Blackwall Reunion - Lost at sea follow up

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Blackwall Reunion - Lost at sea follow up

#1 Post by Anadelonbrin » Sun Jul 26, 2020 9:00 pm

The time has come for madame Honoria Blackwall to meet her long lost son, Captain William Blackwall. Some time back, Starlight was requested to find out what had happened to Captain Blackwall and his ship 4 years ago. After searching for clues and piecing them together, Starlight followed the leads into hostile territory. When we finally found the Captain, he was in a terrible shape, barely human anymore. The mere mention of his name and his mother's name sent him into fits of violent selfdestruction.
He was brought to Northshire Abbey where Eileena and Írenya have been working hard to restore his physical health. Anadelonbrin brought Falahdor Everbreeze from Moonglade to aid in rituals to help restore his broken mind and spirit. After two long months, the healers believe the Captain is finally in such a shape that he can be safely reunited with his mother. We hope.

Date: 29/7/2020
Time: 20:00 server time
Where: Olivia's pond to Northshire Abbey.
Who: All are welcome, but be advised that madame Blackwall distrusts humans and some degree of diplomacy will be required.
What to expect: Grim backstory, known from the previous event Lost at sea. No combat (hopefully). Emotionally vulnerable situation. Our role is to escort and support.

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