Feedback wanted: Supplies to Westfall

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Feedback wanted: Supplies to Westfall

#1 Post by Nomine » Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:38 pm


Sometimes doing good can lead to people almost ending up in the stockades.

Tried a couple of new takes on rolling
Where a 1-100 roll, had several outcomes, such as in a fight: Below 10 you get hit, from 11-70 you successfully defend, 70+ to attack back.
Idea of being able to pass on a roll, to get a +25 on the next roll.
How did people like the concept? Is it worth trying more on?

Other things from the event/good/bad?

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Re: Feedback wanted: Supplies to Westfall

#2 Post by Lylieth » Fri Oct 30, 2020 12:30 am


So all in all i really loved the roll system you used tonight. i've found at times with events, in my opinion and preferences, that the rolls at times can be set too low for failure, for this one they were quite high which heightened the tension as the possibly of failure was ever present. i also liked that raid markers represented squads of people rather than individuals. Often having Starlight outnumbered. Which then tried to encourage characters to take other approaches other than "Yeah it's five people. lets mess them up"

in the skirmish with the bandits, i like that the character getting a buff to rolls by abstaining to attack was a nice touch, giving the possibility for some big moves or large, powerful spells by taking the risk of not attacking. +25 might be a bit high as a buff but it's still nice, if gives that option to players and potentually rewards them for taking the gamble of being a bit patient. i think this could work in other events where Starlight face off against larger baddies (Like people riding monsters like dragons or large beasties) Where the need to power up the metaphorical big guns is gonna be needed. There is potentual for some team play to take place. So all in all, a very tense fight, with some lucky and unlucky rolls.

In Moonbrook, the 60-70 odd starving folk was actually pretty terrorfying,to the point of being very zombie like in feel. Even when we found a way to deal with them without the use for force. and also a nice touch that we couldn't bribe folk twice. (unless the red of the ruby scared them into hiding). once again, the rolls came into play with that, giving a chance to fail but also the oppertunity to greatly suceed, depending. I also applaud the very rapid improvisation and how the hungry would act, given it possibly wasn't considered that the group would conjour a feast to distract the mob. I think you also dealt quite well with the fact you were having to GM two different areas when the party split between being humanitarian and trying to drive the mission forward.

So the outpost and dealing with "The blues" Oh boy, that corruption roll, i loved the concept of that, even if it didn't work out for us in the end. it made for dealing with a character random and the need for improvisation.

So all in all. i think it was a very good event and i did like how the rolls were implimented. So well done, can't really think of any improvements. I enjoyed it playing as Loki. Though i do apologise if she took over too much at times.

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Re: Feedback wanted: Supplies to Westfall

#3 Post by Nomine » Fri Oct 30, 2020 10:09 am

The thinking on the ruby, was simply that it was too much wealth. For these starving people, it was not a major financial boon - it was their certain death as others would come for it, take it and they did not have the means or knowledge on selling it either. Drawing inspiration from real world, where sometimes gold does not feed people today, and becomes "worthless" as currency.

I think the corruption roll is a concept to build upon for later, easy to say that sometimes NPCs due to situation or circumstance has a modifier.

With the starving people, I wanted the idea that "this can turn ugly, it can easily escalate, but if it escalates it should be based on player actions." Rather than having the mob of people trying to push SLers to escalate a conflict as a response to them, and it was very well handled by Starlight through the conjured food.

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Re: Feedback wanted: Supplies to Westfall

#4 Post by Eritis » Fri Oct 30, 2020 5:38 pm

This was the event I got to fulfill my dream of RPing a tumbleweed

But for real, I really liked the event.
One thing that has been discussed before a lot with rolls is what do you do if you roll exceedingly high or exceedingly low?
What we often do when we hit 90+ rolls is make some over the top emote about how the sweat drops fluttered in the wind as the dagger got thrown to pierce exactly the part of the skull that makes the ticking stop... and likewise, when we roll a 1, we end up eating the dirt and more often than not being out of commission for the event.
This is not a written rule we have; it's how we, myself especially, instinctively do things with our usual way of handling rolls.
Because if we only have the general idea of what we need to do to complete what we set out to do, we often feel like we get to do freely with high things.
Having it be set that we have a benchmark to hit to get out of the bad emotes in to the 'average'/success(?) emotes and then another to get a critical success was something I loved because it makes it so much easier to know what to do.
While there were one or two moments where I thought certain roll benchmarks to accomplish something were simply way too generous, I would say that this wasn't a real problem at all considering the type of event it was and also just a general testing of it.
Besides, many of the moments actually had very much realistic rolls in terms of actually working since it wouldn't make sense that a border guard would turn an eye for any old excuse!

The concept of it was very interesting. Eritis said at some point that this could have easily been avoided if the taxes had been paid and such but as a player, I understood the need somewhat for the supplies to have a catch... as in that it would have otherwise been smooth sailing until the bandits and the townsfolk.
Was also quite funny to me that the entire starting group were all rogues. Fits a smuggling mission quite well, hah.

The combat and how it was handled with this style of rolling was very much intriguing to me.
As mentioned before by Lylieth, the concept of being able to 'prepare' an attack by passing is really interesting and allows you to play Risk vs Reward by giving up a potential good turn for a turn that has an advantage.
Having to fight a large group of enemies that were made of -peasants- was an experience in that while Starlight was definitely the stronger side, they had the numbers advantage.
Eritis was basically a tumbleweed in the Wild West of Azeroth with the amount of rolling he did to dodge hits while shooting out arrows, which brings me to the reward of rolling high...
In my opinion, seeing a high roll doesn't necessarily mean that you pull things off instantly.
I have always been against the commonly found trope of rolling a 20 on a d20 meaning you are able to seduce a literal wooden door to open and having it be that rolling above a 70 meant not that you instantly won but that you got to take an additional attack was a very good way to balance it out.

The ending of the event was something else.
A series of low rolls ended up to dear Starlight being detained and temporarily taken in for questioning.
I have to say that it was RPed incredibly well by Nomine how the guard responded to the attempts at bribing or worming out.
It would make a lot of sense that you don't just simply get out of such suspicions by the flashing of a smile or the throwing of a certain name.
And for that, I say well played.

In the end, I have to say that it was an unusual yet fun event. It was very much a refreshing break from the super gloomy and dark events we have been having back to back lately, even if it involved the massacring of about twenty peasants.
So, by my arbitrary numbering score that at this point has no value at all besides me just not knowing what to put down to end these feedback posts, I rate it a 8.3333333333/10. All those threes are there to give honor to the trees we passed by on our way to Moonbrook.

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