A Gem, a Doll, and a Courier

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A Gem, a Doll, and a Courier

#1 Post by Barathean » Sun May 09, 2021 8:29 pm

Summary of Woopsie, from last Thursday:
Starlight had received a note from a 15 year old courier some of them had by chance met some days earlier. In the note Merike Rowan admitted she might have "fumbled up something" and was redeeming their promises of help should she need it. ("Hi you in Starlight. I may have fumbled a bit, sorry to ask, can you help? Can someone fix magic? I think this is urgent. Please meet in Elwynn at the cabin up hills.") They found Merike where she had said she'd be, up in the hills in a house surrounded by sheep. The door was locked, but as they were asking to enter, they heard footsteps and the lock opened. Behind the door they saw Merike sitting next to the fireplace, only light in the room, and a life size gnome doll beside her. Both their backs to the door. (So who opened the door?!)

The room had a peculiar, strong perfume scent that only the men seemed to smell. They found a mirror shattered on the wall, with some drops of blood on it. As Arius the Knight touched the blood, he felt a tingling sensation run up his arm and to his chest. Likewise the strong perfume was starting to get to Nomine's head, and both started to feel somewhat dizzy even, elated and warm. Devvy found papers on the floor with various different handwritings, but the only letters on the paper being E, L, H and P. They quickly realised it must mean "HELP". The dimly lit room was playing tricks with their eyes, as it looked like the doll had twitched on the floor.

Merike on the other hand sat still on the floor, only turning around after Violet nudged her with her foot to the back. "Oh, hello! Are you looking for something?" she asked with a happy grin, like she hadn't just sat there minutes quietly with the people in the room trying to talk to her. In the end they tried to take her outside, but she refused to leave, so Violet tried to transform her into a turtle. The magic backfired for some reason, sending Violet on her back on the floor. Arius had to carry Merike outside so they could get away from the almost arousing perfume scent.

Violet made sure to blast the doll against the wall when it twitched right beside her, and there it laid on its neck, against the wall where it had fallen.

Outside Arius noticed that Merike had an odd protrusion on her back, and Violet peeked under the shirt to find a green gem infused between her shoulder blades. She tried to extract it, but then the gem started to fight back, almost calling to her rather, for her to claim the power in the stone. Merike started to scream and tried to reach for Arius, who yanked her away and the link between the gem and Violet was thankfully cut.

Merike seemed to temporarily regain her senses and said she had been delivering a parcel when it had torn, and the gem fell out. She picked it up, and it got "sucked inside her", and appeared on her back. Nomine had a theory that the gem was someone ancient's soul bound into it, then trapped in the doll. The soul was someone who tempted men (thus not affecting Violet or Devvy), and after seeing it had been trapped in the body of a teenager, had in anger smashed the mirror.

Dmitry appeared to the scene and started to perform his own investigations. As he and Violet were inside, suddenly the inanimate doll turned to sit on the ground, and without a warning sprinted at Violet's robes. She managed to dodge the doll, however Arius wasn't as lucky outside, as at the same time Merike clutched his face with her fingernails and Nomine had to pin her to the ground to stop her from thrashing and fighting, her screaming hoarsely.

After careful inspection and deduction from feeling the connection between the gem and the doll, Dmitry and Violet came to the conclusion that perhaps the gem could be separated without daggers after all. Dmitry picked up the doll from under Violet's staff and brought it to touch the gem, and the doll burst in purple flames, infusing the green gem once more to the doll's chest.

For a moment it seemed like Dmitry might need to fight Violet, with the pull of the gem still calling to them both persuasively, but Dmitry stuffed the doll into his mysterious magical bag and Violet distanced herself to cool her head a bit.

As the problem was solved, they investigated the house once more and Dmitry discovered the parcel where the doll had been, and found a note on the package: "Now you will be forever loved by all. Love, Altair." ((or something like it, I can't remember anymore precisely :'D))

Merike was soothed and helped up, and she told the package was sent by a grey void elf with blue or purple eyes in Lakeshire. She couldn't remember where she had been supposed to deliver the parcel, or to whom. They decided to ask around a bit, and see what they could find out. Merike was taken by Arius to their encampment to be safe just in case this Altair or someone else came looking for her, and Nomine and Violet kindly informed Merike's aunt that the girl was safe. Nomine set up traps and markers in the house to see if someone would visit it.

Now the search for the grey void elf named Altair is on.
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