Breaching the Distance Feedback

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Breaching the Distance Feedback

#1 Post by Anomen » Wed May 06, 2020 8:51 pm

Hello all, I am posting this to ask the people who went to the event and who are willing to answer to leave some comments here about their thoughts.
Did you like it?
Is there any interest in me trying a similar event on a later date? And if so, are there any suggestions for that hypothetical sequel?
And most important of all... did the time feel well spent?

And to put it down again, thank you everyone that decided to come and I seriously hope that it helped with either getting back in to RP or to build new connections!
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Re: Breaching the Distance Feedback

#2 Post by Aldus » Wed May 06, 2020 8:55 pm

I liked it very much and would like to possibly do something similar again! No suggestions though, sorry.

Most importantly, the time did feel well spent and worth it.

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Re: Breaching the Distance Feedback

#3 Post by Syrawenn » Thu May 07, 2020 6:45 am

I'm happy with how this evening was spent, definitely. Totally worth logging on for. I had the chance to talk to people who might usually not be around when I am and got to talk about subjects that are not often brought up just like that.
I think that for a character like Eileena the structure added safety. It was acceptable to talk about certain things and fears without feeling she was 'taking someone's time'. She's usually better at listening than talking :P
This time was a nice balance, thanks to that structure.

Would I do it again? Yes please.
Suggestions? No, I think the timing of it was great (not too long, not too short). It gave us all a tantalizing tidbit of information that people wanted to know more about. So, that invites more meets and THAT is brilliant :)

Lowered threshold? 10/10.
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Re: Breaching the Distance Feedback

#4 Post by Irenya » Fri May 08, 2020 8:20 am

I enjoyed it :)
Choosing someone to group with was a bit awkward for my character but then again it all worked out fine and I understand that Anomen can hardly know who knows who and to what extent.
In the end, Ire lacked time to interrogate Nomine further :P

Really enjoyed it. Hoping for more social events like this in the future.

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Re: Breaching the Distance Feedback

#5 Post by Chit » Fri May 08, 2020 2:42 pm

I think this was an inspired initiative Anomen. So many of us are not quite sure how to kick start relationships. Some of my most memorable rp conversations have been one-to-one. Often they have been in the 'downtime' of events that happen over several days, where people have been at a campfire guarding a prisoner, or waiting on a hill to observe a flare. Talking to kill time, talk of life the universe and everything, exploring different views on things. Learning about others' history.

I definitely reckon there was a place for this kind of event. And it can be a starter for further conversations. For Irenya to interrogate Nomine some more. For Aldus and Eileena and Chit to get to know each other some more over a cookout...

I think the one-to-one start was particularly good. There's no better way to get to know someone, their thoughts and background. I think having this first was very important. Perhaps 2 x 12 minute segments wasn't long enough (before and after the checkin)? Still it is good to leave people wanting more.

I didn't think you as organiser needed to check in halfway through each phase. Starlight are exceptionally good at developing their own rp, and at about 10-15 minutes the flow was just getting started and then we needed to stop and restart. I totally understood why you did it, as this was a completely new concept which could have gone wrong - and gave you a chance to stimulate any dying conversations - plus you must have been very curious to know what was happening! I think you can probable dispense with this. Trust us, and get to have some of that rp fun by getting into a pair or trio yourself.

When you add a third person to a pair, the dynamic changes. You have two who have just been discussing something - who maybe have developed a tone (perhaps very sad or perhaps sparring and insulting!), and one who doesn't know that background. This stops the smooth flow. If you move to threes, perhaps you could start with new trios so everyone is new to the conversation?

Do conversations need to be stimulated, or can they just start from nothing? Probably some people would have liked something to kick start the conversation. It's a bit like the 20 questions for your character thread on this forum. If doing it again, I reckon a stimulus question and 40 minutes talking, then a change of partner and another stimulus question would be a great evening's rp. The idea being that the stimulus question breaks the ice, and then you go on to other things. Even better if everyone is asked to spend 10 minutes writing a journal or thought or dream afterwards! 1.5 hours character conversation and something written on the forum.

I thought it was great that Nomine got involved. For so many people, they only see him in formal mode at guild meetings where he is the authority. In this it was Nomine the man connecting.

I'm really happy to collaborate if you'd like to? I can think of a bunch of stimulus questions you could choose from? Or if you want to have someone else clock-watching for part of the time while you get involved and have the fun. And I definitely think we should do this on a regular basis. It was great!

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Re: Breaching the Distance Feedback

#6 Post by Anadelonbrin » Sun May 10, 2020 6:17 pm

I enjoyed it a lot.

Agreeing with Chit on splitting up the groups when the groups go from 2 to 3 so the third one doesn't feel like the third wheel/left out of an ongoing conversation.

Could be nice to have something to start with and break the ice, nothing big. And a little bit more time.

The location was nice, but because it was phased and a bit out of the way, a lot of time was spent on just waiting for people to find the phase change NPC and get there. A more accessible area would probably be good. Or warlock summoning.

All in all, I think this was a great event and the kind of RP I really like. One thing that made it extra nice for me as an officer was that I got to talk to someone new without it being an interview situation or trying to solve an issue.

Shows that RP doesn't have to be complicated to be fun. :)

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