Documentary going to Sundance

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Documentary going to Sundance

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The documentary Ibelin has been announced as part of the Sundance Film Festival for the 2024 line-up and entered into the World Cinema Documentary Competition
Ibelin is directed by Benjamin Ree

My FB blurb on the topic:
This project is very dear to me as the story that birthed this documentary is one of the value of life - in all its forms, of community, and in particular, a community among roleplayers. Ibelin was a member of my World of Warcraft guild Starlight, and a very important community member at that.
In this guild, we first meet as the characters we give life to through telling stories and participating in each other's stories. Roleplaying is wonderful in an activity you do with others - at its best; it is a collaborative art form.

Through roleplay, we can have experiences that would otherwise be foreign or impossible for us to experience. Seen through Starlight's eyes, Ibelin was a strong young man - that was sadly not how his body let the outside world see him. Roleplay can let us set aside the physical world's limitations and be someone else for a time. This is especially true for online roleplay, as in World of Warcraft, where the game makes everybody's avatar strong and beautiful - meaning the character you portray through words and emotions is what makes an impact, not its appearance.
Roleplay and online communities can also let us form friendships across borders that otherwise would be hard to cross, such as age, gender, socioeconomic status and, in this fraught world of ours - countries.

The documentary tells the story of such a community, the friendships made within it, and the impact these friendships had.
What the documentary does not say, cannot express - but I and many of you know is that this story is not unique. Across the world, it is repeated again and again among communities like Starlight's, among roleplayers, gamers and more. I am truly honoured to be a small part of this documentary and help shed light on these experiences.

We all make the world a better place when we tell stories together, so here is a toast to all those we have dared to do so with, for all those times we have been brave enough to invite somebody in.
Here is to remembering each other and being remembered in turn.

If you wish to read the first news story as written by Vicky Schaubert:

Sundance program feature: ... A2Ca0ObX0k
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