Selvine Brightglance - Introduction (joined)

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Selvine Brightglance - Introduction (joined)

#1 Post by Selvine » Sun Mar 10, 2019 12:21 am

Name: Selvine Brightglance
Age: 24
Gender and race: Male, Human
Occupation: Treasure Hunter, Nosy Person, Thief (in dire Times)

Selvine was born into a lower Noble family and put under the care of his Aunt due to his parents having vanished under mysterious circumstances. Not all to pleased with having to care for Selvine- his Aunt treated him mostly with contempt. A bothersome liability. Spending most of his time away from his aunts estate, trying to find atleast some peace from time to time. Already back then- the other children would often bully him for his effeminate and petite appearance. Calling him names or simply making fun of him. Being able to count his actual friends with half a hand- but atleast -true- ones.

Like many nobles of lower title, Selvine would begin to pursue studies in Stormwind as he grew older. Learning about literature, culture, history and furthermore focus on a career along the path of science. Aimed towards herbalism in combination with alchemy. During that time, Selvine managed to grasp alot of knowledge in regards to the anatomy of the various races on Azeroth. Although forsaking his studies for the chance to live a more exciting life as an adventurer. Much to the dismay of his Aunt.

It would not take long for Selvine to realise that the life of an adventurer is not quite like literature suggested. Barely able to keep himself above the surface. Often he would try to earn silver through smaller jobs- allowing him to travel far away to lands that may hold some treasure in store for him. Eventually ending up in an unstable life-style that never truly ended up in fame and riches. In a last attempt to achieve fame and the likes through other means, he joined the Alliance Military and became a Scout.

Once again his petite nature would often make him the center of jokes- by male and female comrades alike. Although managing to befriend a fair few of them aswell. His agility along with his swiftness having earned him the status of a reliable scout. His skills were put to the test during the full-scale Legion invasion of Azeroth. With the Legion's grasp extending over the front- having Selvines unit focus on keeping the homefront secure. Patrolling the Villages and Towns to keep them safe. But often enough it would happen that he stumbled across Villages that were left in ashes. Having to witness the Legion trying to out-do itself by performing acts of atrocities towards innocent Villages, changed him. Even after the Legions defeat- he would suffer from nightmares and moments of anxiety that act like an echo of these days- haunting him.

Selvine left the Alliance military soon after the Legion was defeated, once more trying to achieve riches through questionable means. His standards dropped and it became more and more frequent for him- performing acts of crime to reach his goals. Working for dark and shady beings that stalked through Duskwood. Having lowered his ambitions to mere mercenary work. His activities would often bring him into trouble with the local authorities. Resulting in punishment. Even now- Selvine seeks to find his fortune through such methodes. Taking tasks from whomever pays well.
This life was not quite the future he had in mind for himself, spending most of his time doubting and regretting the decisions that brought him to this point. Seeking for an opportunity to live a life without having to stick with morally questionable acts just to afford something to eat.
OOC: Selvine has medium knowledge in regards to herbalism and alchemy along with the basics of first aid. Sticking to lightweigt armour and an elusive combat style. Not a veteran at all but he knows how to swing a blade. Or two. Effeminate, petite nature although swift and agile. (using Female ingame Model)
Timezone: UTC+1

:I try to be as active as possible but often times I find myself at the whim of my mood to even play World of Warcraft. Whilst I enjoy Roleplay- I also happen to be rather busy in real life. This is a recent development and I hope it will be fixed to a more stable presence during this year. If I happen to be online- then im certainly always open for RP!

IC Letter:

To: Leadership of Starlight, Nomine.

With careful optimism, I find myself setting this letter up to you. My name is Selvine Brightglance and I would like to join the ranks of the Starlight. After a conversation with Cheysa, having been told about your Organisation and its fair working conditions. Something I have been looking for since a while. A way to earn a living without having to apply questionable methodes. They also told me that you happen to travel all around the world and even beyond- which is something that I would like to be part of. Therefore I humbly ask for a chance to meet you and your Organisation and convince you of my person. With this said- I thank you for your time and patience and remain with my sincerest regards-

-Selvine Brightglance

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Re: Selvine Brightglance - Introduction

#2 Post by Syrawenn » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:19 am

Hey there Selvine,
I have to say I am pleasantly curious about your character! This story sounds well thought out and very much fun to play. As one 'petite' character to another (yeah, Syra is female, but decidedly smaller than average...too bad the models do not support that!) I understand the fun in the challenges.

I'm sure an officer will pop on the forum soon to make an appointment :) And otherwise we'll catch you in game sometime soon!

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Re: Selvine Brightglance - Introduction

#3 Post by Selvine » Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:19 am


Thank you for your swift response and im glad that my introduction was acceptable! My first time applying in a forum, heh! Seeing forward to that appointment!


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