How to train your Elf.

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How to train your Elf.

#1 Post by Annie » Fri Feb 01, 2019 4:57 pm

((My choice of music to accompany the story. ))

Elwyyn Forest by the bank of the river bordering Duskwood.
Annie patiently waited, taking note of the space the murlocs seemed to be giving her.
She quieted her mind, shutting out the whispers and her connection to the void, seeking moments of freedom.
Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours, but to Annie it’s all a blur and the concept of time vanished as she felt her wash of tranquillity.

The earth trembled as a huge gust of wind washed over her, she heard the leathery rustle of wings closing. Before her was Enala, and smoothly sliding down from the dragons back was her father, or a ghost of what her father used to be.

Silvery white hair and dark black eyes, his skin looked darker too. Much had changed since he left for Darkshore.
He has become a volcano on the verge of eruption, the only thing holding back his torrent of destruction was the warmth of his heart, his compassion, and the things that made him… Well him.

Tears rolled uncontrolled down her cheeks all that had changed about him, all the things that made her smile, replaced by something she could not or would not understand. She tried all she could not to hate what he had become.

She knew she would miss his long violet hair, his amber eyes that always seemed to reflect his soul, the warmth of his lightly coloured skin, even his smile seemed different. She worried that perhaps he would never be happy again. Thinking if this is the price it costs to serve Elune, would she ever pledge herself too?
Yet another thing she decided she must keep buried deep down inside herself.

“Annie, she is here for you.” He said his words smooth like silk, his voice deep and his use of the ancient language of the elves music to Annie’s ears.
Annie asked “Who?” Unsure if there was someone else around, sensing no one.

For a moment she felt a horrible sensation of something alien touching her mind. Reflexively she attempted to block it out, like she had been training to do with the Ren’Dorei.

It proved far too strong for her. In her mind she heard the words spoke almost like a dragons roar. “Me, I am here for you child, I am yours now, to protect you, to be your wings, and to be your friend. And if this is not enough, think. What horse is there that could ever outpace a dragon.”

Annie looked to Enala to see ones huge orb with slit in the middle looking right back at her, realising that the dragons head was level with her own. She felt a wave of hot breath wash over her. Every muscle in her body trembled with fear.
Annie looked between Enala and Tikal, her mouth opening and closing with no words to be heard.
“Will you not fly with me?” The presence in her mind probed.

Annie still had no words. She was beginning to think that the void was playing tricks on her. Perhaps she was losing her mind.
Annie clambered slowly onto Enalas forepaw, feeling the muscles in the dragon’s foot all tense at once. She looked down at the huge talons gouging into the earth.

She had a brief sensation of imbalance as the dragon lifted her level with its neck. Suddenly she felt shivers running through her. Motionless for a moment she gulped down and started chanting “I am not afraid.” over and over in her head before she climbed on, wrapping her arms tight around Enala’s neck as her legs dangled against the dragons flanks.
Enala gave Tikal a nod and growled: “Fear not, she will be safe.”

Annie felt powerful muscles ripple underneath her as Enala’s hind legs thrust them both into the air. She could not help but scream with sudden terror. She had never felt like this in all her memory. Already higher than most houses in the area, Annie looked down to see her father buffeted by the wind from Enala’s powerful wing strokes. Higher and higher they climbed.

Annie tried to scream out: “what if I fall.” But her words went unheard, stolen by the wind.
In answer to her question, she found Enala deliberately rolled in the air, dropping Annie from her back. For the smallest of moments Annie felt like she could fly all by herself before she realised that she was actually falling. With a feat of aerial acrobatics Enala caught her again with an impressive loop. Annie began to feel more secure in the seated position at the base of Enalas neck, even risking loosening her arms and leaning back a little.

Enala banked sharply to the left and Annie felt herself being pressed tight into the dragons neck by the momentum of the motion.
“Now, let me show you what it’s really like to fly.” Enala’s voice pressed into her mind.
Annie’s vision began to blur, and moments later became so clear she could see individual blades of grass on the ground far below. There was a stronger hint of blue in the colour spectrum, but reds and greens seemed more faded. Before long Annie realised she was seeing the world through Enala’s eyes.

Annie began to feel a sensation of her mind leaving her body. She could feel Enala’s wings pulsing, she could feel their tail swinging to correct balance and direction. ‘It’s funny’ thought Annie, “I never knew how much you depended on your tail.”
Their wings beat harder and harder, and then folded in snug against their flanks. Annie felt them tilt forward and watched the ground rushing to meet them, and just at the right moment their wings snapped open, levelling off and gliding. She felt them lean to the right and their talons meet the river as they followed its twists and turns.

She felt their powerful wings lift them once more into the sky, and her vision began to blur once more, and within a few seconds all was normal again. She was still safe on Enala’s back. Annie was struggling to catch her breath as her heart raced. All she could feel was pure joy and excitement on Enala’s back.

Annie attempted to press her words into Enala’s mind. “If this is how you feel when you fly, why do you ever land?!”
The reply made Annie bellow with laughter. “I have to eat.”

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Re: How to train your Elf.

#2 Post by Annie » Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:46 pm

‘It was time’ Annie had decided, sitting on the rooftop of the Pig watching the people below her.

Having left her twin blades back at Devvys home, and Enala was off hunting. Annie was determined to prove her worth to her father, to her friends, to the Ren’dorei.

Annie remained perched on her rooftop from midday to the setting of the sun. The breeze made her shiver, but not once would she complain about the cold.

Annie could never explain why she felt so much more alive at night. It was a feeling deep inside her that made everything about her feel more at ease.

Her gentle purple eyes glowed in the moonlight as she gave the goddess an almost militant salute.
“You are weak, you will fail them all.” The whispers stirred in her mind repeating this like some sort of mantra, trying to weaken her mental barriers.

Annie did all she could to block out the voices, wishing for Enala's aid to block her mind from them.
Like clockwork she saw someone running from the alley in front of the Pig. Annie slowly rose to her feet to follow the person from above as they made their escape carrying a bag that really looked out of place.

In the background Annie heard yelling of a robbery, but she had already worked this out and was tailing the suspect like the predator her father had taught her to be.

She managed to overtake the suspect, reaching the tunnel to the canals before him. She jumped down barring his path. Making a three point landing with bent knees to protect her legs and pushing her knuckles on the cobbles, she bent her elbow to absorb the impact.
With a irritated grunt and a low mutter of how her father made this look so easy, she got to her feet and gave what she realised was a human male an amused smile.

“Going somewhere?” asked Annie in as serious a tone as she could muster, giving the look of shock the man’s face expressed.
“None of yer business.” The man slurred and Annie could scent the alcohol in his breath.

Annie took the measure of her prey. She relaxed as she took in the state of the drunken man. She believed this was already over.
Annie stepped toward the man. He dropped the stolen back and pulled a dagger from behind his back. Annie assumed he had it tucked into his belt.

He lunged for Annie, but she quickly jumped to the side and ran her feet up the wall doing a flip over his head and landing at his back she landed and impressive kick that knocked him off balance.

“What in the nether are you?!” he yelled in fear.

Annie composed herself standing tall and proud. With a steady voice she answered him. “I am Annie Silvermist, I am the daughter of Tikal Silvermist and Miëlle Silvermist, I am the daughter of Starlight, and I call myself Stardust.”

With every word she spoke swirls of violet magic spiralled around her sparkling with the beauty of the stars in all their glory.
“You’re wrong.” The voices in her mind whispered. “You are nothing, they don’t love you. You have failed them.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks.
The man saw his opening and lunged at Annie his knife cutting deep into her cheek.
The power that had flowed through her vanished as fast as the whispers in her mind.

She screamed out in pain. She had never felt this pain before. Even training with her father had not been so painful. Maybe he really did go gentle on her after all. But her bruises would have told a different story.

Annie could only see red as she grabbed his wrist and elbow. With a satisfying crack she forced his elbow to bend the wrong way.
Annie thrilled in his agony, putting her boot to his knee she forced it the wrong way too.
He fell to the ground screeching incoherently.

“You’re right, I am nothing. But I will become something that Azeroth needs.” Annie said looking down at the man.
“I will become the heroine my father believed I would become. I will become so much more.”
The man looked up at her his face showing all the pain you could ever imagine.
“What are you talking about.” He sobbed.

Annie just smiled at the man and pointed to the guards as they approached giving her confused looks as they drew their swords.
“He’s all yours, and the stolen bag is right there too.” Annie said with a smug expression.
She had all but forgotten the pain in her cheek until one of the guards rubbed some alcohol onto it to clean it. Annie gritted her teeth determined not to cry in front of them.

“Make sure you see a healer.” He said to her in a gentle tone that was more than friendly.
Annie nodded and thanked him for his help.
Annie never did meet the victim of the crime. She did not look for the praise from strangers. She just wished her father or any of Starlight had seen her bravery. Perhaps they would think her more than just a silly child.

The thought entered her mind. ‘How will I tell them about Enala. Surely father had mentioned his dragon in the past?’

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Re: How to train your Elf.

#3 Post by Annie » Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:04 pm

Annie managed to slip away from Nomine for a few hours in the evening, running as fast as she could to meet Enala once she was clear of Stormwind City.

On the outskirts of Elwynn forest Annie lay against the flank of Enala, relaying the events that had past the previous night in the strange cavernous place.

When Annie got to the part where she had trapped her arm in a magical shell while holding onto an old magical tome she felt deeply ashamed that curiosity had caused her so much pain. Enala however told Annie how lucky she had been that the harm caused was nothing more than temporary.

Enala seemed displeased that Annie was put in danger and more so that she was not there to protect Annie.
“When will you fly with me again? It has been over a week.” Enala asked in her usual thought sharing way. Annie still felt a little uncomfortable at the voice in her mind, but at the same time she felt she could trust it was not a void trick.

Annie hesitated, giving Enala a fearful look. “I’m not sure.” She said quietly.

The dragon bared her huge teeth at Annie. It was a gesture she had seen so many times from her father in his feline form that it caused no fear response from her, which only angered that dragon more causing her to breathe smoke from her nostrils while looking at the little girl.
“Fine, when do you want me to fly with you again?” Annie asked in an exaggerated tone as she tried to tease the dragon.

Annie had been so busy trying to tease the dragon she had not seen the tail whip round between her legs and knocked her off balance. She fell forward onto the tail and before she could protest the ground had already fell away from them.

Annie wrapped her arms tight around the tail for dear life as it swept from side to side. Together they soared threw the air toward nowhere in particular.

“You like getting yourself into danger, don’t you little hatchling.” Enalas mental voice interrupted the panic in Annies mind.

‘No’ Annie thought more to herself than to Enala, but never the less the dragon had heard it.

Annie felt her grip weakening on Enalas tail. “I’m going to fall!” she yelled as loud as she could.

Annie felt the tail whip up and with that she no longer held onto anything. She tumbled up into the air over the dragons head and forward still. Realising only then that Enala had simply flicked her off.

Everything around Annie vanished in a haze of water that seemed to cling to her clothing and made her feel soaked right down to her skin.

Annie had never known what clouds were like from the inside. From down on the ground they always looked so pretty. It was at this moment she decided she no longer liked them, now that she knew they were not fluffy balls of wool like she had always imagined them to be.

“Yes, yes I do get into far too much trouble!” Annie tried to tell Enala but she was only met with silence.

Thing began to clear up as Annie fell out of the cloud. She saw the massive spread of wings under her and she managed to land firmly on the amused dragons back. She slammed her fists down onto Enala’s solid scales and yelled: “That’s not funny!” but all she heard in response was roars of laughter.

“All hatchlings need to learn to fly.” Enala said with a more serious undertone to her usual voice.

Annie tried to explain that she was not a dragon but an Elf. Enala would not listen, simply repeating that Annie was going to learn to fly.
‘I can’t fly! I don’t even have wings!’ thought Annie.

“If we have to fight other dragons in the air, the safest place for you is not on my back but in the air yourself.” Enala explained. Annie had never thought about this but it did make sense.

Annie remembered a detail and shared it with Enala. “Last night Nomine told me he had to act because Starlight doesn’t trust me.” It was painful for Annie to speak that memory but Enala had to know.

Annie wondered if Nomine knew how much he hurt her when he confirmed for her that the void whispers had been telling her the truth all along.

The rest of the flight was in silence. Annie could feel the tense muscles under her as Enala worked them for flying. She could feel the anger in the dragon and she worried that something bad was going to happen to her friends. Then she wondered if she could really still call them friends.

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Re: How to train your Elf.

#4 Post by Annie » Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:13 pm

‘She didn’t even have the courage to tell me herself Enala, she used my father.’ sobbed Annie upon Enala’s back as she glided in circles above the city of Stormwind. The sky was mostly blue with a few clouds dotted around the break the endless ocean in the air.

‘She made up some rubbish about me leaving her salad cream open. I DON’T EVEN LIKE SALAD CREAM!’ continued Annie.

Enala flew in silence just listening to Annie as the sun went from mid sky to the western horizon. Had they really been flying in circles for so long?

Finally Enala made the decision to land by the lighthouse where they could both lay on the beach together.

Enala finally broke the new found silence by asking: “Do you think she hates you?” Watching Annie closely as the child said: “Yes.”

“Why do you think that?” Enala probed further with a motherly kindness to her words.

Annie looked up at the huge dragon beside her, half expecting to see her real mother. “Because at the guild meeting she told Maddie that she could move in now.” Annie said trying her best to hide her anger.

“Nomine was right, they don’t trust me. Maybe the only things I can trust is you and the whispers that everyone tells me are evil.” Annie almost screamed the words.

Annie leaned into the dragons flank and cried against the rough yet warm scales, she felt a wing fold over her and for the first time that whole day she really felt safe. She soon drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

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Re: How to train your Elf.

#5 Post by Annie » Mon May 06, 2019 3:04 pm

Annie tenderly cleaned Enala’s talons, she had learned so much in the last months. Caring for dragons turned out to be a lot of work.

“Enala, why do they spin their webs?” Annie sighs. “Do they really think I would not understand the truth?”

Enala lets out a gentle roar with small slithers of smoke escaping her nostrils.

“Child, they did not want to hurt you.” Enala’s gentle voice was almost motherly. If Annie did not look upon her she’d have forgotten she was a dragon.

“Well they failed.” Growled Annie.

Enala shifted giving Annie another talon to work on. “Why don’t you tell me all about it? Humour an old dragon.”

“It all started when I saw Lia and Lyl together. It was the dress you see, it made no sense.” Annie focused intently on filing the point of the talon as she spoke.

“She claimed it was to look nice, because she was out with Lyl. But Lyl did not dress so nicely. So I set my trap. I set them up on a date.” Annie pushed her thumb into the point of the claw and frowned before going back to filing it.

“A few days later I spoke to Lia on the stone, asked if she was excited for the date. Of course she said she was.” Annie smiled to Enala. “So I told her my father was also busy and I needed to find out what he was doing.” Annie huffed.

“It tripped her up.” Annie smiled for a moment before getting back to her work. “She told me she would spy on him for me. So quickly she forgot about her date. So I found her in the lie. She did not wear that dress for Lyl at all.” Annie tested the talon again feeling the point push into her thumb.

Annie focused on an imaginary piece of dirt stuck in the talon sheath.

“So then dad came to me, and well he told me why he was busy. Yeah he told me he had been dating Lia. It explained the dress… And well gave me so many more questions.” Annie moved her caring and cleaning onto Enala’s teeth and gums, not seeming bothered by the hot breath and risk of fire.

Enala watched Annie, taking great care not to close her mouth, or even sneeze.

“I will talk to Lia and untangle the web.” Annie said firmly.

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Re: How to train your Elf.

#6 Post by Annie » Mon May 06, 2019 3:10 pm

As they flew together Annie looked over her right shoulder to see the still burning tree. Darnassus once home to her people.

She could not help the tears running down her cheeks, for all the lives lost that she never knew for all the broken families for all the innocent lives taken.

It had only taken one word from the Warchief to take so much away, just one little word.

Annie knew she did not belong here, she knew her father did not want her to fight, he always wanted there to be a better path for her.

Annie however wanted to be just like him.

Her twin blades sheathed and belted to her saddle along with a quiver of thirty arrows, she kept her bow slung to her back.

The sound of clashing blades carried by the wind caught her attention. She knew she was closing in now. She knew her time to join the war had finally come.

Annie wished she could have told her father, or Chit or even Nomine of her choice to fight.

But would they have understood her?

Syrawenn would have understood.

Annie pulled her goggles down over her eyes.

“Let us burn the heavens together Enala.” Annie yelled into the air as loud as she could.

Enala replied into her mind with “As dragon and rider!” and let out a thunderous roar into the night sky as she flicked a wingtip in salute to Elune and the dark moon.

Annie heard whoops and yells from the forest bellow her, Elven voices she realised cheering at the arrival of hope in the form of a dragon!

Annie wiped her face dry of the tears and with a great deal of confidence she said: “We are ready.”

Enala began to dive and Annie felt the thrill of flight as they picked up speed.

Enala shared with Annie exactly what she could see up ahead. A great battle and the alliance forces were circled by the horde forces and fighting to hold their ground.

Her father was in that group, she knew it even if they had not seen him.

Enala banked left flying almost vertical from wingtip to wing tip she made to fly in a circle over the horde.

Annie pressed her palms into Enala’s neck scales feeling the numbing coolness from them.

There was a sharp whistle as Enala took in a deep breath.

Annie felt like she was holding coals now the coolness gone completely as a blinding flash appeared before her and quickly settled into a stream of blue fire washing over the horde as they circled.

Annie blinked her eyes several times trying to get her vision to return to normal after the sudden exposure to light and heat, even though there was no flow of flame now she could still see the light as an after image.

All that could be heard was the screams of the burning horde it made Annie’s stomach turn and she found herself fighting back the urge to vomit.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Enala yelled at her. Annie was more than just confused.

“Get your bow and start shooting the wyvern riders before they shoot you.” Enala said in a more gentle voice.

“Oh, sorry I… I was not thinking..” Annie replied before getting her bow and reaching for an arrow.

They climbed higher into the air but within minutes there were more wyvern in the air around them than Annie could have imagined.

Annie loosed her first arrow and watched with bitter feelings as it whooshed past an Orcs head, though the surprise made him reel back and he fell from the wyverns back.

“Focus Annie, you must not think of your enemy as living people. Think of them as the animal you must hunt.” Enala said gently to her while rending her claws through a wyverns wings and watching it drop to the ground with its rider.

Realising the wyverns were the bigger targets Annie began to fire her arrows at them. This was not easy as Enala was flying in her own directions and making sudden movements that Annie needed to compensate for.

Once her quiver was empty she informed Enala that she had downed eighteen Wyverns.

The rest seemed to be falling back along with the forces on the ground. Enala made a point of swooping at the horde forces as they fled giving them a little extra motivation.

They landed in the middle of the battlefield, the ring of fire slowly extinguishing itself all around them. It surprised Annie to see soldiers approaching to reach out and touch Enala.

She did not like it, not one bit. Enala was her friend and as her father always said, he hated people petting him in his feline form. Enala however seemed to be rather happy with all the praise and adoration.

Annie looked around not seeing her father anywhere.

“Why was he not here? Was he killed?!” Annie thought to herself out loud.

“What about Lia, was she not here somewhere too?” Real fear setting into her now as she tried to speak her concerns to Enala.

Annie went to the ashes where Enala’s fire had ended so many horde, reached down and placed her right hand fingertips into it. She proceeded to wipe the ash down her face.

“I will not stand by in the face of evil.” Her voice was little more than a whisper.

“And what makes you different from them Annie?” Her father’s voice came from a tree beside her.

She wheeled round to see him leaning heavily against the tree trunk, a spear lodged firmly into his left shoulder.

Annie gasped and rushed to him reaching for the spear but stopping her hands just in time to make sure it was not yanked out. She realised he would bleed out if it was removed.

“Over here!!” She yelled as loud as she could, but no one seemed to hear.

Closing her eyes she focused as hard as she could before reaching deep inside for the forbidden fruit of her magic, she felt it resisting her will at first until she broke that seal then she felt the power flow untapped.

Annie reached for her bow and pulled the string back as far as she could. Having no arrows left she focused all her will into forming an arrow of pure magic and she shot that into the air.

She was relieved when the arrow exploded high above in bright purple light like a flare.

“Help is on the way.” She said to her father.

She asked herself his question: “What does make me different from the evil?”

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Re: How to train your Elf.

#7 Post by Annie » Sat Sep 21, 2019 6:49 pm

Flying high above Moonglade, flying as fast as they dared, Annie and Enala tried to prove that they are the fastest dragon and rider.

“She’s back Enala, it was meant to be a happy thing. So why do I feel so sad when I see her?” Annie whispered into the scales on the drakes neck.

Enala banked left following the mountains that surround the glade.

“She said she will watch over me.” Annie gulps. “I told her that I knew, that I remembered her promise.” Annie gently rubbed the scales she was whispering to.

“I wanted to yell at her, scream at her. She already broke her promise, she already left me.” Biting back a scream Annie forced herself to breath calmly.

“She tried to explain the nightmare to me, how it is to fight it. At least she got to wake up, I live the nightmare every day and every night, when I sleep and when I wake.” Annie grips a little harder as Enala makes a dive for the lake. She instinctively holds her breath as the cold water rushes over them.

Seconds later they burst from the water in a hail of glittering droplets.

“She heard Morrigan on the stone, I had to lie to her. I wish I did not have to lie to her. I know what it feels like to listen to lies.” Annie let out a little sob.

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Re: How to train your Elf.

#8 Post by Annie » Sat Jan 25, 2020 1:01 pm

“When the world changes, we must adapt to keep our place within it.”
The thought stuck in Annie’s mind, where it came from she was not sure.

But the world was changing, that Annie felt sure about.

She had finally escaped the pull of the void, she felt life again, she felt the cries of the world and she wept, for the first time in a long time she wept for the chaos ensnaring Azeroth.

Annie looked up to the waxing Blue Child and smiled a sad smile to the small moon.
“They all think they know me.” Annie whispered to the moon, a soft sniffle sounding as she tried to hide her dripping nose.

Enala shifted her weight silently behind Annie. The only giveaway of the movement was the shift in the shadows.

No one does.” The voice slithered into her mind, that all too familiar voice.

Annie clenched her fist tighter around her bow scowling, her sadness turned to anger in an instant.

“But I do.” Enala’s warm rumbling voice entered into her mind, reassuring her.
“You, Annie Silvermist are neither a flawless druid or subjugated to the void.” Enala continued.

You do not belong!” The whispers forced their way to the front of her mind once more.

“I am powerful, Czele told me so. I am the first person she has seen come back from the void!” Annie yelled both aloud and in her thoughts, trying to push the void away.

Annie turned her attention to the waning White Lady.
“You will watch over me, wont you Elune?” The words were barely audible as Annie’s mouth moved.

Annie tilted her head slightly to look at the constellation of Ysera, she gently touched her brow and whispered a prayer to the fallen dragon.
“The void is coming, I have felt it.” Annie took a deep breath and cleared her throat. “This fight will be mine. I have to see this to its end if I am to be free.”

You are all alone child, no longer druid, and no longer void.” The whispers sounded almost desperate now.

“Together!” Roared Enala making sure Annie took the point.

“Together.” Annie agreed.

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