Home is no longer safe...

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Home is no longer safe...

#1 Post by Liathene » Fri May 10, 2019 10:31 am

So many moons and the battle still rages. Barely time to rest or recover. Been away too long.
The Forsaken press the lines for their Banshee Queen.
Our melee fighters at the front lines are hard pressed, only live by the grace of backup from the archers and the sky, and the healers’ steady magic.

The ground is filled with soft green light as Liathéne’s magic flows through her, answering her call. It would be easy, if there weren’t so many lives to save.
A branch moves against the wind in her periphery, and she raises her arms, fingertips on each hand touching softly. The rogue has just enough time to look at her as the moonfire burns through him, bringing him to the ground and he lays motionless.

Liathéne hears the ominous sound of the blight wagons approaching again, her eyes narrowing with anger. She exposes her teeth in a hiss as she scouts the woods ahead.
Without looking, her hands find the tree behind her, grabbing hold of a branch and she begins to climb, reaching a higher vantage point. No use going too high in a forest though, when you need view of the forest floor.
There they are. Hatred.

Every caster close enough begins to take out the drivers, but the Forsaken keep coming. There is always another to take their place.

Blight flies through the air, and the priests prepare as best they can. The front lines are hit and the cleansing magic provides its protection, but it’s a ruse. The Forsaken know their blight won’t kill many anymore. Not as long as the healers and support still stand. Not as long as the effects can be dispelled.
A scream from only 20 yards away calls Liathéne’s attention. She finds the source quickly. Aszhura is bleeding heavily, her white robes taking colour disturbingly fast. Liathéne jumps from her tree and runs over, keeping her eyes and ears peeled, taking in her surroundings.
Whoever cut her open seems to have missed her heart at least. Good. Things are best when the enemy is incompetent.
More screams fill the air, too close. Hopefully the archers notice soon and provide cover.
As she kneels beside Aszhura, she begins silently calling to her healing magic, focusing initially on stopping the bleeding, then closing the wound. “You’re not going anywhere” Liathéne tells her.
The bleeding’s well slowed down, edges of the stab wound are beginning to close.
Aszhura gives Liathéne a weak smile, knowing she’s been saved for now. Liathéne only just sees her friend’s eyes widen in fear before she feels the blade.

She calls for her body to harden and begins to turn as she hears a guttural, satisfied chuckle from the Forsaken behind her. The blade still digs deeper, moving upwards from just under her ribcage.
Twisting her body so fast makes the blade move inside her, as he still holds onto it, but it’s the only option she can think of just now. She screams from the pain as she reaches for his throat, claws growing from her fingers. Instinct.
Her movement was too fast for him to keep holding onto the blade and he stands above her, his one knife buried in her back.
Her right hand closes around his throat and pulls hard while the left holds his head in place. ‘Don’t allow him to follow the movement’ she thinks, ‘you’ll do less damage.’
She shifts out of the way of her own movement, avoiding bits of his throat hitting her armour. The claws on her left hand close next, and a quick backhand is all it takes to remove the rest of his head.
It takes another second before…

She tastes blood and she swallows hard. No, it’s gonna keep coming… how much is cut open, torn apart, inside? Breathing feels wrong.
As she begins to lose consciousness, she hears the archers yell to cover the healers.
The grass is soft against her face. Good thing to be fighting at home. Hitting the ground doesn’t feel as bad here.
Slipping now…
Liathéne feels a large clawed talon close softly around her body.
Ah, Enala.
Thank you, Annie.


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