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Her options hadn't been many.
As long as she has been around Starlight, she still only knows a few of them. Most of them seem to avoid battle, so finding one with the skillset she needs was the first challenge. The second was to convince them to accept.

Anomen Barrin is a perplexing character. She remembers him wary and short-tempered, smelling of Fel. The scent of Fel is gone, and now he listens to her request with a look of mild curiousity on his face, dressed primly in his Gilnean coat, well-groomed, looking at ease. Happy, even. The book at his waist reminds her of someone else.

"Will you teach me?"

It's like baring throat. She knows favors don't come for free, and she's ready to pay whatever humiliating price she expects him to ask, but he only hums thoughfully and says he will keep the favor in mind.

She doesn't need to tell him what she needs it for, he knows. She expects a lecture and perhaps a threat, but Anomen's expression shows only curiousity and interest. He wants to see where this leads.

With a small, knowing smile, he accepts.


Lesson one involves a pile of enchanted trinkets, and her task to pinpoint the power in each of them.

Anomen seems surprised, perhaps even impressed, by not only her success, but by her diligent following of instructions.
It amuses her a little, but it does make sense that he would expect her to be a terrible student. He doesn't know of her long months of training with Nomine, or with Lady Nightwind.

He is a good teacher. He tells her about the Leylines beneath Karazhan, and of the energies that Mages store within themselves to harness later.
Theory has never been her strong suit, but she listens carefully and memorizes the things he tells her, although her fingers itch to get to the next step.


"Why did you give up the Fel? Is sseems a waste."

He doesn't seem offended by the question. Instead of shrinking away from it, he bares his soft underbelly and tells her how he gained control of Fel to begin with. It's a horrible story, one that stirs up a vague feeling of nausea in the pit of her stomach that she doesn't quite undestand.

It is so very similar to hers.

(Later, she asks Nomine why she became a monster, and he didn't. Why her body and mind are shattered and his are not. Anomen's skin is marred by scars, but none of them look to be by his own hand. Is she truly so weak, so pathetic, that she broke under the pressure while he remained intact?)

It's a shame, that after all that suffering, he decided to give up his power. He had such potential for greatness, she thinks, and instead of ruling the world as he could, he is raising children with a Night Elf.

You could take over, says a whisper in her head. You could throw him to the floor now, and you could finish the job that his old mistress started. He could be your powerful little pet, all rage and Fel and untethered power. Wouldn't that be a marvel?

She banishes the whispers to the back of her mind. As tempting as their suggestions are, she has a much more important goal right now, and she needs Anomen for it.