Unfriendly Bedfellows

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Unfriendly Bedfellows

#1 Post by Nomine » Mon Sep 07, 2020 5:52 pm

Unfriendly bedfellows.

We have been asked to do a task which is for the King, but not in his name. If we are caught, the Lords and Ladies of the alliance will deny any knowledge of our existence. There will be no negotiation for our freedom. Rather we would be paraded around and held up as a reason for a continuation of the war.

Why, then should we even consider such a foolish mission?

Because the one harmed by the success of our mission is Sylvanas - the Banshee queen herself and those who only wish to see the world burn.

The task itself is to identify which of the three named individuals in the horde, that are a Banshee loyalist and one of her spy-masters.
The two others must - and I stress this, survive unharmed… or at least without lasting injury.

They are all individuals of some power within the horde, and the horde is struggling with the aftermaths of the war, loyalty and control do not come easy to their leaders, there is so much distrust. If they start putting their own leaders into prison cells and execute them, it can be the spark that sets off a powder keg.

Why us?
During the war, Starlight executed a successful mission deep inside horde territory, we assassinated a quartermaster who was responsible for supplying the horde war machine and with that responsible for more alliance deaths than most generals.

This is why they now ask us to consider this mission. We have proven we can handle such a job.


This is the first of 3 experience focused events. This one focuses on stealth.

It is directly tied into the two other events. E.g. the outcome here determines resources available to the next group, the information they have. The next event will go of regardless :)

Each of the three events will focus on a specific roleplaying experience.

These themes might change based on feedback.
1) A shadow in the night. Here the stealth and stealth feeling will be in focus. Sneaking through shadows, past mobs and NPCs (For NPCs, if you are seen by the NPC, there will be no if-buts-whats-rolls, seen is seen, and this includes the limits based on /say /emotes). This is for those who wish to experience sneaking; thieves in the night, ninjas, spying.
This is the event that is now posted and scheduled.

2) Exploring - going where no person has gone before (and perhaps for a good reason). Discovering the dangers and thrills around the corner. Here the visuals and environment of the game will play a major role.
Will take place during the early stages of the pre-shadowlands patch.

3) The heady thrills and high cost of magic. Magic has the power to knit bones, save lives and topple towers, but what happens when you have no more to give, no more to sacrifice. It will put healers and magic-using characters in focus, and it will open for the use of great powers - but there will be a choice, a cost for every use. Non-magic users will play an important role and be welcome - just so it is clear, even if magic is in focus.
Will take place during the pre-shadowlands patch.

All NPCs needs to be killable, for the story. Even if I do not expect all to be killable.
First event:
3 horde NPCs (more welcome) - level 75+
They will be in play for roughly 30-60 minutes. Starting at 21:00 (events start at 20:00)
NPCs need to be on discord chat.

Second event:
Pandarian NPCs:
Merchants/explorers in deep waters - level 80+
One NPC to accompany the group with a special role to full fill.

One High ranking NPC- within the magical community /Strutt all your glow-glowy things and one horde NPC, level 75+
A group of people in the wrong place and in pain due to it.

About sign-ups.
We all love big story arches with important stakes, where many of us are involved. What we perhaps do not love is how big events come with walls of text, struggles of knowing who is where keeping track of who has acted and who do you need to wait for.

With that in mind, we will run a series of events that are on a smaller scale but with important stakes and impact. Hoping this also helps build connections and develop relationships between characters.
I will aim to balance sign-ups to give keep the groups as at such a size, that all gets a chance to shine.

Focus will be on non-dice based RP, but if dice are needed we will use the "simple roll system" -> viewtopic.php?f=195&t=1387

Three story-based events - all tied into the main story, but self-contained. So when you complete one of them, you have taken contributed to the main story, which will be wrapped up in a fourth event.

Sign up on the date that suits you the best, without thinking about how many others have signed up - if one date is far more popular than others, I will adjust if we use a raid or a dungeon that night.
If a date, is good - but you would need it to run a little early than the standard 20:00 server time start, or a little later, please make a note of that in the sign-up.
We will use this thread to manage sign-ups, so sign-up below/as a reply.

As an example:
Nomine can: 13.06 (only after 21:00) - 17.06 - 21.06 (prefered, ideally start 19:30 as I must end at 21:00)
Nomine can: 13.06 - Can we please start 20:30 due to dinner/catnapping.
Nomine can NPC: 13.06
More details on NPC and roles to come, but the ambition is to give them some RP/some flavor to come alive, an agenda and goal :)

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#2 Post by Chit » Tue Sep 08, 2020 3:13 pm

Quick question. As a person who does not have many characters, what character level is necessary for the NPCs in each of the three environments?

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#3 Post by Nomine » Sun Sep 13, 2020 7:42 pm

The first event is then set for the 22nd of September, start at 20.00 (For players). For NPCs we expect to be ready at 21:00 - Event itself should be done by 22:30.
Location: Northrend, start Amber Ledge, Borean Thundra.
NPC level: 75+ (Threee horde NPC needed)
Theme: Shadows in the Night: Stealth, assassinations and not getting caught.

The second event is set for the 01.10 - Start 20:00
Location: Pandaria.
NPC level: 90+ (No other requirement)
Theme: Exploration going where no person has gone before (and perhaps for a good reason). Will build upon the outcome from the first night.

Third event is set for. 10.10 - Start 20:00
Location: Northrend
NPC level: 75+ (One horde NPC needed, + High-gloss Mage (fancy, shine, all the bling-bling)
Theme: The heady thrills and high cost of magic.

Sign-ups will only be managed through your sign-up here. (If you lack access, I can also be contacted in-game or via discord to add you to the list)
Group sizes will be managed for balance, and to let all people interact and RP.
Priority will be given so that people will be able to join at least one of the events.
If you NPC, you have a greater chance of getting your-most-desired event.

Non-SLers are welcome. One great thank you to all of you who has been involved in creating events over the last months. Just wanted to express that you are welcome here, on equal terms!

I will update this post with sign-ups and

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#4 Post by Hadravar » Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:58 am

I can probably play one or two of these events, on characters that you can pick if you like.

There's at least two available horde characters, though they're both trolls, and multiple alliance that I can shape into anything. Just don't have a shiny mage besides Hadravar, and using him won't be a good idea.

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#5 Post by Anomen » Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:54 pm

Anomen can join 01.10 and 10.10 with no requests or other comments
Also more than happy to help NPC for the first and last event.
(Have a 110 Orc Warrior and for Mage, I have Marisa that I could touch up and give a different profile if the Mage can be Alliance. Otherwise, I can't fill that.)
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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#6 Post by Violet » Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:09 pm

I can join on the 1st and on the 10th - 10th would be very much preferred for my character. :)

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#7 Post by Brianshaw » Thu Sep 17, 2020 7:54 pm

Preston can take part on the first event, 22/09
and if possible if I could bring louis for the second event. 01/10

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#8 Post by Syrawenn » Fri Sep 18, 2020 3:50 pm

Syra is not very sneaky, perhaps...cool down on camouflage and such. Game technically I might ruin the idea. But 22-9 is the only evening I can actually make and I'd like to :P
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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#9 Post by Nomine » Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:21 pm

As it is just now don´t have enough sign-ups to complete this event series, neither for players or for NPCs.
So that is a challenge to solve before Monday. It is also not an event series that can be started without significant rework after the pre-patch for Shadowlands.

As it stands now:
Anomen (NPC)
Nem (NPC)

Harvard: NPC

Lylieth (NPC)
Lady Violet

Preston & Syrawenn: The first event, is so focused on Stealth that it will be hard for a hunter to do so. Looking at sign-ups or rather lack of, with no sign-ups of stealthers. I will look at alternative locations and know by the guild meeting tomorrow

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Re: Unfriendly Bedfellows

#10 Post by Morrigan » Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:59 pm

I can take part in all of the events, on Morrigan.

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