Letter from Alaide to Anomen

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Letter from Alaide to Anomen

#1 Post by Alaide » Tue Oct 29, 2019 5:04 pm

Good day, Anomen!

I am writing to tell about the story I read shortly before leaving for training, and how it might be related to the cult of light that is active in Stormwind region. I am also sharing it with Nomine, but I thought that it could be useful for you to get a copy of this letter, not just to hear about it once.

It is the story of K'ara from an alternate Draenor timeline. K'ara is a naaru, one of the powerful beings of pure light (or so it is said) that turned into a void creature during the dark times of the first draenei ship crashing on Draenor. Even more interesting, later this creature was turned into its old self of pure light through the sacrifice of Prophet Velen. I found this story in a Stormwind library, history section, titled "Revised History of Draenor". I wonder if this was possible because naaru always contains the light and the void forces, but sometimes the light coats the void, making it appear as a pure light being, and at other times the void coats the light, making it appear as a void creature.

This made me think about those cultists of light. What if they are truly driven by the void, but someone triggered their darkness to become coated with light? In this case, it must be unstable and it should be possible to trigger them into revealing their true selves. When they don't appear as the beings of light anymore, they could be much easier to deal with, and at least they'd have more trouble finding new recruits. This is only a guess, but possibly being confronted by a being of a pure light could put them into the opposition of this being, making it natural to reveal their core forces and energies.

In addition, here is a small drawing about my casual everyday experiences here. Unfortunately, cannot share more about it.

I hope everything is going well in your life.

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