Excerpts from Czele's letters

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Excerpts from Czele's letters

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((I am only including the parts relevant to Czele and Starlight, leaving out boring discussions of cooking recipes, questions about how his family is, etc. There are also occasional requests for corrections on the common language which I've left out.

Aki’huen’s letters contain mostly updates on his family life and cooking, as well as the general situation in Pandaria. Only excerpts relevant to Czele are written.
When she begins to write in common, his replies contain corrections of the spelling, as well as word-lists with phonetic transcription.

Importantly, the original letters - obviously not the copies SL still has - show signs of aging according to the dates they were written.))

(Legion invasion, written in Pandaren, with occasional orcish words)
“Vol’jin fell today. We were supposed to cover the air, the flank, so to speak. Against the Legion, the Alliance and Horde had joined forces, out of sheer necessity, and we all knew the extent to which we would need to collaborate in order to save Azeroth from this threat.
Both sides were performing their duty, showing the combined strength our world has to offer. A beautiful sight, I must say.
But Vol’jin fell, and we were called to retreat. A ridiculous decision. One does not simply retreat from this battle because one man was injured. One does not walk away from swarms of demons, leaving them to gain power.”

“We may only imagine what might have happened, had your comrades stayed to fight that day. Azeroth may have seen a different future indeed. However, try to remind yourself of our discussions regarding regret.”

“What I write to you may be considered treason, but this foolishness goes beyond what I have hitherto experienced.
Vol’jin made the Banshee warchief. The madness required to deliver this power into her hands is far beyond what I expected of him, but this was his choice.
The Horde will perish in her hands, descend into her corruption and greed for destruction. But I can say nothing here, or I would be considered the enemy.”

“This seems indeed to be a time of great concern. From what I know of her history, I surely understand why you would take distance from such a choice. Perhaps you will find in time that there is a reason for such things taking place?”

(Teldrassil burns, still in Pandaren, no orcish words)
“Dearest Aki’huen
The Banshee shows her face now.
I have long since gone to the side, into the shadows. The twisting of the Horde is showing, and has been for some time, within the ranks. A disturbing sight, to say the least. I remain in my study most nights. I no longer wish to participate in the direction my faction takes. A runner came to my study merely minutes ago with a note which has made my values clearer still.
I am saddened to inform you that our Banshee Warchief gave the order to set Teldrassil alight. Honor has left us.
The Alliance were never our friends, even as we fought side by side against the Legion. The cooperation between us was always, to some degree, forced. Neither side would expect otherwise, I suppose.
However, burning Teldrassil is pure cruelty, beyond even myself. There was nothing to be gained by burning their civilians and children - nothing that will not come back to us tenfold.
I place the greatest of trust in you, my friend, and I forever appreciate an ear as neutral as yours.


“Our hearts weep for the loss Azeroth has suffered. Consider your options, C. You are in a dangerous situation, as it stands.”

(Day after battle for undercity, Pandaren language only)
“Undercity burns too, now, but with blight. The Banshee pulls the Horde ever deeper into her darkness. It is clear that her only love in this world is death. Such a love is not compatible with leading the living, I daresay, and neither is it with my own love of books, art, and the gifts of nature.
So rarely do I feel anger, Aki’huen, but when the Banshee gave the order to throw blight onto the battlefield, onto her own champions, still living, breathing, and fighting for her… For a moment I remembered what hatred felt like.
I suppose, and I am in no need of you to inform me, that this might have been exactly what I required to awake.
When I visit next, might I be so bold to ask if I could stay a while to gather my thoughts?”

(A few weeks later - Pandaren)
“Stormwind is different but interesting. It is difficult to blend in, given my appearance, but I am rarely accosted. There are plenty of good, quiet inns to relax in and these provide good opportunity to learn the common language. As of now, however, I do still find it challenging. I am learning a few words here and there, but I am searching for additional paths of education.
If I am not mistaken, you yourself speak common? Perhaps at our dinners, you may take to including the language in the conversation, so as to practice my ear? I will certainly need to work on pronunciation as well, as I am sure you will hear when next we meet. Your children should be greatly amused, I expect.

Yesterday, I met a human man - we shall call him N - in one of the inns I frequent.
He is a leader of a guild here. Very talkative. I suppose it must be a human thing, although his ‘friend’ was less so.
He inquired about my past, and with my limited vocabulary, it was hard to deny that I have not lived here for long. I chose to be honest. A gamble, to be sure, but if nothing else, it will provide for entertainment.”

(Shortly thereafter)
“I witnessed a Gnome being attacked by animals outside Boralus. In my new situation, I have found it beneficial to make as many positive acquaintances as possible, so I saved her. She turned out to be a remarkably cheerful and charitable person. She provided a room at an inn for me, for the night. Seems I was in luck that day.”

(A month or two later. At this point, the language is common mainly, with a few words in Pandaren.)
“The guild keeps showing up at the inn. You would think they were investigating me.
The Gnome, D, is a part of the same guild, as it turns out. She does not seem suspicious of me in the least, however, her guildmates, N especially, seem to want to keep an eye on me.
Considering my honesty I cannot blame them, of course. I expect my room to get a visit soon enough.”

(After the meeting where Devvy brought Czele along.. At this point, the letters are completely in common.)
“D and I were discussing the soap recipes all the way to her meeting, and I ended up staying for a short while. They act nicer towards me now, I suppose. There is still some uncertainty as to whether or not they trust me, but so long as my business partner does, I have one friend here at least.”

(Day after Darkmoon Faire visit at the roller coaster opening.)
“I was at the Darkmoon Faire - dangerous place for me, I suppose. I could easily be recognized there. But one has to live, as you said.
The guild were there too, and they were polite. One of them, C, asked me to participate in an upcoming ball.

Interestingly, as the evening went on, I overheard a conversation in Thalassian about a war prisoner being held in Dazar’alor. Supposedly, his skills in copying and falsifying written statements have been quite the benefit for the Horde’s war efforts. Simply could not help listening.
Such a person may come in very handy indeed. I admit, I have considered acquiring him.”

(Just a few days after the Happy Bubbles soap testing)
“The war prisoner is now in my hands. We shall call this one Z. His mind is broken from their torture, just as expected. Restoring him to a presentable condition will take a while. I intend to keep him close for now, as he seems to respond unfavourably to being on his own, as well as practically anything else if I am frank. The only thing which seems to calm him is a well-cooked meal, and creating his own inks for writing - so I have made connections to a trading company to provide him with a steady supply of ingredients.
I soon found out, of course, that he belongs to the same guild as D, N, and C. Just my luck.”

"Perhaps, it is not such a bad thing that you made this new friend. Even if it was not your intentions, and that you must now change direction, perhaps there are good opportunities here for you.
Take a few days to think. Perhaps, this is all fate?"

(A few days before the ball)
“The ball will be on sunday and is closer to your home than mine. It may end quite late, and I wonder if I might stop by?
I shall do my best to socialize while I am there. It should be, I expect, a diverse enough crowd that I should not be the one to draw glances, and so for once, I may be able to relax.”

(Next day)
"I am so glad to hear you will be attending a social event. It will be good for you to be around people again. We will look forward to seeing you on monday. We have prepared our guest bed, should you want to stay the night after the ball."

(Monday evening, after the ball)
“Dearest Aki’huen
I apologize for leaving in such untimely manner.
It seems, unfortunately, that I was correct. Several items have been stolen from me, including the ones I suspected.
If this were indeed perpetrated by the guild, as I suspect - they did arrange for me to be half a world away on this particular night - then this event makes me believe the guild are far from honorable. Worse still, performing an operation such as this suggests they are a rather ill-considered, short-sighted, vacuous, injudicious grouping as well. This could certainly be said of whoever made the decision to appropriate certain items of my own creation.
The theft of the letters was to be expected, naturally. Several other items would be easily forgiven as mere interest, or perhaps even meticulousness, however, as I am sure you will agree, stealing magical items without understanding their essential characteristics and capabilities is irresponsible at best.

At this time, my dear friend, I am afraid I must ask a favor of you. Bring them the letters I have sent to you over the years. If they do indeed wish to investigate me, there will be no reason for you to be robbed as well.
While you are there, kindly ask for the return of my property, if you will. Should anything adverse occur in regards to you or your family, I will not hesitate to take action.
Your friend, always

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Re: Excerpts from Czele's letters

#2 Post by Czele » Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:01 am

((From this point on, nothing will have been in SL's possession at any time.))

"Dear Aki'huen
I apologize for my recent silence. As you are aware, I have been attempting to handle the situation on this end, without involving your family and yourself too much.
As of now, it would seem that all the rest is done.
Enclosed, you will find the original letters which you had in your possession, and I have kept the others. They were all given back to me by N, including the ones stolen from me. Had these letters not had the sentimental value they do, I would have not bothered going through the conversation with him. It has been quite a number of years since I have forced myself to put up with that amount of disrespect. In some ways, it was interesting, I have to admit. Over the hour, the whispers grew louder, and it took just a bit more effort to disregard their contents. Still, seeing as I have no reason to expect further conversations to improve on our relation, speaking to him again may well be a mistake. A shame, really, considering how many of his guild are decent people.

Either way, they made copies of the letters, which have now also been returned to me and since destroyed. The books and knife have likewise been returned, by two different people from within their ranks, interestingly.
N was seemingly convinced that his guild had nothing to do with this, but individuals certainly were; C came to me last night and admitted her fault. It appeared to be rather difficult for her to do so, and from the conversation we had, it seems she genuinely wanted to repair the situation.
She did make a point of me putting no blame on her guild, which of course I do not, and spent some time telling me how good a group they are. She was especially adamant on defending her leader. She also made comments of me joining them - that she thought I needed a home. I am not sure whether these comments came from pity, but the whispers have thus far made alternatives difficult to hear.
I think I may want to visit Kun-Lai soon, to find some quiet. I should very much like to stop by, if recent events have not put you off associating with me.

Sincerely, your friend

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