My music tribute.

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My music tribute.

Post by Reike »

This is a danish song, so I'm sorry for you english folks.

I hope that you norwegian still understand the essense in it. The very first time I heard it, I wondered if he knew Mats RL or something because it's quite fitting.
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Re: My music tribute.

Post by Irenya »

Thank you Reike for starting this thread.

Listening to your song reminded of two songs that I have connected to Mats.

The first one is a song that I have been listening to recently. It is by a singer who comes from my town and who also lost a friend some time ago. Back then, he said that the best way how to cope with the loss is to write a song. The song is about accompanying the friend on a last journey and hope to reunite one day.

The second song is a Czech song which Mats liked. We often talked about music, films or books and I made him to listen to it. It is about standing by whoever you keep close no matter what happens until the end. Petr Hapka, the composer and singer of the song, died this November 20th.

My thoughts are with you Mats. One day, somewhere, Ibeling .)
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Re: My music tribute.

Post by Scruffles »

Some good music, here, it all suits Mats very well.

This song is more folkesque, something we enjoyed together, more for the character Jerome:
"Damn shame," - Tychus Findlay, Notorious Outlaw.
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Re: My music tribute.

Post by Miëlle »

Thanks for sharing guys :)

When I think of music and Mats, I think mostly of Hurts. We talked about music a fair bit in the OC Starlight chat, and Hurts is one of the bands that he introduced me to that I really love. I'm glad that he brought Hurts into my life. <3 This is the song that he used to say reminded him of Mewis and Ibelin, when they were together so is the one I'm sharing:

Hurts - Wonderful Life