A drawing

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A drawing

Post by Fadedkind »

I drew a little something, just to console myself, and I didn't really intend on posting it here, but Kristian said I should.
So I feel I'm a little late with posting it, and that it's not a lot.
I can't hug Mats, so I wanted Lumi to be able to hug and kiss Ibsy. To express how much I'll miss him.

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Re: A drawing

Post by Ibelinsfather »

This is simply beautiful!

As Nomine says: "You do not disappear until the last memory of you is gone”. Memories like this is therefore never late. This drawing will be framed together with the other wonderful drawings we have from you of Ibelin and Jerome.

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Re: A drawing

Post by Chit »

And Lumi, I was stunned how much the drawing you did of Ibelin looked like the young Mats grown up, as he should have done. It's one of my most vivid memories. And significant. You have an amazing facility in drawing out from people their own/avatar see of view. It's a great talent.