What and who is Starlight

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What and who is Starlight

#1 Post by Nomine » Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:50 am

Starlight is a roleplaying guild set in the World of Warcraft setting.
Starlight was created in 2006 at the EU server Steamwheedle Cartel, in 2014 we moved to the EU Argent Dawn server.
In addition the guild itself, we also include former players, friends, and allies in the term "Starlight community."

Starlight wishes to be an inclusive community, respecting the individuals behind the characters, as well as celebrating our differences.
More information can be found here:

We believe that role-play is at its best when it is collaborative storytelling, having room for trust, character building and "human" experiences in a fantastic world.
More information can be found here:

What happens outside the game:
We are active on Discord, we have real-life meetings, we try to support each other from career discussions, to competitions and playing other games, in short - activities that build up lasting friendships.

Our motto is:
Strength in exploration, strength in unity, strength in Starlight.

Want to support us?
Join! - Become a member of Starlight, we welcome more RPers, new and old alike!
Create events with us! - join us in building stories that take place in World of Warcraft.

In addition, we also have a Starlight fund, that is used to help cover costs of real-life gatherings, competitions, forum cost, etc. That can be found here:

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Re: What and who is Starlight

#2 Post by Eirin » Wed May 08, 2019 5:16 pm


I do not know if this is the right way to connect with the members of the guild Starlight, but this is the first way I found you online.
My name is Eirin, I am a student at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). I am writing an exam about your departed friend Lord Ibelin Redmoore. The exam focuses on how technology can connect people online. I am writing to you now because I want to learn about your guild, and how it works. I have never played WoW myself, but I find it very facinating and exciting! And I really love how you have created a society/community online.

If you could please answer some of my questions, I will be able to represent your guild/community right in my assignment!
- How many active participants are there in your guild?
- How many participants are there in totalt?
- How was starlight started?

I hope I don't offend the members of Starlight in any way by posting this, I only wish to know more about you to represent you well!

Best regards Eirin

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Re: What and who is Starlight

#3 Post by Nomine » Tue May 14, 2019 10:12 am


Apologies for the late reply (I also PM the same information to make sure it reaches you)

Starlight currently has around 32-38 accounts, historically we have ranged from 20-70 accounts, so in terms of WoW guilds, we are a fairly small guild.

Total participants are a bit tricky to answer - since it includes people who our members engage with on a regular basis and this is largely guesstimates. On large events you can see 100-300 participants, smaller ones can be only a guild, or 10-20 people spread across various guilds. Then people play different characters, so you might engage with the same player -under several different names/alts, often without knowing.

Starlight was started as an Roleplaying guild by two Night Elf characters, after a short time they left the game and I, Nomine took over as the guild-master. Back then we were an Social guild with a strong roleplaying aspect, and guild structures were not as clear/well established as they are now. After a few months we saw that the guild was sort of moving in two directions - one more aimed at game play/raiding and one aimed at Roleplaying. The guild had a meeting and took a vote on "what should Starlight be". All in all, it was a positive change that helped focus us on Roleplaying -and establish what sort of guild we would be. Then over the years, we have learned and grown with the players.

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