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Re: Reys (un)Reliable Ramblings

#31 Post by Rey » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:00 pm

29th of nov

Oh no Syra… Don’t tell me that Ravian thought of this too.. That we might have to kill Florian… I don’t want him to carry that burden. I don’t want him to carry the guilt of killing the man he would call brother. Please don’t let it come to that. I can’t let it. You too Ravian - you tell me that this is a choice YOU make and i will have to respect it. The only way to move forward you claim is to be the one to kill if it should come to that and I will not take this from you.. how can I…. Truth is, I wish I could.

Lord of light and dark, spirits of earth, sky, fire and water - please let me dance with all the strength you grant me and with the joy of life in my heart and my mind. I will have to embody life itself and draw out that which kills so he can be free… Florian - the delicate flower in the garden of Marwanus. The one daffodil about to be overcome by thorny brambles of evil!
Let me be the blade cutting away the evil and instead of withering death see the flower bloom with all the beauty it has been blessed with.. please… Oh please - for Florians sake and for Ravians too.

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Re: Reys (un)Reliable Ramblings

#32 Post by Rey » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:01 pm

1st of dec.

Glorious, wonderful Lumi. I didn’t know that’s how you felt. You feel so alone, you seem to think everyone adore me just like I see how much they adore you. The world is an odd place where two people see the same thing in the other and don’t see it in one self. I always liked you, now even more because I get to see the person behind the anger and the frustration. One who cares so deeply about everyone that the fear of their misfortune stands between you and the friendships offered If only you could reach for people instead of pulling away from them, you would see how important you are to the entire inner workings of Starlight. Even as I came to see you Nomine was there… Not because of the wound he had but to check on you. You say people come to you only for healing but you don’t understand the the check ups are also an excuse to get to talk to you - and also because you’re a damned skilled healer. I can’t wait to get to know you better and by the lords of light and dark. I’m so happy - thrilled and relieved that you say you have my back. The load already feels so much lighter knowing that you don’t hate me.. You really don’t. I trust you when you say you’re envyous at Anomen and me.. for being liked… imagine that. Lumi being envyous at us? For being liked… It’s almost funny if you weren’t actually serious. Now i suddenly feel like I have a real chance… And if not then you’ll guide me to whatever light awaits me when I leave this place and you’ll help Moonlight take care of Ravian.

I need to focus on the task at hand dealing with the witches but as the mask just sits there.. staring at me with gilded and gemmed eyes, waiting hungrily for the battle to come I have to do something else until the time arrives. It bugs me but if I sit still I will end up losing my mind and i need my mind in the right place when time comes.

Juriea seeks me out, tells me about this investor type who might be dealing with less neat stuff. Poor Juriea, she’s scared to death of him, wonder what kind of man he really is. She says she’s one of “his girls” like… what the heck does that mean? she’s not the type to be a lady of the night so what’s this all about? Not only does Juriea tell of this. She introduced me to another girl, a voidelf called Astania. She too spoke about he and some other investors often meet in and around Stormwind for secret meetings. I wonder if this is just a new group of many once more trying to claim the backalleys of Stormwind and by all means - I don’t care.. But i do care however that girls like Juriea and Astania are caught in this. They’re not part of the games of those blasted rich folks… They merely suffer for it. I could try to get the two of them out but they don’t dare yet and they won’t even tell me why. I’ll have to look into this further.. Find one of these investors and learn what this is all about.

Now I hear Tikal and Syra in my mind… Nomine too. “Don’t do this alone, bring back up and tell people about it” - They’re right but the thing is… There’s not much to tell yet.. As soon as i know more. I’ll take it to them.

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Re: Reys (un)Reliable Ramblings

#33 Post by Rey » Thu Dec 12, 2019 8:08 am

12th of dec.

Ohh the smell of delicious cookies and food is all over Stormwind. It’s odd. I’m usually so busy this time of year. Loads of parties in need of music and a dance. Loads of drinking - until we fall asleep drunk, happy and mindless somewhere under a table or in a bed - enjoying a celebration that went on for too long - indulging in what delights life brings. Now I’m all serious… thinking, brooding. Heck, I’ve been sitting on the graveyard for ages, focusing my mind on the water before me, the wind in my hair, the earth below me, sensing the heat from all around - the fires cooking, the people moving about, busy with winter veil shopping and stuff.
My mind twirls and twirls and only the water stops it… The deep, soothing silence I dive into , stills the raging fire of my stormy mind - just a moment though…

The days have passed and the wait drains on us all. I feel I pull away from everyone , even Ravian and he pulls somewhat away from me too. We both know that now is the time to focus, we both worry and we both want to keep the other safe. My heart still aches by the idea that he might have to kill Florian and he won’t allow me to act against it. He did however accept me bringing Mirna to keep him safe - thank the lords of light and dark… She promised to keep him safe from everything. He also knows, however.. that another far more dangerous enemy might face him. When the Sleeper passes into me there will be a time where I have to withstand it until hopefully the mask will bind it but there are so many uncertainties… The risk is that I might be taken over and if I am. I know MY love for him and the Sleepers desire for him will without a doubt turn us to him. If that happens I need to be sure he’s safe but he says the same and I know he has his own plans for this, plans he can’t share because what I know, The Sleeper will know too.

My body aches from all the training I’ve been doing. Over and over again I’ve danced and danced to make my leaps strong and my footings sure. I can not allow myself to slip. This is too important! I wish I could find comfort somewhere… forget the fear in my heart and the nervousness coursing through my body but i allwas end up here, amongst the dead, by the water - alone with my thoughts.

Do I even dare thinking of the day to come where there is no more Sleeper, no more Hetta, no more threat. Will my love still be here? Will all I am now still be here or am I truly linked to all this by a destiny I don’t understand? Maybe I’ll perish in this and I’m fine with that… Still I wonder.. If the day comes… Will he still want me?

I know he loves me. He loves the idea of me. I came to his family in a time of need and helped them face what they did not dare to face on their own - I know beyond any doubt that he loves me for that. But if that tomorrow comes. He will go back to a life of importance in Boralus where his loyalty to the family demands him to fight for their position and will there be room for a darkskinned dancer from Tanaris? A flimsy, witchy butterfly from a land far away - one who has little regard for the sanctity of tradition and the formalities of higher society… Will i end up causing him more harm. I know he will ask me to be there and lords know I could not stay away even if I tried but i would be a guest by night, a shadow in the perimeter of vision - I hardly think there would be other way for me… I can’t see there would be other way for him… and would he even want that?

Gosh Rey.. days before an important fight and all you think of is silly things like unsure love and a commitment you would have shyed away from a year ago - pick it up, girl! Get a hold of yourself and stop all this silly dreaming and thinking. Your head needs to be in the game - a game to fight the Sleeper and win!

I have comfort in my heart and a peace of mind, knowing that Lumi blesses me. If I’m to fall she will send me off in light and not fire. She will not burn me, she’ll bathe me in warmth and light and make sure I’m safe in the whatever comes after. Moonlight will take care of the family and Ravian. All will be well regardless. I have faith in that!

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