31 August and 1 September 20.00 Dark Blade 3 & 4

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31 August and 1 September 20.00 Dark Blade 3 & 4

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31 August Dark Blade 3: Perilous Voyage

Start point: Vigil Hill flight path on Tiragarde Sound near Boralus
We will make our way to the ship. If you arrive late just ask to be added to the raid.
Location of the Dragon's Roost.png
The Dragon's Roost.png
The Dragon's Roost ship: you can see the ship straight ahead with your back to land at the point where the cursor is positioned on the map.
There is a ladder on this, the landward side, of the ship.

Background & History
Starlight was hired by Charlie Atreed, a Thornspeaker, to use his Chaotic Magic Tracker to retrieve a magical item that was causing a wound to nature. After fighting cultists, we located the Dark Blade hidden under their altar, a triangular piece of metal into which light seems to disappear This blade appears to be a powerful magical artefact. Judging it to be too dangerous to hand over to a chance-met client for money, Nomine told Charlie Atreed we had not found any magical item, and suggested the cultists 'Master' had taken it away before Starlight's arrival. The Chaotic Magic Tracker was bugged by Devvy before being returned.

Charlie Atreed and Starlight don't entirely trust each other. But Charlie has asked Starlight to help him find a Hilt, apparently belonging to the Dark Blade. He has shown a diagram of the hilt; the diagram is marked with a name 'Eric Spindlespoon'. The rune is engraved with that appear to be designed to draw out or control some force - perhaps forces in the Dark Blade. Only one person knows where to find Eric Spindlespoon - Captain Fan Hai of the Dragon's Roost cargo ship. But Fan Hai has quarrelled with Charlie Atreed, so he needs a third party to travel to the location. Charlie himself will make the voyage as a bird on the ship - regarded as good luck. Lady Violet is shipping a bed as a present to Eric Spindlespoon and Starlight are travelling with it - on condition that they travel armed and guard the ship as Dragon's Roost is under-manned.

Tonight's mission
To travel to the unknown location and along with Charlie Atreed retrieve the Hilt from Eric Spindlespoon.

1 September Dark Blade 4 - In search of the hilt Position your character for an 8.00 start.

Shinodan, Lylieth, Rumour, ?Haddy, Charlie Atreed (Nibor)

Start Point: Base of Mage Tower Stormwind
Please arrive here and we will get you to the Dragon's Roost ship (real location Tiragarde Sound)
In character, please imagine that the ship is docked in the central dock at Valiance Keep, surrounded by buildings as pictured below.
Dragon's Roost at Valiance Keep.png
Starlight, battered but not discouraged by the battle with the Kraken, are aboard the Dragon's Roost as - with one mast bitten clean off by the Kraken - the ship limps into harbour and is directed into the central dock in the middle of Valiance Port.

Your mission
Captain Fan Hai can point out Eric Spindlespoon's house.
Your objective is to get to Eric Spindlespoon, retrieve the Hilt if he has it, and find out as much as possible about the Dark Blade and the Hilt. What is its origin? What is the meaning and purpose of the runes on the Hilt? Why is Eric's name engraved on it? What is it designed to do?

Eric Spindlespoon's Journal

Please read only once the journal has been found!

Entry 86 - Fuselight

Axwell brought me an exceptional item today that he found nearby. It’s a very unusual hilt, crafted of ebony wood and ivory, but missing the blade sadly. The most notable feature are the arcane runes built into it. I cannot wait to decipher them!

Entry 87 - Fuselight

This hilt keeps surprising me! I’ve discovered that sections of the hilt can rotate around an axis, allowing me to rearrange the arcane runes and form custom spells. It’s almost like a cryptex but without the hidden compartment.

Most of the rune sequences possible are nonsense, but I’ve found two so far with promise. It all depends on the properties of the missing blade. With time I may be able to reverse engineer what properties those might have been, and what the dagger’s purpose might have been.

Entry 88 - Fuselight-by-the-Sea

Axwell has been murdered. Someone wants this hilt badly, and at this point they probably know I’ve got it. I’ve arranged for it to be hidden far away, but I dare not write down where or how in case I lose this diary. I’ve also made arrangements with a pandaren captain to take me somewhere safe to lay low for a while.

Entry 117 - Northrend

I’ve spent the last four weeks out here. It’s cold, but so far no one has turned up to kill me. There’s a chance I may have overreacted. Still, to be safe I’ll stay a while longer.

Entry 149 - Northrend

Two months. I’m starting to think I may have overreacted. I’ll take my chances and visit Valiance Keep nearby. They’ve a nice inn there with good ale and some desperately needed company.
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