Information about the funeral, for all

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Re: Information about the funeral, for all

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The Funeral

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Dear all Starlighter’s and friends of Mats.

We would by this express our everlasting gratitude for all the warmth, the true concern and shared sadness that has come to us after the passing of our beloved son and friend Mats.

In these hard hours, days and weeks after his passing you guys have really been a strong support, bringing good memories and smiles back into our lives. You guys have (again) made a huge difference.

The strength of the Starlight community has proven so much stronger than we could ever imagine!

As you also all know, the funeral of Mats took place in Oslo last Friday (Nov. 28th). It was overwhelming that Starlight was represented in the funeral – not by one member, but by 5(!) members from 5 different countries. Special thanks therefore goes to Nomine (Kai), Chit (Anne), Rumour (Lisette), Darmiel (Janina) and Etaine (Rikke) who physically came to Oslo to take farewell with Mats. A special thanks also goes to all of you who lit a candle for Mats on this special Friday.

A special, special thanks to Chit (who has given us a fantastic view into the world of roleplaying and Starlight), to Nomine (who saluted Mats on behalf of Starlight during the funeral) and to Rumour (who as one of six “family members” carrying Mats’ coffin to its final resting).

We made a video of the funeral to all of those who could not come to Oslo on this Friday which we would like to share - As most of the ceremony is held in Norwegian – and lasted for almost 2 hours, we would like to help you fast forwarding to the English parts of the ceremony;

Speech of the parents (English part) – Time: 1:06:30
Speech of Nomine (Norwegian part) – Time: 1:31:30
Speech of Nomine (English part) – Time: 1:39:00
Carrying of the coffin – Time: 1:50:00


The Family…….
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Re: Information about the funeral, for all

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Thank you very much for sharing the video. It's very special to be able to see after being unable to be physically present myself. <3
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Re: Information about the funeral, for all

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Hello Family of Mats.

I would like to say how much this recording means to me and many others who have been in touch with Mats and the roles he played online, with Starlight and many others. You never really realise what you are missing untill it is truely gone, and for me it has been hard in the times afterwards as I realised how many adventures I had with Mats. The day after I went to my choir practice and had to leave the room because my emotions took over...

I did not concider him having an illness and it was never something we talked about, but we instead went on crazy adventures were I allways ended up in trouble only to have Ibelin charging in to save my skin. That is the memory I will like to keep in mind His acts for the good of others, saving others, despite the fact that Ibelin might get hurt in trying... He was a true hero to me and I will allways see him like the picture below... Strong and proud and a good friend

Picture of Lumililja

Thank you for this video recording, and thank you for the fine speeches that brought many tears to my eyes. And I shall honor the memory of Mats.. Ibelin and Jerome untill I find peace aswell.


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