Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

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Re: Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

#71 Post by Syrawenn » Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:43 am

Flappin netherbats, it's KIEN!
He's back!
I thought he was gone fer sure, turns out he thought Starlight was done fer an made a livin in Northrend.
Still, things changed. He seems more....I dunno....well, gray, but that don't count. More thoughtful or somethin.
Guess tha's what years can do.

So then people start doin the Morrigan coddlin an I go nuts an I'm like what the nether! Sure, I get she thought there was a trainin but then when it wasn't there, people started actin like everythin she does is honey an sugar an oh, don't mind her harsh words, that's just who she is...

Well I am who I AM! An Lil is who she is! So when are people gonna cut US some slack there? Damn, Lil hit it right on the head when she called out fer some REAL chidin her when needed an friggin well teachin her how to behave a li'l less nasty! YEAY Lil! Funny thing bein I thought I was the only one thinkin this an then first Lyl comes out tellin me an then Lil too! So I'm not crazy.
Well, not entirely.
Morrigan ain't gonna shape up if people are lettin her get away with all this stuff CONSTANTLY.
An she ain't got no right to our private conversations
So I asked Kien fer a walk
An then stuff quieted down but I dunno what Rey is playin at. It's startin to annoy me. She's drawin people out an I gotta feelin she's tryin to get a rise on purpose an then she suddenly backs down again.
Don't like it.
Maybe she got nervous
Told her about them dreams
Okay so I told her only one
But still
Shadows followin, people wantin to hurt her
I think it might be a real thing
It feels real
So maybe she's nervous, but maybe she's bein nasty. I dunno. I'll ask.

Don't ferget: drink Markus under the table.

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Re: Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

#72 Post by Syrawenn » Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:18 pm

It happened again.
It's like there's an off and on switch or somethin.

See, there was this thing dad asked us to help with. Some poor kid bein targeted by an assassin fer reasons unknown, although plenty people are thinkin stepdad might not be so happy with the kid that turned out not to be his. Dunno if a dad, even if not a biological one, would be able to set an assassin up fer a kid...would be more logical if it was someone tryin to get at the House, rather than the kid.
But there ya have it.
A girl, maybe 8 years old or somethin? I couldn't get a good look. Was kinda chaos.

So just when I was laughin my head off cause Sto was impersonatin a fish vendor (an doin it pretty friggin well!), they bash down the door an try to get to the poor kid! I have NO clue what happened other than Chit goin like LIGHTNIN an Lil just slippin through an somehow Lil gets the kid away an Chit gets the assassin down! Meanwhile Sto is still wavin around a trout an pretty much savin Lil's life with it cause people got slapped in the face, hah.

I'm pretty sure I woulda been toast if Chit had not reacted so fast. Dunno where or how she trained, but man...oh man, I am SO jealous of how she moves! How she thinks! How she just pushes through with just the right stuff! So then she's all bloody an stuff an I didn't have a scratch an Lil was totally gone with the kid an then suddenly people start gettin the idea somethin is wrong.

Well duh
Blood everywhere, someone bein stashed in a noodle cart...yea somethin was wrong!

So I dunno, when that crap happens, it's like another door opens in my head or somethin. Like someone else is suddenly takin over, only it's still me, but somehow my thinkin goes different.
An useful
Once again wavin the good ol' paperwork, some kid only readin half, which made fer a funny moment where he thought I was intelligent rather than from intelligence, an then that moment where ya gotta decide if yer gonna play it top down or if yer gonna play it in line with the people, or comfortin an they needed to know they was safe, so Lil brought the kid back so they could see she was not abducted by us an then hah, I dunno where that came from but it worked: told em all to stand with people they knew, so we'd see who the odd one out was...that gave us a free pass to one of the assassin's buddies! All of a sudden he was standin alone, haha! An THEN when I asked em to grab him, they did!
They listened!

An then the li'l crowd-control light went off an I could just get away without anyone askin anythin. It was too weird fer words.
Gotta ask dad how that works.
Would be nice to actually control it.
But maybe he'll think I'm braggin.

Maybe it's cause Seann hasn't been around, but it sure FEELS good to be useful.
Fer some reason I ain't worth shit in a fight otherwise.
Always miss with my bow while I do FINE in the forest.
Always stumble an hit somethin, although not what I wanted to.
Wonder why that is.

An I wonder where everyone is.
Been talkin to myself a lot these days.
No sign of the new faces, not much of the old either.
Like bein in a totally different reality again.

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Re: Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

#73 Post by Syrawenn » Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:53 pm

Talkin a lot to Lyl these days.
I think she could use a li'l more support.
But there's trust, an tha's somethin.
An then there's Cheys, who don't talk much at all an who don't show much trust. NO clue what's goin on there but it's bad an we can't reach her.

An then there's dreams.
Some ghoul sorta shadow comin at people. Suckin them in, literally. He always starts at an arm. The arm goes green an goey an gets sucked into that big mouth. An when that happens, the ghoul thing seems to decide whether or not to go fer the rest. An then he usually goes fer the rest an someone just disappears.
Ya can't stop him cause he's shadow. But that one tiny moment when he sucks in an arm, the victim goes green an goey too an THA's when I push the shadow thing right into the victim!
Dunno why i do it, but somehow it works an the thing is gone.
In the dream I keep wonderin why I'd think this is a good idea, trappin a shadow INSIDE a person.
An then one comes at me an sucks my arm an it's close enough fer me to pull it into I wake up wonderin if I'm brave enough to do that.

Am I showin people their shadow?
Am I too chicken to confront my own?

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Re: Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

#74 Post by Syrawenn » Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:50 am

Or worse, am I forcin people to swallow their shadows? Is that good or bad?
I dunno anymore.

Had the weirdest evenin last night. Was invited over by a total stranger while I was waitin fer Seann - who did not show, AGAIN- an met an illidari an his least I think they were together. There was that usual banter between the guy and the semi-offended girl. I guess she keeps him in check. Damn, what a wicked sense of humor that one has!
Then the other gal, the one that invited me, wanted to play a game but she was outta practice, I think. Tried to get me to get all trusty with her by promisin me someone elses secret.
Don't work like that, girl.
Not with someone elses secrets.
But she was alright otherwise, I think. No bad vibe.

Strangely enough the ilidari was really relaxed...but damn, that green glow! Hard to keep my eyes away. Hadda weird feelin I might fall into that. Like..I dunno...half sleep or somethin.
Scary stuff.
looked at his nose instead.
I don't think he minded.

Is this a typical Ilidari? I dunno. Haven't met any others. Why Stormwind? He wouldn't tell, of course. But tha's okay. I was evadin questions too an we agreed that we both put our evasion points in an were now even.

Did ya know Ilidari don't see colour or taste anythin? That means they can't smell anythin either...seems to me the world is dead to them, then, save hearin. Scary stuff.
Weird thing that I meet a guy with scary green glowing stuff right after I have that dream about scary green glow stuff ghouls.
So I should not let the wrong people in?

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Re: Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

#75 Post by Syrawenn » Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:06 am

The Pig finally lived up to its name again. When ya hear two guys discussin 'gettin rid of a crazy wife' the first thing that comes to mind is NOT that they's friendly people. Plus with the whole thing with Seann on my neck, I actually thought these were his people!
Freaked out there fer a moment, then found out they was discussin the one guy's wife, so it was not about me. I was too obvious in the freak-moment cause then the one guy comes over an starts askin what it is to me an I'm like it's HIS problem an I ain't sayin somethin but if he wants to leave a certain impression, he might wanna start thinkin about rephrasin his story.

So then he actually takes the time to explain his side of the story, add-libbed by his moron friend who's world view does not expand beyond male domination over his pants. Needless to say I gotta feelin there definitely is another side to this story, but I'm willin to believe the part where he actually did not kill her but divorced her.

An after THAT story he thinks he has a chance to pick me up?
With quite possibly the worst lines ever?
An when I tell him I am not interested cause I'm pretty sure we got nothin in common to talk about, he throws out the bait with the good ol' 'ye'll only find out when ya try'.

So I didn't follow.
I did leave at some point.
An then he followed me!
He been waitin there around the corner?

But, no fight startin in Stormwind an he didn't start one, damnit. I shoulda had Lyl with me. First off the guy woulda never started to do the stalker thing, wanna bet? Cause Lyl rules. An second she'd helped me get my head on straight. Cause I sure didn't have it on, otherwise I woulda slaughtered the guy verbally already.
An maybe a li'l punch.
Just a li'l one.
Cause see, Lyl gets it. She understands that ya just HAVE to from time to time.

So I tell him that one minute longer an he would have my fist gettin acquainted with his nose an he goes 'ya get one free slap cause I offended ya'
A free slap?
I still don't know why I didn't punch him RIGHT there an then! Stupid metal armor otherwise I woulda found other places too!
A slap, pffff, he obviously ain't far beyond the pant-thinkin either. So I ain't a guy. Does that mean I do wussy slaps?

An STILL I didn't walk away!
Lyl was right. I'm bored. Totally bored outta my skull fer lack of meetin people so I go do stupid stuff like this.
An didn't even get the fun outta it.
She woulda said the right thing to get me over them restrictions.

So, the guy is Elvin an his friend has his back but he does agree he's a brilliant example of backward thinkin when it comes to women. An then he starts throwin out compliments an I'm like I GET yer likin yer freedom right now an prolly dizzy with the possibilities but I ain't up fer grabs!
An he's like I can still say what I see in a friendly way an all.

Why didn't I walk away.
He's needy, pushy an despite all his assurances that he ain't like his friend, he seems to think he can win over anyone with his ancient tricks.
Ain't buyin it.
So I invited him to the Starlight Ball. See if he can find someone there to go on adventures with. Told him that too, so he knows I ain't askin him fer a date or somethin.

He's weird an highly confusin.
One moment he's really nice an creepily observant an the next he does this stupid 'I might have a chance with ya' thing!

An then I look at him real close an I think that I suddenly get why he thinks he might have a chance with women. Looks nice enough. Strong guy an all that. One that hands out compliments like candy durin children's week.
An suddenly I think it would be so nice to just fall in love again.
Just to enjoy not havin to be so paranoid all the time, to just accept what someone is sayin instead of fightin it.
Thinkin back of Kien, Tarnuun. We used to fight a lot at the beginnin.
That was the fun of it.

But this isn't fun.
He's makin me nervous an somehow not myself.
No fun.
An yet I woulda loved to just fall for it.

Tarn, ya been away so long, you idiot.
I moved the timelines for ya to find ya back.
I haven't looked at anyone else cause I always been thinkin of you.
An now, suddenly, I'm tired.
Tired of waitin, always waitin.
Waitin fer you, waitin to get that situation with Anthar resolved, waitin to say goodbye to Seann.
Waitin fer people on the stone.
Yea, you'd love that. I been caught talkin to myself by Lyl a couple of times. Good thing it don't scare her too much.
When is it my time to live again?

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Re: Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

#76 Post by Syrawenn » Sat Apr 27, 2019 7:47 am

Talkin to lotsa people again these days.
I get it, ya know?
I been around fer so long without anyone ever sayin anythin. I know the feel when fire is bubblin inside en ya got no one to shout at, no one to share, no one who might listen or just let ya know they's with ya on this. NO one to share yer doubts. To get a mirror view an all that.

So, first Ann, then Lia.
They's got fire bottled up alright.
Glad I was around fer em.

So Ann has plans. Makes perfect sense, cause she got all these examples around her, ya know? An she grew up in the middle of Starlight where people do NOT stand by but they DO stuff, they wanna MEAN somethin. So of course she got plans. An of course she should go do it. An of course people will comment. An of course she should STILL do what she feels she's gotta.
Sorry Ticks, love ya to death, but yer daughter ain't no extension of yerself. She's her own person an she'll bloody well do as she needs to in order to get the life she wants.
Might not be what you want.
But tha's really not relevant here.
Love her.
Listen to her.
An then let her pick her own path. Ya ain't gonna keep this bird caged!

An then there's Lia who seems to have recognized an old nightmare. Some horde bloodelf tryin to blend in with the other side. Can imagine that musta been friggin scary, just seein them eyes again.
I know eyes.
Ya don't ferget eyes.
I believe her.
Think she's on the dot with this one. Got that funny feelin ya know? Like yer hairs risin but not really. Just enough of a tickle to tell ya that the storm is comin.
Seems Starlight is divided on this one. Some like this Czele person, but hey, some people like Morrigan...ain't no accountin fer taste. But as long as there's people keepin an eye on things, we should be fine. There might be trouble, but we'll be on it. An better have her close fer that look than far away stirrin up trouble where we can't do anythin about it.

So dad asked me what if invitin her to the ball makes doors open an it will be our fault?
So then I asked him since when do we wait an see. Much better to see her act at the ball an go from there, plus if she gets doors open from there, we got proof an can grab her. It would be our fault lettin her just roam around too. She'll get in somewhere anyway.

Dad said he missed me.
Man, that felt good.
Nice an childish, ey?
Still felt good.

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Re: Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

#77 Post by Syrawenn » Mon May 06, 2019 3:14 pm

Caught em!
Who'da thought?
Well I did, strangely enough. When I saw em sittin at the meet...nothin yet, but it was like somethin was just sparklin in the air, ya know? When ya see two people close to each other an ya get that feel that they might need to be closer?
Well, that's the one.

So there they are.
An I didn't know fer sure so I checked.
An THAT was fun. Lia went silent an Ticks went all mysterious an then their reactions told me everythin I needed an when I kinda made it into a statement I got the confirmation fer real.
Fun stuff.
I like it.
Lia an Ticks.
They's good together.
I hope they'll be smart an tell Ann in time before she hears from someone else.
She should know first.
I don't count.
I just do mean conclusions.

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Re: Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

#78 Post by Syrawenn » Tue May 14, 2019 7:49 pm

I helped with the fireworks.
Was a bit chaotic.
But I think Ibs woulda liked it.
Maybe even appreciated it.
Chit did a grand job orchestratin.

There was a li'l summerspirit floatin around all evenin.
Asked it to come around fer the fireworks an it did.
I think he wás there.
I think he did like it.

Thanks, Ibs.
I lit one fer you.

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Re: Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

#79 Post by Syrawenn » Sat May 18, 2019 2:34 pm

GOT him!

Hahaaa! No more weird marriage stuff! Thank you kindly, magistrate!

Finally found Anthar. Not the smartest kid on the block. Kept goin on about bein paid an as long as he'd keep his money he was okay with anythin, so I asked the magistrate if he could make it so that Anthar can't get to MY stuff an I can't get to his stuff. I don't care about his stuff.
An then there was signatures an things an POOF! Free! Haha!

Anthar kept askin about if he'd still get money an I'm like 'hey, take it up with Seann'. An he STILL signed! Hah! Over an done with an I'll get a copy an there's gonna be safe copies after the fire an all that so Seann can go sit on a roof!
A pointy one!

He sure went red when I told him. I KNEW I'd get Anthar to sign! An then Seann tried his old tricks about me not bein able to do anythin an stuff an I didn't care cause I'm FREE!

Screw you, Seann, fer sellin me like a piece of cattle!
An screw you double fer makin ME feel bad for it!

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Re: Chaos Continued (ramblings before bedtime)

#80 Post by Syrawenn » Wed May 22, 2019 2:17 pm

An poof.
Mood gone.
Dunno how that works.
I thought I'd be elated, relieved, happy, ecstatic...something fer a longer time. Ya know, bein free an all that?
I saw the day that Seann retreated.
Beautiful, right?

Tried to evoke that feelin again when I told Starlight last night. Doin the happy dance over the stone.
Lyl wanted to drink on it.
Dad called me amazin...
Yea, he did.
Was waitin fer the punchline
An then Lyl went all 'don't be humble'on me.
Gods, I am glad she was elsewhere helpin out.
No way I was gonna be able to keep a straight face.

Maybe somewhere I had a tiny hope that somehow this Anthar would actually be a really cool guy. Ya know, that somehow we'd look at each other an go like 'okay, this is actually worth explorin'.
Someone somehow sweepin me off my feet, heh.
Stupid romantic notions.
Really stupid.
No dad, I'm not amazin.
No Lyl, I'm not humble.
My life is one big series of miscommunication an idiocies with the occasional lucky triumph in between cause frankly, I think it was mostly cause this Anthar fella was utterly STUPID that I got his signature so fast. He was so happy with the prospect of keepin his belongings that he did not care.
I don't care either.
You sold me out, Seann.
Plain an simple.
You were so eager to get rid of me that you were willin to pay handsomely.
An Anthar was willin to take the money an never even see me.

I know what I'm worth then.
An tha's not amazin.

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