Information about the funeral, for all

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Information about the funeral, for all

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A few things to say first. When I say "We" I mean the larger community, it is not meant to be only Starlight as a guild, as Starlight are not alone to have cared for Mats and formed bonds with with him

About the funeral
The funeral will be held in Oslo, Norway the 28.11, at 14:30, at the Vestre gravlund kapell, the doors opens at 14:00 - But the ceremony starts at 14:30
The Chapel itself is very central in Oslo, easy to get there with public transportation. (Right next to the Vigelands Park and Colosseum Cinema)

During the funeral I will say a few words on behalf of Starlight and others. Please keep posting memories or PM them to me, as it will really help me.
I think I will speak in both Norwegian and English considering the people there, and the elegy (is that the right word) will be reposted here.
We have given the family a Starlight tabard to use as they think best.

After the ceremony we have been given the honour that one of us will be a pallbearer. I am very touch that we are invited to help his friends and family to carry him to his final resting place.

We have also been invited to join the family in Ski, (A bit away from Oslo) for their gathering at 17:00 (Still 28.11). The father hope some of us can be there, not least also to help bring it to life how Mats mattered, how bonds form in online communities like ours. (I am unable to join for the gathering in Ski myself)

I would like to show my respect and honour Mats/Ibelin/Jerome´s memory, but I can´t come to Norway:

I have given this a lot of thought, there is the online aspect, where we will remember him IC. (More info to come) Then there is these threads that we know the family reads. All this matters a lot, his father told me that as well when I meet him today.

I would like to ask/suggest one more thing:
On Friday, at 14:30 or close to it. Please light a candle for Ibelin, and remember him. (If you are at a place where you can not light a candle, please take a moment to remember a fallen friend)
In that way, we can be together in spirit.

Practical information:

If you are traveling to Norway for the funeral, please let me know. I also have some more room for guests.
If you are facing challenges, let me know. We got some resources to draw on and might be able to help, also when it comes to practical details or travel tips.

I will let the family know how many of us are coming, also to the family gathering in Ski. You can also contact the father directly at:

We are buying flowers for the ceremony, donations can be given to: - thank you to those who have already donated!