When the Wall comes down

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When the Wall comes down

#1 Post by Nightspirit » Tue May 28, 2019 8:39 pm

It was dusk by the time the rains had come.

How long had she been here? Minutes? Hours? Days? On the inside it had felt like an eternity, for an entity to whom time no longer had meaning or value, why would it have been anything but? With the ever increasing cold brought on by the downpour finally masking the warm humidity that was the staple diet in Feralas, E'larrah was finally roused from her almost comatose state. A brief swing of the legs told her she was still sat atop the elevated stone ruins, a part of her knew that was still the case, but she just wanted it confirmed. The Elf had mused if just pushing herself off and allowing herself to fall limp to the stone floor below might bring her end, if she could die in such an anti-climactic and humiliating way?

Her head slumped forwards to accommodate the Elf's gaze down. Nothing looked like it should. Her pale skin slowly becoming more shiny and reflective as the rain splashed and coursed against her near naked form. The scars that blemished what could have been a perfect figure. The tattoos and other ink that laced her body, an attempt to focus prying eyes on what she wanted. The fact she knew there were no markings upon her face, a sign to all the Kaldorei she was not and never would truly be one of them. She had been made to fight for every moment of her life and it was a war E'larrah realised long ago, she was going to lose. With the world around her rapidly becoming dull once more, the Elf closed her eyes, seating both her hands in her lap as she relaxed as much as she could whilst balanced upon high on the ruins of the empire that was.

It was evening in Kul Tiras when she arrived.

An arrangement had been made, for her to honour an agreement. While E'larrah was many things, she was not the sort of person to not accomplish such arrangements with friends. Chit was already waiting, trust her to be early for something like this. The Highborne had all the answers Chit could want, in spite of this, none of it looked like it was what the disconsolate woman wanted to hear. Even now, E'larrah could see Annie over one shoulder and Morrigan over the other, the burdens they bore shared with Chit without the need to repay such a deed in sight. The fact she was powerless to help was more damning for E'larrah than she would ever let on. She knew she had the knowledge, the ability and the capability. But just to keep herself going she had built walls so high around who she actually was that nobody was ever allowed in for long enough so that aid could be given.

She hoped the two she felt were kindred spirits would survive, prosper even. They were both family even if they didn't truly know it. Annie, the child E'larrah would have taken as her own if she could. And Morrigan, a woman of darkness and evil to many, though the shade she brought was as pleasant to E'larrah as any star-studded night. The Highborne had forced herself into ventures she otherwise wouldn't be caught dead near, if only because one or both of those two were taking part. Now though she found herself alone, most of Chit's words, even those in parting, having never made it in. She knew Chit wasn't happy she was letting time decide, she couldn't bring herself to expose the truth of it all.

It was a bright morning in Ashenvale when she woke.

The past few weeks had been terrible and it had all come to a head the night before. In a bed that normally housed two Elves she found herself alone. It was colder than she was used to and it felt far less comfy. As though the mattress below had been removed entirely, like she was laying upon roughly cut wooden boards with splinters being given out freely and often. She had no desire to get up and welcome the day. No desire to actually perform her duties as a Sentinel. For all she cared Azeroth could have come to an end today and it wouldn't be missed.

The only saving grace was that their fight was so late into the night and so far away from civilisation that nobody was nearby to hear it. The only people that would know were those either her former partner told, or those who watched her house at the right time to notice only E'larrah came back that night and immediately assumed the worst. A small part of her was so angry with her partner. A far larger part of her was angry with herself. She knew that her mate had tried to help, she had been there as much as she could and they could have talked about anything the Highborne had wanted. But E'larrah was never going to be helped, not like this, not with her walls having gone up so long ago and her unwillingness to bring them down again. She was terrified of what might happen if she made that choice, not because of who she might let in but of what she might let out.

It was long ago when the world shattered.

She couldn't remember what it sounded like. She couldn't even remember everything that happened. Were her mind less weak it might have been able to remove all trace of its existence. She watched the ground crack and burst, splitting open like the seams on a ruined dress. She remembered watching people cowering, covering their ears, their eyes. She remembered some curling up into a foetal position on the spot, while others clung on to what they could, a stone pillar, a loved one, a treasured possession, even the ground beneath their feat. It wouldn't save them.

They and the world they knew would be eradicated in a heart beat. People, animals, buildings, cities, an empire. All of it eradicated, cleansed from the earth by an all destroying wave of fire and vengeance. No pity would be shown, no persons would be spared. The force they had unleashed had no allegiance and no compassion, it would maim and destroy everything in its path until its lust for revenge was finally sated. It would make the Highborne and every other kind on Azeroth pay for the meddling of a select few who should have known better. Even when it had died, the punishment and torment would continue. Demons fell from the sky, eager to feed from the rich, ravaged world that had brought about its own destruction.

E'larrah's family had all but gone, even those she knew the location of she couldn't find. Her cries for her Mother went unanswered, her desperate search forced into equally desperate hiding as eternal beings of flame stalked the ground. She was sure she had been spotted. One of the taller, winged creatures looked in her direction, looked right at her. Yet it did nothing. Perhaps it had seen then what the Highborne knew now. She was weak. Perhaps if it had looked upon her in the present day, it might have seen something more demonic than itself staring back.

It was time to pay a visit, perhaps for the last time.

The world around them faded away. It was their own space, for just the two lovers. She stood before E'larrah surrounded by a luminous, moon-like glow. The Highborne was sure she looked more beautiful now than even the day when they had first met. The way the pearl moonsilk robes flowed from her figure. The short white hair kept in a single ponytail that swung freely behind her neck. Those wonderful purple markings upon her unblemished face. The small, plump red lips and equally small, rounded nose. And not forgetting of course, the piercing silver eyes that could cut through E'larrah at a moment's notice.

She felt positively ragged stood across from the Priestess. Even her fanciest purple leather armour, with the phoenix styling to the shoulder guards and concealing hood appeared childish in comparison. A phoenix this Highborne was not. She could barely even bring herself to look her mate in the eye, resorting to lowering her gaze and her words to the other woman's chest. "I am sorry...for what I did. I-...I know you tried to be there, for every moment that you could. It wasn't your fault and we both know it...but I just couldn't find the strength to let you in..."

She felt the other take her hands, pull them down between the two of them and clasp them softly. The Priestess didn't say a word. She never often did at times like these, waiting for E'larrah to say her peace first before carefully considering a response. "Please Ewoyn...I don't want to forget you, but I have to. I can't keep longing for and-...living in the past, not like this...it will kill me. You were the only one who ever mattered to me, even after so many years and so many failed attempts. I love you Ewoyn, more than you could ever know. I wish I had told you that more, I wish I could have been there when you-...I promised..." The words choked in her throat, her breathing faltered, increasing and becoming weighted as she tried to hold back the tears that were already forming. "I wish you could have seen the letter I wrote for you...but it wasn't ready. I-...I wasn't ready. I'm still not."

E'larrah fought against her own choking sobs and ragged breaths. She had to talk. She had to. "I wasn't ready for you to go Ewo-! You were the foundations I built upon...all I ever did, all I've ever done, I did it for you! We promised we would-...never be apart, that we'd always be together. In my heart I know I failed you...but you left me here alone..." The urge to wipe her eyes, to cover her face was unbearable, but she couldn't pull her hands from her lover. She didn't get the chance to hold her as she died, so they would embrace now, for the naught it was worth.

"Please find someone E'larrah. For me. I will go when you are happy again, so find that happiness for me. That is all I wanted, for you to be happy. If I couldn't do it, someone else will." She leaned in to kiss E'larrah upon her cheek, then again upon her lips. Her words hung in the air, whispered softly to the ears of her partner, as though carried upon the gentlest of a breeze.

A submissive nod was the only response she could muster. Tears streaming down her face and her ragged, heavy breaths preventing her from doing much other than trying not to accidentally choke, or begin coughing and spluttering when she tried to talk. E'larrah gave one last squeeze of the other hands against her own and then...she was gone. The agonising reality that Ewoyn was no longer there when she opened her eyes was too much. She had so desperately wanted it to be real many times before and it had never become easier. A howl akin to a banshee's wail boomed from between her lips, both her arms constricting around her body as her nails clawed into her sides, making a few small, bleeding punctures as they dug into her soft, wet skin.

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