Lost at sea - feedback wanted!

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Lost at sea - feedback wanted!

#1 Post by Nomine » Mon May 18, 2020 5:27 pm

Nearly four years ago SS Nightingale was lost at sea, all hands presumed lost

The last message came by bird, penned by the Captained by William Johnson Blackwall himself addressing his mother.

“Dear Ma,
Kelorr has warned us against spending much more time here, due to the migration of the Thunderlords tribe.
Our hold is two thirds full and soon I will set sail back to you and Rose in Asharan. I plan one final expedition ashore and that will be that. Next year I plan to return and climb one of those mighty peaks I see in the distance."

SS Nightingale was crewed a crew of 50 sailors - Mostly human), provisioned for a six-month trading expedition. Equipped to gather mostly furs and other rare items that the Captain expected to trade well. In addition, the ship is equipped with a royal cartographer, and at least one local hordeborn scout.
The ship was purchased and furnished by North Eagle Trading Company, harbour Stormwind, with a charter to trade in the waters near and around the greater Ashran area, as well as neighbouring regions.
The trading company was established by Mr. Birk and Mr. Bark, a pair that made their fortune in the Northrend expeditions and sought to find more wealth in the new-old lands of Draenor. Unfortunately for them - the loss of SS Nightingale was the start of a row of bad luck and since then the North Eagle Trading Company has fallen from grace (Mr. Bark died due to an unfortunately, unforeseen and completely unavoidable accident)

Starlight has spoken to the mother, the Mr. Birk, found the logbook, investigated the maps and are preparing to set for Frostridge - hoping to find answers for his mother.
Starlight also discovered that the logbook was written in code, referencing the Frostwolf scout by name, and there is ogre tribes in the area.

The logbook:
Maps over Frostridge:
Drawings (by an escaped prisoner)
Frozen trees.jpg
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Re: Lost at sea

#2 Post by Nomine » Thu May 21, 2020 2:15 pm

The outcome of planning.

"People who come, they will need to be prepared to move through.a frozen piece of land, snow, cliffs and lava. This will not be easy and we cannot expect support. We can´t bring mounts as they would risk us "

"If we find any prisoners, we must expect that they are injured, malnourished, too weak to travel. We will need to give emergency medial aid, and to pull them on sleds. The Captain must be the priority."
"What to do if we find prisoners we cannot save...?"

We will start off from Shadowmoon and travel to Nagrand and take a boat from there over to Frostridge and aim to land as close to the Thunderlord clan home: Grom`Gar. We need to move quietly through the country and avoid detection. The closer to their home, them more dangerous it will be. These orcs are known for being driven, working in packs and being skilled at hunting, far more so than your regular orc.

If we don´t find the Captain or traces of him, we will move to the Warmaul ogre citadel and investigate there. This citadel is remains of their empire and far from a small orgre villages that people are used to. We will move across the land, by foot to avoid detection.
We will try to negotiate with an orgre representative if possible, its likely that these ogres are more used to trading and negotiation. Of course, this being a citadel - if things go wrong, it will go badly at a grand scale.

Nomine will secure the ship, he also has a landbased escape if needed - but that will require another long hard trek and the cover story "We are the 9th Royal Expeditionary Force."
Anomen will secure food
Lilliana: will find snowshoes, rope, and wards to protect against the cold (Might be detected by the magically sensitive close by)

We will look for better maps over the local area.

The main supplies will be at the ship, in addition emergency supplies will be carried by all (est. 20 kg. per. person)

We will have two end points:
One at where the ship lands in Frostridge
One where the ship set sail from Nagrand - which one, is chosen at the end. We will all meet up there at the end.

Two leaders,
Operational leader: Where to go, who scouts, when and how to fight. The overall leader. - This leader need to be choosen.
Medical leader: Commands the healers/menders, chooses how to deal with injured Starlight members and or found prisoners. If it is a matter of medical safety, she outranks the operational leader. Irenya will be the medical leader.

Event will start in Nagrand, were we will "ICly" have the ship.
Nomine will not be part of the mission, as I need to GM the event.

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Re: Lost at sea

#3 Post by Nomine » Sun May 24, 2020 7:28 pm

Ic meeting location: (And while there is no ship there, it is a good location in terms of time and IC movement)

Event will take place the 27.05: Starting at 20:00 (If it runs late, there will be good locations ICily, to jump off.)
This event will most likely be a two act: Meaning there is a break planned for the middle.

Standard Nomine rolling system will be used, when needed: - In general I will try to keep dice rolls to a minimum. Some rolls will be spesifically targeted at the two leaders: Operationally: Heartfang - Medical: Irenya.
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Re: Lost at sea - 27.05

#4 Post by Nomine » Thu May 28, 2020 6:48 am

The Starlighters escaped, not without paying a price in blood - their own and the orc`s - but with the broken remnants of a broken man that once used to be Captain Blackwall.
At the Thunderlords there was traces of a mighty army, of grand construction and numerous prisoner/slave pens that had now been emptied out. The prisoners themselves was gone. During the investigation the Thunderlords caught wind of Starlight and a great hunting party was sent to find the Starlighters. Despite Anadelobrin and Tikal leading the vanguard away, a group of perhaps fifty orcs assaulted the main Starlight parties.
After a desperate fight, the combined efforts of people where enough to kill the first fifty and buy enough time for Starlighters to make their escape. Fortunately Chit and Morrigan had taken care of the guards - opening up an escape route. Despite this, there was hours of desperate chase, carrying wounded Starlighters through the snow.

At the end, with the Ogre Capitol between Starlight and the hunting parties, a cave stinking of human filth was found. In there, was the broken remnants of someone who once could have been human. His body and mind broken, surrounded by gnawed upon bones - those of humans and animals alike. A few broken ship parts, empty crates. He reacted badly to his name, starting to wail and hurt himself. One the wall, the name Blackwall has been carved in over and over. He got knocked out, and taken away - with hope that he might perhaps be made into a human once more.

What comes next?
Follow up with the Captain is of course possible. To see what, if any is returned to his mother.

Feedback is very much wanted.
It was a very long event (longer than expected, which is how it sometimes goes)

Did a couple of a "new things"
Firstly - time passed even if people discussed/planned. Like the Thunderlord hunting parties came closer and closer to being released and I tried to give fair warning that something happened. - Did this come across?
Use of the raid flags - skulls to indicate that NPC mobs where approaching - Did it work/was it given enough time.

Moving from location A-B, since this was a long chase, I opted for time-fudging the flight and rather describe what happened, so that people could get a break.

Any killed Humanoids had an effect on the event itself: Like the first patrol being killed increased the pressure and if you had gone to the Frostwolf tribe, the second patrol would also have mattered. Or that guards was killed - which made escape easier.

As an OOC: Had you gone to the Ogre capitol, you would of course also have found something there :)

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Re: Lost at sea - 27.05

#5 Post by Philias » Thu May 28, 2020 6:55 am

I very much liked the added timepressure of approach towards the hidden group by the skull-mark orks.
That was genious and gave the entire thing a 'spur of the moment' feel.
Absolutely commendable! Would love to see that again sometime in the future!
As to the rest of the event: stellar!

Again, well thought through, extremely well executed.
And very much one of the best events so far.
I'm just sorry that i could not attend to the very end!
But next time!!

Kudos to all of you that planned it!
Such a fantastic way to spend an evening♥

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Re: Lost at sea - feedback wanted!

#6 Post by Anomen » Thu May 28, 2020 11:28 am

Quite enjoyed the fact that we not only had the leadership appointed before the event but that we had two leaders both in charge of different things, I feel like that will help a lot with the overwhelming amount of things that can happen at once that makes being a leader quite... interesting. (On my opinion for the few events that Anomen was leading I experienced that so thats my opinion on it)

I agree with the pressure of the time on the approaching orcs but it felt kind of flat to me that Anomen asked twice if he could do something to distract them but didn't get a response from the operational leader, of course it makes sense that stuff gets lost during stress and when a lot of things are coming at once so I wasn't too bothered : P

While it ran a bit long, I have to say that it all went through a building of interest beginning, a suspenseful middle and a shocking yet satisfying conclusion so I absolutely didn't give a damn and was enjoying every moment.
Though I do wonder if you as the GM weren't overwhelmed by it running for that long, Nomine.

All in all, Anomen almost lost his hand and is currently suffering from great pain by reliving his past trauma because of using the powers of his past...
So I'd rate it a 8 out of 10 fingers since two are plugged in his ears!
In all seriousness, wonderful event. Could not imagine a better way to have done it.
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Re: Lost at sea - feedback wanted!

#7 Post by Anadelonbrin » Thu May 28, 2020 1:59 pm

This event ranks among my favourites.

The raid markers were quite helpful.

Operational leadership was hard. I ended up waiting too long for responses to some things, which in turn led to me not giving proper responses to other things - Sorry Anomen! - but considering the size of the group and my general sub-optimal capacity of dealing with text walls, I don't feel disheartened about the things that went wrong. I can definitely see some IC backlash coming Ana's way because of it, but also plenty of potential for character development. It took Ana out of her comfort zone and the same can be said for me as a player. Comfort zones need to be challenged.

The time pressure, while freaking me out, served several purposes in my view.
1) It stopped us from dragging it out further with discussions and prompted action.
2) It made it more exciting. There was a real sense of urgency.
3) It added consequence to both individual and group actions.
4) It helped with immersion and realism. Realistically, a bloodthirsty hunting party is not going to politely have a cup of tea and wait while we deliberate.

As a side note on the leadership role, I feel that the RIPA training was a really good IC and OOC preparation for this. Without it, this event would probably have been messier.

I really look forward to the aftermath of this event.

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Re: Lost at sea - feedback wanted!

#8 Post by Nomine » Thu May 28, 2020 6:22 pm

Thank you for the feedback so far, more is welcome!

For those curious/interested - the event notes are here:

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eX2 ... sp=sharing

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Re: Lost at sea - feedback wanted!

#9 Post by Chit » Thu May 28, 2020 7:11 pm

Really enjoyable event!

Particular highlights - The different small group information gathering mini events, happening over weeks. Small rp is very enjoyable. The use of the patrols (I loved their emotes and descriptions - like being so wrapped up for the cold that they had a limited field of vision!). The war horde bursting out, providing pressure to act. The empty tents telling a story of people here once but now gone. The action of attacking from behind with Morrigan. The idea of appointing 2 leaders was very successful, especially each having separate functions. It also had the side effect of making the briefing far more realistic, with Nomine delegating. I loved the twist in the tail when we finally found William - not what any of us expected at all - always a good thing in an ending.

Thoughts for the future - probably the most frustrating thing for me is knowing that there was other content that we never got to. I think Starlight always spend far too much time on the beginning section (often finding the right place). Do we need training in how to quarter the ground fast? Should we start with an immediate encounter that drives us straight into the thick of the adventure? A separate scouting expedition first to define the target? I don’t know, but I suspect Nomine puts far too much credence in our collective intelligence and ability to pick up on very subtle clues...

For me the adventure really didn’t start til we got to the home of the war horde. And then I had to miss out on the final few minutes. So in 3 acts, 1 felt too long, 2 - exciting and action-packed - 3 felt too short (but then I had to leave shortly into it). Also no chance for post adventure rp. Maybe you could go much more simple, or 2-part?

I’d still rate the whole highly for involvement, sense of place, action and surprises. A lovely little bit of world building, and this will stick in my memory for a long time.

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