The passing of a friend

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Re: The passing of a friend

Post by Miëlle »

It's unbelievable that he's no longer here. :\ He'll be missed and remembered by many.
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Re: The passing of a friend

Post by Zarcon »

I really don't know what to say, its a terrible shame this has happened, but Matts was always on and no matter what was happening to him, he was always a cheerful person who had a strong personality, to me he had the ability to make most people smile .

He will be greatly missed.
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Re: The passing of a friend

Post by Cera »

I'm not good with these kinds of things, and I'm not entirely sure how to properly phrase how I feel. I guess I'll simply say that Mats was one of the few people that always seemed to genuinely care about the people around him, and no matter the circumstances he never seemed to have anything bad to say about anybody. He was one of those rare cases of actualy goodness. This, to me, is remarkable and something that I'll always remember him for. My condolences goes out to the family
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Re: The passing of a friend

Post by Barathean »

I'm posting this on behalf of Aydun, who was also in Sole Circle with Jerome.

After thinking about Jerome, I realise how much of a shame it is that I didn't get to know him.

Here was a man who came off as kind and rational - someone well rooted in reason. I remember our characters sharing a mutual respect for one another. I remember the serious moments, but also the stupid moments. I remember spending my evenings on the bridge between the cathedral district and the dwarven district. I remember the White Shirts on a Friday night and the LAD banter. I remember feeling happy, and I remember the people I was with. Now one of those people is gone and I can't say that I knew him, or that he was a good man, or that I'll miss him, and more than anything that makes me realise that I've been so incredibly blind to the people in front of me and so stupid to throw them away.

When I was first introduced to Starlight at an event, we fought, I embarrassed myself and I avoided the guild out of shame and jealousy. The same thing happened with the players from LFRP, Peace Keepers and eventually Sole Circle. I've embarrassed myself so much by being an asshole that I can't speak up to give my respects when someone has passed away.

If there is anything I can take from the loss of Jerome, it's the realisation that, by being short sighted and childish, I missed a truly unique opportunity to make great friends, and I'll use that knowledge and his memory to better myself in the future.

My condolences go to all of his friends and family.

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Re: The passing of a friend

Post by yog »

Mats was AWESOME. There are no other words for it. Except maybe: Mats IS awesome. I don't believe life ends when we die.

Super-kind, patient, sweet, positive, compassionate, funny, smart, good writer, great actor/roleplayer... He was kinda everything I ever wanted to be.

It hurts to have lost him, even though it may only be a matter of time until we see him again.

And I'm crying again now.

With him gone, both Starlight and the european WoW roleplaying community is an emptier place than it was last week.

Whenever I close my eyes, and often when I don't, I see his avatar as Ibelin in my head.

He was always helpful, always around, always caring...

I don't believe that one single person is the heart of Starlight. But if one was, it would have been him.

Auf wiedersehen, Mats. We'll meet again. Not in Azeroth, but in a better place. Where you will walk and breathe and run and swim and climb mountains with the rest of us.

We'll see you there! Grow a ponytail until we get there so we'll know it's you. :-)
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Re: The passing of a friend

Post by Zeccadory »

Speaking as, and for, the Stormwind Guard, a simple thank you to Ibelin, for being law-abiding, no trouble and helpful with our enquiries.
For being a friendly face in what could, at times, be a real mess of a justice system.
A friendly voice in a world of negativity.

And never in-your-face about things. I could have learned from that.
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Re: The passing of a friend

Post by Nomine »

For the IC portion of the funeral, please go here:

Also, thank you everybody for the donations (That are still coming inn) it has enabled us to do good things, which we otherwise would not have been able to do!
I know these are things the family really appreciates and please give me more stories/input for the elegy (funeral speech)
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Re: The passing of a friend

Post by Elizabetha »

I learned from Richeron of Ibelin's passing and I feel that with that the world has lost a part of its beauty.

I cannot remember exactly the first time I met him, and in hindsight it would seem to me as though he was just a natural part of the community during the time I roleplayed heavily on Steamwheedle Cartel. I can, though, recall that whenever I ran into him in-character, it was always a pleasure and a pleasant experience, and this regardless of which of my myriad of characters I'd be playing.

Ibelin, I will miss you. You were a dang fine fellow and whether you knew it or not, you did touch a heart string of mine, especially when we coordinated the piece of writing that involved your character and Elizabetha for that story contest where an alternate future in Stormwind was explored. It was much fun and said coordination went so smoothly and well that I can't even liken it to any other. I think it spoke of what kind of person you really were, and I think it also reflected your character.

My sincerest condolences to Ibelin's family and friends, as well as to his guild members. I am very sorry for your loss and would that I could word it better than this.

Ibelin, for my part I cannot think of any more fitting a music piece to remember you by than that from a film of which your character always reminded me of whenever I'd see your nametag and that red ponytail, a sight that I will sincerely miss and mourn the passing thereof.

Rest in peace.

- Elizabetha/Herlon Jacobsen.
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Re: The passing of a friend

Post by Fadedkind »

I've been unable to write anything, and it still feels difficult, so... I'll keep it very brief. Mats's passing has hit me very hard.
He was an amazing person in so so many ways... And he always believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.

I just can't believe he's gone.

I keep wishing that I could speak to him one more time. I wish I could tell him "I love you". And "thank you". One last time.

Goodbye, Ibsymoo. The world is a darker place without you in it. I can't put into words how much I'll miss you.

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Re: The passing of a friend

Post by Myrzha »

I promised to post the next words on behalf of Jay(Jhay) or Gyles as some may know him. So Here goes:

Dear friends and family of Jerome, most of you will know me as ‘Jay’ or ‘Gyles’ - a skimpier trouble maker.
Jerome, who was the huntsman I came to know better than Ibelin IC’ly through random RP, and of course guild RP during his period first in Starlight and later Sole Circle of which he became an important contributor. Jerome was a joyous character which clicked well with Jay, who is on a similar wave length in that respect. I have many fond memories of various encounters with Jerome and thinking back on them, they do bring a smile. He truly was an enjoyable character to watch and I consider myself lucky to have had the encounters I had.
Jerome and I were not too acquainted on an OOC basis but during fleeting conversations we did have, he was always polite and I hold that in high regard. I would like to thank him for bringing great entertainment, for all the help he gave us in Sole Circle and for being a good sport.
I wholeheartedly send out my condolences to all his family and wish you all the best.