A small tribute to a great friend

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A small tribute to a great friend

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This is something that I posted up in the skype chat whenever I had heard about Ibelin's passing, and I had never quite got around to posting it on the forums, so here it is:

"I was just reading through the chat there I should have been paying more attention in here. I hope that Matt has gone onto a better place and I wish that I had been reading things more.

He and I had quite a few times of chatting in here and in Steam and I can honestly say that I have never met anyone who had such a debilitating disability, and yet was so positive and really wanted to get involved and talk with others about their own problems.

He is one shining star in the Starlight constellation, who may have gone out, yet in some respects, I think he will stay shining more brightly than the rest of us ever could.

He was a friend and the times we've had together, I will remember until such time as memories recede and all things must come to an end."

It isn't much, but it sums up my feelings perfectly for Mats / Ibelin.