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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#1 Post by Chit » Mon Jul 27, 2020 6:36 pm

Monday 27 July 2020

Ooc information

* Writing competition on the theme ‘Old Age’ ends this Saturday – get your entry in! Prizes are character art, 50,000 gold and game time.
*Documentary on our late guild member Mats Steen and his online life. This Thursday at 20.00 we’ll host a call with the film-maker on SL Discord where he can explain his approach, the project and answer questions. (We’ll also have a later call just for ourselves on the same topic to discuss.) Talk to Nomine if you want a link to see his previous work. (The Painter and the Thief documentary is recommended.) Subtitles in English.
* Tuesday Movie Madness – we’ll have a more limited programme of collective movie watching in August, perhaps 1-2 films a month. First topic is ‘Leather and Lace’, date tba. The choice of movies will be up soon under events - when logged into the forum you have 2 votes!
* Housecleaning in SL. We want to have a clean up – Ana having done a heroic job of reviewing membership, we find we have a whole lot of inactive characters in the guild, mostly as explorers, some who came to a guild meeting once and never reappeared, some who are alts who appear to have fallen out of use. As a first step we are giving a week’s notice that we are going to remove all characters who have not been played in 2 months. If you have an alt that would qualify that you want to restart playing, just log them on in the next week. Obviously if characters are removed, it doesn’t mean they can’t be reinstated in the future! So don’t be alarmed if you see people being kicked. We will also review ranks, making a couple of new ones and killing a couple of old ranks, and moving people from ranks they have but no longer play on, like Pathfinders who are no longer active in that role.

Ic reports from last week

* Anomen’s social – Jumping the gap – We split into small parties with the aim of talking, finding out more about each other and our favourite places and things. This led to discussions of what activities the group of us might enjoy doing together – and might lead on to an outing or two!
* Ship and monster - story plotting by Nomine. We were asked to sink a ship belonging to Sylavanas loyalists. It was one of the jobs, that would benefit the horde as well as our own side. The ship was at a harbour with a shipyard that serves pirates and others. When we arrived the location was deserted. We knew there would be few people there, the client had arranged for that - but there was not a living soul. We found some stinking rotten flesh in crates and at the ship, the crew had shut every entrance to the inside, bolted and welded shut before leaving. There was something living inside. We never found out what it was, except that it was big, at least half the size of the ship itself, and had a hunger for mage blood, bones and marrow. We hope it drowned, as we sank the ship with explosives in the harbour.
* The Dark Blade – progression. We were hired to follow a magic tracker and retrieve an item. The Dark Blade appears to be a cursed item – a blade lacking its hilt, possibly for use in dark rituals – that we didn’t feel could be safely handled over to a client we didn’t know well. We currently have both the magic tracker and the blade – telling the client that the blade was no longer at the location when we arrived. Since the client Charlie Atree has paid us but received no item and his tracker has not been returned, he might be feeling a trifle annoyed. We are going to hand back the tracker with a small addition by Devvy - a concealed tracker inside, so we know where it goes, and when it is used – just in case Mr Atree has less than honourable intentions. The Dark Blade is currently wrapped in an enchanted cloth that should hide it from detection. The next step is to find out more about the Blade; Nomine and 1-2 others will take it to the Obscure Antiquities shop in Ironforge.
(ooc - the next event in the Dark Blade series is due to happen on either 4th or 11th August - this will again be part of our attempt to build up community rp with player on player action – very realistic - sign up now!)
* Strangers in the Night - progression. We were hired to find the ship the Blue Petite Spray, crewed by a Dwarven crew – it was missing on journey, complete with cargo and letter from Stormwind Council. When we arrived at the harbor where we expected to find it, we ended up in combat with guards wearing the Stormwind Guard tabard. We had to retreat, or risk killing people. Chit and Nomine have been observing the port from the hills over 2 days, logging the other ships there, investigating cargo and warehouse, taking a rubbing of some arcane runes. In addition, we know that one of the companies who run cargo there has a base in Ironforge. It is very clear that someone has been transporting magically active cargo. Six different companies seem to be involved; Silver Lining Navigations, Alp Brews, Obscure Antiquities, Spirit Solutions, Gnomelectrics - and the Blue Petite Spray. Eritis will use his connection with one of the guards we encountered to get an inside view of what is going on, before we plan our next move.
(ooc - the next event in the Strangers series is due to happen on either 4th or 11th August - this will again be community rp with realistic player on player action – sign up now!)

Upcoming rp - don't forget to sign up!
* Tuesday 28th - Having the Dark Blade analysed at Obscure Antiquities (invitation only - very small group)
* Eritis approaches the Stormwind guard - backup needed, time tba. Talk to Eritis.
* Wednesday 29th - the reunion of Captain Blackwall and his mother. The Captain is recovering from his mental and physical ordeals; he will be reunited with his mother who hired us to find him. Be aware that the mother distrusts humans.
* 4th or 11th August - Strangers in the Night Part 2 - date to be confirmed, sign up to dates you can make
* 22nd August - Dark Blade Part 2
* August fight training, date tba.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#2 Post by Anadelonbrin » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:52 pm

Guild meeting
Sunday August 2 2020

OOC information

The next part of Strangers in the Night will take place Tuesday August 11.

This Tuesday, August 4, will be Starlight Movie Madness, theme “Leather and Lace”. The movies are up for voting on the forum: viewtopic.php?f=89&t=1505 The plan is for Movie Madness to happen once a month henceforth, on the first Tuesday of the month if possible. We watch the movie that gets the most votes as a collective experience, starting at 20:05, with chat commentary in the temp-Tuesday-movie-madness channel on Discord. Nomine provides a link to the selected movie in the channel so that it can be downloaded beforehand (not streamed, or they will cut off after an hour, if not before).

The roster clean up mentioned in the previous meeting is in progress. Letters have been sent out to inactive members and around mid-to-end of the week, you may see a number of them getting kicked from the guild. It’s how we get Starlight that perfect bikini body.

The writing contest has reached its deadline and yielded a tricky harvest for picking a winner. The result should be in in about a week or so.

Highlighting two of the Argent Dawn community arrangers: Bertel – the host of the Poetry Nights and Zhakaria – host of the ghost walks and many more events, most recently a server newspaper. Both of them have been consistently putting out good, solid events for quite a long time. We hope to support them with our participation, if nothing else. If you want to get involved, the newspaper is looking for reporters to allow it to continue after summer holidays. Information about this can be found under the “jobs” section in the paper. The newspaper can be found at

IC information

The Blackwall Reunion
Ana took Honoria Blackwall to meet with her long lost son, accompanied by Eritis and Annie as well as Chit, who remained in the shadows so as not to cause concern, considering that Madame Blackwall is uncomfortable with humans after previous unfortunate encounters not involving Starlight.
It was an intense and emotional meeting.
We got some further information about the Captain’s situation before he was found. He mentioned that there had been others with him who had been sold or traded to the ogres. When he fled, there had only been four who fled with him, of which one was killed during the flight and the others died in the cave where we found him. He did not say how many were still enslaved when they fled.
He also mentioned a “weirdling tower” used for experiments that even the orcs themselves were uncomfortable with.

It was decided that Ana and Eritis will lead a small scouting mission on Saturday August 8 to gather intel that can inform a decision on whether to launch a rescue mission ourselves, involve Alliance forces or leave it be. Contact Ana or Eritis if you wish to be involved, by joining or otherwise.

Dark Blade – Cultists in Twilight Highlands
We found and dealt with some cultists in the Twilight Hinterlands on behalf of a client, Mr Atreed. At the ritual site, we found a ritual blade, a dark and ominous relic with no hilt. Nomine has had the chance to examine the blade further through speaking with some “honest and fair traders” (i.e. kidnappers who deal with a very shady clientele) in Ironforge. They confirmed that the blade is a rare item used for dark sacrifices and very valuable. They were most interested in getting their hands on it, which is all the more reason to not simply hand it over to our client without major precautions.
Thanks to Devvy, the tracker that was returned to the client can now be used to track the client’s use of it in turn. We will be meeting them again.

Sinking ships
Starlight was hired to sink a ship, a rare mission playing into one of our natural habits. Said ship had some form of massively large living cargo that was sunk along with the ship itself. The unofficial word back is that it was found still in the ship, drowned, upon later inspection. Some bribes revealed that the large creature was a young Gronn, featuring a metal collar with the inscription “3” on it, suggesting that somewhere, there is or has been a 1 and 2, at the very least.

Strangers in the Night - The Petite Blue Spray
Another ship we were hired to look into was the Petite Blue Spray. We were given a potential location for it at a harbour up North. Part of the cargo was a sensitive letter from one royal to someone else. We did not find the ship there. We did, however, find human and Worgen guards in Stormwind tabards in a hidden Dwarven harbour. More information has been found out afterwards.
Eritis has met with one of the guards we encountered, Jonah, and learned from him that the guards were as confused as we were that night. A large group of guards guarding what was supposed to be a simple lawyer. An easy job, signed by the Council of Stormwind. However, he had no proof of this signature. He provided Eritis with a name – Obscure Antiquities. The supposed lawyer was there as their representative.
Jonah also confirmed that they had taken notice of Ava’s name being mentioned and that they were aware we had a mage with different coloured eyes. They were reprimanded for losing the lady, believing we kidnapped her (which was not the case, she teleported away, taking Nomine and one guard with her). The lawyer is now considered missing. We can assume that they are looking for us. If either of us can be tied to the scene, we will be charged with espionage.
Obscure Antiquities is one of the companies that ship goods from the harbour in question, the sort of company that willingly and knowingly will purchase fel blood. Their headquarters are in Ironforge, where they have a shop front.
Considering the nature of Ironforge guards, it is not as simple as just walking in and wrecking the place. Nomine suggests a little sightseeing trip to case the joint so everyone knows where and what it is. While watching the harbour, Nomine took a rubbing of some arcane runes. Violet has had a look at them and most of them are simple frost runes. Two of them were all marred and scratched up, which makes them highly unstable. Activating them is likely to cause the loss of a limb due to frostbite. If you’re lucky. The placement made this seem intentional. Caution is advised, especially combined with the Stormwind tabards.

Bertel’s Poetry will take place on the 14th. Well worth a listen and participation.

On the 7th, there is a revenge based deer hunt in Grizzly Hills. Tickets are being sold at the Golden Keg by Zhakaria for the benefit of the orphanage.

Events in blue are Starlight events.

* August 4 - Starlight Movie Madness

* August 5-8 - Dalaran Magic faire

* August 7 - 'That Fucking Deer' , hunting trip in Grizzly Hills. Tickets sold by Zhakaria (pc) at the Golden Keg. Zhakaria is well known for organising events, as well as ic known for his good work for the orphanage. Worth checking out.

* August 8 - Scouting the Weirdling Tower. Talk to Ana or Eritis IC, sign up on the ingame calendar.

* August 11 - Strangers in the Night part 2. Sign up on the ingame calendar. "Sightseeing" will take place before this event, date yet to be determined.

* August 14 - Golden Keg presents: Ghost Walk, a guided trip through Stormwind with stories about special places!
Again organized by Zhakaria. Starting point: Golden Keg

* August 14 - Bertel's Poetry Night

* August 22 - The Dark Blade part 2.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#3 Post by Chit » Mon Aug 10, 2020 7:41 pm

Monday 10th August 2020

Ic summary of last week's events

* Scouting the Weirdling Tower. Capt. Blackwell had pointed Starlight to the Weirdling Tower and a scouting party of Ana, Eritis and Violet was sent out. Guarded by 2 ogres in an inhospitable part of Frostfire, the Tower proved to be wrapped in warped time magic. A few minutes inside the Tower stretched to 3 hours outside – and re-entry caused time to wrap around them more heavily. There were people in the Tower; the group rescued a child, Toby Girdle and Violet provided a portal to Stormwind. In the process, Tikal had to push Ana and Eritis out of the Tower window to prevent them being trapped by the time magic! Toby is staying with Capt Blackwell as they were on the same ship. Toby’s father was lost at sea, but the aim is to locate his mother and reunite them. There are still people in the Tower and we debated whether it is the King’s job to rescue them or Starlight’s. We will apply to the King to see whether they will take on the responsibility.

Future events

* Adrian Astray, 2000 Tuesday 11 August. Violet met a child who asks Starlight to find a missing child William, Adrian her own favourite plushie bear, and a creature called Janus. They disappeared in an encounter with two bullies.
* Poetry Appreciation with Bertel, 2000 Friday 14 August. By the tree in the Stormwind Park. Bring poems, songs or stories or just listen!
* The Dark Blade, part 2. Planned for 2000 22 August, more details soon.
* Next week’s guild meeting will not take place! Instead on Sunday 16 August at 2000 we will have a guild joint viewing of:
* The Painter and the Thief – the most recent documentary film by Benjamin Ree, who is going to make the story of Mats Steen and his online life

Ooc stuff

* Trial of Fate Points! In our rp, it is often extremely frustrating if you get a series of uniformly bad rolls. To tackle this, we are going to trial the use of each person having one "Fate Point". Once per event you can choose to spend that point, to turn a failed roll into a successful roll. This will give a bit more agency to the player - over their own character and the skills they are supposed to be good/lucky with. We will trial this the next time that there is an event that uses the Simple Roll System (so don´t expect it for Dark Blades). You will only be able to use your Fate Point for your own rolls, i.e. it can´t be used on a roll made by others, be it players or NPCs.
* Skilled rp. We are thinking of having a series of events that specifically focus on some of the skills people have, whether that is magic or stealth etc. So that our class gets to be in the spotlight. As Irenya raised icly, Starlight is not a military guild, and it would be good to reflect that with different threads. How does a band of “normal” people in a dangerous world, tackle a challenging mission and situation? We will explore this on the forum and via Discord.
* Event expectations. We also are actively seeking open communication about the events we are running, e.g. Syrawenn and Violet have set expectations in advance by saying that the Adrian Astray event will be lighthearted.
* Writing competition - results available soon!

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#4 Post by Chit » Mon Aug 24, 2020 7:06 pm

Monday 24 August 2020

Ic report on the week

- Adrian Astray. Starlight successfully made the world a little brighter by tracking down and returning a child’s lost teddy.
- The Dark Blade adventure continues. Starlight met Charlie Atreed (along with ‘Auntie’ Jabber a worgen accountant and a dwarf engineer Gernura) in the seamy side of Boralus - to return the Chaotic Magic Tracker. Charlie claims he is a Thornspeaker who wishes to heal the wounds in the world, and our previous job was part of this. Gernura inspected the Tracker and claims we broke it. The Accountant tried to take a picture of Nomine, Violet, Anadelonbrin (cat) and Devvy. Atreed was clearly nervous of the accountant. He now wants SL’s help in recovering a magical artefact. A document was shared with a drawing of a hilt decorated with magical runes and the name Eric Spindlespoon. Violet tells us the runes are to contain and transform magic, probably part of a spell that will activate when the hilt and blade are joined. We already have the blade, but Charlie does not know this. He claims he wants to investigate and destroy the hilt; Starlight was clear that if we join forces, we need to investigate the hilt too and have a say in whether it is destroyed.
Charlie Atreed suggested Starlight met with Captain Fan Hai aboard a large cargo ship moored in Tiragarde Sound to seek passage – as the captain is the only one to know where to locate Eric Spindlespoon. Ana, Eritis and Tikal explored the ship and found recreational drugs hidden in the crow’s nest. The Captain agreed to give us passage if Starlight provided guards for the trip as his ship is undermanned; Lady Violet will also be shipping goods on the trip, for goodwill.
- Stormwind riots (A PCU event - large collaboration of guilds aiming to create an integrated rp world - announced on the wow forum, not Argent Archives). There may have been Scarlet Crusade involved – against whom Starlight have fought in the past - calling out against the King due to corruption - like the Death Knights, Ren’Dorei/void elves and other ‘unnatural’ beings. Homeless citizens, ordinary folk were arguing for feeding the poor and dealing with the dead of war. The Alleyback Coppers were also seen to be inciting people and whipping up anger. Starlight are alerted to be aware, keep eyes and ears open and report any information to the officers.

Upcoming events
- Scouting Obscure Antiquities – 2000 on Tuesday 25 August, meet outside IronForge. The Obscure Antiquities store may be connected with the disappearance of the Blue Petite Sprite ship that Starlight is covertly investigating. We know that they sell dangerous items like Fel blood to cults and collectors and it was suggested that we ‘liberate dangerous goods and destroy them’. We would only do this if it was for a good reason, good for the alliance, the future and ourselves. It seems sensible to first do a ‘feasibility study’ to scout the location and investigate their security.
- Fight training - 2000 Wednesday 26th August. SL is famous for our fight trainings which aim to equip everyone with the knowledge to work as a team - leaders, healers, scouts and fighters - in dangerous situations. This will be a great team event, and chance for small scale rp. Meet in Westfall, near the Lighthouse.
- The Dark Blade adventure continues: The voyage – 2000 on Monday 31 August – Meet at the ship in Tiragarde Sound.
- The Dark Blade adventure continues: Finding the hilt – 2000 on Tuesday 1 September. Location to be advised.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#5 Post by Chit » Sun Aug 30, 2020 6:45 pm

Sunday 30 August


- Shadowlands equipment requirements are out – it is the first expansion to require an SSD as a minimum requirement. While it is sometimes possible to run at less than minimum, loading times are likely to be long. Some Macs from 2013 can run it, but not all and nothing older. Worth knowing if you will need to upgrade.
- Shadowlands rp team. Looking for volunteers to work with Nomine and Darthias/Shienlao to get familiar with the upcoming expansion and spot the opportunities to create group rp as we are hit by sudden world changes. The team of 4 will focus on opportunities for events in the 2 weeks before and after the expansion on the 27th. This is to allow us to have consistent rp and transition Starlight into the Shadowlands era. Looking for a couple of people who are invested in the lore, have time to do Discord calls, brainstorming and prep and assist in answering questions, and be part of the arranging team for events. Poke Nomine on Discord if interested; he’ll announce the team next week.

Writing contest – Nomine’s presentation of the prizes
Winner: First prize goes to a story that I think was very successful in weaving the character as they are today, with the character of the future. It feels like it is part of a consistent character story arc. It also successfully uses dreams as a tool for giving character insight. So first award goes to Ava for her story "Second chances"!
Second prize: When it comes to the second prize, what caught me with this one is how it both contains hope for the future and failures. You have a character who is looking back at situations in their life where they perhaps failed, or were not enough. Then they talk about a path moving forward. It is in the autumn of a character/grandmother’s life - but it is not at the end. Second prize goes to Anadelonbrin for her story "What lurks in darkness". Ana got 500 bonus points for her use of Annie in the story.
Third prize: We decided to split the 3rd place into two and aim to give both an equal prize, as the stories uses much the same story-building tools to great effect, and both tug at your heartstrings. For the first of the shared 3rd place winners - it starts completely unexpectedly with drawings and it heralds back to a core component of the character and his RP - in a fun manner. Then the story shows who he is now, in this future largely through conversations he has with others, and that makes the story come to life in a better way than if it had focused on his inner monologue. So first of the two winners is Anomen and his story "The musings of a proud father".
The other of the two stories starts with a sharp opening line, "There are things in my life I will never be able to forget." Then when I would expect a story about pain and scars, I am instead served a story of family and warmth. When we cast a net into the future of our characters, it is a good thing to celebrate the warmth they experience, just as it is in our day-to-day Rp. The other third place winner is Phillias with the story "Blind trust and acceptance".
All entrants: I would like to speak about those that did not win this time around, as the writing was of high quality. There are well constructed stories, with clear character insights. From how one character comes to grips with something he struggles with in RP today, to a well-hidden references like "Firefly" in others. Congratulations to everyone for a strong collection of stories and interesting character insights.

Ic report on the week
- Scouting the Obscure Antiquities shop – which appears to be selling dangerous items like fel blood and sacrificial knives to anyone. The scouting session was to find out if they are unscrupulous and also whether a robbery or similar is possible. We found they were willing to sell fel blood to someone giving a false name; that they would sell magical items and reagents to children. They seem to be dealing in fel, and items connected to the occult and old gods. There is an upper storey with a balcony which provides an alternative entry or exit point. The shop location is a bad one to break in, close to the royal court and central Ironforge. Also, local guards seem to be on their side. It would be a high-risk venture to carry out a heist.

Upcoming events this week
Tomorrow and Tuesday we have a 2-part event in the Dark Blade series. This is rping against player NPCs for realism. If you are interested, please do sign up as confirmed or tentative, so that we know rough numbers!
- Monday 31 Aug 20.00 – Perilous Voyage. SL are acting as guards on the Dragon’s Roost with Captain Fan Hai on a trip to find Eric Spindlespoon, whose name is engraved on what is believed to be the Hilt of the Dark Blade.
- Tuesday 1 Sep 20.00 – Finding the Hilt. Can we locate Eric Spindlespoon? What can he tell us about the Hilt?
- Saturday 5 Sep at 15.00 (game time) shared Movie viewing – The Peanut Butter Falcon This will be shared for download near the time in the Event planning channel.

Future notice - Lady Violet welcomes us to a Harvest celebration on September 18th - for details watch the calendar!

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#6 Post by Chit » Mon Sep 07, 2020 8:34 pm

Monday 7 September

Ava Marie Gibson was made a full member of Starlight! Long may she survive and succeed.

ic reports from last week

- Dark Blade events 3 & 4. Last week we sailed on the Dragon’s roost, captained by Fan Hai, searching for a man called Eric Spindlespoon. Eric was rumored to have a magical artifact, a hilt belonging to a ritual dagger, one with a dark and bloody presence to it. We have the blade as it is, now we want to find the hilt. On the way Starlight survived a storm and an attack by a massive Kraken which we beat back, but not before the ship lost a mast. Limping into a Keep in the Borean Tundra, we were immediately surrounded by Port officials. These believed that Captain Fan Hai, a friend of the recently demoted Keep Commander, was linked with him in smuggling illegal goods into the Keep. Starlight played distraction and were eventually let go, though Captain Fan Hai was taken into custody. We found the location of Eric Spindlespoon minutes too late – he was in his death throes – while his killer portalled away to Southern Kalimdor, possibly Tanaris. Eric’s journal was found (see event notes) and his last words were “Shadow/shadowy… moon on her.. Hilt is… Sandsorrow Wat..”. His journal suggests that this last is where he hid the hilt.
- Starlight visited Tinkertown Faire, to see machines and experimental mechanostriders, and a raffle and a race. Lots of fun and recommended for a repeat visit!

- Request for feedback for the 2 Dark Blade events this week – please post your comments and thoughts in the Feedback thread under Events on the Forum. This is the best way to thank the players who acted this out for you, and ensure we run lots of exciting events.
- From Light to Dark - keeping focus in the guild meetings. The chat and byplay of the guild is great and we feel strongly that we don't want to discourage it. But Nomine shared his frustration that when he is ic talking about serious issues it can be interrupted by frivolous byplay; in reality the Nomine character would have no time for this and give it short shrift. So he has to fudge his character every guild meeting to be tolerant and easy-going when this occurs. In discussion, key points were - there's a recognition that people need to ease into the guild meeting with some social elements, but once the meeting starts lengthy digressions in ooc chat should be avoided and light hearted by-play should be small nuggets; also try to keep by-play in tune with the tone of the meeting. If the topic is light-hearted, like the Tinkertown Faire, it's easier to weave in by-play. If the topic is going after cultists who murder people, the focus should sharpen and be serious.

Upcoming events
- Tuesday Movie at 2005 – is “In the mood for love”, watch the Discord chat event-planning for the download.
- Anomen is setting up small group social rp this week - join in on the calendar or start your own small group!

Server rp
- Thursday 10th 1930 – drop in Anma session in Tealshore, Ferelas – book ahead of time!
- Friday 11th 2000 – Poetry Appreciation in the Park, Stormwind
- Friday 11th 2300 – Golden Keg Ghost Walk
- Friday 11th Lakeshire Fete
- Saturday 12th 2000 Singles Night at the Pig & Whistle

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#7 Post by Chit » Sun Sep 13, 2020 7:12 pm

Sunday 13 September 2020

Ic reports of last week

Ava was arrested by Stormwind Guards (and a woman who was seen to be assisting them). In connection with a necklace that she obtained on a mission in Arathi. Starlight has the necklace in hiding. Ava has been thrown into the Stockades but there must NOT be a rescue attempt or Starlight will be marked as an Enemy of the State. We have gold and people in place, Ava has smuggled her stone inside and is giving updates. At present there is only suspicion. We need to trust Ava and allow this suspicion to be dropped.
Steam pools and Anma drop in, Therelas. Aila and Anadelonbrin made it over to the pools for deep massage, hot springs and flirtation. Aila now has a Tauren admirer!
Singles night at the Pig & Whistle. This was overcrowded but a good initiative. Armbands allowed people to show what kind of relationship they were looking for.
Bertel's Poetry Appreciation. Lots of people, a bit noisy, some good pieces, some of them perhaps overlong... Plenty of space to stand or sit in comfort.


Peter ('Tahrina') and Helle got married this Saturday! We send all our love and good wishes and are sad more of us could not be there in person...

Starlight rules, values and information. We've gotten some good feedback from people in the guild, and are going to structure this information differently
  • There will be a shorter welcome/information for people before they join SL, making it clear what the formal rules are, expectations of being an inclusive community etc. The goal is to keep that short and to the point , and we will use input from you guys when it comes to what it should say, and how it should be presented.
  • Then we will have a 2nd tier of information. Which is what you should have read/understood and in effect sign off on, when you become a full member. So you have a bit of time from when you join to becoming a member to become an explorer, to invest not only in RP, but also get a further understanding of what it means to be part of this strong community of ours. Again, especially on the expectations to members (like we have expectations to an officer today), we want to use input. Some have already offered to help and that is awesome!
  • Then we will have a third tier: What you should have read and understood by the time you become an officer or pathfinder.
All information will of course be available to anyone all the time. So no admin or secret unlocks. If you are curious, you can read it all before even joining
We've opened a new chat in Discord - #reach-out-to-an-officer. So that when you need to grab an officer, wish for us to look at something, etc, there is a chat to share this - and it does not get lost in the general chat. (If you want you can post it two places, like general and there. You don't need to say what's on your mind in it, it's just a good place to let us know you need our attention.
The officers can also share progress on long term projects which will give a bit more transparency on what happens in SL from the management side.

SL as an inclusive guild – a note from Nomine
It is very easy for all the attention and energy to seemingly be focused on negative feedback, critique, "what could have been done better." - especially in my shoes as an increasingly older and grumpier GM :)
But Starlight states that we are an inclusive community.
Part of being inclusive, is to be warm, to be welcoming and to recognize when things are done right or something made us smile/happy/have fun.
We want to become better at acknowledging good things, and I thought I should start tonight. Last night Ava got arrested . First she does the smart thing ICly and ask for help over the stone, then Lylieth takes it one step further. Lylieth takes the time and effort to send out an IC letter to a number of people, warning us about the arrest - sharing information ICly, and sharing her character’s thinking. One of the things I hope to see more of, is that we share information about what happened to us and to others during events. Then using that information between people to help the world come alive!

From guild members

From Violet: Firstly due to health I'm not sure how the next weeks will play out and if I will be able to be here in game - just so all of you know. And secondly to let you know that I won't be in RP for the first 7 days after the SL release. Since for the first time in over a decade I finally have time to spend the release with my best friend, I am very much looking forward to doing that!

And from Irenya: I would like to take the opportunity to thank Starlight and everyone in it for having me for so long. I have had a wonderful time and it will not be forgotten. But I will be parting ways with Starlight as I feel my calling is elsewhere, at least for now. From Nomine, on behalf of all of us, to Irenya. You have been trusted, needed and much loved by Starlight over the years. Even when we have not seen enough of each other, that trust has always been there. But the path you choose, is by your own wisdom - and I hope our paths cross in the future, no matter where, and under which circumstances.

Upcoming events
Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 – Death of a friend – Nethergarde Keep (= ‘a keep in the Blasted Lands’). An event which is guest DM’d by Shinodan, one of our regular NPC players and a very experienced DM. There is trouble at the Keep… Starlight go to investigate. You can attend either or both, Monday will use traditional rolls, Tuesday will experiment with no rolling.
Friday 18th - Lady Violet’s Harvest Feast Bring your lovely selves, food will be provided, you can bring some if you wish.
Thursday 24th - Wilsby's Birthday Party! Northrend Dalaran. Come and help him celebrate!
Tuesday 22nd IMPORTANT - Sign up for Unfriendly Bedfellows on the forum - both with your character and NPCs! This is a Starlight story (a job for the King) in three parts, with small group rp. Non SL characters are welcome - please invite friends or bring other characters.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#8 Post by Syrawenn » Mon Sep 21, 2020 7:57 pm

Monday 21 September 2020

IC reports of last week

Cult of the Raven
Starlight found an active cult (Cult of the Raven) working in Nethergarde Keep on a nasty combination of powers, including necromancy and warlockery. Bodies went missing and later on found back in Surwich where we tried to find either help or proof that the cult had spread there too.
Turned out to be the latter.
The experimental bodies were burned, the cult members present as well. One of them dropped a possibly cursed ring which will be examined soon (people mentioned to do such are Anomen, Czele, Morrigan).

Harvest Celebration
The lady Violet has surpassed our wildest food dreams with a banquet as lavish as we've rarely seen. Brilliant ambiance, wonderful company and a lot of people outgrowing their clothes.

After this brilliant feast of bursting stomachs Violet has been asked if she finds Starlight to be the right place for her. After a short treatise on the intelligence of goldfish her affirmative answer leads to swift promoting!

From Guildmembers:

Czele plans on having a nice moment for tea and snacks. Kids are welcome too. Not to be snacked on.


- Feedback wanted for Death of a Friend, gm-ed by our lovely Shinodan!
Please leave your say here:

- There is still room to sign up for the Unfriendly Bedfellows events of october 1st and october 10th! People are allowed a second round if there is still a spot open :)

- October, movie month! First selection of Feel Good is on the forum. Later in october a more chilling set will follow to honor the thinning of the veil.
Please leave your votes (you have two) here:

- Happy Chocolate Day approaches! This annual sweet fest is celebrated by sending people in other countries your local 'speciality' chocolate. Sweet in the broadest sense of the word since we are fully aware of people and allergies!
Syra will leave a post on the forum and discord soon after which you can sign up by sending her a message and your current address. In about a week's time sign up is closed and addresses will be mixed and matched.
Questions? Ask Syra :)
Sign up/information post here:

- Thanks to all for being really discrete on the spoilers for the new expansion! The spoiler tag in discord is being well used and gives all of us a chance to explore this at our own pace. As soon as the prepatch hits, it will be 'known' ic, of course, but let's remain aware that not everyone plays at the same pace :)
Darthias and Violet are always approachable for information on the new expansion as they are well read-up.

Upcoming events:
- 22.09 unfriendly bedfellows part one. Preston, Syra and Morrigan will track a merchant, suspected of being a spy for the Banshee Queen. This might turn dirty as information is needed...and will be gotten...

- 24.09 Wilsby birthday bash Everyone invited, including Morrigan! Come celebrate his 30th birthday!

- 26.09 20:00 a reading of parts of the book about Mats 'Ibelin' Steen. Reading done by Nomine on Discord.

Non Starlight
- 23.09 Brewfest Ball (organised by House Dayton)

-25.09 Gathering of Magic (mages in Dalaran discuss the shadows)

- 30.09-14.10 Ballad of the Seven Fjords (a plotline), focussed around the Howling Fjord lore . LIMITED SIGN UPS!

Stormwind Specific:
- Dustcloud Corporation Shop open @ Cathedral Square, 20:00-21:00
- Court Council by The Royal Court @ Stormwind Keep, 20:30

- Brawl Night @ the Shady Lady, 21:00

- Kialandi's Chocolates @ Lions Rest, 20:00-22:00

- Magical Incorporated @ Stormwind Staves, 20:00-22:00
- The Bloom Room open @ Fragrant Flowers, 20:00-22:00
- Dustcloud Corporation Shop open @ Cathedral Square, 20:00-23:00

- The Bloom Room open @ Fragrant Flowers, 20:00-22:00
- Symposium by the Church of Holy Light @ the Cathedral, 21:30
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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#9 Post by Chit » Sun Sep 27, 2020 6:24 pm

Sunday 27 September - Report currently being compiled

Wilsby was offered promotion to Full Member of Starlight and accepted!

ic report on the week
  • Wilsby's party - delicious food, a dumpling eating contest, colourful drinks, birthday cake and almost skinny-dipping - all held in Sri'La Village in Pandaria. In the end, no one got arrested and a good time was had.
  • Unfriendly bedfellows part 1- A small group of Starlighters undertook a 'deniable operation' to identify and extract information from a spymaster doing undercover intelligence work for Sylvanas. In the end, the group managed to eavesdrop on a meeting that revealed descriptions and details of 3 people organising intelligence - a male orc with a Forsaken bloodaxe gifted by Sylvanas, a male bloodelf and and individual known to them as 'the Pandarian half-man'. It seemed that an attack was planned on the Tiger Temple, that slaughter of innocents there was planned so that there was no information on the attackers. We believe this may mean that an object is to be stolen or used at Tiger Temple - this to happen on the coming Friday. They are looking for 'the bone collector. And the orc an bloodelf was talking of killing the Pandaren half man for demanding more gold, having been paid 2 orc fists of gold already. We also discovered a body, that we believe to be that of a missing SI-7 operative who was trailing one of the three, killed by being stabbed in the back. While we did not stop the spying operation, we now have detailed descriptions of the persons involved and their next target.
  • Meeting in Dalaran - danger ahead? - people report that far too many bodies appear to be risen from the grave, in all areas - but it seems that this is not being directed by one person - be aware, something may be happening. Lady Violet noted that undead don't need food or drink or rest and don't falter. Those Starlighters who are not fighters, or who are protecting families are welcome to her estate in Dalaran if danger threatens - the estate is protected by upgraded wards and offers a safe space. Nomine made people aware of Starlight's supply caches in Westfall, Redridge and elsewhere, containing food, water, medical supplies etc. sufficient to keep a small number of people fed and warm - feel free to draw on these.
Upcoming events
  • Unfriendly bedfellows part 2 - 1 October - This event is focused on exploration - to go where nobody should be going. There may be combat though it is not the focus of the event. Please sign up on the forum for parts 2 (1 Oct) and 3 (10 Oct) if you haven't already done so - we have spaces on both events. Non Starlighters are welcome. viewtopic.php?f=89&t=1564&sid=8c764f40d ... 942feb4ac8
    We plan to arrange to identify the Pandaren half-man - contact him in the guise of people working for the spymasters, and arrange to meet one day earlier 'so he cannot trick us'. And pay extra gold, find out more about the bone collector. If he is suspicious we can reveal the Horde plan to kill him after he has done the job, we can protect him from this. We MUST bring the Pandaren back to Stormwind afterwards, whether he wishes it or not. We speculate that a 'Pandaren half man' could be an assimilated Pandaren or assimilated human, or a cripple or amputee or underperformer of some kind.
  • Annie's Surprise Birthday Party - 4 October is Annie's birthday and Anadelonbrin will be organising a surprise party for her. All Starlighters are welcome! We are also inviting many of the children associated with Starlight over the years (so feel free to come as one of them)
  • Server rp - links are listed in the event-planning Discord channel, including Feathermoon Story Night, The Strugglers' Club (for worgen), Brewmoon Festival (Pandaria) and Ballad of the Seven Fjords
ooc information
  • Feedback on the 2 Death of a Friend events wanted! These two events were run with/without rolls by Shinodan for us. If you were there - please give your feedback, it means a lot to the organiser.
  • Readings from the book on our member Mats Steen - if you missed the reading, translating from Norwegian into English by Nomine, the link to the recordings is in the Events channel and we will also put it in the In memoriam section of the forum.

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Re: Last Guild Meeting - what did you miss?

#10 Post by Anadelonbrin » Mon Oct 05, 2020 7:32 pm

Meeting notes Monday October 5

* Annie’s Birthday party
Our very own Starchild had her Birthday and it was celebrated with presents (notably a pretty charm from Sienna and a glorious flying machine from Stoen that Devvy helped improve. Also a unicorn), cake and games.

* Brewmoon Festival
Philias went there with Louis, but as he was not yet at the meeting at the point when it was mentioned, we don’t know whether it was a yay or a nay. Devvy claims they water down the ale for the festival. One can hope that the extra water might help against the otherwise probable hangover.

* part two Unfriendly Bedfellows
On a mission from the King to get information from a Horde spymaster, Starlight’s efforts have found not one, but two spymasters. The spymasters were seeking out a “Pandaren half-man” who would be leading them to look for an item Sylvanas had interest in. To prevent them from getting what they wanted, Starlight planned a second mission to intercept the “half-man” before the spymasters met with him.

Chit reports that the “half-man” was a Pandaren missing half his limbs, having had them replaced with mecha gnome-like implants. When he was found, he was with a troll, so the Starlight party jumped him bundled him away for questioning.

After some negotiation, he led them to a faraway island full of raptors to a cave where a Bone Collector had the item Sylvanas was after – a needle. The bone collector, however, did not lightly part with the needle and wished only to trade in bones. Luckily, Anomen’s brother who were there with the group had a dragon bone armour and Chit had a ship in a bottle made from bone that turned out to be acceptable trades. Loki and Ava’s brother were also taking part. The Pandaren was brought to Stormwind and Loki delivered the needle to Nomine.

The needle can be placed on a map and with the cost of a drop of blood, will point to its kin. The needle is carved with runes and the Bone Collector claimed it was made from the bone of an Old God, which is possibly what it will point to and thus what Sylvanas’ interest would be.

According to Loki’s testing, the needle has the ability to pierce through magical barriers, although not necessarily making a large hole.

There were discussions on how to keep the Pandaren silent. As he knows about the needle, we can not let him fall into the hands of the Horde spymasters, who would likely torture and kill him.

He values gold and his reputation and seems honourable with deals. Threats of bodily harm are likely ineffective.

Anyone who wishes to help with finding a way to keep his silence is advised to coordinate with Chit, Ava and Anomen.

* Something can be set up with Hafu as the NPC exists as a character.
* Starlight will not actually be facing off with an Old God.

* The next part of the Unfriendly Bedfellows event series was planned for October 10, but it is being moved to October 17 in hopes of allowing for Violet to join.

* Upcoming event hosted by Ava

Last week, Ava had a strange message from an elf via a magical stone. She has since spoken to this elf and apparently, the elf awaits our presence. She lives in an alley building near a pool in Ironforge.

Ava plans to host an event next week, either before or after the patch. Please contact them if you wish to participate. A discussion of the event will happen IC on Wednesday October 7 20:00 server time in Ironforge.

* Upcoming events not run by Starlight:
- 08.10 Tealshore: yoga for beginners (HUGE recommendation, Loundre presiding)

- 09.10 Golden Keg presents: Ghost Walk (again, hugely recommended, starts at 2300!)

- 09.10 Poetry Appreciation (20:00)

- 11.10 Smuggler's Skirmish (neutral, Booty Bay, some kind of fight competition)

- Tuesday October 6 is movie night! The chosen movie is Amelie and the viewing will start at 20:05 server time.
- Happy Chocolate Day addresses have been distributed. No rush with sending out the packages, but try to have it done within a month or so.

- The pre patch is announced for October 14.
We ask that people are careful with spoilers, but also recognize that some spoilers will be hard to avoid as things begin to happen in the game and we naturally will react to them.

- We’ve been invited by Vandros to some Cross guild RP in the pre patch. They made a cinematic trailer for it:
More information will come on this when available.

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