Home is no longer safe...

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Home is no longer safe...

#1 Post by Liathene » Fri May 10, 2019 10:31 am

So many moons and the battle still rages. Barely time to rest or recover. Been away too long.
The Forsaken press the lines for their Banshee Queen.
Our melee fighters at the front lines are hard pressed, only live by the grace of backup from the archers and the sky, and the healers’ steady magic.

The ground is filled with soft green light as Liathéne’s magic flows through her, answering her call. It would be easy, if there weren’t so many lives to save.
A branch moves against the wind in her periphery, and she raises her arms, fingertips on each hand touching softly. The rogue has just enough time to look at her as the moonfire burns through him, bringing him to the ground and he lays motionless.

Liathéne hears the ominous sound of the blight wagons approaching again, her eyes narrowing with anger. She exposes her teeth in a hiss as she scouts the woods ahead.
Without looking, her hands find the tree behind her, grabbing hold of a branch and she begins to climb, reaching a higher vantage point. No use going too high in a forest though, when you need view of the forest floor.
There they are. Hatred.

Every caster close enough begins to take out the drivers, but the Forsaken keep coming. There is always another to take their place.

Blight flies through the air, and the priests prepare as best they can. The front lines are hit and the cleansing magic provides its protection, but it’s a ruse. The Forsaken know their blight won’t kill many anymore. Not as long as the healers and support still stand. Not as long as the effects can be dispelled.
A scream from only 20 yards away calls Liathéne’s attention. She finds the source quickly. Aszhura is bleeding heavily, her white robes taking colour disturbingly fast. Liathéne jumps from her tree and runs over, keeping her eyes and ears peeled, taking in her surroundings.
Whoever cut her open seems to have missed her heart at least. Good. Things are best when the enemy is incompetent.
More screams fill the air, too close. Hopefully the archers notice soon and provide cover.
As she kneels beside Aszhura, she begins silently calling to her healing magic, focusing initially on stopping the bleeding, then closing the wound. “You’re not going anywhere” Liathéne tells her.
The bleeding’s well slowed down, edges of the stab wound are beginning to close.
Aszhura gives Liathéne a weak smile, knowing she’s been saved for now. Liathéne only just sees her friend’s eyes widen in fear before she feels the blade.

She calls for her body to harden and begins to turn as she hears a guttural, satisfied chuckle from the Forsaken behind her. The blade still digs deeper, moving upwards from just under her ribcage.
Twisting her body so fast makes the blade move inside her, as he still holds onto it, but it’s the only option she can think of just now. She screams from the pain as she reaches for his throat, claws growing from her fingers. Instinct.
Her movement was too fast for him to keep holding onto the blade and he stands above her, his one knife buried in her back.
Her right hand closes around his throat and pulls hard while the left holds his head in place. ‘Don’t allow him to follow the movement’ she thinks, ‘you’ll do less damage.’
She shifts out of the way of her own movement, avoiding bits of his throat hitting her armour. The claws on her left hand close next, and a quick backhand is all it takes to remove the rest of his head.
It takes another second before…

She tastes blood and she swallows hard. No, it’s gonna keep coming… how much is cut open, torn apart, inside? Breathing feels wrong.
As she begins to lose consciousness, she hears the archers yell to cover the healers.
The grass is soft against her face. Good thing to be fighting at home. Hitting the ground doesn’t feel as bad here.
Slipping now…
Liathéne feels a large clawed talon close softly around her body.
Ah, Enala.
Thank you, Annie.


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Re: Home is no longer safe...

#2 Post by Liathene » Tue May 21, 2019 2:53 pm

So many moons and the battle still rages.

Annie and Enala flew overhead and the elves cheered as they realized they had the dragon on their side.

Liathéne knew she would have to keep an eye on her. Dragons are large targets. Yes, she was a healer still, but not a healer only.
As she called in her mind to the claw, her body transformed. It used to be slow, painstaking transformation but now it happened so quickly and seamlessly. Within this, she had control. She slid into the shadows and ran full speed.
Halfway into the battlefield, she peeked up, just above. Yes, the wyvern archers will fall here. And they will not leave.
And then nothing. Liathéne looked up again, for just a moment. Annie was not reacting quickly enough. Why? What is going on? Then a heavy thud on the ground. She reacted swiftly, running through the shadows, and only revealing herself long enough to execute the injured. More fall, this time their wyverns fall with them.
One of them still has enough strength to pick up his bow, aiming to shoot upwards. He loses his balance, and aim, as Liathéne tackles him, and he loses his life as she takes his throat with her. She still runs. Have to keep Annie covered. A wyvern and his rider fall, far ahead now. Another. And Another.
Liathéne transforms again, calling for wings. She gives herself a burst of speed as she sees the riders stumbling to their feet, grabbing their weapons. Don’t give them the time! Lia tells herself.
The Kal’dorei archers are close enough to provide assistance, but they have plenty to do. As she flies towards where Annie and Enala where flying above just moments ago, she flips around and relinquishes her wings and calls to the stars. Her elven body hurtles through the air, face to the skies. She reaches her hands towards Elune, separating her feet, bringing one leg above herself and she twists in the air. The ground is ever closer as she brings herself nearly upright, just enough to land on all fours, her hands showing the starfire where to come down.
It was an unpleasant landing, but it did the job. Liathéne transforms again, sliding back into the shadows. Move, quickly, don’t let them spot you.

So many moons.

The horde retreat for now. It is time to collect the wounded. No time to rest.
Liathéne hears Enala landing. Annie must be fine, or she would have landed here. She gets on with her job.
She runs again, scouting the woods, finding the wounded. Every one of them she finds, she stops to tend to their injuries. Stop the bleeding. Get them well enough to be moved, at the least. Send up a flare if they can’t walk by themselves.

A flare up ahead. Bright, purple light explodes in the air. Purple? Annie!
Liathéne calls her wings again and rushes through the air, fearing for what she will find.
But her eyes soon tell her that Annie is just fine...

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Re: Out is no longer safe...

#3 Post by Liathene » Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:36 pm

Liathéne's claw dug deeper into the man's neck, just below his ear. She pushed just hard enough that a drop of blood formed, sliding towards the floor. She knew that one swift movement would start his blood flowing so fast he would pass out within seconds and die within minutes at most.

The man squirmed and called out to his brother. "This bit of invisible whatever!" The poor man was trying to explain that they were not alone in the room. There was a reason he was on the floor, seemingly talking to himself in the dark. He pointed to the blood on his neck. "I don't LIKE blood, Amos! Help me out here!"

It took all her semblance of self to try to think of ways to get out of this situation with the information she needed, without killing the two humans. It took all of her trust in living, breathing creatures. And yet... the thought that they, somehow, would have enough knowledge about her to be able to find her, or worse, pass it on to him...

No... no, she must believe that these two are filled with just enough cowardice to stay away, and that Starlight will act quickly enough that he doesn't track them down and dig the information out of their heads before it's too late. She has stolen from him now. Something small, something he might not, for a few hours, notice is gone.
Now if only everyone else were not so slow to act to help her, she might have hope.

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Re: Home is no longer safe...

#4 Post by Liathene » Wed Sep 25, 2019 10:30 am

Liathéne sat at the large moonwell, most of her armor left in a pile at a nearby tree. It had felt wrong. Tight, almost choking her, but also a shield, helping her hide her true self from the prayer. She could not afford to keep herself shielded now. Hiding would not do.
Quietly, she began to speak, out loud.
“Elune… Wild Gods... I feel alone. I wonder if you have left me.”
She paused, thinking she had started all wrong. There was more. Reasons, history. It mattered to say it, too.
“Our people are dying. The Forsaken and their blight are slowly chipping away at our ranks. We are dying” she said, her voice breaking. “We still serve you with all of our hearts. I am trying to hold on to conviction… that you are still with us. That… that this is not our final hour.”
Liathéne lowered her face, suddenly stopping the movement, instead looking to the sky.

“Even during the day, when the stars are hidden, I know you can hear me, if you will listen.
I ask you to give me strength.
I ask you to lead me through this trial, to help me save your warrior.
Please show me that his time is not yet ended.”
Liathéne’s voice breaks as she speaks, tears forming in her eyes.
“I have not served you for long, and not well... but he is still needed, Elune. Without him, I don't know how to save his daughter. How to keep her steady.”
She paused. Her thought was painful and the words would not form sound right away. She forced them out, forced herself to say it, to admit it.
“I don't know how to... how to keep myself steady, either.”
The words hurt more out loud. They reminded her that she was not strong. How afraid she was. Her tears ran freely down her cheeks, into her hair and onto her shoulders.

She tried to steady the tears, and her voice. The simple task took longer than she would ever admit. The words had been there for so long in her mind, unspoken. Having uncovered herself, left her walls aside, it was time. When she spoke this time, her words flowed more quickly.
“Goddess, Wild Gods, you have stood by us for so long, and you still answer the call of the elders.
You gave me this calling, and you lifted me to you.
I have searched my mind and my spirit for answers... and I still don't understand why you were not with me that day....
Were they supposed to die? Was the warlock supposed to win? Was this your plan and we worked against you?
Does Starlight work against you?
Do you not approve of where I am?
If you don't… then I don't understand why the others can still call on you. Druids and priests alike.
Is it my doubt that angers you?
I'm trying to understand. Really, I am...”
Her brow furrowed in despair.
“Show me where I belong. Show me where I need to be. What I need to be. Guide me to whichever destiny...
Please, don't leave me with... with no purpose, no power to help my people.”
Tears still fell, and she sighed. Her voice fell to a whisper as she made a single plea.

“Lead me out of this darkness and back into your light.”
Liathéne Clearwater closed her eyes, facing the skies. She turned the palms of her hands upwards, and sat in silence at the moonwell, feeling the sun move across the sky, the air become cooler as night fell and the moons rose.

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Re: Home is no longer safe...

#5 Post by Liathene » Fri Sep 27, 2019 2:58 pm

A shiver runs down her spine.

The others are talking. So much talking. There are people present who would rather kill each other than the warlock we are meant to kill. Some are here, it seems, only because they are ordered to be.

The group move forward, finally. There is an Eye of Killrog. Talking again... so much talking.
Why are we wasting time? Liathéne thinks to herself, He already knows we are coming. He knows everything Eileena knows.
She says the last part out loud. Morrigan snaps at her. Something about leadership. Liathéne stops herself from growling. Stops herself from reacting further.
Nomine holds Morrigan’s leash, and as long as he has some level of control of her, she will have to trust the officers to make the judgement.

Another shiver. There is a tone here, a magic. It is familiar, but it is not. It is fel, void. It is not Fennelwald. Is it the Eye? Would it have such a powerful scent?

They attempt a distraction. Liathéne keeps her mouth shut, does not attempt to speak her mind. She moves along with them, quickly. We are here to kill Fennelwald, but it is all wrong.

They attack the guards, maybe someone takes out the Eye, too. It no longer matters. The scent, the wrong scent, is everywhere. All around her.

A whisper this time... a voice directly into her mind. That is all it takes.

"There is another warlock here!" Liathéne calls to the others over the stone.
There is no reply.
They do not hear her.

She searches for the scent, tracking was never her strong suit. It is all wrong.

The warlock attacks while the others are fighting humans. They do not see it, and they do not feel it at first. Neither does Liathéne. Not right away.
But her legs and head become heavier. Soon, she realizes.
Their lives are being drained out of them. Every life taken in the battle makes it happen faster still.

Every guard that dies, she feels her life being taken at a faster rate. Stronger. The warlock is becoming stronger...

She calls again on the stone. "There is another warlock here!"
They do not hear her.

She keeps tracking the scent, and she knows she is too slow at this work.
The whisper calls to her again. Her ears lie back. It is calling to her, personally. It knows her name.
This is a trap. She knows this now.
But no one else responds.

The warlock hides with its demon. Liathéne knows she has no backup. She must attack anyway.
Damn gnomes. Their bodies are so small, but she's used to catching mice.

There is blood on her claw, and the gnome is angered. Feeling weak and tired, she sees it too late.
The bolt of fel strikes her heard and knocks her back. Too far. The warlock will cast another before her claw can reach it again.

Her life force is leaving. There is barely anything left.
The earth will take the warlock for her. The earth will come.

She releases her feline form, calling to the earth, the roots deep within. Strong and ancient. They hold the ground together, they carry all that we have ever been, ever made, ever built, ever destroyed.
Life... finds a way.
Tonight, it finds a way out of the depths of the ground and reaches around the gnome and its demon. It moves with swiftness, taking hold of the arms, legs, and throat of both corrupted creatures.

Her body is heavy and her entire being feels weak as she watches the roots and earth work together to tear the enemy apart.
It screams as it realizes it will die tonight. She feels the power of every soul absorbed, and all of the life force taken from the combatants, as the gnome aims it at her alone. She sees in the warlock’s eyes the same sentiment she herself has had before; “If I die, you die with me.”

She hears herself scream, then...
All is silence.

When rest comes, it is welcome.
Her physical form gasps for air, but in her mind, it is a sigh of relief.
Empty, dreamless rest.
A blessing.

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