Unfriendly Bedfellows

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#11 Post by Lylieth » Sun Sep 20, 2020 9:18 pm

I can do the events on the 1st and the 10th. either as npc or character (preferably one as npc and one as character)

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#12 Post by Chit » Mon Sep 21, 2020 1:17 am

I can do 1st as my preference and be a body to work on for 10th if needed.

I’m interested in the 22nd event but can’t make it due to medical stuff.

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#13 Post by Nëm » Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:37 am

I can join as NPC if needed for 22nd of September and on Conwal for the 10th of October!

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#14 Post by Salsaberry » Tue Sep 22, 2020 9:23 am

Ava can come (22.09) at any time.

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#15 Post by Salsaberry » Tue Sep 22, 2020 9:24 am

Ava can come to the event! (22.09)

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#16 Post by Nomine » Tue Sep 22, 2020 9:16 pm

OOC And for curious people and all others:

We know the appearance of the two horde Zarthank the orc and Kaerus the blood elf.
We know they plan to meet a "Pandarian Half-Man" at the tiger temple next Friday, to find a "Bone collector"
Both of them walked away after their meeting.

The full conversation below:
Zarthank-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders a little as he looks around.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: While I understand the chosen location, it is still quite... dull.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Yet I suppose that is even more reason to be here...
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Precisely.
Zarthank-ArgentDawn lets his right hand fiddle a bit with the handle of his axe.
Kaerus-Nordrassil stretches his arms a little.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Next time I see them, I will make sure that they won't do this... again.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Oh, definitely.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Though, this does offer us something to use if they are still kicking...
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: After all, while the two of us don't appreciate them delaying... there is someone else who does it even less.
Zarthank-ArgentDawn lets out a throaty guffaw.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Yes.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: And I think we should stress that point.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Get some leverage, maybe break an arm or three... show what we are going for.
Zarthank grins wickedly at Kaerus-Nordrassil.
Kaerus-Nordrassil nods.

[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: There's no room for delays.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Indeed... it's not like there is much time left if they showed up any moments.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Agreed, orc. We can only wait for so long.
Zarthank-ArgentDawn takes a deep breath before letting out a loud groan of frustration.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: I have somewhere to be, bones that need to be crushed... I have thirty minutes at most to wait still.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: My transportation will be here in half an hour, anyway.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Ha.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Always knew you were the better one of you two.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: I am glad we're on the same page on this.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Indeed.
Kaerus-Nordrassil lets out a sigh as he looks up.
Zarthank-ArgentDawn offers a somewhat twisted smile as his shoulders roll, his hand still gripped on his axe.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: I'm told the Pandarian Half-Man demands more, by the way.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: After being given already two fists of gold.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Be a Half-Man, expect half of the rewards.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: You know... there is another payment we could give him.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Attached to my back is a fine axe, gifted to me by the lady.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: How about we give it to him... if you get my gist?
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: It would certainly cut our costs, if he ends up being One-Quarter-of-a-Man after leading the expedition.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Indeed.

[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: We must find this... bone-collector as well.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Or well, his remains.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Bones of the bone-collector collecting dust, you know?
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: *nods* Yes. And it pains me to admit this, but right now we need that greedy miscreant to find them.
Kaerus-Nordrassil looks at the acolytes and grimaces.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: I could swear sometimes these humans smell like the void.
Zarthank-ArgentDawn glances over at the acolytes and lets out a loud guffaw.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: They have their reasons for joining us... maybe some are trying to gain more?
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: It wouldn't surprise me, if I'm honest.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Distasteful lot.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: What was the name again, some cat... ah yes, a Tiger.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Tiger... Temple.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: When we are finished with the one-eight of a man, what shall we do with that place?
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Since he won't be needing it after he led us the way.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: For one, make sure there's no-one or nothing to indicate we paid a visit.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Remind me, considering I know that other person will pull it...
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: What day were we meeting there again?
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Because I'm going to rip out their spine and use it as a mace if actually pull that excuse again.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Friday next week.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Perfect.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: It's a shame that we have to actually go there ourselves.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: What about the goblins?
Zarthank-ArgentDawn nods a little.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: They are like the dust under our boots.
Kaerus-Nordrassil lets out a long sigh.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Of course.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Inconsequential and disappearing.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: So... the half-man is our only option, regrettably.
Kaerus-Nordrassil nods.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Now.... I am done waiting.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Agreed, so am I.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Let us go inside and hope that the Banshee's maiden watches over us until the time comes.
[Zarthank-ArgentDawn]: Lead the way, -elf-.
Kaerus-Nordrassil nods again.
[Kaerus-Nordrassil]: Very well.

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#17 Post by Salsaberry » Wed Sep 30, 2020 9:58 am

Ava can come 01/10/2020 at any time.

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#18 Post by Nomine » Fri Oct 02, 2020 10:49 am

The temple of the white tiger, one of the last places in Pandaria to welcome people such as you, humans. Besides the echoes can be heard from the students working through their kata's, paws on polished rock floors barely a sound can be heard.

The temple was once a place of meditation; now it is the most elite of all the Pandarian warriors to hone their skills, even some of the horde and alliance warriors have found their way here. Tending to wounds of war and proving themselves.

The shapely (round is a perfectly valid shape for a Pandarian) rests upon a few boxes marked "high explosives," Besides him, a large troll is drawing figures in the sand. Neither seeming disturbed by the speckled hen locked in a staring contest with a tied-up white raptor as they debate philosophy. Unaware that soon the troll merchant would be transformed to a sheep, knocked out, tied and brought to the horde encampment close by, marked as a Sylavanas sympathiser and spy. Hafu Murume would be persuaded by gold and take them on the journey to the Island past the edge of the world.

The island welcomes you with a mighty roar coming from the interior, somewhere in the shadow of that tall, dark mountain. Warmth is emanating from the ground and up, the scent of saltwater and something old, moist leathery in the air.
The voice of the island is that of thundering footsteps, the constant hum of insects, drums and deep and guttural roars calling out their challenges.
There is a putrid ripe sweet scent to the air, mixed with that sickly sweetness there is an oily burnt scent. Cast ashore is a broken small ship, all sharp angles and cheap metal, a few broken crates next to it, stains of green marring the hull of the goblin ship.

I made no arrangements for her lackeys. I made no arrangements for you either, yet here you are.
The bone collector looked at the group with no small amount of impatience. Coming with their questions, with their beautiful bones all trapped by filthy skin and flesh.
The mage asked what of the Bone collectors treasures that would be worthy of the Banshee queen.
"I doubt she cares for weapons such as those that can be wielded. She found another weapon that matters more. You will learn that soon enough on your own."
The Banshee queen had taken many lives in her quest for power; some had belonged to those thought to be beyond life and death. The Bone collector knew as bones called out to bones. He knew she sought even more power. "The needle was made for a queen, perhaps that's why the Banshee wants it. Perhaps she wants it for its magic. You can trade for it, or you can fight for it. Should you fight, what I break is mine to keep."

He would not take all their bones. What he would take he would keep, listen to, hear the whispers of the bones still trapped in their fleshy prison as they speak of new sights, adventures taken and ultimately death. Then he would carve their bones with their stories and suckle on the marrow within.
The choose to trade, despite the willingness of one to fight.
"Place the needle on a map, feed it with a drop of blood and ask for its "kin" and it will point you to where it is hidden. Its kin is hidden from people like her, from people like the Queen.
The needle is powerful enough to pierce any magic shield that hides it. Its made from a small sliver of one that is as a God to you. The skull itself that is a weapon that will blight the lands it is placed on. Take any life."

The vambraces of dragon bone and that small treasure - a bone ship caught within a bottle both held wonder. Of lands traversed and seen, at sea, from the air. A fair price for something that would reap a great harvest of bones.

The adventures walked with the shapely (round is a perfectly valid shape for a Pandarian) pandarian guide Hafu Murume, past the prehistoric monsters that roamed the land. Little did Hafu know that the toast they soon would raise in celebration of their success would be drugged and the adventurers would kidnap him, bringing him to Stormwind for his "safety"...

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#19 Post by Nomine » Tue Oct 06, 2020 10:47 am

Part 3 is moved to the 17.10

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#20 Post by Anadelonbrin » Sun Oct 11, 2020 7:19 pm

I can join either as Ana or as an NPC for the 17th.

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