Feedback wanted: Death of a Friend

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Feedback wanted: Death of a Friend

#1 Post by Syrawenn » Mon Sep 21, 2020 4:04 pm

Shinodan was our gm for a 2-night event on 14 and 15.09 about undead and an evil cult! One evening was played with rolls (although minimally so) and the other night was completely played without rolls, relying on the emotes of the players and gm.

Please post your feedback here!
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Re: Feedback wanted: Death of a Friend

#2 Post by Syrawenn » Sun Sep 27, 2020 7:00 am

Don't be shy, people :P Very curious how it was for the people who played both evenings!

As for me, I got to play in the diceless one, lucky me.
Yes, lucky, cause with Syra I usually roll horrible. So horrible that she is by now convinced she can't shoot worth shit when it counts.

The story itself was so much fun. I laughed my head off several times. The tension was lovely, that whole cat and mouse game when everyone kinda knew that everyone knew and STILL tried to uphold the facade. Great stuff, with of course the turning of Ryan as much expected and STILL surprising twist.

THe mechanics suited me fine. I love roll-less play. I do think it's amazing how Shino kept track of all actions and responded in like. To me it looked like a BLEEP load of work, but hey, if it works for the gm, I'm not one to complain!

Now, of course there would not be a Syra adventure without me mixing up directional rp again. Back, front, left, right, I just can't seem to get it right. None of the gm's fault, let me stress that! There is some serious short circuiting in my head and always has been. And it worked out nicely enough thanks to a little whisper urging me to the right place.

Communications were good, really good. I did not feel neglected or overlooked. I had a good idea of the goings on (despite directional errors on my part) and I loved the moody descriptions. Also enjoyed the Death of Ryan :P Sorry...I was so funny how everyone jumped at him and Shino and Ryan actually managed to give EVERYONE a role in his untimely demise! I!

All in all...I really really enjoyed myself. There was absolutely no point where I felt frustrated in any way (which I can deal with, no worries, hah, but it's nice to have a completely relaxed adventure).

You can certainly count on me to poke Shino again to see if I can convince him to gm something :)
Wilsby: "She's the energy ya never knew ya needed."
Kien: "How come a warrior who thrives on rage never seems to get half as much in a fight as Syra does in an average conversation?"

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Re: Feedback wanted: Death of a Friend

#3 Post by Nomine » Sun Sep 27, 2020 10:34 pm

Part of the feedback, goes on the general topic of "Dice rolls, do we need them?" as the first night was played using dice rolls, the second was played without rolls. Dice is a great way to remove the guesswork, both for players and GMs. Players that could otherwise play for power on equal footing with those who plays to lose. Dice can also be used to speed up a conflict.

For it to work, no matter which system is used there needs to be transparency. It is a great difference between "roll 1-100" and "roll 1-100, over 40 to avoid the attack/oncoming danger." If the transparency is lacking, then that feeling of fairness (or shared hatred) is lost, and players got to wait on the GM calling out the outcome before reacting through emotes and or /say, so the potential gained speed is lost.
During the first night I think the rolls was nicely handled, not too many - and I think that transparency was there in most rolls.

The second night had more of a player vs player aspect, and then I think the non-rolls/pure emote combat is the best way of doing it. All the to respect to the GM and NPC for not letting the combat be drawn out, and that it was well staged. Meaning there was first the conflict around the inn/with the suspected bad guy, then as it had culminated there was a second boss fight.

Great use of location, both nights - it added to the mood, and supported the story :) I always love it when a location is picked so that it goes hand in hand with the descriptions and the world building and it really did so in this event.

The "React and Act" as an end of an GM description, telling players that the description is complete. That was brilliant and I used it myself on later events. Think this will go into the "best practices" box :)

All respect to Shinodan for hosting it and how it was hosted!

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Re: Feedback wanted: Death of a Friend

#4 Post by Anomen » Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:45 am

Round two since my first version of this got lost!

I took part in the first night which was the one with rolls. Had to dip out of the second night because of me not feeling well and not wanting to take any risks since there was a big turn up which... terrifies the hell out of me and quickly makes me lose track of text and whats happening.
But thats a me problem and I'm here to discuss the event, not myself!

Besides myself, the other people that showed up were Nomine and Chit.
This actually worked wonders for keeping myself calm and able to pay my full attention since I function best in smaller groups.
What this managed to build up to was that the group of Starlight was very focused and working together, practically serving as an Elite task force.
Or well, Chit and Nomine were... Anomen was along for the ride ^^

The Act and React prompt is a very interesting and effective one in my eyes.
Something that can happen in events is that people react to things before they have been fully typed out or that they make a drastic choice before you are finished.
This can lead to either very problematic consequences for the person who 'jumped the gun' or for the DM who now has to potentially throw about their plans in order to make sure the character survives.
We all are prone to such moments of interest and rushing in head first so I think this mechanic helped out a lot so big kudos for that!

The story itself, from what I gathered in the night I was there and not having heard anything about the second night, was pulling me in quite well.
From the way things were described to how the location perfectly fit to the attention to detail in everything.
It was also quite interesting to have my character be able to 'ignore' some of the limitations because Anomen went in to his Worgen form.
All in all, it was all presented incredibly well and I loved being able to attend it.
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