for a poential.
20:15:42 Nomìne-ArgentDawn pauses after the word potential
20:15:55 Necrea-ArgentDawn stares for a moment longer before turning to look at Syra and Nomine, ears flicking.
20:16:09 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: promotion to become an officer of Starlight, Seneschal as the role is also known
20:16:30 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn hooks her thumbs in her belt.
20:16:37 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Side by side, with Stoen and Tikal
20:16:52 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Oh! I'm supposed to, it.. side by side.
20:16:59 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: heh
20:17:16 Gwynni claps excitedly for Stoen.
20:17:18 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: As a seneschal in Starlight, she would have a voice in how Starlight is run, the choices we make, from inviting new members, to letting others leave.
20:17:48 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Along with taking jobs, planning gatherings, encouraging or bullying others to arrange events and lay the path of Starlight
20:18:07 Liathéne-ArgentDawn tilts her head and mumbles quietly: "Wait, leaving is something you need permission to do?"
20:18:30 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Along with listening to the others of Starlight, along with speaking up for members
20:18:39 Philias-ArgentDawn crosses his arms over his chest and listens attentively, ears flicking every so often as his gaze wanders from Nomine to Syra and back again.
20:19:19 Stoen-ArgentDawn picks starts shoving his large box up the ramp.
20:19:31 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: So, to make sure that Syrawenn are up to all these tasks, we have deviced three trials, and if needed a fourth. So that Syrawenn can prove herself worthy
20:19:37 Stoen-ArgentDawn nods.
20:19:39 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: oh. Surprise box
20:19:40 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn makes a face.
20:19:41 Necrea-ArgentDawn watches Stoen with curiosity.
20:19:45 You smile at Syrawenn.
20:19:48 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: And first up, are Stoen.
20:19:50 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn smiles back.
20:19:51 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Very interesting.
20:19:51 Nomìne nods at Stoen.
20:19:54 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Oh!
20:19:58 Varríc peers at Stoen searchingly.
20:20:06 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Do I, it.. Now?
20:20:09 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn crosses her arms and tilts her head.
20:20:14 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Floor is yers Stoen
20:20:18 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Okay!
20:20:18 Philias-ArgentDawn tilts his head slightly to the left, eye peering at Stoen now.
20:20:31 Anomen-ArgentDawn puts his hands behind his back as he stares at the people gathered at the front
20:21:04 Stoen-ArgentDawn pulls at his box. The wooden sides fall off, revealing a large, square machine about the size of a Gnome in height.
20:21:11 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Okay!
20:21:25 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn raises her eyebrows
20:21:26 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: ooooh
20:21:38 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Uh...
20:21:41 Devvy-ArgentDawn pokes Gwynni and points at the machinething
20:21:43 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks at Stoen
20:21:44 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. Please move down to the ramp, Ana.
20:21:50 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Very nice.
20:22:04 Necrea-ArgentDawn scrambles up onto her feet.
20:22:07 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Um..
20:22:11 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: That's craftmanship
20:22:14 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: I'm Tikal..
20:22:21 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Okay!
20:22:44 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: This is a mysterious machine that.. that I got from a vendor at the recent Tinkering event.
20:22:57 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It was really cheap because, it.. The vendor had no idea what it did!
20:23:09 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: All we know is that it has a big, red button.
20:23:14 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: So! Syrawenn!
20:23:17 Anomen-ArgentDawn raises an eyebrow
20:23:20 Nomìne-ArgentDawn grins
20:23:21 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: it is a very good button
20:23:26 Pol-ArgentDawn steps back a little bit.
20:23:34 Nomìne nods at Morrîgan.
20:23:34 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: yea?
20:23:34 Gwynni-ArgentDawn peers at the box with great interest.
20:23:39 Morrîgan looks at Nomìne.
20:23:41 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: When I start the timer, it.. Your test is to make sure the button is not pressed for fifteen minutes. It.. But! There are rules.
20:23:45 Nomìne-ArgentDawn leans over and whispers low to Morrigan
20:23:55 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn tilts her head to listen.
20:23:59 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn blinks
20:24:04 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: First of all, it.. You're not allowed to get any closer to the machine than I am now.
20:24:08 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn grins widely.
20:24:25 Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles and nods
20:24:31 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: And that's the rules. But! It.. To assist you in this task, it.. I have two things to aid you.
20:24:40 Devvy-ArgentDawn frowns
20:24:48 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: First of all, it.. I've written "Do not press" in big letters on the button.
20:24:56 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Yah...
20:25:01 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: And it.. Secondly, you get two people to assist you!
20:25:09 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn frowns
20:25:12 Gwynni-ArgentDawn mumbles to herself.
20:25:14 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. Devvy and Gwynnie, it.. Will you please stand next to the machine?
20:25:20 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Alright, but I got a counterquestion...
20:25:22 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: you BET!
20:25:24 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Yes, sir!
20:25:26 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Yes?
20:25:28 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: It is good with predictable helpers.
20:25:31 Necrea-ArgentDawn looks puzzled but intrigued!
20:25:32 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn grins
20:25:38 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: People of Starlight
20:25:48 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I got an important question to ask.
20:25:54 You peer at Syrawenn searchingly.
20:25:58 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Yer here to support me in seein me become officer.
20:26:06 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Since I believe in strength in unity...
20:26:08 Gwynni-ArgentDawn stares at the machine, with its alluring red button.
20:26:11 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: it is a very good button. A Steelsprocket Special by the looks of it
20:26:19 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: ...Quesstionable.
20:26:20 Pol-ArgentDawn - Tomu tries to lie down but begins to slowly roll down the ramp. Pol decides to hold him for now.
20:26:20 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Im askin ya to help me in not pushin the button.
20:26:21 Morrîgan grins wickedly at Syrawenn.
20:26:24 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn grins
20:26:29 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Known for its smooth motion
20:26:35 Nomìne-ArgentDawn moves back to watch
20:26:36 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Always wanted to try one out
20:26:41 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. You can move next to the machine while Syrawn talks.
20:26:43 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: That includes you two
20:26:47 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Steelsprocket Special 2000 perhaps even.
20:26:55 Necrea is hopelessly confused.
20:26:56 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Hmm?
20:26:59 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Gwynni an Dubs, turn away from the button
20:27:00 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: The 2000? You tyhink?
20:27:01 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn looks at Nomine. "Why can't sshe just punt them?"
20:27:08 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: But...
20:27:10 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: How much do you wanna bet one of those two presses it?
20:27:11 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Miss?
20:27:12 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: I think the only people considering pressing the button are those two..
20:27:13 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Yer not to touch it
20:27:18 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: No, it.. Gwynnie and Devvy are your guards, they stand next to the button.
20:27:22 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Cause yer supportive staff
20:27:26 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: So, handso ff
20:27:31 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Right here, please, Gwynnie and Devvy.
20:27:32 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: We have to guard the button.
20:27:33 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Would not dream of touching it miss
20:27:41 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Gnome punting is generally frowned upon
20:27:44 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Morrigan
20:27:45 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: SO yea, who's gonna help me NOT push the button
20:27:48 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Nobody else is allowed up on the flat area.
20:27:48 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: But oh so fun, chief.
20:27:48 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn looks around the group
20:27:50 You grin wickedly.
20:27:55 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Timer starts now!
20:27:58 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: The 2000 has a little lock, does it not?
20:28:03 Necrea-ArgentDawn looks around too, shrugging.
20:28:06 Devvy-ArgentDawn peers under the button
20:28:07 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Ah yes that is true...
20:28:08 Philias-ArgentDawn chuckles lowly at the 'gnome punting' comment and tilts his ears back.
20:28:20 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Yeeesss.... there it is. See? You slide it to unsafe it
20:28:24 Devvy-ArgentDawn CLICK!
20:28:25 Tikál-ArgentDawn watches Syra.
20:28:28 Nomìne-ArgentDawn peers at Syrawenn
20:28:29 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn taps Dubs on the shoulder
20:28:37 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Miss?
20:28:44 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Move back one step
20:28:47 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Syrawn! You're not allowed to approach the machine. Stay on the ramp.
20:28:56 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Rules, miss
20:28:58 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: You've got to be kidding me...
20:28:59 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn scratches her cheek, scowling. It's clear she doesn't quite get it.
20:29:01 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Ah, I thought I was with them...
20:29:02 You let out a long, drawn-out sigh.
20:29:08 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: So, could anyone else help me out stop those gnomes?
20:29:11 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn peers around?
20:29:14 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Do you see miss Gwynni?
20:29:14 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Im not allowed there...
20:29:20 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Nobody allowed to leave the ramp.
20:29:20 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: I.. I do not think I understand this..
20:29:20 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn beams a smile at Anom.
20:29:21 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Jusst give an order, you pansy.
20:29:21 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: It is now ready to press
20:29:23 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Girls, please step away from the box
20:29:26 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks at Morrigan and nods
20:29:28 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Quit asking.
20:29:33 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Make it unready to press before you leave.
20:29:33 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn grins at Morrigan
20:29:33 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Yer right Morrigan, it is a leadership challenge
20:29:39 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: But we are here to protect it.
20:29:44 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: To each their own
20:29:46 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Who made you leader of the gnomish mechanisms?
20:29:49 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Yeah, no need to be messing with the button while doing so.
20:29:52 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Mister Stoen told us to do so.
20:29:56 Necrea-ArgentDawn stomps her feet on the ramp!
20:29:56 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: This is gnomish territory
20:29:59 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: I got asked to stop you two.
20:30:03 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: We are not messing with it.
20:30:07 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: No you did not
20:30:11 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Yeah, that's why you're touching it.
20:30:14 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn shakes her head, glancing at Nomine.
20:30:14 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Hey, Devvy. I have a large investment I would like to put in your ice cream business. That is of course if the button remains untouched.
20:30:14 You frown.
20:30:15 Necrea-ArgentDawn shifts her form and stomps her hooves loudly!
20:30:22 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: We were not touching it.
20:30:28 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: And do you see a pressed button? Do you? Do you?!
20:30:29 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn looks at Crea
20:30:29 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: We are very offended now.
20:30:29 Pol-ArgentDawn - Tomu is watching in complete confused as he is held up by Pol.
20:30:36 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Totally offended
20:30:39 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Be offended if you may, just step away.
20:30:40 Nomìne-ArgentDawn crosses his arms, shrugs, watching
20:30:47 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: No. Being offended here.
20:30:48 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: If you aren't messing with it, you can just step away.
20:30:53 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Be offended over there.
20:30:56 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: But Master Stoen told us to stand here.
20:30:57 You point over yonder.
20:30:58 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn shifts her weight restlessly.
20:31:03 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Miss Syra, this brute is offending gnomes. Help please
20:31:07 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Very well
20:31:08 Necrea-ArgentDawn tries to reach Anomen, trying to take a hold of his sleeve with her mouth.
20:31:10 Pol lets out a hearty chuckle.
20:31:12 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Anomen, get back on the ramp please or Syrawn fails.
20:31:18 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Anom, thank ya so much fer steppin up. Step down please.
20:31:22 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Of course.
20:31:27 Devvy-ArgentDawn brings her attention back to the Red Button
20:31:32 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: How rude.
20:31:37 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Dubs, Gwynni attention here please
20:31:39 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Extremely
20:31:47 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Both of ya
20:31:52 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: So.... button. SteelSprocket 2000
20:31:54 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Now I am the one offended. How could you ignore me, Devvy.
20:31:58 Anomen-ArgentDawn crosses his arms and seems very much unamused and irritated
20:32:02 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: miss?
20:32:05 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Noses to me
20:32:09 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: There ya go
20:32:10 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: The click sounded like a 2001 ...
20:32:14 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Gwynni, you too
20:32:19 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: How could you complain about being ignored when you decide to ignore me too!
20:32:22 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: A 2001 even?
20:32:22 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Varik, this is a test for Syrawn, not you.
20:32:22 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: there ain't gonna be talkin through me, Gwyn
20:32:29 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Ooooh gosh
20:32:29 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Indeed!
20:32:34 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: She asked us for help, Stone.
20:32:45 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I wonder if it counts, if somebody uses their nose or their elbow
20:32:47 Devvy-ArgentDawn lets her hand glide over the surface
20:32:47 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn sighs
20:32:48 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: If she needs your help with this, then she won't make a good officer.
20:32:49 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: It is smoooooth
20:32:55 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Oh!
20:32:58 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn frowns at Sto
20:33:01 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Keep talking miss Syra. Devvy listens
20:33:02 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: So an officer has to do everything by themselves?
20:33:03 Necrea-ArgentDawn lays her ears flat, standing very still.
20:33:04 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: The rules seem very grey.. But okay.
20:33:06 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: And can never enlist help?
20:33:09 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Command? Yes.
20:33:23 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn nods in agreement to Stoen.
20:33:26 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn folds her arms, frown appearing on her face.
20:33:27 Devvy-ArgentDawn produces a screwdriver and prods under the button
20:33:35 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Miss Devvy shouldn't touch it like that.
20:33:36 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: ENOUGH you two. Eyes on ME.
20:33:40 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn grins suddenly, then mutters to Nomine.
20:33:41 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Miss Gwynni? Can you hold...
20:33:47 Devvy lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
20:33:51 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: You are NOT gonna mess this up an touch ANYTHIN
20:33:57 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: You are iunterrupting a beautiful button moment
20:33:57 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: The screwdriver?
20:34:00 Jingtei greets Philias warmly.
20:34:03 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: a 200! !
20:34:04 Necrea-ArgentDawn watches her gnomes with her neck craned, eyes wide.
20:34:05 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I am interruptin a potential DANGER
20:34:06 Pol bows before Jingtei.
20:34:12 Jingtei bows before Pol.
20:34:17 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Nono. the button. It might fly off
20:34:22 Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles, glancing sideways
20:34:27 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Good idea!
20:34:29 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Danger miss?
20:34:36 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: A danger to the two of YOU standing closest
20:34:37 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Did not even bring dynamite
20:34:48 Gwynni-ArgentDawn moves her hands to hover over button.
20:34:49 Anomen-ArgentDawn sighs and pulls his journal from his bag, looking through the pages as he turns them
20:34:50 Necrea-ArgentDawn kicks a bit, nervously.
20:34:53 Pol-ArgentDawn - Tomu bows his head at Jingtei before returning to look on in confusion.
20:35:01 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Gwynni
20:35:04 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: This isn't a trial, this is torture.
20:35:05 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Smooth huh?
20:35:12 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Yes, miss Syra?
20:35:20 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I need yer brain now
20:35:21 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Umm, I'm bnot sure I understand what's happening..
20:35:27 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Me too.
20:35:27 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: oh. yes. Forgot. Yes miss?
20:35:30 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. Half the time has now passed.
20:35:33 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Oh... but I need my brain too...
20:35:47 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: You cannot have her brain
20:35:48 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Alright, use it.
20:35:49 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Leadership challenge Jingtei, Syrawenn is ensuring that nobody presses the button marked "Do not press"
20:35:52 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Both of ya.
20:35:59 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. Please be aware that after this trial, it.. The machine will be scrapped and we will -never- find out, it.. What the button does.
20:36:01 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: An she got gnomes to assist her in this might endavour
20:36:03 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Ah, I see.
20:36:05 Necrea-ArgentDawn tosses her head back, agitated!
20:36:05 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Otherwise known as, they put the two most problematic people there.
20:36:09 Gwynni-ArgentDawn looks at the sign.
20:36:14 Jingtei giggles at you.
20:36:18 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I want ya to sit down an discuss the possible outcomes of whenever that button is pushed.
20:36:28 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: An you are NOT to try it until I give the say so
20:36:29 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: What if it is backward psychology, Miss Devvy.
20:36:35 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Sure miss. Sign says us need to push the button
20:36:47 Philias-ArgentDawn turns towards his right and nods greetingly at Jingtei. "Hey there, Missy."
20:36:48 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I don't give a crap. I'm tellin ya to use yer brain.
20:36:57 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: See Miss Gwynni? Reversing the reverse again so if faces the right way again
20:37:17 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Devvy is using brains. Sign says push button and so will do
20:37:28 Jingtei smiles at Philias.
20:37:31 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Nice to see you again.
20:37:34 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Dubs
20:37:36 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: What is more important
20:37:38 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Miss?
20:37:38 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: It says don't push.
20:37:40 Anomen-ArgentDawn writes something down on one of the pages and shows it to Varric
20:37:41 Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles
20:37:48 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: The word of an officer or the written word.
20:37:50 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn raises an eyebrow
20:37:55 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: But perhaps we should push it...
20:38:02 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Nono, someone vandalised the sign. See? It was added in black ink
20:38:12 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I repeat...which is more important right now.
20:38:12 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Oh!
20:38:28 Gwynni-ArgentDawn stares at the button.
20:38:29 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. Five minutes left.
20:38:31 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Mister Stoen pushed the sign up the ramp miss and he is very clever
20:38:32 Varríc-ArgentDawn glances at the page with a raised eyebrow. What follows next is, if he was drinking a drink, he would have spat it far enough to reach lakeshire as he tries to surpress the laugh, HARD.
20:38:32 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Any of you?
20:38:35 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Gwynni?
20:38:36 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: It is a little dirty...
20:38:39 Tikál-ArgentDawn taps his claws on the ramp watching.
20:38:42 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Five? Goodness..
20:38:44 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Attention HERE, Gwynni
20:38:47 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Talkin to ya
20:38:51 Anomen-ArgentDawn grins at Varric before he closes the journal and puts it back in his bag
20:38:54 Necrea-ArgentDawn lowers her head...
20:38:56 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. Remember that the button could do literally anything and.. and we'll never know what because it gets scrapped after this.
20:39:01 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: WHICH is more important.
20:39:05 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Om om nom
20:39:07 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over to Lia
20:39:14 Jingtei giggles at Stoen.
20:39:17 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn looks from one gnome to the other.
20:39:22 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: What were the options again
20:39:23 Gwynni-ArgentDawn takes out a handkerchief.
20:39:30 Liathéne-ArgentDawn begins to set up a campfire and takes out several bowls and a closed pan.
20:39:35 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Hmm.. I wonder what the machine does..
20:39:36 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: That is cruel, Stoen.
20:39:38 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I think ya know the options.
20:39:38 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Push the button now, push the button in a second or so and....
20:39:49 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Push it in 20 minutes.
20:39:51 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: The options are listenin to me, or to the writin on the machine.
20:40:00 Pol-ArgentDawn - Tomu nods a little but he does seem curious.
20:40:07 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Up to you, but then I'll know where ya stand.
20:40:12 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: But just now you were saying that is the same
20:40:12 Pol waves at Lylieth.
20:40:26 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: I put a battery in, it.. The machine will run out of power in a few minutes and it.. And we'll never know what the machine does at all!
20:40:27 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Miss Syra sounds angry.
20:40:29 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Very wel Dubs, then what do I want ya to do?
20:40:35 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Sign says do not push and you say do not push
20:40:41 Liathéne-ArgentDawn begins to form patties of a dough and places them inside the pan, and shortly after, a scent of cookies begins to spread.
20:40:42 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Very good, Dubs, thank ya.
20:40:43 Jingtei smiles at Liathéne.
20:40:48 Devvy-ArgentDawn thinks really hard...
20:40:49 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Ooh
20:40:50 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Gwynni, please repeat in yer own words
20:40:52 Stoen-ArgentDawn throws a bit of glitter onto the button.
20:40:54 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Push the button and apologise?
20:41:02 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Dubs, shush, it's Gwynni's turn
20:41:03 Liathéne smiles at Jingtei.
20:41:04 Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles as he watches Stoen
20:41:05 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Ahh.. Ehm...
20:41:08 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Hmm?
20:41:11 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: May I have one of those, when they are done?
20:41:15 Pol-ArgentDawn peers at the cookies.
20:41:17 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: ok miss, will examine the button in the meantime
20:41:22 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Two minutes left.
20:41:22 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: Of course, there are cookies enough for everyone.
20:41:26 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Dubs, I need ya to listen to Gwynni carefully
20:41:27 Jingtei claps excitedly for Liathéne.
20:41:30 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: That means hands in ye rpockets
20:41:30 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Oh-.. Yay.
20:41:31 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Oh good!
20:41:34 Pol claps excitedly for Liathéne.
20:41:41 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Sorry, I missed it? Do you want me to say something, miss Syra?
20:41:46 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Yes, Gwynni.
20:41:47 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: I think this is the hardest thing anyone will ever have to face.
20:41:50 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Does Devvy have pockets?
20:41:51 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Which would ya say is more important
20:41:54 Devvy-ArgentDawn puts her hands in her pockets and holds her nose really close
20:42:01 Jingtei-ArgentDawn watches the cookies in anticipation.
20:42:07 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Sir Hayhurts, I know one thing that is of comparable difficulty
20:42:08 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Listen to the words of an officer or followin written words.
20:42:13 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks at Hayhurts
20:42:17 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Hmm...
20:42:18 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Dubs, did I repeat that correctly?
20:42:31 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: One minute to go!
20:42:31 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Sorry miss?
20:42:34 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Something worse than this?
20:42:36 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Listen to an officer. If she is nice.
20:42:38 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: And then we'll NEVER KNOW WHAT THE BUTTON DOES!
20:42:41 Stoen gasps.
20:42:43 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I need yer attention on this Dubs,
20:42:48 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn frowns
20:42:49 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: "Remembering to ask Starlight for help, when it is needed" People got this habbit of being stubborn, wanting to do it on their own
20:42:50 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: What does the button do...
20:42:52 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Oh. It is a Steelsprocket 2001. Used in only the most delicate of machinery
20:42:52 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Good, Gwynni
20:42:54 Nomìne winks slyly at Varríc.
20:43:00 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Now, Gwynni an DUbs
20:43:04 Gwynni-ArgentDawn stares at the button again.
20:43:05 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I want ya to look at each other
20:43:08 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Push the button now?
20:43:09 Jingtei-ArgentDawn looks up towards Syrawenn.
20:43:10 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Only one way to find out what it does Gwyyni.
20:43:20 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: I recognize that is bad, but this one takes the cake, Boss.
20:43:21 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Imagine that, in half a minute we will never know what is inside the box
20:43:23 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Twenty seconds left!
20:43:28 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Eyes on each other, now, I want ya both to put yer hands on yer back.
20:43:38 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Twenty seconds to push the button, master Stoen?
20:43:38 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Will be sad not knowing
20:43:39 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Or we just charge it up and press it.
20:43:40 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Ten!
20:43:41 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: But you said pocket. You are very erratic
20:43:43 Necrea-ArgentDawn is frozen stiff.
20:43:49 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Ooh!
20:43:50 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Gwynny and DUbs, I don't see ya followin orders.
20:43:56 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Aaaaand TIME!
20:43:57 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Though, between you and me... it probably doesn't even do anything.
20:43:57 Jingtei cheers at Syrawenn!
20:44:00 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Woohoo!
20:44:01 Nomìne-ArgentDawn clap
20:44:02 Devvy-ArgentDawn puts her hands on her back
20:44:03 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Oh!
20:44:04 Nomìne claps excitedly for Stoen.
20:44:08 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Can we push it now?
20:44:11 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Well done!
20:44:11 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Can theypress it now?
20:44:13 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Yes!
20:44:13 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Of course!
20:44:14 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Oh, it.. Sure?
20:44:17 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: I wan't to know what it does?
20:44:18 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Now, ladies...would ya really do that if ya don't know what it does?
20:44:18 Nomìne-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders
20:44:22 Jingtei applauds at Syrawenn. Bravo!
20:44:22 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: With all of us Starlighters here?
20:44:23 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn sighs with relief.
20:44:25 Necrea-ArgentDawn jumps, kicks and rears from all the pent up energy, as if trying to shake off all the anxiety!
20:44:28 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Together on three
20:44:31 Jingtei greets Morrîgan warmly.
20:44:32 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: One... Two..
20:44:32 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn rolls her eyes.
20:44:36 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: An Morrigan, sometimes the trick to leadership is an near infinite amount of patience
20:44:39 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Three!
20:44:41 Gwynni-ArgentDawn pushes the button with Devvy.
20:44:45 Devvy-ArgentDawn pushes the button
20:44:56 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Are we dead yet?
20:44:57 Stoen-ArgentDawn 's machine does an anticlimatic "Prrroooff..." sound and dies back down.
20:44:58 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Oh.... no explosions. That is a bonus
20:44:59 Necrea-ArgentDawn freezes again.
20:45:02 Pol-ArgentDawn and Tomu both look on at the box curiously.
20:45:04 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Hrm
20:45:04 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Oh..
20:45:09 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: That was underwhelming
20:45:10 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: What a shame.
20:45:11 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Oh...
20:45:12 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: It was
20:45:13 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Hmm... it needs fixing...
20:45:14 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Sseems sso.
20:45:15 Necrea-ArgentDawn leaps!
20:45:16 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I think the button was the best thing about the box
20:45:19 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Thanks you two
20:45:23 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: It was nearly as exciting as my life.
20:45:26 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: I bet it would have been better had you pressed it in time.
20:45:27 Jingtei smiles at Morrîgan.
20:45:30 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Well done you too miss
20:45:32 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: I hope Miss Syra wins.
20:45:34 Morrîgan nods at Jingtei.
20:45:35 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Mm.
20:45:37 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Did the cookie-...
20:45:39 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Thanks again then.
20:45:40 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: It was about as exciting as waiting for me to grow a beard.
20:45:41 Jingtei-ArgentDawn nods back.
20:45:43 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Ooooh! Thank you.
20:45:44 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Already scored two gnome points
20:45:44 Liathéne smiles at Pol.
20:45:50 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Heh.
20:45:57 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. Big hand for Syrawn please everyone!
20:46:01 Pol-ArgentDawn passes one to Tomu and the two of them eat away at their cookies.
20:46:01 Varríc claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
20:46:02 Gwynni claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
20:46:02 Devvy claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
20:46:03 Tikál smiles at Liathéne.
20:46:04 Stoen claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
20:46:07 You clap excitedly for Syrawenn.
20:46:11 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn looks back, frowning a little.
20:46:16 Philias claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
20:46:18 Necrea-ArgentDawn tosses her head back and stomps her hooves.
20:46:19 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Alright
20:46:20 Jingtei thanks Liathéne.
20:46:21 Pol claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
20:46:24 Nomìne claps excitedly.
20:46:25 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: We should fix the machine.
20:46:28 Liathéne smiles at Jingtei.
20:46:29 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Thank you, dear!
20:46:29 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: That was fun
20:46:35 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Do you reckon she passed the challenge Stoen?
20:46:39 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: oooh yes. Got some good ideas already
20:46:40 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: So it does a big badaboom.
20:46:45 Nomìne-ArgentDawn moves up to look at the gathering
20:46:49 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Do you have any dynamite on you?
20:46:53 Tikál-ArgentDawn smiles at Liathéne and takes a cookie.
20:47:14 [Gwynni-ArgentDawn]: Hmm... they are in my other dress.
20:47:18 Jingtei-ArgentDawn takes one of her cookies and offers it to Morrigan.
20:47:23 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Will figure something out.
20:47:29 Devvy kneels down.
20:47:40 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: This latch looks promising
20:47:40 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn takes the cookie gingerly between two claws, and sniffs it.
20:47:54 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Part of being an officer, is to have the patience, an wisdom to deal with people an their desires, especially when we are working towards and unknown goal. It is not easy, plain and simple.
20:47:57 Jingtei-ArgentDawn looks back, nibbling on her own - they are freshly baked!
20:47:59 Devvy-ArgentDawn pries the hatch open. Only dasmaging it slightly in the process
20:48:14 Necrea-ArgentDawn looks exhausted.
20:48:19 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: oooh look! A light!
20:48:26 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn does not look satisfied
20:48:34 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn bites into her cookie with a crunch.
20:48:42 Jingtei smiles at Morrîgan.
20:48:57 You smile at Syrawenn.
20:48:59 Devvy-ArgentDawn pulls out a wire
20:49:01 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Red wire
20:49:09 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Looks very important
20:49:11 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks to Stoen
20:49:14 Morrîgan peers at Jingtei searchingly.
20:49:14 Necrea lies down.
20:49:17 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Did you make thiss?
20:50:13 Jingtei giggles at Morrîgan.
20:50:24 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Oh no I did not...but Lia did just now!
20:50:32 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Oh, it.. Sure!
20:50:36 Jingtei nods at Morrîgan.
20:50:42 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: They're good, right?
20:50:43 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: I.. I mean we already applauded, so.. so we can't fail her now.
20:50:45 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Yes.
20:50:53 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Thank ya Stoen, so that covers the first challenge
20:50:55 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn frowns
20:50:59 Jingtei nods at Morrîgan.
20:51:03 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I need your attention for the 2nd challenge
20:51:10 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Oooh another.
20:51:20 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Ooh...
20:51:23 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn takes a deep breath.
20:51:24 You look at Nomìne.
20:51:26 Pol waves at Lylieth.
20:51:28 Jingtei applauds at Syrawenn. Bravo!
20:51:31 Lylieth waves at Pol.
20:51:35 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: An officer needs to understand the people they lead, what makes them make the choices they do, and sometimes surprise them with insights.
20:51:45 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: So, Syrawenn, this challenge is easy
20:51:48 Philias-ArgentDawn makes a low sniffling noise and straightens his shoulders, attention back up on Nomine.
20:51:53 Nomìne-ArgentDawn flashes a smile, and looks over his shoulder
20:52:12 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn looks suspicious.
20:52:12 Jingtei peers at Nomìne searchingly.
20:52:24 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: You need to tell three people here, something you know about them. That they did not know you knew about them. You got four attempts
20:52:35 Necrea-ArgentDawn looks up.
20:52:44 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn walks up to Anomen
20:52:46 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: It can be a something about their history, their personality, or something they have done
20:52:48 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn narrows her eyes.
20:52:48 You peer at Syrawenn searchingly.
20:52:52 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn whispers in his ear
20:52:54 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Oooh...
20:52:58 Nomìne-ArgentDawn watches Syrawenn and smiles
20:53:05 Anomen-ArgentDawn listens
20:53:12 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: ooooh embarassing secrets
20:53:12 Anomen-ArgentDawn smiles and nods
20:53:19 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: I did not know she knew that, yes.
20:53:20 Philias-ArgentDawn looks curiously at Syrawenn, clearly this is something he had not expected.
20:53:26 Jingtei giggles at you.
20:53:30 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: That is one out of three
20:53:31 Necrea-ArgentDawn looks very curious.
20:53:33 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Anomen
20:53:44 Varríc-ArgentDawn raises an eyebrow surprised.
20:53:47 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn whispers in V's ear
20:54:12 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn looks around
20:54:15 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: I.. didn't know you knew that either.
20:54:20 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: So two out of three
20:54:20 Jingtei smiles at Varríc.
20:54:24 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn ponders
20:54:51 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Hmmm
20:55:02 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn walks up to Stoen
20:55:07 Stoen-ArgentDawn swallows hard.
20:55:10 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Good thing that Devvy is a closed book
20:55:12 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn whispers in his ear
20:55:30 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: I know that Devvy likes Fio romantically.
20:55:33 Tikál winks slyly at Devvy.
20:55:44 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: She is nice.... that is true
20:55:50 Stoen-ArgentDawn turns bright red, looking away.
20:55:54 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn nods
20:55:57 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn rolls her eyes.
20:55:57 Jingtei gasps at Syrawenn.
20:55:58 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. um.. I, it.. um..
20:56:00 Jingtei giggles at Stoen.
20:56:00 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: And she said yes to a date
20:56:03 Pol peers at Stoen searchingly.
20:56:05 Nomìne-ArgentDawn watches Stoen
20:56:05 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: ..One point.
20:56:08 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: There ya go
20:56:12 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: I wonder what she said?
20:56:12 Jingtei looks at Morrîgan.
20:56:14 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: So, that is three out of three
20:56:19 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Ain't gonna tell
20:56:20 Lylieth cheers at Syrawenn!
20:56:20 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Makes me curious, too.
20:56:20 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Nothing!
20:56:23 Pol claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
20:56:24 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Prrobably ssomething about the Drraenei.
20:56:25 Jingtei tells Stoen NO. Not going to happen.
20:56:26 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Bonus points for getting something about Nomine?
20:56:27 Jingtei nods at Stoen.
20:56:27 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn grins
20:56:30 Anomen-ArgentDawn softly chuckles
20:56:32 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Of course, dear.
20:56:33 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Reckon that is worth prying people`s brains afterwards Jingtei
20:56:40 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: ...I can tell you ssomething about Nomine.
20:56:50 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Syra. Word with you at some point.
20:56:50 Morrîgan-ArgentDawn grins cheekily.
20:56:56 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Oh, please do tell.
20:56:59 Nomìne-ArgentDawn peers at Morrigan
20:56:59 You smile at Morrîgan.
20:57:07 Jingtei-ArgentDawn fidgets with her cuffs.
20:57:07 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Absolutely, V.
20:57:27 Tikál-ArgentDawn shifts his form with little more effort than usual.
20:57:38 Jingtei peers at Tikál searchingly.
20:57:38 Liathéne peers at Tikál searchingly.
20:58:05 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Knowing people, is the absolute key to being able to lead them, without knowing people, you can not say that you respect them.
20:58:11 Morrîgan grins at you wickedly.
20:58:21 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: If I do, do I get to lead too?
20:58:27 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: A leader that does not respect their people, do not deserve the name or the role.
20:58:41 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Apply for Pathfinder Morrigan
20:58:46 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Ooh! yes!
20:58:49 Jingtei nods at Morrîgan.
20:58:52 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: She did, Nomine.
20:59:00 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: What? No I didn't!
20:59:02 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: She can't. She's not part of Starlight.
20:59:10 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Honorary Pathfinder.
20:59:11 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: yet
20:59:11 Anomen-ArgentDawn nods
20:59:12 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Good idea, Morrigan!
20:59:14 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Now, back to the focus of the night
20:59:17 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Syrawenn
20:59:24 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: yea
20:59:25 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: And Tikal, the next step is yours.
20:59:46 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: An officer of Starlight should be able to lead people even when the officer is not with the people.
20:59:56 Tikál-ArgentDawn offers Syrawenn [Ruined Embersilk Scraps].
21:00:06 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Please take these scraps gifted to me by Jingtei.
21:00:08 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn takes the scraps.
21:00:26 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Now you see that stump over there...
21:00:28 Tikál points over yonder.
21:00:33 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn nods
21:00:36 Nomìne-ArgentDawn watches Tikal
21:00:43 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Go stand on it and cover your eyes with the cloth.
21:01:08 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: So the rules you all must follow... Do exactly as Syrawenn says.
21:01:16 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: And nothing other than what she tells you.
21:01:19 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Oh no, are you kidding me....
21:01:22 Jingtei giggles.
21:01:26 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: All of us?
21:01:30 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: How literal are we being?
21:01:32 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Should be easy enough.
21:01:33 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: How old are we all, again?
21:01:41 Anomen-ArgentDawn lets out an amused laugh
21:01:41 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: ...
21:01:45 Tikál-ArgentDawn | Annie swoops down on her drake to kidnap Syra.
21:02:04 Jingtei gasps.
21:02:05 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Oh.. Syrawn got taken by a drake.
21:02:05 Necrea-ArgentDawn blinks.
21:02:10 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Eh, she'll be fine.
21:02:11 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: whaaaat!
21:02:11 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Oh no!
21:02:13 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Now we'll have to find another officer.
21:02:15 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Drinks anyone?
21:02:17 Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles
21:02:19 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: i did not see that comin'...
21:02:22 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Can Devvy apply?
21:02:33 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Uhm..
21:02:36 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Reckon we will find somebody suitable, with a sharp focus an humor
21:03:09 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Now, the question is, can Syrawenn lead us to find her
21:03:09 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. I mean you would have to pass the button test, Devvy.
21:03:17 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: RIPA, for one.
21:03:27 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: oh....
21:03:30 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Even officers need to ask for help from time to time
21:03:31 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Just got to wait for her.
21:03:32 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: That is a biggie
21:03:36 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Response, Information, Planning and Action.
21:03:40 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Let's have some fun, shall we?
21:04:00 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: Guys, we were supposed to only do as she says.
21:04:08 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: And nothing more.
21:04:11 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Lia is correct
21:04:14 Pol nods at Liathéne.
21:04:15 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: She is the one being challenged
21:04:35 Philias-ArgentDawn sighs lowly and pinches the bridge of his nose with two claws.
21:04:41 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: She's just describing this place.
21:05:05 Nomìne-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders
21:05:57 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: So we just need to watch out, that's doable.
21:06:02 Anomen-ArgentDawn looks around
21:06:09 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Done my job.
21:06:18 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: An i didn' bring my fuckin' rifle...
21:06:38 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Lia, remember what you yourself said.
21:06:43 You smile at Liathéne.
21:06:58 Liathéne grins wickedly.
21:07:07 Nomìne-ArgentDawn moves up, slipping into the shadows
21:07:40 Pol-ArgentDawn stretches a little and lifts Tomu up onto his shoulder.
21:07:44 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Um.. Are we sure Tickle didn't set a timer as, it.. um.. A bomb that goes off if we don't get there in time?
21:07:58 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Hopefully not.
21:08:01 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: That's what the button was for.
21:08:07 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: To activate the timer for the bomb!
21:08:13 Anomen-ArgentDawn nods a few times
21:09:11 Stoen-ArgentDawn stares intensely at Lia!
21:09:18 Liathéne grins wickedly at Stoen.
21:11:29 Necrea-ArgentDawn shifts and moves to Anomen.
21:11:42 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Alright, so we didn't get orders to go in yet... so let's make a plan.
21:11:58 Necrea-ArgentDawn follows Anomen dutifully.
21:12:02 You smile at Necrea.
21:12:06 Necrea smiles at you.
21:12:25 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: I suppose we need to let the rest go ahead?
21:12:26 Stoen-ArgentDawn sticks to staring at Lia as ordered.
21:12:32 Necrea shrugs at you. Who knows?
21:12:40 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Stone, move up.
21:13:12 Jingtei nods at Pol.
21:13:15 Pol smiles at Jingtei.
21:13:45 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Guess yer stuck with me, V.
21:14:40 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: So, you ready for whatever we might have to do?
21:14:45 Necrea nods at you.
21:14:48 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Good, good.
21:14:50 You nod at Necrea.
21:14:53 Necrea-ArgentDawn shows a thumbs-up!
21:15:01 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: oooh that is so not Devvy
21:15:03 Anomen-ArgentDawn smiles and returns a thumbs-up of his own
21:15:44 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Brother, here.
21:15:55 Anomen-ArgentDawn throws Philias a rock
21:16:04 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: You can still be apart of our group.
21:16:05 You wink slyly at Philias.
21:16:12 Necrea waves at Philias.
21:16:13 Philias-ArgentDawn catches the rock a little clumsily. He had NOT been expecting that.
21:16:14 Necrea smiles at Philias.
21:16:36 Philias-ArgentDawn looks at the Elf and snorts lowly, then nods in greeting. "Hey there, Missy."
21:16:49 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Okay.. Sometimes Morrigan can be a little funny..
21:16:53 Necrea-ArgentDawn grins!
21:16:59 [Jingtei-ArgentDawn]: Right!
21:17:03 Jingtei nods at Pol.
21:17:32 Jingtei smiles at Syrawenn.
21:18:40 Necrea-ArgentDawn snickers soundlessly.
21:18:42 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: She sure is, Sto
21:18:49 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: So mister Nomine is missing?
21:18:49 Nomìne-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders
21:18:55 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Master of giving information.
21:18:57 Anomen-ArgentDawn nods
21:18:59 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: ah
21:19:04 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Never mind
21:19:05 Jingtei looks at Nomìne.
21:19:14 Pol-ArgentDawn giggles a little more to himself.
21:19:19 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Off we go gang!
21:19:49 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Syrawenn passed my test, though she did almost run out of time.
21:19:51 Tikál winks slyly at Syrawenn.
21:19:56 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn sticks out her tongue at Tikal.
21:20:08 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Almost is good enough, cause it WAS on time.
21:20:09 Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles
21:20:12 You smile at Syrawenn.
21:20:29 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Glad to hear, Tikal an almost is means being alive
21:20:37 Nomìne-ArgentDawn motions for Stoen
21:21:03 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Officers, we have a habit of forgetting that we are members as well
21:21:42 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: We can be harmed, kidnapped, or forced to make choices without seeing the people we lead
21:21:46 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Sometimes hard choices
21:22:09 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Now, Syrawenn you have passed three out of three challenges, so I do not believe there is a need for the fourth
21:22:22 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn raises an eyebrow.
21:22:28 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: To all of you, all that have been witnesses tonight.
21:22:30 Jingtei smiles at Syrawenn.
21:22:36 Jingtei applauds at Syrawenn. Bravo!
21:22:37 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I have asked before, and I ask again.
21:22:52 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. Can the fourth test be.. be cutting the grass outside of Lumja and my home?
21:22:59 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Raise your hands, cheer, clap, give her your best, if you accept Syrawenn as the newest officer of Starlight
21:23:00 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: That's abuse of power, Stone.
21:23:00 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn smirks.
21:23:02 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: ...what would the fourth one have been?
21:23:06 Tikál nods at Stoen.
21:23:08 Jingtei cheers at Syrawenn!
21:23:08 You cheer at Syrawenn.
21:23:08 Pol cheers at Syrawenn!
21:23:09 Necrea cheers at Syrawenn!
21:23:10 Lylieth cheers!
21:23:11 Jingtei claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
21:23:12 Liathéne cheers at Syrawenn!
21:23:13 Devvy cheers!
21:23:13 Stoen claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
21:23:16 Nomìne claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
21:23:18 Pol claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
21:23:19 Tikál claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
21:23:21 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Heh...thanks guys...
21:23:22 Jingtei cheers at Syrawenn!
21:23:26 Varríc claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
21:23:31 Nomìne-ArgentDawn pulls out the scroll, making a note next to Syrawenn`s name
21:23:46 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Congratulation, Syra.
21:23:47 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Gosh, and a HUGE boost in salary too
21:23:50 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn nods
21:23:53 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Knew you could do it, Syra.
21:23:55 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Congratulations, Syra.
21:23:57 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: And now the fourth test begins... and it lasts for the rest of your life....
21:23:58 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Told ya.
21:23:58 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Never without ya, people.
21:24:00 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Good luck.
21:24:00 You wink slyly at Syrawenn.
21:24:01 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Yup. Big big well done.
21:24:02 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Congratulations Syrawenn, no the hard work begins
21:24:02 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: Welcome to responsibility.
21:24:10 Liathéne grins wickedly at Syrawenn.
21:24:55 Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles at his daughter
21:25:03 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn smirks at her father.
21:25:10 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Got me where ya wanted me, ey?
21:25:14 Jingtei giggles at Syrawenn.
21:25:28 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Half way there kiddo, other half starts after retirement
21:25:35 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Figured.
21:25:50 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: So...
21:25:51 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I trust all of Starlight will welcome her properly, as we are done with the challenges
21:25:57 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: This don't mean ya all suddenly fall silent, ya hear?
21:26:08 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: expectin ya to keep on TELLIN me stuff...also when I do really stupid things.
21:26:10 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: We are waiting for your speech.
21:26:11 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: As if you can ever get me to shut up.
21:26:13 You smile at Syrawenn.
21:26:16 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: THIS was the speech.
21:26:18 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Deal with it
21:26:19 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn grins
21:26:22 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Oi
21:26:23 Jingtei cheers at Syrawenn!
21:26:23 Varríc grins wickedly at Syrawenn.
21:26:24 Necrea-ArgentDawn laughs soundlessly.
21:26:26 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Then I will tell you now...
21:26:28 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: An Morrigan, the 4th challenge, would be to pick the one white ball, from a vase full of black balls. With her eyes blindfolded.
21:26:28 Pol claps excitedly for Syrawenn.
21:26:30 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Your speech sucked!
21:26:30 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Does that mean i can take ye fer a drink, finally?
21:26:34 Anomen-ArgentDawn lets out a laugh
21:26:50 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Nope...
21:26:52 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Syra, you also owe a debt to Ironforge for damages caused a few years ago while ram racing drunk..
21:26:54 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: only after the 22nd...
21:27:01 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn growls at Tikal.
21:27:04 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Counting down the days till that.
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Trials and Tribulation/Trial and Error (Guild Chat for the RIPA)

#2 Post by Anomen » Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:02 pm

21:02:39 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: yea
21:02:45 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I know this drake
21:03:29 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Syra, do you know where you are, can You describe it?
21:04:14 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: RIPA guys, fer test runnin...Syra, stuck in Redridge, some old, abandoned keep here. Mostly stone. Smells like it ain't been used fer a long time. Im in one piece/
21:04:35 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Devvy in Redridge and available
21:04:37 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Anomen, standing in front of Stonewatch Tower.
21:04:42 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Available for orders.
21:04:50 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Varric, nearby and ready to assist.
21:04:53 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Stoen here.
21:05:00 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Nomine, in Redridge
21:05:07 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: Liathéne, in Redridge.
21:05:15 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: Philias, in Redridge.
21:05:16 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Pol and Tomu are here too.
21:05:18 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: ...Morrigan, in rredridge?
21:05:21 [Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: Lyl is in Redridge.
21:05:22 [Necrea-ArgentDawn]: What? Names? Rollcall? NECREA. NECREA. TOWER.
21:05:41 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: It's very close to Stonewatch Tower. I'm thinking it's the abandoned keep. But watch out, there's two assassins guardin the main entrance!
21:06:02 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Not for long miss
21:06:02 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I want two people with good hidin skills in front checking out if there's more I missed.
21:06:09 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Watch each other's back.
21:06:21 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: Any specific people, then?
21:06:46 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Devvy suggest miss Morrigan and mister Nomine as sneakers
21:06:49 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Nomine, Morrigan.
21:06:55 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Thank you miss
21:06:56 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Very well.
21:06:57 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Moving up
21:06:58 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Check for other troops outside.
21:07:02 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: And the timer begins now.
21:07:18 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: report back when you can. The rest, stay at a safe distance until I say so.
21:07:36 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: confirmed.
21:07:45 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I want a check, which healers are present.
21:08:00 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. Stoen, I can do first aid!
21:08:10 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: Liathéne.
21:08:17 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Limited but I can heal if neccesary.
21:08:31 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Not really true healing... but it's something, I'm here.
21:08:49 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Good. Sto, I want ya to keep track of the healers.
21:08:56 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Long range fighters, check in.
21:08:59 [Necrea-ArgentDawn]: Heal? Clumsy. Jack of trades. But can!
21:09:02 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Gate is closed, area infront of the gate seem open
21:09:15 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Nomine, eyes on targets?
21:09:37 [Necrea-ArgentDawn]: Moon. Sun. Stars. Moonfire! Starfall!
21:09:41 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Fireballs.
21:09:54 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Nothing infront of the gates, anything inside it might notice if we pick the lock
21:10:02 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Gotcha.
21:10:22 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: That's two long range, others? Meanwhile, Nomine, Morrigan, check for other ways in. I can only open the gate from this side an not alone.
21:10:32 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Underrsstood.
21:10:48 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Anom, Crea, the only long range?
21:10:56 [Philias-ArgentDawn]: i'm useless tonight. Left my Rifle at home, Sorry...
21:11:13 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Anom, take charge of ranged fighters. Keep a check on each other.
21:11:22 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Got it.
21:11:24 [Liathéne-ArgentDawn]: I have some long range capabilities as well.
21:11:36 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: I can get insside through a window. Sshall I?
21:11:40 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Nothing on the right side of the castle
21:11:56 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Lia, stick with long ranged fer now then, until we need healin.
21:12:05 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: The rest of ya, move in. Nomine an Morrigan report no hostiles outside.
21:12:21 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: I can't be sure if there's more than the two assassins inside, so stay on guard.
21:12:27 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Four minutes.
21:12:32 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Do I enterr or not?
21:12:35 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Pick a buddy, stick to em.
21:12:44 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Morrigan, yes.
21:12:46 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Window is clear.
21:12:50 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Going.
21:13:01 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: On which side! So the rest knows where ya are
21:13:11 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: From the norrth.
21:13:16 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Unable to reach Morrigan.
21:13:24 [Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: Devvy and I are in the court yard.
21:13:29 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: That'ss what you get for being too fat.
21:13:30 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Some of us are slimmer than others.
21:13:40 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: At the entrance for Devvy ansd miss Lyl
21:13:47 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Checking in at the Courtyard too.
21:13:51 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: I have sspotted Ssyrawenn!
21:13:56 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Check. Anyone else able to get through the window. We need to take out two assassins before we can open the gate.
21:14:05 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Two minutes.
21:14:09 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Got eyes on Mor.
21:14:24 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Need a third in here.
21:14:47 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Need short range fighters near the gates. The gates WILL open in a bit.
21:15:00 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: One minute.
21:15:04 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: I could jusst kill the assassins?
21:15:07 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Me and Jing are at the front door thing.
21:15:12 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: i'll take the front.
21:15:17 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Taking too long. I'll watch yer back. Go Mor.
21:15:23 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Ranged support are at the back.
21:15:31 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Of the squad at the front, I mean.
21:15:32 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Healers, stand by
21:16:13 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Hrrm. I ssuppose now I am prretending to murderr these people?
21:16:20 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: yea, I wondera bout that too...
21:16:22 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Stab stab, and shit.
21:16:28 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Im gonna call it an say ya managed
21:16:33 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Following Mor out of the window!
21:16:38 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Thankss for yourr trrust.
21:16:49 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: The assassins cry out in agony as Morri stabs em.
21:16:57 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: Full damage.
21:16:59 [Morrîgan-ArgentDawn]: Hah.
21:17:02 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Im out through the window.
21:17:12 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: casualties? All groups, report
21:17:18 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Anom, ranged fighters?
21:17:24 [Anomen-ArgentDawn]: I almost hit Philias with a rock but we are all fine.
21:17:26 [Devvy-ArgentDawn]: Devvy and Miss Lyl at front gate unhamred
21:17:47 [Varríc-ArgentDawn]: Short ranged unharmed.
21:17:52 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Nomine?
21:18:15 [Syrawenn-ArgentDawn]: Sto, healers status?
21:18:19 [Pol-ArgentDawn]: Pol and Jing are fine at the front door.
21:18:27 [Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Miss Lia is glittery!
21:18:55 [Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I am unharmed
21:19:11 [Tikál-ArgentDawn]: Alright gather up on the steps.
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