Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#31 Post by Chit » Sun Apr 11, 2021 7:01 pm

Sunday 11 April

Update on the week

Please give feedback on events! Use the Events channel on the forum.

- Tis sweet and fitting - Starlight was assigned a 'test job' by Lady Taria Wishock representing the Second Sons, a 'gentleman's club' of Stormwind nobles aiming to do charitable work like feeding the poor, and building a better future. To size up Starlight as potential envoys and ambassadors for the group, Starlight were asked to be couriers for a package of diaries and vials to be taken to a nearby destination, Kennings Lodge. On undertaking this, we were attacked by a disciplined force of 9 well-trained troups using military tactics, who we eventually defeated and killed, having taken severe wounds ourselves. Only one of their number escaped. We found they had stripped themselves of all identification including rings, so that they could not be traced.
- Noblegarden thievery - we made a party to liberate Tauren chocolate eggs and escape with a massive haul of chocolates. Lady Violet won the competition with 173 eggs collected!
- Bunnied! Starlighters found 20 or more bunnies in their homes plus a partial message suggesting a quest to gain treasure. This took us to Darkmoon Faire where we finally found Anomen's daughter Sienna and Czele, guarding a massive chocolate treasure of eggs! An enjoyable and entirely undangerous excursion, much enjoyed by all.
- A Feast for the Stars - The Small Commerce Association held a feast to celebrate Starlight's rescue of Eileena and defeat of Funnelwald. The food/drink turned out to be spiked, causing paranoia and suspicion of fellow Starlighters. A book was discovered with some notes and an apparent antidote to the poison described, which was given to Liathene, who claims no memory of this. Eritis found an imp in the basement of the venue, implying a warlock had recently been there. The feast was tainted with a magical curse of sorts, that causes extreme paranoia, and mistrust which will lead to sabotage and shenanigans, the effects can be triggered at will by the players either using trigger words or actions, or simply if they wish to spice up some RP. Some people did take some of the food with them to share with friends, for example Aila and her spiked Nutterbars so the effects will go around. To be clear; no one is forced to take part, the effects are at your own discretion and triggers. But anyone who ate a Nutterbar at this meeting is infected, and anyone who spreads the infection please tell the person you spread it to. The book out there says the antidote to the magical effects can only be made in the moonlight on the 25th day of the 4th month. So the event will conclude with a brief piece of RP at the end of the guild meeting in 2 weeks.

Upcoming events

- Ongoing rp - Poisoned with paranoia - see above, eat one of Ailu's nutterbars if you want to make your own rp on this. Finishing 25 Apr with the antidote.
- Tues 13 Apr 20.05 - SciFi movie night - you have two votes as usual. See the forum for trailers of each of the movies and how to vote, here: viewtopic.php?f=89&t=1505&p=9917&sid=97 ... 94d8#p9917
- Friday 16 Apr - 20.00 - Storytellers' Initiative - a discord chat for those interested in events. We'll talk about the events we ran, the use of the spotlight soliloquy, and explore further how to drive the 3 kinds of agency - agency of players, agency of storyteller, and health of rp.
- Sat 17 Apr - 15.00 - Retrieval! - Francis is asking for help.
"I do not know who t-to ask for help in this delicate m-matter. But h-here i am. Out of o-options.
Something of mine has been stolen, and a l-letter left in its stead."
You want your precious back, but you can't find it. Your eyes will be blind to that what you seek. Await further instructions. They will come soon.
What's this about: Retrieval of bodyparts (but not the human kind) in a Scavenger hunt that will have the Starlighters running around Stormwind. Knowledge of the city is beneficial!
- Mon 19 Apr - 20.00 - Cocktail Hour, meeting up for another live chat on Discord!
- Sat 24 Apr 20.00 - The next part of the Red Sorceress event chain Catchup - A few weeks ago, we had an assassination attempt at a guild meeting, leading to Lady Violet being incapacitated in the hands of an evil sorceress. We quested to pull out the cursed blade that was used, then fought against the Red sorceress herself, but she slipped through our fingers, though we managed to win Lady Violet herself back. The Red sorceress gave hints at having been around for a long time, and people like her always leave traces. Up in the Howling Fjord, there has been a "mess", without going into details, as they were not good. After following the tracks, and those magical echos in the world. It seems like she has been after something, and found it - as somebody fitting her description has booked passage to Kul Tiras. We need to follow her tracks and be on the attack, rather than having her come to us.
- Tues 27 April 20.00 - Second Sons part 2 - The next piece of work, is the Second Sons needing us to aid them in their work at building peace and prosperity in Hillsbrand Valley. More information to come, but the client hinted at this working being a bit more fraught with danger, mentioning the danger of Horde extremists.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#32 Post by Chit » Sun Apr 25, 2021 7:49 pm

Sunday 25 April

Update on the week

- The red-haired sorceress - Visiting a village in Drustvar where reports of Red had been received, a scouting trip found the village under a magical pall, with disappearances, a new gravedigger and many on the outskirts of the village having fled. At the graveyard there was evidence of necromancy, a ritual circle inscribed with runes, and a mansion occupied by a crooked man who muttered something about pleasing the Mistress. A couple of nights later, we mounted an attack on the mansion with an explosion that drew off rising undead, while we dispatched a patrolling construct and broke the rune to enter the mansion and confront the crooked servant. The servant was killed before revealing information, and the sorceresse animated his body to tease Violet and challenge her with a riddle. "Find me in the lands that lay high, where wings blocked out the sun and the light and darkness reigned. There we will end this..."

Upcoming events

- Tues 27 Apr - 20.00 - Tis sweet and fitting - the Second Sons have given Starlight a second, and well-paid job. This is a scouting mission and charitable mission in the vicinity of Tarren Mill in Southshore. Meet at Dun Garok.
- Date TBA - Lady Blackbeard - Tabletop rp conducted by voice over Discord - See Discord for the date and the details.
- Mon 3 May - Cocktail Hour - 20.00 - where we come together to discuss guild matters via Discord. See the Cocktail Hour menu for the content - which includes changes to the Discord server; working on building upon the good community support we have, and making it a place that feels welcoming - even on tired days, and thinking about /planning upcoming Starlight IRL meet ups.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#33 Post by Nomine » Sun May 23, 2021 8:04 pm

The 23.05.2021

Meeting Log.

Second Son`s

[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Firstly, lets look at the week that has just been. As most know by now, we have been entangled with the Second Son`s, a group of what seems like extremists that want to build a better future - one without anyone from the horde still part of this world.

We stopped a shipment of poisoned fish, one going to Tarren Mill, two more got stopped from reaching their destination. One of em was stopped by somebody unknown to us
We got word about a large shipment about to leave Stormwind harbor, going on a ship belonging to the Golden Dawn shipping company. So last night Starlight went down to the harbor to stop the poisoned fish from ever ending up in horde mouths. Can some of ya say a few words about how it went?

[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: I know not much of what happened below deck but...
Lvmi-ArgentDawn fidgets.
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: Uhm. Well. We did stop the shipment! We blew it up.
...but the ship kind of blew up. And got cannoned. And sunken.

[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: However, we seem to be safe from what I gathered.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I reckon that´s whats called a Stormwind Harbour Hat Trick.
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: And they might know our faces and be a little angry.
[Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: Was it still in harbour? We gonna get any trouble with the port authorities?
[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: The crew has almost all been detained because of the fact that they hid their cannons and more issues. If luck is with us, I won't even run in to any trading issues from this.
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: Yes, it was still in the harbor... but I don't think we'll have trouble from authorities.

[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: The port authorities don´t take kindly to ships having concealed an loaded canons in port. Was the port authorities that cannoned the ship by the way. Reckon they prefer to sink it, rather than running the risk of letting the fire on it spread.
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: Mmh. I don't think the authorities have any idea we had something to do with the fire...
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Ya saw if the crew was arrested by regular guards or somebody else Eritis?

[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: Seemed to just be the usual group of guards to me.

[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: The crew on the ship, did they seem to be "in the know?"
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: About the cargo, you mean?
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Ay, or the Second Son`s
[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: They seemed to be quite, well... adamant on their stance towards the Horde after Violet poked them.
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: They seemed to at least know to treat the cargo with secrecy, I think....
[Viôlet-ArgentDawn]: They also seemed to feel the need to conceal their cannons with magic. And I do not think it was known by the harbormaster that they even had any. Good riddance I say.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I reckon the key to what comes next is the captain or any of the other officers on the ship, I would not be surprised if they either gets sprung from prison or suffer an "accident" while under guard.

[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: How well do ya reckon Starlight is exposed? Any of em pick ya out, or so?
[Viôlet-ArgentDawn]: Well they seem to know me.
[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: I only dropped my own name, nothing about Starlight.

[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I expect we are exposed then, so reckon the Second Son´s will react, an I reckon we will need to strike too. Say what we want about the horde, but as it is - we got a peace now, an I rather keep the armistice, than seeing other living creatures twist and turn as they die from poison. Will keep the captain under watch, except our eyes won´t be the only ones.
Any questions or comments?
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: As long as they don't get along with the ones who are after Lady Violet, then we can most likely assume they don't know us too well yet.
Nomine: Thank ya all for the good work though. Can´t have been easy, an even better for nobody having died during the job.
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: I think everyone, crew included, got out safely enough!
[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: And hey, they will definitely be safe with all the guards surrounding them, right?

[Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: Depends how honest the guards are...
Lylieth-ArgentDawn speaks bluntly, a matter of factly so.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Not one bit, I reckon. Easy to kill a fella in a prison, ya could call em a trapped audience.

OOC information: The follow up will take place on Discord, which gives a bit more flexibility in terms of being the GM, and locations! Date to come.

Dealing with Assassins

[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: Now then, we followed up on the lead Dmitry managed to get on the assassins who were after Eritis previously. They were, as expected, at the Legerdemain's Lounge in Dalaran. We managed to talk them up to a private space with Preston Brianshaw, who came as a backup. I first tried to lure them into accepting a deal to assault a made up person "Alice", in order to get them somewhere we could question them better. However they were quickly onto us, and we knew to expect their suspicion, as we knew they most likely knew those involved with Starlight. But we took the risk.

[Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: Oi thought the idea was to use someone who wasn't in Starlight or well known to question them?

[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: That was my plan as well, but then something changed along the way, and I found myself standing in front of two rather foul-mouthed specimens.
[Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: 'Somethin'?
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: We can discuss the fluid nature of Starlight's strategies later.

[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Sometimes the pieces don´t fall like we line em up, nature of the beast. Reckon key is is the results.
[Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: Gives ye time to think up some.....

Viôlet-ArgentDawn seems to stiffen up with every heartbeat that passes. More and more. She is uncomfortable and it is visible. "So... what did you find out? Was anyone harmed?"
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: Now, after they initiated their attack, me and Brianshaw fought back. Thankfully Shienlao was not far and could come to aid. We managed to pin them down, and disarm them.

[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: We found a letter and a notebook, now handed to Lord Protector. In the notebook was a detailed description of all the members of Starlight and their movements, habits and whereabouts.

[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: All the members? All of them?
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: Lord Protector might be able to confirm that, as I do not know all the members.
[Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: Did they get a hold o'a register o'somethin'?
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: That's unbelievably impressive...
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Reckon that outlines a fair bit of what needs to come next. If they got tails or information on so many.. I will have a look to see how complete it is, or how up to date it is. An then I will share it with ya all.
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: In the letter someone had signed "C.E." told they had done as instructed, and were holding some "stone" secure and guarded, wearing it around their neck.
[Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Oh, it.. We should keep a copy to give new members, I guess.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: A fair point Stoen.

[Viôlet-ArgentDawn]: C.E? May I... may I see that letter?
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: What? I don't want people knowing my habits!

[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: To be fair, I don't want people to know what I do every part of the day...

[Stoen-ArgentDawn]: Wait, it.. Stone? Can they listen in on our guild stones, is.. is that how they, it..?
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: The guildstones are safe Stoen, that I feel very confident about
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: Lord Protector has the letter now, I'm sure you will be allowed to see it. I am in fact hoping you might be able to tell the sender from it.
Viôlet-ArgentDawn doesn't even waste a breath, as she gets up, striding towards Nomine, looking at him expectantly.

[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: The parchment was expensive, and there's a seal on it.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn peers at the letter, and the wax seal.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Reckon thats a coat of arms ay.
Eritis-ArgentDawn 's hand just unceremoniously falls to the ground, the elf glancing at it before putting it back at his side.

[Stoen-ArgentDawn]: It.. Who puts seals on their secret spy documents?
Nomìne-ArgentDawn offers the letter to Lady Violet after having looked at it
Barathean-ArgentDawn has smoothly left unexplained what happened to his hair. He thinks he can get away with it.
Lylieth-ArgentDawn closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, more than one in fact.

[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Somebody overly confident, an that is a good thing.
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: Maxwell, you said you needed patching up? Are you alright?
Viôlet-ArgentDawn looks at just the seal, as she somehow seems to deflate a bit, her shoulders sinking. She reads over the lines on the parchment, her filigree fingers trailing over the embellishment on the parchment. "House Emberpath..."
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Old friends, heh.
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: I mean, I could-- You know, if needed!
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: What do ya mean Lumi?
Lvmi-ArgentDawn motions towards Maxwell.
Barathean-ArgentDawn points at his cheek, and the side of his head with the bruising left from a fist. "I would gladly welcome some extra patching up. The barbershop wasn't all that efficient on that end."
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: I still have questions about that…

Viôlet-ArgentDawn shuffles around in her pouch, looking for something, for quite a while. Finally pulling out a delicate little card - made from the same kind of parchment, embellished with the same coat of arms, sealed with the same sigil. "C.E. Cerulian Emberpath.", »
Barathean-ArgentDawn looks to Violet.
Viôlet-ArgentDawn » she mumbles, handing both the letter and the invitation to Nomine.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: An can ya please explain who the Emberpath is Lady Violet
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: I will take my seat now.

[Viôlet-ArgentDawn]: He's a Lord, one of the grander houses of Dalaran nobility. A fellow Kirin Tor. A mage, and a grand one at that. I would have considered us distant aquaintances... Hence the invitation.
[Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: And he's sendin' the assassins?
[Viôlet-ArgentDawn]: Given that one of them had that letter... the assumption lies close. That means something else, too. I may have put myself into exile. But they -know- where I am. And I can't hide. And neither can't Starlight.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I think it is very clear that we need to strike back. How is the status of the assassins?
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: We have imprisoned them in Dalaran at a safe house. Both were unconscious and bound, and guarded, as we I left them.
[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: Are they, now?
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Reckon we should make one of them believe we tortured an killed the other, then accidentally let him "escape", then trail him.
[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: I still have a little 'gift' one of them gave me I might have to return...
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: But they were just hired hands, Nomine.

[Viôlet-ArgentDawn]: The best shot we got. I doubt you could make one of them talk... there is nothing we could do to them, that -she- couldn't do but a thousand times worse.
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: Clearly this noble is at more fault.
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: They were both certain they will be killed as soon as word gets out of what happened today.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Interesting to see where they run Lumi, an if they go back to the client or not. Ain´t saying we need to kill one of em.
[Lvmi-ArgentDawn]: Why would they go to the client? Surely they'd just run to hide, likely in the Underbelly.
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: I have to agree with Miss Lumi.
[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: If they know where we are, I most certainly assume the client would find them.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Of course, we could also just let the sender of the letter hear a rumour about em having spilled the beans - but just claim they spilled the beans to somebody else, say the Second Son´s.

[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: Then we could get two things in one go.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: But well, lets keep em for now, prepare for a potential incursion at the safe house, an ay. reckon so Maxwell
[Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: Or we unify two enemies against us.
Viôlet-ArgentDawn rubs her long fingers over her eyes - she is clearly thinking, hard. Seemingly very concerned about keeping her breath steady.
[Barathean-ArgentDawn]: Also possible.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: I doubt thats a risk Lylieth, they seem to have very different goals.
Lylieth-ArgentDawn seems to have calmed down, looking less annoyed.
[Lylieth-ArgentDawn]: But they have a common goal o'hatin' us. Both o'them.
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: We ain´t the target for the Second Son´s, their goal is building the future an so. We are just in the way. An the ones after Lady Violet, got a personal sort of goal.
Lylieth-ArgentDawn gives an almighty sigh, deciding to keep quiet.
[Viôlet-ArgentDawn]: Why would they try to lure me to that ball?
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: If Lady Violet got killed by the Second Son´s, it would go directly against her enemy´s goal
[Viôlet-ArgentDawn]: It is happening, half of Dalaran is speaking about nothing else - they can't just go after me in the middle of the Kirin Tor. Why do that?
[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: Where else is the best part to expose someone in some scandal and turn others against them?
[Eritis-ArgentDawn]: From what it seems to me, their goal is to break you down entirely.

If you got the sigil from the assassin, all wear the brooch you could still technically find something out about that.
A few more steps are planned, and chances for people to get involved.

OOC stuff:

There will be a SL tabletop group with the focus:
Simple to play,
Simply to join, - including not complicated rules,
Voice RP over Discord.
Will post the 3 options for people to vote upon sometime during the 24.05.

For Tuesday Movie Watching the 2nd of June, the theme will be Sci-fi.

Competition: More entries are allowed, if there is multiple entires the judge(s) will select our favorite among them and select based on that. So each person can only win one prize.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#34 Post by Chit » Sun Jun 06, 2021 6:55 pm

Guild meeting Sunday 6 June 2021

Update on the week

- Tuesday & Saturday - Lord Emberpath - scouting and ball. Previously, Eritis was attacked by assassins with a black and red sigil; they were captured and interrogated. We learned that the Red Sorceress has a small band of killers, mercenaries, and mages in her employ. Lord Emberpath being one, a mage. We learned that the Red Sorceress has made a necklace, with a soulstone in it - holding a sliver of her soul and life energy. This is held by Lord Emberpath. Should her body be destroyed, she could use the soulstone to take possession of another body. We also learned that she can see through the eyes of those working for her, using smaller gemstones that are "implanted" in the victim's skin. Lord Emberpath had invited Lady Violet to a ball which allowed us access. Knowing that other nobles would be there, and that Lady Violet was up to the challenge of making all eyes be drawn to her, while we slipped into the private rooms, we used the ball as cover for infiltration. After treading a magical maze of rooms we met an illusion of Lord E which set us a challenge of overcoming a horrible Beast. We achieved this, saved a servant named Leslie, and Lord E was happy for us to pick up Red's soulstone necklace. Now we have to investigate the necklace and meet Lord E to find out what his stake in this game is.

Future events
- Tues 8 June 20.05 Sci Fi Movie madness! You have 2 votes on the forum as usual - Forbidden Planet, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Them! The Fly, They live.
- Weds 9 June 20.00 Wings of a feather. A small group meetup to work with the young offspring of Eritis' hippogryph companion Rosy. Help socialise them and learn to play nice with all races. Maybe you will form a bond... Limited to 5 people. Further evenings are planned for repeat visits or new visitors.
- Thurs 10/Tues 15 20.00 Tabletop rpg on Discord - Set up for Monsterhearts. We will be starting up a SL group, playing the tabletop game "Monsterhearts" - where a group of 6 max play a teenage monster. (Puberty and discovering that you are a werewolf/vampire/Ghost etc, hard drama fun drama!) Nomine will start with two options for a night where he introduces the rules and you create your character - you can rules/games introductions. The first session will be on Thursday 10 at 20:00, the next on Tuesday 15 at 20.00 - no need to sign up for these. You'll sign up once the game(s) start. They should last a bit over one hour. No prep is needed, and you only have to attend one of the two dates, if you decide it's not for you, you don't have to continue.
- Sun 13 June 20.00 Second Sons: Tis Sweet & Fitting - Discord rp.
A few quick notes about the session:
It will not be played like one long event, rather it will be structured around several smaller episodes.
Several episodes may go on with different characters, at the same time. This to help avoid overloading/and stress.
One example of such a scene can be "Spying on a Second Sons' meeting", or "Meeting with the horde you saved from poisoned fish".
The general theme of the whole event, is the Second Sons reacting to what has happened lately, with shipments of fish being destroyed, ship ruined, etc.
The captain of the ship we sank (when it was due to transport poisoned food to the Horde for the Second Sons) has been released from prison. The crew is 'being sent to a prison in Darkshire due to overcrowding in the Stockades' - which we suspect to be a cover - and that they will be 'shot during an escape attempt'. SL plans to prevent this and rescue them - in return for details on the Second Sons operation. No Stormwind guards should be injured in this endeavour; probably the Second Sons will insert their own butchers as guards, possibly changing guard part way.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#35 Post by Chit » Sun Jun 20, 2021 6:43 pm

Guild meeting Sunday 20 June 2021

Update on the weekk

- Second Sons event stream. The captured Captain and crew of the ship that was blown up by the Stormwind authorities after Starlight caused an explosion that destroyed a shipment of poisoned food for the Horde sent by the Second Sons had been held in the Stockades, due to their ship being equipped with magically concealed cannon. The Captain was released, and the crew were to be transferred to a non-existent prison in Darkshire - which Starlight believed to mean they would be eliminated, ie "shot while escaping". The Captain was released with two Stormwind guards to escort her to the Keep where she was due to meet someone. On exiting the Stockades, a large number of shadowy figures, apparently working in coordination, seemed to target the Captain and guards. Starlight took out and confused this opposition sufficiently for the guards and Captain to reach the Keep. After waiting impatiently for some time the Captain attempted to send a message to her contacts. Enter a 'messenger' wearing armour under their clothes who was NOT the messenger promised by the guards; the Captain's message via this intelligence gathering third party was intercepted by Anadelonbrin and was addressed to Maud Gonne. Trailing the Captain to her destination revealed that the Captain met with Taria Wishock and a warlock addressed as Charlemagne; their combined intent seemed to be to silence the Captain but Starlight were unable to ascertain if this had been carried out. Meanwhile, other Starlighters tracked the prison wagon containing the crew to Westfall en route to Duskfall. At Westfall the Stormwind Guards were replaced by mercenaries who Starlight later learned had instructions to fire arrows into the prison wagon and leave the bodies as if shot while resisting arrest. Starlight stopped the wagon on the Westfall to Duskwood bridge by causing the wheel to come off and blocking the way with a dragon in front and a yak in back. The mercenaries were dealt with and gave up information on their job. Our plan is to pursue Charlemagne who is operating within Stormwind with fel arts and wards - clearly an unsavoury character.

- The case of the cursed doll. A while ago a courier girl we know got attacked by a cursed doll she was transporting. Starlight down a gnome from whom we got a name "Alexander Brumas", that might lead us to the Altair Gelthin - who seems to be behind sending the doll. At Westfall we tracked down Brumas who is a traveller who stays at Westfall on his travels, renting a room from the guard at Westfall Tower. We found him staying at a then-empty apartment. On arriving there we were alerted by a crash, and found the poor man on the floor, having hit his head...
While aiding him, we noticed an odd smell in the air that seemed to be eminating from a vase. Whatever poison was there got everyone inside lightheaded and caused Brumas to enter his worgen state and attack. Nomine who had not entered the room was able to hold him long enough for other Starlighters to exit the room and recover themselves. Not without difficulty we subdued Brumas and brought him to his senses. Being a friend of Gelthin, Brumas found our description of him unfitting... he suspects someone else is behind all this. The cursed doll, the poison...
So, while he is arranging for us to meet Gelthin ourselves, he's staying in Stormwind... for safety and for us to keep an eye on him. We believe the aim was to cause Brumas to run amock as a worgen within Westfall and for him to be put down by the guard thus cutting our lead to Gelthin. Our next step is to meet with Gelthin.

Upcoming events

- Sat 24 June - event to be posted by Nomine on Wednesday - this will either be a standalone or in the Second Sons series. Themes: Taking action, doing good/dealing a blow against "evil", dealing with opposition

- Sat 3 July 14.30 - watching 'In the Heights' together - our Feel Good movie slot. 'In The Heights' is the new movie with music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and the book by Quiara Alegría Hudes.

- Tues 5 July 20.05 Tuesday Fantasy Movie Madness - your choice of Fantasy movies! Watch for the link in events-planning to cast your two votes!

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#36 Post by Chit » Sun Jul 04, 2021 8:48 pm

Guild meeting Sunday 4 July 2021

Update on the week

- Action from Cocktail Hour - We had a social update and posed the question to everyone present 'What should the guild as a whole do to develop?' - a question for every member as well as the officer team. Anomen came up with the idea that Starlight could focus on inclusion, especially with members who are quieter or less often seen, making the guild more welcoming and engaging for all - this found a lot of positive support, so we have adopted it as our focus for the next month. What can you do to ensure all our members have positive chances at rp? Is there a person you would like to approach to rp with and form a stronger connection?
- New short writing competition - Food and the Protagonist (Your character) - eg Food and Chit. Get creative! Details here.
viewtopic.php?f=89&t=1621&sid=4b14c5113 ... 1b48#p9988
- Storytellers' discussion - Find the write-up here (thanks Anadelonbrin!)
viewtopic.php?f=89&t=1595&sid=4b14c5113 ... 1b48#p9992
We discussed our learning about Discord events, and also how we can help Storytellers feel good about the events they run - this is crucial to Storyteller morale and their willingness to put in all the work of creating more events! Running an event involves hours of preparation and stressful - how can we make it rewarding so we get more events?!
One suggestion has already been acted upon: We've created a Starlight Log in the WoW/In character part of the forum.
The aim is for each event to have a player-scribe appointed, who will write up the event afterwards. This can be in character, in their own voice, and offer the character's biased viewpoint, although the facts should be there. (Other people who were there can also respond in the Log.)
- Not by bone, not by blood, not by fire. See the entry for the event in the Starlight Log here!
viewforum.php?f=196&sid=4b14c51136ecdce ... b51d031b48
- Archdruid Lishandriell - friend of Violet - feels indebted to Starlight and has offered to be a shield to Starlight though not under Starlight's orders. She sees her role as protection: "By bonds of debt for now I am your shield, but I am not your blade to wield." (Violet is inhabiting her alt for a time.)

Upcoming events
- Tues 6 July 20.00
- Fantasy movie madness, you have 2 votes, find the link in Event Planning on Discord - act fast!
- Monsterhearts - time being negotiated; if you have an urge for tabletop rp as a high school ghoul, vampire, werewolf or other monster (or human) going through the perils of puberty with monster powers as a kicker, contect Nomine - additional players welcome - talk to Nomine!
- Second Sons - attempted murder of the crew - Starlight needs to deal with the erstwhile crew of the Second Sons' ship that was carrying poisoned fish supplies to the Horde. We discussed what to do with the crew who were under arrest by the Stormwind guard. The Second Sons arranged to have them transported and murdered as a result of a staged 'prison break'. We rescued the prisoners and discussed what to do with them - we need to have a plan in place as Lumi was instrumental in stopping the prison transport and could be accused of orchestrating a prison break. We decided to offer crew members a choice: to be set free in Freehold where they will have to fend for themselves and evade the Second Sons - or we will offer them protection in a safe house if they act as witnesses against the Second Sons. We will be holding an interview with the mercenary who was caught before he could execute the prisoners - volunteers needed. Date to be set.
- Second Sons - executing the Warlock - there is a powerful and well-connected warlock associated with the Second Sons who is conducting human sacrifices in the heart of Stormwind. This needs to be stopped. We discussed a tight, hard-and-fast operation; how to deal with the wards and enter; the need to secure the exits; how to deal with a fel-construct guard near the entrance; and how to detain the warlock and prevent him from portalling away or draining the life force of his servants. As many powerful objects are likely to be found in the warlock's house, one person will be designated to hold any items collected. A date for the operation is to be arranged.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#37 Post by Chit » Sun Jul 18, 2021 6:28 pm

Guild meeting Sunday 18 July

We welcome Othorion to the guild! A demon hunter who has helped us with missions, introduced by Lumi. Read his introduction here. viewtopic.php?f=85&t=1625&sid=684c23a68 ... 009#p10005

Update on the week

- Cleansing the valley: Mistweavers unite! After the destruction of a fel portal and dangerous fel-beast in an earlier event, we had tried cleansing part of the valley of the fel taint. This week we returned in force with New Magic - a combination of Mistweaving by Pol, Aila, Shienlao imbued with Cenarion salve prepared by Anadelonbrin and Eritis, to roll a healing cloud the length of the fel-infested valley. Ana's drake Rath and her wind-raising powers helped to drive the process. Magnificent team work; we will be watching the healing process carefully over the forthcoming weeks.

- Aid for the Blackwells Initial work was carried out to do the most urgent repairs to restore the home of the Blackwells after it was seriously damaged in the undead plague. A supplies trip was planned to fetch other materials needed. Additional work will be done on Thursdays until such time as the building is inhabitable and the Blackwells can move in.

- Socialising Eritis's hippogryphs - after the success of the first event to work with the young and growing birds, Eritis provided another opportunity to get to know these younglings, and help them become familiar with a variety of races. A relaxed and enjoyable evening took place. Eritis has offered to arrange visits for anyone who wants to get to know the birds better.

- Monsterhearts online tabletop rp - From an OOC perspective, we have done some monsterhearts 2 this weekend. The town and the school has been fleshed out, so we are ready to start playing. We will be playing in the real town "Hurricane" in West Virginia USA, which we researched. They have a post office called Tornado, a golf course called "Sleepy Hollow", and a giant Guns & Pawn shop... It's that sort of town. So, it aims to be real fun, playing teenage monsters - in high school. We aim for each session to run on Discord for about 3 hours. More people are welcome to join of course! We can bring you up to speed :)

Upcoming events

- Tuesday 20 June 20.00 Second Sons - Strike the Warlock - We will strike against one of Second Son's highly ranked members, a warlock who engages in human sacrifices. Within Stormwind's walls. Thanks to Heartfang's identification of his home, we have found a servant girl that had worked for him. She got fired about three years ago, so her information isn't recent, but she spoke about a man that had grown more and more occupied with his "studies", first withdrawn, then more and more erratic, asking for strange things. She got fired when she refused to bring him a specific order of "three healthy cats, two dogs, but three would be better." It was not the first time he asked for animals to be brought. He is now served by a strange pale couple, who appear not to be the servant kind. Apparently he has bought out the basements of the two adjoining houses, so the complex is larger within that it appears outside. There appear to be changing doorways, guarded with wards which make people approaching them sick to the stomach. And he 'built' some rat like creatures capable of attacking and rusting a complete set of metal armour. On this job, take no risks, kill when you can.

- Wednesday 21 July 20.00 - Lady Violet - Starlight strike at Emberpath's cultist encampment. Lady Violet is intending to attack alone, supposedly so as not to bring Starlight into harm. The Archdruid Lishandriel encourages Starlight to protect her from doing such a foolhardy thing. We will gather a small force at the location, aiming to support her solo attack.

- Saturday 31 July 20.00 - Lightbringer. A shard of purity has to be returned to its home in Silvermoon City. For that to happen, it needs to be handled by somebody who can do so without risk. But that person could be in danger, because there are other interested parties also after the shard. Instructions to come, with the shard. We will need to take safety precautions; warlocks, cultists, or those of an evil nature cannot tread there. Further instructions will be posted in Discord event-planning. This is a Light based event.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#38 Post by Tikál » Sun Aug 01, 2021 8:32 pm

Strike at Emberpath
A small team of Starlight (Chit, Eritis, Nomine and Lylieth) found a massacre sight.
Almost no one at all survived the attacks, with luck the team found one survivor who managed to pass on information before his wounds took him.
With further investigation the team found children who had escaped the attack and were freed by someone matching Violets description. The children had collars around their necks.
Eventually Violet was found inside a cathedral, but unfortunately she fled when she sighted the team.

The Kirin Tor have signed a death warrant for Lord Emberpath, who is now deceased, it’s unclear if the Kirin Tor know this yet tho.
Collars with Starlight names were recovered from the massacre before the authorities were informed of the situation.
When it comes to Lady Violet, we must be aware that Kirin Tor might choose to put a death warrant after her too, after all, she has been tied with Lord Emberpath, she has killed an will kill again.

In addition, she is very much under the influence of magical abuse, the near addiction it brings with it. So approach with extreme caution, not alone, an be mindful of the danger. We want what is best for her, that does not mean she is able to see or understand that.
She is trapped in her own mind, and her fears. Fear cuts deeper than the blade.

The Second Sons

We knew the warlock was behind human sacrifices here in Stormwind, an fairly highly ranked in the second Sons.
Well... Turns out his hideout was much larger on the inside than it would have appeared.
spent quite a while traversing all of that!

He also had the place well trapped, but we made our way without much problem.
We found a hidden nook, where said warlock who had been conducting a summoning ritual!
And apparently perished to whatever he summoned.

As for the being he summoned.... I have NO idea what it was. It was being held captive by a force field, which we then, uh, popped...
Anyway, warlock is dead, fel beings are dead, authorities were informed so they could clean up. Happy ending!

Firstly, the authorities has yet to take over the Warlocks building... As it happens, the wards on the building has been strenghtened
Rather, I plan for us to use the building.

On behalf of the Warlock, invite the leaders of the Second Sons there, to vitness the success of his endavours, his crowning achivement.
We will need many of you to play a part in that case, to help sell the illussion, until we know that all the key people are in place.
Which regretably means one thing in particular, most likely for you Othorion, as you are likely the most convincing "Summoned Demon" we got...
Within two weeks, time is of the essence, also some rumours must be spread an such, with bit more work.

As part of this, I also wish to release some of the sailors in Stormwind, make the Second Son´s feel the heat.
One of the poisoned fish shipments will be returned to "our" second Son connection too.
Just one problem with that...

That fish has now been left outside, in shipping barrels for close to a month, the smell is rather "noticable"
So, that is how we strike back, lure em inn to a meeting, make em feel the preasure, then we capture em, ideally after having had them admit their plans in the presence of one or more undercover guards.
I will come to it, just one last thing before. We got hired to bring a shard back to its home. A matter of light.
This has now been brought home, as time was off the essence, by two other skilled hands.
have been hired to handle a deep-water problem

Apparently it is mightly long, thick an sort of blueish black. With a tendency of grabbing hold of ships an pulling em down.
Might be some swining, an hey, not unlikey that there is potential for getting a tan too
But lets bring plenty of underwater potions, an well, also long spears.
It is one of those well paying jobs, as we are hired by insurance agents. So would not claim it is doing something for good.

The 13th there will be another one of Bertel´s poetry gatherings, the 122nd I believe

Voting for Tuseday Movie Madness is up! So please cast your vote on this months horror theme
[Nomìne-ArgentDawn]: Happy to answer any spesific questions anyone has about the movies, I know some like to know who survives etc, in a horror movie
If you only ever do what you can do, you will never be more than what you already are.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#39 Post by Chit » Tue Aug 17, 2021 7:35 pm

Guild meeting 15 August 2021

We welcomed a new member, Yanjun Xuanwu from Pandaria, raised on his parents' farm in the Valley of the Four Winds which is now run by his big brother and sister. He lives in a small settlement on the beach in The Deepwild on the coast of Kraserang, where there is good hunting and fishing. He is a skilled archer and enjoys travelling, making coin by performing music and poems. His instrument is the erhu, a prized possession given to him by his uncle on his fifteenth birthday.

Update on the week

- Monsterhearts has held its first session! This is tabletop rp held over Discord, we are playing a selection of teen monsters at an American high school in the town of Hurricane, West Virginia. New players welcome, and we will bring you up to speed in this very simple system. You might be secretly a vampire, werewolf, fae, ghoul (or a range of other monsters); you might be human and attracted to monsters (think Xander in Buffy). What's for sure is you are suffering through high school, puberty - and perhaps coming into your powers... Each episode is complete in itself so new players are welcome at any point, Nomine can DM a max of 6 people at a time, so it'll depend on who is available who comes.

Upcoming events

- Monday 16 Aug 2030 - Award ceremony for Bertel Wobblespring - last Friday was the 122nd Poetry Gathering run by our friend Bertel. In recognition of this service on Monday the Royal Court will honour him with the Order of Chivalry and Meritorious Conduct. Call for all friends of Bertel and his poetry to gather at the Stormwind Keep in appreciation of his contribution to civilised town life!

- Friday 20 Aug 2000 - A mighty long tentacle. Starlight has been hired by an insurance company to deal with a danger to ships they have insured.Lately more than the normal number of ships have been lost at sea due to "disturbances of a long and unnatural shape". Due to the tides and some unforeseen delays loading up cargo, the merchant ships will set sail this Friday, and therefore we need to be at work then too. We think that this may be some kind of tentacled creature - likely a very large creature as observers have reported a long object, longer than a ship. Our job is simple, to ensure that the merchant fleet can pass the dangerous section of sea safely.

- Tuesday 7 Sept 2005 - Movie Madness theme will be 'Criterion' - movies chosen from the extensive Criterion collection of quality movies. Vote for your two favourites - details will be up soon.

- Competition! Medieval bedtime story or drawing of a character for a story
We are holding a competition for both writers and artists. You can write a medieval children's bedtime story OR draw a character for a bedtime story (or both if you are multi-talented). As a guideline, write something that a person living in the World of Warcraft world might read to their children, to soothe them and get them to sleep (rather than scare them awake!). Similarly draw a character that you could talk about to children. Feel free to add some notes about the character you've drawn, how you would talk about it. Deadline is midnight on 18 September.
Details and prizes will be posted on the forum.

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