Cudai Silentstrum

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Cudai Silentstrum

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Name: Cudai
Last Name: Silentstrum
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Esteemed members of the guild,

I am Cudai Silentstrum, and I humbly submit my application to join your ranks. While my demeanor may be unassuming, my heart resonates with the soulful melodies of music and the comforting weight of a well-worn guitar. Allow me to share my story:


The Shy Bard of Stormwind:
Cudai grew up within the stone walls of Stormwind, where the city’s heartbeat echoed through cobbled streets. His parents, both skilled blacksmiths, hoped he would follow in their footsteps. But fate had other plans—the strings of a guitar called to him, and the rhythm of life pulsed through his veins.

The Hidden Passion:
Shyness enveloped Cudai like a protective cloak. His words were few, but his fingers danced across the frets of his guitar, weaving tales of love, loss, and valor. The bustling taverns of Stormwind became his stage, where patrons leaned in, captivated by his haunting melodies.

The Unseen Guardian:
In battle, Cudai wielded his sword with grace, but it was his music that truly protected him. A mysterious force—an unseen guardian—whispered chords of courage into his ear. When the clash of steel threatened to overwhelm him, the strings hummed, and he fought on.

The Longing:
Cudai’s heart yearned for recognition beyond the city gates. He dreamed of performing for kings and queens, of strumming beneath moonlit arches in Stormwind’s grand square. Yet, even as his fingers danced, he remained rooted in humility.

Why Your Guild?
Cudai seeks a place where his music can flourish—a sanctuary where warriors appreciate the power of a well-played note. He longs to fight alongside kindred spirits, to harmonize battle cries with haunting melodies. Your guild, with its storied history, seems like the perfect stage for his quiet symphony.

In the realm beyond Azeroth, Cudai is a warrior. His sword arm is strong, but his true strength lies in the chords he plucks. He carries a weathered guitar, its wood etched with runes of protection. And when the moon rises, he strums, invoking ancient magic that shields him from harm.

I understand that actions speak louder than words, but sometimes, a well-played tune can bridge worlds. If you’ll have me, I’ll wield my guitar alongside my blade, and together, we’ll create harmonies that echo through battles and victories alike.

May the strings guide us,

Cudai Silentstrum
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Re: Cudai Silentstrum

Post by Chit »

That's a really inventive character, I look forward to meeting them! I'll DM you and hope to meet up and talk.
Will also try to make contact in-game. Be warned, Chit is not very literate, please excuse her spelling!

I apologise for not responding much earlier - various things in real life had all the officers very busy over Easter.
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