Ibelins trial

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Ibelins trial

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Nomine pulls out his flask, taking a swing of it

Cheysa raises a hand in the air as she smiles at Ibelin, making a short wave.

Nomine says: Seems like we keep it small an private. Thats good all in all

Ibelin says: So, where do you want me, Nomine?

Nomine says: I reckon we can just keep ya were I am standing now

Nomine nods to his spot

Nomine says: An reckon Chit next to me, an the rest of ya

Ibelin crosses his arms.

Nomine says: Group up somewere

Nomine says: Now, to those who watches

Nomine says: A few ground rules

Cheysa lifts Luthe onto her lap and scratches behind his ears.

Cheysa gently pats Black Tabby Cat.

Nomine says: First up, if ya got an desires to speak or comment on the procedings. Feel free to do so among yerself

Nomine says: If ya wishes add information that is vital to the case

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine says: Let us know

Nomine says: An if ya in the end. Feel ya got to make a plea for more, or questions before me an Chit makes up our minds

Nomine says: There will be given room to that, but last word before me an Chit makes up our minds, should belong to Ibelin

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine says: All reckon this sounds fair?

Chit pulls out a dog-eared reporter's spiralbound notebook.

Ibelin says: Indeed.

Stoen nods slowly.

Lumililja nods.

Chit locates a pencil, and licks it. Ready.

Cheysa nods and bites her lip.

Nomine says: I reckon we will start with presenting the accusations to ya Ibelin. Unfortunately none of those that brought it up is here to do so on their own.

Nomine says: So I will speak for em

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine says: After presenting the accusations, with a short summary. Ya will get five minutes to think em through, an prepare yerself

Ibelin says: Very well.

Nomine says: For questions an more so.

Nomine says: We will wait for Kalanthe

Stoen says: [Quietly] I.. I can go pick up Kanthe if.. if it..

Nomine says: Until then, Reike has been sent her invitation to the second interview

Stoen bites his bottom lip.

Nomine says: That action ain´t related to this. Just to make that clear

Ibelin says: I see.

Chit says: Ya could keep an eye out on the lake Stoen.

Chit says: In case she can't find us.

Nomine says: Any questions until then?

Ibelin seems thoughtful.

Ibelin says: I don't think so, no.

Nomine nods at Kalanthe.

Stoen blinks a few times, noticing Kalanthe.

Nomine says: Kalanthe, please join the rest

Kalanthe hawls herself up onto a handily placed barrel.

Nomine says: So ya know, speak among the watchers is ok, but we wish to keep a straight arrow through the proceddings. There will be given room to fill in at the very end. Before Ibelins closing statment

Ibelin remains quiet.

Nomine says: There will also be given room for those who feel they got vital information, to ask or make a point of it during the questioning

Chit writes in her book.

Nomine leans over to Kalanthe

Nomine whispers softly
To Kalanthe: As yer the one to bring this forth, do ya wish to present yer accusations to Ibelin directly?

Ibelin peers at Kalanthe searchingly.

Kalanthe nods once and clears her throat.

Nomine straightens up

Kalanthe then thinks for a second and speaks quietly to Nomine.

Kalanthe whispers: Do I speak now then?

To Kalanthe: Ay, we open with this

Nomine says: I let her bring forth the first of the accusations, as it is right.
Kalanthe says: Well. As I understand it Ibelin had lied or misled us with his account of the attack on his mate.

Ibelin frowns.

Nomine looks over to Kalanthe

Kalanthe says: My main point of contention is the near week it took for Ibelin to admit the attack was due purely to Reike and the torture she inflicted on her attacker.

Kalanthe says: Not at all the idea that Ibelin himself was the target and thus our assistance was required.

Ibelin listens quietly.

Kalanthe looks around, unsure of human customs and therefore whether she should be shutting up already.

Nomine says: Is this all?

Kalanthe says: At this point, yes.

Ibelin peers at Nomine searchingly.

Nomine says: As a foundation in what she has said. The accusation is that Ibelin have betrayed Starlight through knowingly withholding information. And with that put us as a whole into danger.

Nomine says: That this is not an action that have happend once, but is a pattern when it comes to loved ones of Ibelin

Nomine says: Have I made it clear enough, Chit?

Ibelin raises an eyebrow.

Chit nods to herself.

Nomine says: With this, you got five minutes to prepare yerself Ibelin. You can at anytime ask for us to continue, or use any support the watchers wish to give

Chit says: Ay. I would like to know when Ibelin knew of the torture, himself. Since I spent some time discussin with him action based on believin the attack was to draw in Ibelin, not Reike

Nomine says: After those five minutes are up, We will start to question you, and among the questions is the one Chit just asked

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine says: an we will need clarification in

Chit says: Right.

Nomine says: Clock is ticking

Nomine says: Or what the heck it does

Ibelin says: Mhm.

Stoen bites his bottom lip, looking up at Ibelin.

Ibelin says: Should I speak, or just think?

Cheysa takes out a pocket watch and glances at it nervously.

Nomine glances sideways at Ibelin

Stoen takes a small notebook and a pen from his pocket.

Kalanthe says: *low* If you thought before speaking occasionally you might not be in this mess.

Nomine says: Ya will get to defend yerself, so what ya do to prepare in these five minutes is all yers

Stoen bites his bottom lip, holding the notebook and pen up for Ibelin to take.

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Ibelin says: A book?

Stoen says: [Quietly] It.. So you can remember what.. what you prepared.

Nomine looks over Chit.

Chit says something softly to Nomine.

Chit whispers: Dunno if we should be more specific about the pattern we see. Or let him ask questions regarding the charges?
Nomine whispers: Got no idea to be honest. Taking it a bit on the flow. Tend to do this from the other side ya know

Ibelin says: Think I'll manage, Stoen.

Stoen says: Oh.. Right. Sorry.

Ibelin smiles at Stoen.

Ibelin says: I'll just tell what happened.

Ibelin says: When asked.

Ibelin says: Ready when you are.

Nomine half nods

Nomine turns to face Ibelin

Nomine says: Lets start with Chits question

Ibelin peers at Chit searchingly.

Chit says: When did you know about Reike's history with Morrigan?

Milwin looks stern

Ibelin says: This happened many months ago. After we let Morrigan go she was captured by the Argents in Heartglen. Reike used to work for them.

Nomine says: So ya knew about their situation many months ago?

Ibelin says: Reike went there to visit her captain when her lieutenant ordered her to torture Morrigan. I arrived after. Yes, months ago.

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Chit clenches her jaw briefly.
Cheysa nods in greeting to Milwin.

Milwin glances over her shoulder, trying to read Kalanthe's face

Nomine says: Is it true that at that time Reike was not a sworn member of the Argent?

Ibelin says: Yes.

Stoen bites his bottom lip.

Kalanthe notices Milwin's scrutiny and offers a quick smile of greeting before her attention turns once more to Ibelin, eyes narrowed in a faintly predatory stare.

Ibelin says: Was only there to visit when Vespasian made her.

Chit says: So when Reike got attacked, ya knew why it was.

Ibelin says: Not right away, no.

Nomine says: Did ya suspect?

Nomine watches Ibelin's face

Ibelin says: It could be many reasons, to get to me, to break the truce or it was personal. At that time I was only able to think about helping Reike and keep her safe. Too distressed to analyze.

Nomine says: So you admit to acting on emotions?

Ibelin says: I'm not a statue, Nomine. Yes, I can be emotional.

Chit says: You was actually there, when Reike tortured Morrigan?

Nomine looks sideways at Chit

Chit glances at Nomine.

Ibelin says: I came right after, taking her out of there, but too late.

Kalanthe gives a quiet snort of derision.

Chit says: So ya saw the aftermath.

Cheysa bites her lip.

Chit says: A pretty big reason for Reike to be a target.

Ibelin says: I only heard she made Morrigan break into tears.

Nomine says: Did you ask her about why? Reike that is

Chit says: I would of thought she would confide in ya.

Ibelin says: Of course, and I remembered this the following week. Reike tells me Vespasian ordered her.

Ibelin says: Hard to say no.

Chit says: But she confided in ya.

Ibelin says: Yes, we do that.

Chit says: So ya knew what happened.

Nomine says: Reike is`t the one on stand here, so we won´t go into her actions. Only your reactions and considerations. Like if she confided in ya.

Nomine nods

Nomine says: I wish to turn back to your emotional reaction to the attack

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine says: How long did you stay in your emotional mode, unable to think coherently

Ibelin says: For the first few days.

Nomine says: Chit, how many days after you heard about the attack, before you spoke in length with him?

Stoen looks up at Chit.

Chit says: I think it was perhaps 2 days, that seem right to you Ibelin? I had discussed it with you Nomine.

Nomine half nods

Ibelin says: I think so, I did tell you over the stone the first week after the attack, 4 or so days after. On the stone.

Chit says: I still seems strange to me, emotional or not, that we could talk so long about you being the target, and tactics, without ya giving up the information that it might not be an attempt to drag you in.

Chit says: It seems more like fear of us judging Reike.

Ibelin says: I was clouded, yes. That it was because of Heartglen was far from my mind at first.

Ibelin says: Distant memory.

Chit says: I believe that Tikal said ya did not say it until after the second attack, and only when he started to probe did ya change yer story.

Ibelin says: Second attack?

Ibelin says: The dart?

Stoen seems a bit confused.

Chit says: I imagine so.

Ibelin says: Hm.

Ibelin says: I believe it was known before that.

Nomine nods a bit

Nomine says: Do you consider yourself to be reliable in times of danger?

Ibelin says: I do.

Nomine says: Even when one of your loved ones are the one in danger?

Ibelin says: You know the wounds I've taken for Starlight... But, I will protect the one I love too.

Nomine says: Yes, and when it comes to wounds you have taken

Nomine says: Is it not true that you got attacked by friends of your lover Rumour?

Milwin frowns at this

Ibelin says: Garrett, Cendron and Konal...

Nomine says: It is true then

Nomine says: Is it not also true that you chose not to bring this to our attention?

Ibelin says: Garett and Cendron are enemies and Rumour... She wasn't good for me.

Ibelin says: That she was around them?

Kalanthe says: *low* Or she tired of you..

Nomine says: That a girl you chose to bring into Starlight, that people she called friends, had attacked you

Ibelin says: Is the case now Ibelin's failed relationships?

Ibelin frowns with disappointment at you.

Stoen gives Kalanthe a worried look.

Ibelin says: That was a mistake, yes.

Nomine says: I see why you try to move to another topic, it is after all very true for the accusations you are facing now.

Ibelin says: How is it connected?

Nomine says: I do not think we need anymore words to demonstrate this is a behavior that is common for you.

Ibelin frowns.

Nomine says: In as much as you consistently choose to leave out information, when it concerns your lovers

Ibelin goes quiet.

Ibelin says: I did not do so intentionally.

Nomine judges Ibelin's face

Ibelin seems sincere, yet saddened.

Chit says: It also happened when Dralei associated with cultists, I belive.

Nomine says: You say you consider yourself reliable when facing danger

Ibelin says: That was new.

Nomine narrows his eyes a little

Nomine says: So when it comes to Dralei, you had no knowledge of her "friends"?

Ibelin says: Yes, I come when needed, I help Starlighters, I support them.

Chit says: But you don't always give information.

Miëlle nods to a few people, appearing without much of a sound.

Chit says: For example when Anade killed a man.

Ibelin says: Dralei was taken after she left Starlight.

Lumililja notices Miëlle from the corner of her eye, then turns to her and smiles, pleasantly surprised.

Ibelin says: That was a case, and a mistake.

Nomine says: As it was with Rumour, as it was with Reike?

Kalanthe nods in greeting at Miëlle before extricating herself from the scene with as little fuss as possible.

Miëlle turns her head towards Kalanthe briefly as she leaves, then turns back to look at the scene before her.

Ibelin says: I've messed up a few times, Reike is no mistake. I was too worried about her being safe to look at other things... But I did, spoke to you, I even tried to reason with Morrigan herself. She refused to stop.

Nomine says: Ay. Ya did try to reason with Morrigan, and ya did so without attacking her, or being attacked. Ya also were very clear on the outcome

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Ibelin says: But, it seems it was too late.

Nomine says: My question. If withholding information from us, would save Reike`s life. Would ya do so again?

Ibelin says: I can't go back and change it.

Stoen bites his bottom lip, looking up at Ibelin.

Lumililja frowns.

Nomine says: Ask about the future.

Nomine says: Not the past

Nomine says: Would ya?

Ibelin says: If she would die if I didn't?

Nomine says: Ay.

Lumililja looks at Ibelin, holding her breath.

Cheysa watches Ibelin intently.

Ibelin says: What kind of question is that? No, I won't sacrifice the woman I love, you can't ask me to, Nomine....

Nomine nods

Ibelin seems pained.

Nomine says: Fair enough.

Lumililja can't help but look proudly at Ibelin.

Stoen sighs, relieved.

Nomine says: Would ya withold that information, if it leads to Lumi here walking into a trap,, risking her life. If it means Reike is saved?

Nomine moves his hand to motion at Lumililja

Cheysa glances at Lumililja.

Milwin 's eyes narrow

Lumililja doesn't seem fazed.

Ibelin says: You're asking me to chose one life over another? It's not black or white, you should know that.

Nomine says: Ay. Why I am asking ya to weigh the risk for Lumi´s death against the guarantee of Reike´s life

Miëlle folds her arms, looking expressionlessly at Ibelin, her gaze occasionally flitting between him and others.

Ibelin says: I'd try to save both. But hope never to be put in that scenario...

Nomine says: We all wish that, but ya need to make a choice

Nomine says: The risk of death or the guaranteed rescue

Ibelin says: How can you ask that?

Nomine narrows his eyes

Nomine says: With the right from making that choice on behalf of Starlight many times

Nomine says: An the knowledge that I have also failed when making such choices
Ibelin says: Ok, Chit or a city, Nomine. Can you make such choices?

Nomine says: Yes. I sacrifice Chit.

Nomine says it straight up without any thought.
Miëlle nods slowly, looking thoughtful.

Ibelin says: I can't choose.

Chit looks away, giving a brief smile.

Milwin's jaw tightens.

Nomine says: An if she would´t make the same choice about me, I would spank her

Chit snorts a bit.

Nomine nods
Nomine says: It says a lot.

Nomine turns to face the watchers.

Milwin looks Nomine in the eyes.

Stoen bites his bottom lip, looking up at Nomine.

Nomine says: Any of you feel you must speak out, or ask questions that haven´t been clarified. If so. prepare yerself and do it after Chit says her piece.

Ibelin says: Are you asking for my tabard? That I have to choose between love and friends?

Nomine turns to nod at Chit.

Ibelin seems shocked.

Nomine says: No, I asked to know how ya think Ibelin.

Chit says: Ibelin what yer not seein, is that yer not trusting Starlight to find a way when ya can't see one.

Miëlle shakes her head.

Nomine looks at Chit.

Chit says: Ya say, Reike will die...how can I save Lumi?

Chit says: It is not all I

Chit says: It is, Starlight I am telliin ya this an Reike will die - help me find a way to stop it

Ibelin says: I love that woman, how can I toss her aside like she was nothing?

Chit says: Cos maybe we might think of somethin you cant.

Chit says: And save em both.

Ibelin says: You say she will die.

Chit says: We have done it many times

Ibelin says: You just said so.

Nomine says: He is right, I did put him up against absolutes in my questioning

Chit says: Ya worry that we will reject Reike cos of the torture, so ya hide it.

Nomine nods at Chit.

Chit says: The point is still valid.

Ibelin says: Was not my intention.

Ibelin says: I can get protective.
Chit says: Yer aint trusting Reike to make a good fist of tellin us, or us for listenin.

Chit says: It shows ya think the guild will make the wrong decision, if ya give us information.

Ibelin says: No...

Chit says: And it pisses me off to spend 20 minutes trying to solve the wrong problem, because ya dont trust me with information.

Chit folds her arms.
Ibelin says: I trust you all with my life. Without you I'd be dead...

Ibelin says: I am sorry.

Nomine looks over Chit.

Chit says: Start trustin us with yer lovers, Ibelin.

Ibelin nods slowly.

Chit nods at Ibelin, acknowledging his apology.

Nomine says: Any of ya watchers wish to speak?

Chit looks at Nomine.

Nomine looks over the assembly

Milwin says: I do

Lumililja glances at the others.

Stoen bites his bottom lip, raising his hand a little.

Nomine says: Speak freely Milwin, an after ya Stoen

Miëlle glances to her side, looking over the others.
Milwin says: But I am unsure about the nature of questions that re permitted

Nomine says: Ask freely. We can always judge on it when asked

Milwin says: Am I only allowed to ask Ibelin questions?

Milwin says: very well.

Nomine nods at Milwin.

Nomine says: But keep it brief

Ibelin says: Go on.

Milwin says: you gave Ibelin some scenarios

Milwin says: Where you let him choose between alternatives

Nomine nods at Milwin.

Milwin says: Reike or Lilly for instance

Ibelin nods at Milwin.

Milwin says: You are asking a person to put away love for the sake of the guild

Milwin says: We are all people here

Nomine half nods

Milwin says: Humans, gnomes, Draenei, elves

Miëlle raises her hand casually.

Milwin says: We are all aware of the power of love

Nomine gives Mielle a small nod.

Stoen looks down at his feet.

Ibelin nods at Milwin.

Milwin says: It is -the- most powerful emotion in the world

Miëlle says: Could I tell you something about that, Milwin, if that is okay..? When you are done?

Miëlle offers Milwin a small smile.

Milwin says: To make Ibelin, no, make -anyone- choose between a loved one and others is a choice that cannot be made by reason.

Nomine says: Ya end with a point or question Milwin?

Nomine says: Or are ya making a statement?

Milwin says: Of course.

Ibelin nods at Milwin.

Miëlle says: Tikál is my mate, as you all know. But if he had done something wrong to harm the guild, then I would never hold that information.

Milwin says: My statement is that it is an impossible choice you ask of him.

Miëlle 's right ear twitches.

Nomine nods at Mielle

Miëlle says: .. Even if it could get Tikál in trouble with Starlight, or get him kicked out. I would tell.

Ibelin says: Was not intentional.

Miëlle shakes her head.

Ibelin says: Thoughtless, maybe.

Miëlle says: But it was not the first time. I think that is the point in question.

Milwin says: I respect you for that opinion Mielle, but I am speaking for myself and I say that asking someone make a conscious decision between love and other things is an impossible one.

Nomine says: Trouble Milwin is that this question is only impossible to answer, when yer not facing it. Ibelin and many more of us, have been forced to answer that question. Or how we deal with the pain afterwards.

Nomine says: However, I am not saying I know what the answer should be.

Milwin says: I know Nomine, and we are asking in hindsight

Milwin says: Which I find wrong enough to speak up for

Milwin says: Feel free to do whatever you like with that opinion, but I had to vent it

Milwin says: thank you

Lumililja smiles at Milwin.

Ibelin smiles briefly at Milwin.

Nomine says: We know what his actions have been. I asked what he would pick in the future. An he made his choice clear, even if he did not pick either side.

Cheysa smiles at Milwin.

Nomine says: Stoen?

Stoen says: Oh. I.. I just, it.. The.. The stuff about it.. Him not saying the stuff until Tickle, it.. After the dart, I.. I just.. I'm sure it.. it was known, it.. way sooner than that.

Nomine nods.

Stoen says: I.. I mean even Kanthe said it.. "Almost a week after".

Stoen says: I.. That.. that's just what I wanted to.. it..

Stoen trails off.

Ibelin nods at Stoen.

Nomine says: Fair enough

Ibelin says: Correct.

Chit says: The point that I see is important is, it don't hafta be YOU makin all the decisions. If ya share information, we all make better decisions.

Nomine says: An for the record, yer not asked to leave yer love behind when joining Starlight. We simply demand that ya trust us.

Chit nods at Nomine.

Nomine says: Because if ya trust us with that, ya trust Lumi, ya trust Stoen, ya trust Chit, ya even trust Ibelin.

Nomine says: On yer own, yer the weakest link.

Cheysa raises her hand.

Ibelin nods once.

Nomine says: Ay Cheysa?

Cheysa pulls it back down again sharpish.

Nomine halfnods

Nomine says: Ibelin, ya will have five minutes to prepare yer closing statement, if ya so desire.

Nomine says: So five minutes Ibelin

Miëlle gently pats Scooter the Snail.

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine pulls out his flask, giving it a little shake

Chit looks a bit enviously at the flask, then looks away.

Nomine offers Chit his flask

Chit takes it and downs a couple of swallows.

Chit says: Ahh.

Chit takes another sip, and hands the flask back to Nomine.

Nomine takes a sip from his flask.

Nomine slips it back in his belt.

Nomine looks over at Ibelin.

Ibelin is thinking.

Miëlle bends down to pat her snail, it makes slushy sounds while it walks over her hand and then back onto the grass, leaving slimy grass trails all over Miëlle's hand.

Ibelin says: Ok.

Nomine says: Word is yers.

Ibelin nods.

Ibelin says: Did I make a mistake? Yes, but I did not hold it back intentionally. I'm an emotional man, I often follow my heart. As a human I'm capable of making mistakes, but also capable of learning.

Ibelin says: I'm sorry it had to go this far, and I hope I can learn from my mistakes. However, it is your choice. I'll accept your judgement.

Ibelin says: That is all.

Nomine nods at Ibelin.

Nomine says: Let's speak Chit

Stoen says: Are.. Are you okay?
Ibelin says: Out of my hands now, Stoen.
Ibelin lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

Stoen says: Oh..
Nomine says: Will ya come over here Mielle?
Nomine leans forward speaking quietly

Between the officers (discussing the verdict)

Nomine says: Well, then

Nomine says: Lets get some more distance between us an them

Nomine says: Words carry

Nomine nods behind him
Miëlle nods.

Nomine says: So what do the two of ya think, first gut feeling an all

Miëlle says: I feel like I have been feeling for really long. He wants to learn, but he doesn't seem to.

Miëlle says: So maybe he needs harder lessons.

Miëlle smiles wryly.

Nomine says: Ya reckon he got the potential to learn?

Chit says: I dunno that he has really seen the pattern. He made no comment on it in his closing speech.

Miëlle says: Yes. It's like he thinks they are individual mistakes. Not like the same one over again.

Nomine says: Ay. Reckon both of yer right there

Nomine says: An if we compare his actions to others

Nomine says: Tiks is slow to learn an stubborn as few. But he seldom does the same act twice.

Chit says: On the other hand, he will come whenever there is need.

Nomine says: Lumi learned to handle herself when it came to undead men

Nomine says: Ay, an there is that Chit.

Miëlle nods.

Miëlle says: That's true.

Chit says: Both of em will, Tiks and Ibs.

Nomine says: Reckon we can`t shave the one, an dip the other in tar an fur. To see if it works out

Nomine says: They're both very reliable in their own ways. Just the other bits that makes me worry.

Miëlle says: Hmm-m...

Miëlle says: Like with Tik, it makes me feel a bit like finding a punishment for a puppy that wets the house and then gives you the big puppy eyes, realizing too late what happened.

Nomine says: Same look he has when breaking an enemies bones too. So would`t trust that puppy look more than I could throw him

Miëlle folds her arms and has a thoughtful expression on her face.

Miëlle says: It's hard to think of a way to make him learn better.

Chit says: I think we hafta give im a chance. Bump him back to Explorer, make it real clear about sharin information.

Chit says: If he don't learn...then its the harder lesson.
Nomine says: An well, Chit that choice only makes sense if we don`t think he is´t acting with ill will

Nomine says: Do ya any of ya think he intentionally makes these choices?

Chit says: I don't think he does. He just got a bit of overblown pride, thinks he can sort everything out himself.

Miëlle says: Bumping him back in rank can work if he does not mean to. It can make him think better about his choices.

Miëlle says: Yes. I agree there.

Nomine nods.

Nomine says: He reckon he can act on his own, when it comes to him.

Nomine says: I agree there

Chit says: Exactly so.

Chit says: None of us can, if we value the whole.

Chit says: Give him a damned scare, Nomine.

Nomine half shrugs.

Nomine says: Truth there.

Chit says: His actions don't show he values the guild, so forth.

Nomine says: So we make him show learning an growth when trusting us. Then we will see.

Miëlle nods in agreement.

Chit says: Yes.

Nomine says: So say we all

Officers come back with their decision to the guild:

Stoen nods slowly.

Nomine straightens his back

Stoen says: Oh, that.. that's good it..

Ibelin says: Hm.

Nomine looks over the assembly

Stoen says: Oh! They're.. Oh.

Cheysa says: Ah.

Stoen looks up at Nomine, worried.

Nomine looks over Ibelin, gritting his teeth

Miëlle looks towards Ibelin, her face blank and without a clear expression.

Nomine says: If ya take one step further back, we don´t have to make any judgments

Nomine nods at Ibelins feet

Ibelin looks at Nomine, his face emotionless now.

Nomine says: We have discussed yer case, the accusations. An all of us speak with one voice

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine draws a heavy breath

Nomine says: In years past ya have proven time and time again that yer prideful. That ya set yer own judgment before that of us. That of Starlight. In this ya show a lack of faith in our unity, an in those actions ya weaken Starlight.

Nomine judges Ibelin's face

Cheysa bites her lip.

Stoen bites his bottom lip.

Ibelin sighs.

Kalanthe watches impassively.

Lumililja frowns.

Nomine says: In the years past ya have also bled for Starlight, and ya have shown dedication when others have been faced with danger.

Chit folds her arms, looking down.

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine says: In those actions ya strengthen Starlight.
Question we are then faced to ask, grim as it is. Are ya one that can learn to understand when ya need to speak clearly on behalf of yer other desires.

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine says: As officers we have asked ourselves this.

Nomine says: What do we belive Ibelin, is good for.

Nomine looks at him.

Ibelin awaits him to continue.

Nomine says: We turn away potential members that only offers us their bodies when it comes to battle. We invite those who we can learn from, who can trust us with their enemies.
We think you have lost your way. But we don´t believe you stand alone.

We think you can find the path once more.

Nomine looks at Ibelin.

Ibelin nods slowly.

Nomine says: But until then you shall not guide members like an Guardian does.

Ibelin says: Fair enough..

Nomine says: We do not believe you will learn others to wieled weapons like a master of Arms.

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine says: We belive you need to put yer own house in order, before you act as a provisioner to put food on all our tables.

Stoen blinks a few times, confused.

Nomine says: We do not believe you can act as a whole experienced member of Starlight, and let others know your wisdom, before you find it again. Like a veteran should do.

Ibelin sighs, but nods.

Nomine says: Lastly we think you need to find your way back, and that you should not do this on your own. Much like a pathfinder, the whole of us is tasked help. Because like an Explorer, we do not believe you trust us yet. Also we need to give you reason to.

Nomine says: Trust us. This is not an action you should undertake on your own.

Ibelin says: What do you mean?

Nomine says: An when you again trust us, the path back to former graces will be quick, but for now. You need to seek your way among us.

Cheysa raises her eyebrows.

Lumililja blinks.

Nomine says: Like a one new to Starlight. An Explorer.

Stoen sighs, relieved.

Ibelin says: ....Will I get a Pathfinder?

Nomine says: Do any of you think we acted harshly, do you think we did so Ibelin?

Nomine says: Do you wish for one?

Miëlle nods.

Ibelin says: I've not been one in four years.

Nomine smiles a bit.

Ibelin says: I no longer know what I would need.

Nomine says: Do ya wish for us to assign one to ya, would be one of us officers then.

Chit eyes Ibelin, thoughtfully.

Ibelin says: Do what you find best.

Nomine looks from Mielle to Chit.

Chit says: An officer don't want a reluctant Explorer...

Chit smiles a bit at Ibelin.

Lumililja smiles apologetically as she slips away.

Ibelin says: What will I need to do, exactly?

Ibelin says: Learn trust?

Chit says: Learn why Starlight needs yer trust, an what it feels like.

Ibelin says: I see.

Ibelin says: I'll do my best.

Nomine says: All that is ever asked.

Chit says: Talk over stuff, maybe get a diffrent point of understandin.

Ibelin says: I'm stubborn, saying that right away.

Ibelin says: Might take time.

Chit says: Depends whether ya can let down, some of that pride.

Ibelin nods at Chit.

Ibelin says: Thank you for the chance.

Chit smiles at Ibelin.

Nomine says: I hope we end up thanking ya for building trust with us again.

Ibelin nods at Nomine.

Nomine says: This concludes tonight, I thank those of ya who came for yer role as witnesses.

Nomine says: An i thank those that took a more active part.

Ibelin says: I'll take my leave.

Cheysa smiles at Ibelin.

Stoen says: Oh..

Nomine says: One moment.

Milwin says: Take care, Ibelin

Chit says: Ibelin?

Nomine takes a sip from his flask

Ibelin says: Yes?

Chit says: I will stand as yer Pathfinder, should ya want one.

Ibelin smiles at Chit.

Ibelin says: Thanks, Chit.

Ibelin says: I'll accept.

Nomine nods at Ibelin.

Chit nods.

Chit says: I'm guessin ya just wanna get drunk an talk to Reike..
Chit says: We'll talk another day eh.

Ibelin says: I need to see her, yes.

Nomine says: Give her our best, an for now, good night

Nomine says: Move safely all

Nomine whistles for his mount.

Chit says: Give Reike my regards.

Miëlle says: Good night, and take care, Ibelin.

Miëlle bows before Ibelin.

Ibelin says: Just call me.

Ibelin bows before Miëlle.

Cheysa says: Bein' an Explorer aint so bad, Ibs.

Ibelin says: Guess not.

Stoen says: I.. I mean this way, it.. I mean now you can be, it.. Just like Rajke.

Ibelin says: Heh...

Ibelin says: I'll see you later.
Cheysa says: Goodnight Ibs.