Two Peas in a Pod.

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Two Peas in a Pod.

#1 Post by Nightspirit » Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:15 pm

"I'm sorry about Ewoyn. She seemed nice."

E'larrah sighed heavily, her upper body curling in on itself such was the extent of its emptiness. She was unhurried in the manner which she placed her arms down against the stone bridge below and forced herself up from her seat overhanging its edge. Labouring herself to her feet she turned to face the new arrival. In spite of it not meeting any of her expectations, she probably couldn't have looked less shocked, surprised or amazed to her new companion.

After a matter of some short moments where both parties inspected and analysed the other, E'larrah was the first to break the silence, something she was never happy about doing due to her anti-social nature and general hatred of people. "Nice horns." She gave a brief, shallow nod of approval in their direction, flicking her right index finger up to point at them, unintentionally making a "finger gun" motion in the process. It was hardly a confession of endless endearment, but it might as well have been by this Highborne's standards.

"Wow, thanks. That means a whole lot coming from you. Nice eyes by the way." The retort earned a smirk and a slight snort of mild amusement from E'larrah. "Was that your attempt at flattery or are you trying to besmirch my image?" Arms raised with a shrug, the Illidari was quick to continue the exchange. "I'm sure you can decide that for yourself. Still with Starlight?" E'larrah shook her head, motioning to indicate a lack of the stone about her person used by Starlight to communicate. "Wow...that didn't last long at all, talk about showing your loyalty. Perhaps you should point me in their direction so I can show we are not all that bad." E'larrah grinned. "You won't last long either if you keep up that tone with me, Sister. Now are we going on a walk together so we can catch up? Or are your wannabe Sentinel duties taking it out of you?" Without even waiting for a response E'larrah turned her back to the Illidari, beginning a slow meander back into the Feralas forest and away from the outskirts of Feathermoon Stronghold, likely knowing her sister would follow along. "Besides, Starlight wouldn't have you in the first place and in the unlikely event they did, Lumi would immediately suffer from a significant emotional event the moment she found out you are a Fel user, then she'd probably purge you from existence…or pick up her ball and leave. One of the two."

The pair of them had a long walk in silence. The cool humidity of the forest was the only thing that directly interacted with either of them, as their talking had ceased. Out of the pair, E'larrah was the one who seemed the most rigid and systematic in her walking, her footfalls making heavy thuds as her leather boots impacted with the stone or dirt paths below. The Illidari meanwhile, despite being in similar garb, was far lighter upon her feet and more gentle with her footfalls, easily keeping up with the slow pace set by her elder sister. In fact, most of their journey would be spent this way, neither of them saying a word as they wandered the region together, taking in the sights and sounds from the environment around them, but not from each other.

"Came all this way to see you and I have barely said a word. I suppose that was to be expected though, correct?" uttered E'larrah, the pair of them now firmly under the towering Twin Colossals with their walk together drawing to a close. This drew a mild chuckle from the Illidari to her left who shook her head from side to side gently. "We have so much to catch up on, I don't think either of us have the time to make up for it all. What can we say, the Nightspirit family are terrible with relations." E'larrah couldn't help but glance in her sister's direction with a smile upon her face. "No arguments from me on that. I blame our parents. Mother hated you and adored me, while Father adored you and hated me. Of course we were going to end up as bad as this." With that, she turned away again to look down the road in their direction of travel. "At least we didn't end up as bad as Teldrassil." was the quick, taunting response. "Oh wow...using my lines AND getting them wrong. You know I expected far better of you, especially considering you are related to me. What name is it you use now? Since you were so desperate for the rest of us to not find you."

"It is not because I didn't want you to find me...I just didn't want the rest of you to be associated with what I had become. I kept my given name, but I tell everyone I am called Ayvenaria Blackbranch." E'larrah shook her head, waving both her hands dismissively in Ayvenaria's direction. "I bet all the druids you encounter love that name. Blackbranch. Besides you could have fooled me on being an Illidari, I was convinced you were just a regular elf wearing a satyr disguise for an upcoming costume party." There was a perturbed growl from E'larrah's left, the Illidari crossing her arms over her chest in a defensive manner. "At least I don't dress up like a depressed druid of the flame." she huffed. E'larrah laughed quite loudly and boisterously for a few moments, clearly enjoying the rise she had provoked from her sister.

Silence fell over the pair of them once more, up until the moment they reached the border of Feralas where it was time for them to part ways, as they had agreed. E'larrah turned to face her sister for the last time, moving in closer to give her a hug, regardless of it Ayvenaria appreciated the gesture or not. "Do try not to get yourself killed. I know you're not part of a proper military group, but I am aware they still get involved in the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde." Ayvenaria nodded back to her, exchanging the hug, though her own was far less committed. "I managed to look after myself all this time haven't I? Besides they will never take Feralas from us." E'larrah gave a single nod back with a slight hum of approval. With that, the pair of them released the other from their embrace and parted ways. After some distance separated the two, E'larrah called back "Enjoy the war!" Ayvenaria responded in kind. "Enjoy your internal emotional conflicts!" E'larrah exhaled air through her clenched teeth in a soft hissing sound. She promptly turned around to face the Illidari's direction but began walking backwards so as to not halt her progress.

"Hey Sister!" she exclaimed, hoping to gain Ayvenaria's attention one last time. The moment she noticed the Illidari turning her head to look back, E'larrah extended both arms high into the air above her head and promptly extended her middle finger on both hands. The blunt gesture got a chuckle in response and a dismissive hand wave from the other party. "Love you!"

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