Contest Entry: A Small Gift - Shigunda

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Contest Entry: A Small Gift - Shigunda

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"A gift?"
Shigunda tilted his head, looking over from shining his first silver breastplate to his friend Mutty. The armor was rather crude, really. But! It was a start that he was confident would develop into something greater than he could get from this Village of Spirits. Still, if there was anyone who could draw his attention and focus away from both his work and studies... it would be the silly bull, Mutty! Of the Bloodhoof Village!
"It's not going to be five copper again, right? I'm not that desperate for coin and I already told you, the material cost for this-.."
Holding up the breastplate for emphasis! The reflection of the stars above the two tauren's heads in the nightsky just glittering against the silver.
"...- was not cheap! Why, my father already almost got a heartattack from the amount of gold missing in his cache!~"
Rolling his brown eyes, the black bull's friend clicked his tongue before walking over and gently pressing the metal piece down.

"You talk way too much. Is that really what salesmen do??"
Shaking his head, Mutty smiled.
"But no- I'm not trying to buy your breastplates. And you should still lower the price! No one's gonna pay like- a hundred gold for one breastplate!"
Then- he placed a pouch into Shigunda's hand. The druid in training stared at it, perplexed.

"... What's this?"
The orange bull just gestured for the shorter to check! So, he opened the pouch up and blinked. Looking at the flower inside...
"A... buttercup?"
Slowly picking the flower out of the pouch and staring it over. It was... big. Newly bloomed, he assumed.

"Well! You mentioned your family pushing you to grow flowers and stuff. And like-! While you were complaining, my thought process went from... ' Oh! Shigunda and flowers! That's a combo!' to ' What flower does he like? ' then, ' What flower would you be? ' And...!"
A deep breath. Mutty grinned at the shorter bull.
"I don't know my flowers! But these yellow ones! They're the color of gold and stuff! And you wanna be a businessman... plus- you remind me of gold!"
Shigunda's eyes widened! Gold? He reminded this greedy bull of gold? Something so precious, he swore he saw Mutty count how much he had, every night! He always said that the shiny coin was like a life-force to him. And while the druid in training wasn't sure if he was just reading too much into things... it made his heart flutter so! Did he mean so much to the warrior? He knew the bull always had his own silly way of expressing himself...

The moment of stunned silence hung in the air. Before the taller took the flower from Shigunda. Pushing it instead up to the cyan mane of the other.


"I just... thought it would look nice on you, too."
That gentle smile almost stopped the wannabe salesman's heart!
"And I think I was right!"
From the cyan mane and tipped tail, many seeds stuck between the hair sprouted and bloomed all at once! Flowers scattering over the blue as if it were a field of flowers! Bright pink, each one! But the yellow flower near his face stuck out the most. It almost glowed with Shigunda's heart pounding so...
"Haha! Now I'm double right! Or... er... doubly? Doub... doubloon?"

The shorter bull shook his head, a hand slapping over his face! Trying desperately to clear his mind! But all he could think about was Mutty. That silly bull grinning right at him!
"You-! I...!"
For once, the talkative profiteer was speechless! His tail wagging almost uncontrollably!
"You're... always so full of surprises, silly bull..."

"What's life without a lil' surprise or two? Without adventure?? That's why- I'm leaving the village! And... I think you should, too."
Shigunda was never one to even think about leaving this village. Despite how... unfufilled he felt here... it was where Mutty was. But the thought of this place without him, it seemed so dull...
"There's a whole world out there, y'know?"
The warrior stared up at the sky. The stars... but Shigunda couldn't focus on the sky. He could only stare at the other bull illuminated by the light of the moon above.

"... And I can't imagine a world without my adventure..."
Shigunda had made up his mind. What fun would life be without some adventure? And adventure would always be out there- wherever Mutty would be...


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