The Stolen ones - Voice based RP

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The Stolen ones - Voice based RP

#1 Post by Nomine » Wed Dec 08, 2021 10:35 pm

"It was two hands in the darkness; one held a knife, the other stole children. Both hands were pale and cold as a night you wish to forget."

Children have been disappearing from Goldshire and other small hamlets at the outskirts of Stormwind. Being stolen from their beds at night, some has even been taken from their parent's beds.
Tracks have been found that leads deep into the dark woods. As the townspeople and guards have tried to follow the tracks into the woods, the track vanishes, the trees close up, and day turns to night. So, they have asked for professional help.

This is for voice-based RP, which will be played out on Discord using the Online-Roleplaying channels.
You can join with your regular WoW character or another, maximum six players in total.

This is an experimental event - We will run this once and see how it goes.

We will be running with a percentage-based system, so you got to pick a few things, Good/Bad/Neutral.
Good gives +10 on the roll, Bad gives -10 on the roll, no change for neutral. You are responsible for remembering your values and bonuses.

Pick your one good, bad and neutral from each of the three rows below:
Are you: Offensive, Defensive, or Protective of others - Pick one good, one bad, one neutral.
Are you: Drawing attention, Sneaky-Sneaky, Skilled at etiquette and diplomacy
Are you: Book learned, Street Smart, Skilled some kind of magic.

Not as complete or flexible as real character creation, but good enough for the first try. Just have your selection ready for the playtime.

Sing up in Discord.

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