Pathfinder Training - Transcripts

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Pathfinder Training - Transcripts

#1 Post by Chit » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:13 pm

Pathfinder training - Part 1

11/2 19:05:44.160 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: But to get onto the actual topic, welcome to ya all.
11/2 19:06:14.478 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Pathfinders, or hosts as we have also called em. This training today, it is intented to introduce all of ya to the concepts, an why they matter to Starlight. Then afterwards, we will ask who wishes to take part of the longer training, an potentially become a pathfinder
11/2 19:07:46.276 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: In other words, through being here tonight, ya have not yet committed to anything more than showing an interest in another part of Starlight, nothing is demanded of ya.
11/2 19:07:47.901 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Except..
11/2 19:07:54.315 Nomìne-ArgentDawn pauses for a moment
11/2 19:08:12.591 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: A willingness to take part to day, an to have an open mind. Share freely of yer ideas an thoughts during the training.
11/2 19:08:33.745 Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles a bit
11/2 19:08:53.513 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ain`t going to be me holding a three hour speech.
11/2 19:09:13.351 Chit-ArgentDawn looks relieved.
11/2 19:09:38.558 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, firstly, an just to say a few simple things.
11/2 19:10:19.989 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Being a Pathfinder is about helping a new member find their place in Starlight. It does not mean bossing people around or commanding them do activities.
11/2 19:10:36.030 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn grins.
11/2 19:10:47.272 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: It involves having the time for new members, introduce them to others, to the rules of Starlight, both written and unwritten.
11/2 19:11:15.299 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: As well as speaking to the officers, letting us know if a new member has challenges or if there is something that we should know.
11/2 19:11:38.062 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: While we ask a pathfinder their views before promoting somebody from explorer to member, it does not mean the final choice rests on the pathfinder’s shoulders.
11/2 19:12:06.730 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Same is also true, if we need to remove an explorer from Starlight. Final choice rests on the shoulders of the officers.
11/2 19:12:12.556 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Questions so far?
11/2 19:12:21.473 Anomen-ArgentDawn shakes his head
11/2 19:12:23.312 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn shakes her head.
11/2 19:12:32.388 Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles and taps his flask
11/2 19:12:36.719 Milwin-ArgentDawn opens her bags and takes out a crumpled paper bag filled with boiled sweets
11/2 19:12:52.310 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Good, then we will start with the first simple exercises.
11/2 19:12:56.712 Nomìne-ArgentDawn flashes a grin.
11/2 19:13:01.022 Liathéne-ArgentDawn listens.
11/2 19:13:22.237 Milwin-ArgentDawn fishes out a brigt pink chewey and then holds the bag under Chit's nose
11/2 19:14:09.184 Chit-ArgentDawn sticks her hand it and pops a lime green chewy into her mouth, mercifully rendering her unable to talk.
11/2 19:14:29.273 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So this bush here is the eldest, the greatest in status.
11/2 19:14:32.552 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to the bush.
11/2 19:14:49.755 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn offers the bush a nutterbar.
11/2 19:14:54.665 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: This start of the hill here, is the youngest, the least in experience an status
11/2 19:15:07.087 Stoen-ArgentDawn peers at the hill.
11/2 19:15:20.138 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: What I want all of you to do, is to line up in order of yer age, from the youngest at the foot of the hill, to the eldest by the bush over by the boat
11/2 19:15:26.617 Jingtei-ArgentDawn nods, this concept being familiar to her.
11/2 19:15:29.897 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: Experience in what?
11/2 19:15:35.627 Fioliea-ArgentDawn gets to her feet slowly.
11/2 19:15:37.386 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Pure age this time
11/2 19:15:42.317 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: Age, right.
11/2 19:15:57.007 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: ok, 30-and-a-bit here
11/2 19:15:58.357 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. Humans are really young.
11/2 19:16:04.407 Jingtei giggles at Stoen.
11/2 19:16:07.267 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Chit what are you?
11/2 19:16:15.637 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Um.. How old do Pandaren get?
11/2 19:16:23.136 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over people
11/2 19:16:24.147 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: We don't ask a lady her age.
11/2 19:16:24.617 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Mid thirties.
11/2 19:16:27.707 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn eyes the candy in her hand, popping it in, but not biting.
11/2 19:16:27.932 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: I believe we have a similar life span to humans.
11/2 19:16:31.169 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh!
11/2 19:16:32.851 Anomen-ArgentDawn says: Anyone younger than twenty?
11/2 19:16:40.581 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Hah! I wush
11/2 19:16:45.261 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Chit, um, I think you may be on my other side.
11/2 19:16:47.881 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over people, nodding
11/2 19:16:49.789 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Just
11/2 19:17:01.647 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: So Ailu? 30-ish?
11/2 19:17:07.379 Aíluropoda nods at Milwin.
11/2 19:17:13.928 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I'm not sure where I, it.. Is it logarithmic or metric?
11/2 19:17:25.027 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Chronologically
11/2 19:17:25.747 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: It is um, Temporal.
11/2 19:17:28.677 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Like, it.. I know I'm in the right spot, but it.. The scale.
11/2 19:17:29.717 Jingtei nods at Nomìne.
11/2 19:17:30.436 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Stoen
11/2 19:17:39.466 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: I do not think the scale matters
11/2 19:17:42.606 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Just the order.
11/2 19:17:46.926 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: If it were scale, we would need more space.
11/2 19:17:51.616 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Good, good, take a note of yer place in relationship of others.
11/2 19:17:54.896 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. That's true.
11/2 19:17:56.535 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Log then.
11/2 19:17:58.986 Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles at Lia
11/2 19:17:58.986 Jingtei-ArgentDawn snorts with sudden laughter.
11/2 19:18:02.276 Fioliea-ArgentDawn looks down the line.
11/2 19:18:06.695 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Some of the elves could be in Ironforge
11/2 19:18:07.545 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, Lia, would you say that age is equal to experience?
11/2 19:18:13.155 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: No.
11/2 19:18:28.785 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Now, for something more challenging
11/2 19:18:45.680 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An this is very much based on your own judgement, meaning that not all of you will need to agree
11/2 19:18:52.465 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: What? Admitting my age was challenging enough thank you
11/2 19:19:00.297 Jingtei giggles at Milwin.
11/2 19:19:06.983 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I want you to place yourself, in terms of who is the most inexperienced, to the most experienced.
11/2 19:19:18.454 [1. sl] Marras-ArgentDawn: Haha, awww
11/2 19:19:18.464 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Why don't men understand women at.. all...
11/2 19:19:18.464 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Um..experienced at what?
11/2 19:19:20.131 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn blinks
11/2 19:19:23.365 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Experienced at wh- Right.
11/2 19:19:23.812 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: Experienced in what?
11/2 19:19:24.188 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: Yea, at what
11/2 19:19:24.453 Anomen-ArgentDawn firmly plants his sword in to the ground and doesn't move.
11/2 19:19:28.132 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: I second the question.
11/2 19:19:33.443 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Starlight? Love?
11/2 19:19:34.163 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Most experienced, in the boat, least experienced, by the rock
11/2 19:19:53.677 Fioliea-ArgentDawn frowns a bit pondering.
11/2 19:19:55.819 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It's just, it.. um.. We don't really understand the question?
11/2 19:19:56.285 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Experienced, as in experience, no secondary value. Put yer own thoughts into the words
11/2 19:19:56.498 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: Well Jingles is the most experienced in cloth work..
11/2 19:20:00.716 Aíluropoda nods at Jingtei.
11/2 19:20:03.100 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: In battle? Business?
11/2 19:20:09.165 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says:
11/2 19:20:12.673 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn ponders
11/2 19:20:17.699 Jingtei shrugs at Aíluropoda. Who knows?
11/2 19:20:17.923 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: there. Done
11/2 19:20:26.017 Fioliea smiles at Milwin.
11/2 19:20:27.037 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Um.. I'll just stay in the middle?
11/2 19:20:33.921 Anomen-ArgentDawn says: I don't even have to move.
11/2 19:20:37.911 Anomen-ArgentDawn lets out an amused chuckle
11/2 19:20:41.192 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: I would not say I am so, although I have travelled a lot so..
11/2 19:20:42.831 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: Uhm..
11/2 19:20:42.981 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Maybe...
11/2 19:20:46.931 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: You're in my spot..
11/2 19:20:52.841 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh!
11/2 19:20:55.510 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Not until recently, though.
11/2 19:20:56.520 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: This is a very subjective sort of view.
11/2 19:21:04.090 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: I'll just stand in front, then it.. We share it?
11/2 19:21:10.680 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks around
11/2 19:21:10.680 Aíluropoda nods at Stoen.
11/2 19:21:13.949 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: All got their place?
11/2 19:21:16.229 Chit-ArgentDawn looks over at Milwin, peering at her sitting in the REALLY experienced boat..
11/2 19:21:18.049 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Umm
11/2 19:21:26.249 Fioliea-ArgentDawn shrugs softly.
11/2 19:21:26.709 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: I am not so sure of other's experiences is the trouble.
11/2 19:21:31.967 Milwin-ArgentDawn looks at the rest and shuffles a bit uneasily
11/2 19:21:41.098 Jingtei-ArgentDawn looks uneasy with her choice.
11/2 19:21:51.642 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Part of the challenge in this exercise Jingti, not least because we value different experiences, differently
11/2 19:21:53.164 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: I figure it's about your perception of yourself, Jingtei.
11/2 19:22:01.478 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Lia
11/2 19:22:16.221 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Oh so now it is a scale not order? Hmm.
11/2 19:22:21.136 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: The middle would be the right place, because everyone is more experienced in some fields than others.
11/2 19:22:35.884 Jingtei-ArgentDawn wanders to the left, but then back to her last position.
11/2 19:22:37.741 Chit-ArgentDawn says: I dun unnerstand why Milwin thinks she is so experienced. It makes me curious.
11/2 19:22:46.734 Jingtei peers at Milwin searchingly.
11/2 19:22:49.149 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Hey. No judgements
11/2 19:22:59.632 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Milwin is right, no judgements
11/2 19:23:15.614 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, a question for you all, now that you have your place
11/2 19:23:19.830 Chit-ArgentDawn says: That weren't a judgment, was a request fer intel.
11/2 19:23:32.546 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Do you think that your explorers, would be to the left or to the right of you?
11/2 19:23:43.878 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: Both.
11/2 19:23:43.878 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: All over the shop I think
11/2 19:23:44.994 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Either, I imagine.
11/2 19:23:52.020 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: Same place.
11/2 19:23:52.020 Jingtei giggles.
11/2 19:23:52.881 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, it.. Now Miln has experience in requests for intel too, so.. so she has to move further.
11/2 19:24:01.889 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: I like your logic Aila.
11/2 19:24:04.356 Anomen-ArgentDawn says: I'd say both but more easily to the left.
11/2 19:24:05.987 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: yea both
11/2 19:24:07.631 Aíluropoda smiles at Jingtei.
11/2 19:24:17.132 Fioliea-ArgentDawn says: Both sides I would expect.
11/2 19:24:22.387 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Do ya think explorers might be overstating their own experiences?
11/2 19:24:23.236 Chit-ArgentDawn shakes her head looking discouraged.
11/2 19:24:42.040 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: depends
11/2 19:24:42.040 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Well, people who like to fit in tend to do that...
11/2 19:24:43.671 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Umm, sometimes? But do we not all bluff now and then?
11/2 19:24:44.678 Jingtei giggles at Nomìne.
11/2 19:24:45.315 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: Everyone can overstate or understate their experience.
11/2 19:24:51.909 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: also depends on what ya ask
11/2 19:24:55.142 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: or rather how ya ask
11/2 19:24:55.341 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: It depends on their perspective.
11/2 19:24:57.099 Fioliea nods at Liathéne.
11/2 19:24:58.327 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: History does tend to be exaggerated when being retold.
11/2 19:25:02.515 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods a little
11/2 19:25:02.515 Anomen-ArgentDawn says: I agree with Lia.
11/2 19:25:41.060 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Especially when making their own mark, people have a tendency to come across as stronger and make bold claims
11/2 19:25:41.485 Aíluropoda giggles at Jingtei.
11/2 19:25:46.753 Chit-ArgentDawn folds her arms.
11/2 19:26:22.556 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Can ya deal with an explorer that views themselves as being to yer left, in the same way as one that believes themselves to be on the right?
11/2 19:26:35.903 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Oh yes.
11/2 19:26:35.903 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn grins.
11/2 19:26:41.790 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: I think so.
11/2 19:26:45.792 Jingtei-ArgentDawn nods to herself.
11/2 19:26:50.643 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Yes I can but No not in the same way.
11/2 19:26:53.119 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Of course, because it has nothing to do with the path in front of us.
11/2 19:27:02.125 Fioliea-ArgentDawn says: What Chit Said.
11/2 19:27:20.956 Anomen-ArgentDawn thinks for a moment before nodding
11/2 19:27:22.598 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: I think in the same way, you can focus on their area of expertise
11/2 19:27:22.823 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: I don't think it makes a difference in how I would treat the explorer. Experience is experience. Whether they have it or not I would still force feed them nutterbars.
11/2 19:27:27.230 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Reckon we should always treat em as equal, but we need to speak to em differently. Like Chit says.
11/2 19:27:43.174 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Or if they thought they had it or not, all will come to light over time.
11/2 19:28:26.364 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: For some people, the light in the end of the tunnel, its not enlightenment, but the gnomish tram coming straight at em.
11/2 19:28:49.061 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An that means that at time, we need to set em straight.
11/2 19:29:20.558 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Time to change order again
11/2 19:29:31.322 Milwin-ArgentDawn looks relieved.
11/2 19:29:40.113 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Good. I was feeling exposed here.
11/2 19:29:47.427 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: In order of patience, the most patient by the boat, least patient by the rock. An again, it is how ya view yerself compared to others
11/2 19:29:56.178 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn snorts and gets a bit closer to the rock.
11/2 19:29:57.945 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Personally, I would be in Ironforge.
11/2 19:30:05.890 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Um..
11/2 19:30:27.420 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks at people, nodding a little.
11/2 19:30:35.168 Milwin-ArgentDawn looks where Syra is standing and smiles.
11/2 19:31:05.950 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Take a moment to notice where others stand
11/2 19:31:19.351 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Some surprises there
11/2 19:31:31.638 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: At times, you will need somebody from the other end of the scale, to help an have conversations that ya yerself are not the right for
11/2 19:31:49.663 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: yep...
11/2 19:31:59.484 Jingtei-ArgentDawn 's ear flicks a little nervously.
11/2 19:32:11.783 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An this includes times that patience is not the right answer.
11/2 19:32:13.788 Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles.
11/2 19:32:19.068 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Sometimes ya can be TOO patient.
11/2 19:32:19.835 Anomen-ArgentDawn nods.
11/2 19:32:32.176 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Sometimes a thunderspeech is needed
11/2 19:32:33.252 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Which is why Nomine ain’t in Ironforge.
11/2 19:32:49.144 Jingtei-ArgentDawn hums a moment, quietly.
11/2 19:33:12.563 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Technically, I am still wanted for arrest in Ironforge too.
11/2 19:33:16.493 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: One last sorting.
11/2 19:33:48.444 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: In terms of kindness, which is different from patience. Most kind by the boat, least kind by the cliff, again put yerself in order compared to others.
11/2 19:33:54.141 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn groans.
11/2 19:34:05.536 Nomìne-ArgentDawn flashes a smile.
11/2 19:34:06.576 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn remains where she is.
11/2 19:34:11.086 Fioliea-ArgentDawn looks down thinking.
11/2 19:34:37.463 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: It is a tricky one
11/2 19:34:44.148 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn attempts to stuff some nutterbars into Milwin's pockets.
11/2 19:34:50.812 Jingtei blinks at Stoen.
11/2 19:35:04.744 Anomen-ArgentDawn lazily smiles as he stays still
11/2 19:35:08.072 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: But.. But Jintaj, you're more kind than me?
11/2 19:35:33.541 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: But you are /so/ kind Stoen I cannot think of a moment you have been unkind in my knowing you!
11/2 19:35:37.914 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: This is so wrong...
11/2 19:35:48.814 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: But it.. But you do everything for people, it..
11/2 19:35:53.792 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Please?
11/2 19:35:53.792 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: Uhm, Nomine I think you broke them.
11/2 19:36:01.156 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Umm...
11/2 19:36:05.469 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn rubs her cheek absentmindedly.
11/2 19:36:08.524 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: How is kindness different from patience? Any thoughts from ya all?
11/2 19:36:13.679 Fioliea-ArgentDawn shuffles a bit. Looking very uncomfortable.
11/2 19:36:14.005 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: How about you sit on my shoulders?
11/2 19:36:15.292 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over to the cluster of kindness
11/2 19:36:20.101 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Oh that is easy.
11/2 19:36:24.915 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: Patience is within, kindness is what you show.
11/2 19:36:29.828 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. I can go in front of you?
11/2 19:36:31.471 Jingtei nods at Stoen.
11/2 19:36:48.130 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Heh, I think the exact opposite from Lia
11/2 19:36:48.562 Chit-ArgentDawn looks at Lia, her face looking stupid.
11/2 19:36:59.159 Nomìne-ArgentDawn listens and nods, waiting for more replies
11/2 19:37:03.408 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: Patience is a virtue, kindness is in how you treat people, gifting people, and giving of yourself to help people.
11/2 19:37:05.985 Anomen-ArgentDawn says: I can't explain how I see it, honestly... it just is.
11/2 19:37:16.528 Liathéne-ArgentDawn shrugs.
11/2 19:37:23.901 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Kindness is action and patience is understanding and reserving judgement...
11/2 19:37:29.581 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Kindness is unnerstandin where someone is comin from. Patience is how long ya put up with bein messed about.
11/2 19:37:37.004 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Not saying that you are wrong Lia, just saying I think the opposite
11/2 19:37:37.817 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Oh
11/2 19:37:44.367 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: That is a good description of patience, Chit.
11/2 19:37:46.012 Jingtei nods at you.
11/2 19:37:53.306 Fioliea-ArgentDawn says: Patience is your ability to keep your calm when pushed. kindness is your way of acting towards others.
11/2 19:37:55.024 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: I prefer that one.
11/2 19:38:07.309 Jingtei nods at Fioliea.
11/2 19:38:16.318 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I won´t claim to have the correct answer on this one. Reckon there is value in what ya all say
11/2 19:38:23.928 Jingtei peers at Syrawenn searchingly.
11/2 19:38:26.931 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Now, keep yer position for a little longer
11/2 19:38:29.431 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: Perspective again.
11/2 19:38:35.986 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods
11/2 19:38:38.444 Liathéne-ArgentDawn shrugs once more.
11/2 19:38:53.471 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Starlight got a handful of rules that we live by
11/2 19:39:12.716 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: This comes in addition to the motto, "Strength in exploration, Strength in Unity, Strength in Starlight"
11/2 19:39:21.859 Milwin-ArgentDawn looks surprised as she finds a nutterbar in her pocket.
11/2 19:39:27.364 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn hops from one leg to another.
11/2 19:39:32.675 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Those rules, while rarely spoken about are as follows:
"No fighting in Stormwind"
"Never leave your stone behind... or throw it away in a tantrum"
"If you murder someone, tell an officer"
"Don't lie to officers or leave them in the dark about something that could threaten the guild"
"Attend guild meetings if you can."
11/2 19:41:21.561 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: What if we murder an officer?
11/2 19:41:29.717 Anomen-ArgentDawn says: You go to another officer.
11/2 19:41:32.113 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: You tell at least two officers
11/2 19:41:35.897 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: That is why we have several
11/2 19:42:04.978 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Starlight has been around for over a decade, this means that most of our rules are "unwritten"
11/2 19:42:33.215 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: As in it is expectations an ways of being a "proper" Starlighter, things that people mostly figure out when they do something wrong
11/2 19:43:10.923 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I will now group ya up, an each group will have ca 10 minutes to come up with two such unwritten rules.
11/2 19:44:45.443 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, Syra, Fio, Stoen, Milwin and Jingtei yer group one
11/2 19:44:49.962 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: The rest are group two


11/2 19:57:29.157 Nomìne-ArgentDawn: Gather up again.
11/2 19:57:48.749 Nomìne-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders.
11/2 19:58:07.437 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I will ask one person from each group, to present their two unwritten rules.
11/2 19:58:17.268 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Group two, please go first
11/2 19:59:08.055 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: We should be respectful of other members in every day life. and be punctual to arranged gatherings and projects.
11/2 19:59:13.367 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: Oh and the other was to be there when people need help, dropping everything if possible.
11/2 20:00:00.719 Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles

11/2 20:00:11.134 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Thank ya, an group one?

11/2 20:00:20.146 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Ahem *Refers briefly to her notebook* Our first rule was "Starlight takes care of its own". Our second was "Do not be a hero."

11/2 20:00:32.509 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods
11/2 20:00:50.581 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Four good examples, an four different ones too
11/2 20:01:18.886 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I reckon that out of those four, only "be punctual" is specific enough for somebody to understand without explanation.
11/2 20:03:03.985 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, how do we deal with "respect"
11/2 20:03:22.564 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: We should treat others the same way we wish them to treat us.
11/2 20:03:37.572 Anomen-ArgentDawn says: Always let everyone get heard and don't shut them down for no reason.
11/2 20:03:52.565 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Listen to em, an let em finish, before makin yer own point.
11/2 20:04:19.360 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: If you ever really have a disagreement, speak to an officer before it escalated.
11/2 20:05:41.269 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: I think it comes down to respecting that they are Starlight, too, even if you disagree with them on something. Respecting each other means respecting the whole guild's choice to include them.
11/2 20:05:53.029 Jingtei nods at Liathéne.
11/2 20:05:57.421 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: A very good point.
11/2 20:06:10.124 Aíluropoda claps excitedly for Liathéne.
11/2 20:06:10.921 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Yeah.
11/2 20:06:14.065 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: It means not pushing them away over disagreement, but granting the space given to them by all.
11/2 20:07:04.248 Reyahd-ArgentDawn sits down next to Fio, smiling at her.
11/2 20:07:30.231 Fioliea-ArgentDawn smiles at Rey, and gives her hand a squeeze.
11/2 20:07:41.694 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I think it is a good view in summary, assume they come from a good place, good intentions and that they are Starlighters too.
11/2 20:07:43.332 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: It means respecting that others have the right to need help, or space, to share or to wait.
11/2 20:07:47.917 Reyahd-ArgentDawn smiles thankfully and holds Fios hand
11/2 20:07:56.134 Nomìne nods.
11/2 20:08:33.303 Reyahd-ArgentDawn looks at Nomine attentively and also somewhat searchingly.
11/2 20:08:56.250 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, what do we mean with being a "hero?"
11/2 20:09:21.638 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Recklessly sacrificing yourself, being too proud to admit injury...
11/2 20:09:28.196 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Doing dangerous stuff, putting yourself in danger without thinking of how it might affect others
11/2 20:09:30.657 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: Rushing into action without considering your own safety?
11/2 20:09:49.843 Fioliea-ArgentDawn nods in agreement at the statements made.
11/2 20:09:56.866 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Forcin people to come to yer rescue when there was no need.
11/2 20:10:16.481 Reyahd-ArgentDawn sighs a little relieved at Nomines nod at her. Her cheeks flush.
11/2 20:10:33.392 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Or as an officer, flinging yer troops in without regard to their safety, outta pride.
11/2 20:10:41.163 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: For me, being a hero is often somebody who thinks they can act on their own, it is closely tied to being a martyr, to say "I can sacrifice myself, I will not be a burden on others"
11/2 20:11:04.858 Reyahd-ArgentDawn listens to the people around her but remains silent
11/2 20:11:07.318 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Even I were reminded earlier today, that this rule, does in fact also apply for myself
11/2 20:11:54.667 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I want to stress, that being a hero does not end when the battle is over. I think it is also true fwhen people choose not to speak to the menders, or show how injured they are.
11/2 20:12:06.634 Jingtei nods at Nomìne.
11/2 20:12:17.396 Fioliea-ArgentDawn nods at Nomine.
11/2 20:12:30.056 Liathéne nods.
11/2 20:12:45.616 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, how do we explain this to new members?
11/2 20:13:01.624 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: Heroes are people who try to take on the entire world by themselves no matter the cost?
11/2 20:13:27.651 Liathéne-ArgentDawn raises a hand.
11/2 20:13:31.493 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I think it is more about not wanting to be a burden, or to have others think they need help
11/2 20:13:33.955 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Lia?
11/2 20:14:31.044 Reyahd-ArgentDawn frowns, obviously somewhat disagreeing
11/2 20:14:59.209 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: I think it will be to explain that Starlight will be there to help when needed, that it is important to know that we prefer that people ask for help if the stakes are high, so as to not lose people, and that it is good to use the resources we have...
11/2 20:15:11.442 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: available, such as menders, if one is injured.
11/2 20:15:54.027 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: We would rather have you alive to fight another day, basically.
11/2 20:15:58.760 Liathéne looks at Stoen.
11/2 20:16:45.643 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I think heroes are like, it.. People who think everyone will admire their bravery. Like, it.. They don't know how to retreat without screaming "I'll guard you while you flee!" or.. or they won't be able to accept healing without demanding that, it..
11/2 20:16:52.453 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: "No, take care of the others first!"
11/2 20:17:12.761 Fioliea-ArgentDawn nods at Stoen.
11/2 20:17:17.598 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. And they just become a crummy cog in the machine like that.
11/2 20:17:25.731 Stoen-ArgentDawn shrugs.
11/2 20:17:37.253 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: A, um...Crummy cog?
11/2 20:17:42.989 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn nods at Chit
11/2 20:17:43.222 Jingtei-ArgentDawn blinks, confused at the saying.
11/2 20:17:51.184 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Yes, it.. Cogs don't work well if they get crummy.
11/2 20:17:57.504 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Oh I see.
11/2 20:17:32.230 Chit-ArgentDawn says: I'd explain when stuff happens. Ask their opinion. Talk it through. People may already know this stuff, they might be on the left of ya.

11/2 20:18:05.105 Reyahd-ArgentDawn looks at the grass and absentmindedly plucks a straw to run over her bare legs as she listens
11/2 20:18:21.486 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: There is one more thing to keep in mind, with this part
11/2 20:18:27.228 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Heroes are not inclusive
11/2 20:18:41.975 Chit-ArgentDawn nods to herself.
11/2 20:18:48.336 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Meaning, that when somebody decides to be the hero, they are also pushing people away.
11/2 20:18:55.918 Jingtei nods.
11/2 20:19:07.562 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn nods slowly.
11/2 20:19:14.736 Anomen-ArgentDawn nods and rolls his shoulders
11/2 20:19:24.888 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Me, me, me. I'll be the centre of attention. Yer all bit part players in my theatre.
11/2 20:19:30.300 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Chit.
11/2 20:20:09.509 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn ponders.
11/2 20:20:12.084 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: Umm…
11/2 20:20:16.996 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, Syra?
11/2 20:20:18.637 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: And the other kind of 'hero'?
11/2 20:20:22.385 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: Ya know, the silent one?
11/2 20:20:30.924 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: The one that won't ask fer any attention at all an just disappears?
11/2 20:20:41.464 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I ain´t sure if there is much difference, truth be told.
11/2 20:20:41.697 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: That one is way tricker to catch and thus way more dangerous.
11/2 20:20:57.551 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Still they are the star, an still they put people into danger.
11/2 20:21:11.064 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: but it's gotta be clear not everyone will SAY what they are about to do.
11/2 20:21:20.081 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Syrawenn.
11/2 20:22:07.590 Reyahd-ArgentDawn seems very focused on the straw against her skin
11/2 20:22:14.493 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Communication is very much the key.
11/2 20:22:21.673 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An this takes us to the last one
11/2 20:22:27.759 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: "Starlight takes care of its own"
11/2 20:22:40.354 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: Mmh.
11/2 20:22:46.911 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: We protect each other
11/2 20:22:53.893 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I reckon that one is more familiar than most other unwritten rules, as it tends to be mentioned during some interviews.
11/2 20:23:08.397 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Is that all there is too it though? "We protect each other"?
11/2 20:23:08.560 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn keeps silent on this one.
11/2 20:23:18.215 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn can't help but shake her head though.
11/2 20:23:18.447 Liathéne-ArgentDawn shakes her head.
11/2 20:23:19.639 Chit-ArgentDawn says: An yet some people do not unnerstand it all.
11/2 20:23:22.960 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: It's when Nomine makes the passive promise to kill us should we put Starlight in danger.
11/2 20:23:44.962 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Or be a danger to others.
11/2 20:24:11.291 Chit-ArgentDawn says: We shoot our own mad dog, in effect.
11/2 20:23:44.296 Anomen-ArgentDawn says: Can we choose who will be the one to do us in?
11/2 20:23:47.920 Anomen-ArgentDawn softly chuckles.
11/2 20:23:56.045 Fioliea-ArgentDawn frowns.
11/2 20:23:57.787 Reyahd-ArgentDawn narrows her eyes.
11/2 20:24:03.911 Reyahd-ArgentDawn peers at Fio.
11/2 20:24:28.086 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I think your preferences will be taken into consideration but we cannot make promises as to, um.. The method and person.
11/2 20:24:34.753 Chit-ArgentDawn says: If all else fails.
11/2 20:25:01.262 Nomìne-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders and nods
11/2 20:25:06.277 Jingtei peers at you searchingly.
11/2 20:25:06.444 Chit-ArgentDawn says: And yes, it has been done.
11/2 20:26:00.740 Chit-ArgentDawn looks down at the ground and rolls a pebble in her hand, examining it minutely.
11/2 20:25:53.691 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: But on the other paw!
11/2 20:26:18.015 Jingtei-ArgentDawn says: It also means that if people are hurting or in trouble Starlight will help them, right?
11/2 20:26:01.886 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Why do we have this rule?
11/2 20:26:11.115 Nomìne-ArgentDawn taps his flask.
11/2 20:26:17.451 Liathéne-ArgentDawn says: Because it has been necessary in the past, I assume.
11/2 20:26:24.212 Anomen-ArgentDawn says: For if it is absolutely necessary to protect Starlight and its own?.
11/2 20:26:26.453 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: To keep Starlight safe from threats both outside and within?
11/2 20:26:33.893 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn says: Unity.
11/2 20:26:42.445 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We will of course protect those who are hurt and in pain.
11/2 20:26:54.314 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: The answer, to why. is slightly differently
11/2 20:27:19.402 Chit-ArgentDawn says: We have this rule so that we can take into the guild a wider range of people. People who others may not give a chance to.
11/2 20:27:15.606 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Without this rule, we could not invite all the people into Starlight, that we do.
11/2 20:27:26.260 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn nods at her father and at Chit.
11/2 20:27:31.992 Fioliea-ArgentDawn says: We have a responsibility towards each other. That mean also in bad times.
11/2 20:27:53.302 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We could not in good faith, have people who are warlocks, broken by war, who are willing to do ugly things.
11/2 20:27:55.241 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods.
11/2 20:28:14.596 Chit-ArgentDawn says: It's really about trust. Trustin people who are on the edge.
11/2 20:28:31.873 Fioliea-ArgentDawn 's frown deepens slightly.
11/2 20:28:33.078 Anomen-ArgentDawn stays silent as he looks at the ground.
11/2 20:28:36.708 Jingtei-ArgentDawn looks troubled.
11/2 20:28:46.547 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I think there is something else worth saying on this topic.
11/2 20:28:58.168 Reyahd-ArgentDawn raises an eyebrow, still listening, however even more so focused in the straw on her thigh.
11/2 20:29:02.421 Chit-ArgentDawn says: An acceptin the responsibility fer makin that choice.
11/2 20:29:26.460 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: If you can trust somebody to be there, to stop you if you should be corrupted, if you should start to hurt others. It is hopefully easier to trust them to help you as well, to help build you up, and bring a bit of light into yer life.
11/2 20:29:42.241 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn smiles at that.
11/2 20:29:58.201 Chit-ArgentDawn nods.
11/2 20:30:04.559 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Nobody wants to go that path.
11/2 20:30:16.008 Liathéne-ArgentDawn nods solemnly.
11/2 20:30:18.523 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An this is also why we can`t have any of the heroes.
11/2 20:30:35.951 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: With a hero, we won´t know how bad it is, how much trouble an hurt a person is in
11/2 20:30:52.809 Chit-ArgentDawn looks thoughtful.
11/2 20:30:59.414 Fioliea-ArgentDawn says: May I add something.
11/2 20:31:05.184 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Without the respect, people will not include others, people will not trust them do what is right, and needed.
11/2 20:31:08.265 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Fio
11/2 20:31:12.125 Jingtei peers at you searchingly.
11/2 20:31:19.959 To Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn: ((It's all a Nomine ploy))
11/2 20:31:28.746 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn whispers: ((It totally is ))
11/2 20:31:40.218 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn whispers: ((He's forming a cult )0
11/2 20:31:50.621 To Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn: ((He bends everything beautifully to his craft))
11/2 20:32:13.795 Fioliea-ArgentDawn says: This does not mean shouting it from the rooftops. This can also just been confining in one of a few people?
11/2 20:32:44.380 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Confining in?
11/2 20:32:57.517 Chit-ArgentDawn says: O..confiding
11/2 20:32:58.316 [1. sl] Fioliea-ArgentDawn: sorry I can't spell.. gime a sec.
11/2 20:33:04.589 Chit-ArgentDawn says: I gettit
11/2 20:33:06.386 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We are not expecting that every story should be shared with all, one or two, or just a few are fine. As long as it is shared with the officers, when it could lead to danger or trouble for all of Starlight
11/2 20:33:07.114 Fioliea nods at you.
11/2 20:33:10.330 [1. sl] Liathéne-ArgentDawn: <3
11/2 20:33:27.526 Fioliea-ArgentDawn nods.
11/2 20:33:31.622 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Heck, we are not even demanding that all of ya like each other, it would be nice. But it ain´t one of the unwritten rules
11/2 20:33:35.801 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Respect however is.
11/2 20:34:14.414 To Nomìne-ArgentDawn: ((Great session, perfect end point haha))
11/2 20:34:23.630 [1. sl] Liathéne-ArgentDawn: sorry, ignore that
11/2 20:34:23.859 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We won´t be going on for much longer. Just so it is said.
11/2 20:34:28.895 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Just one reminder
11/2 20:34:38.208 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Stoen, can ya run people through RIPA?
11/2 20:34:50.266 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, it.. Sure!
11/2 20:35:17.339 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: So, it.. Starlight emergency system: R. I. P. A.
11/2 20:35:17.339 [1. sl] Milwin-ArgentDawn: dog problem brb
11/2 20:35:51.248 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It's essentially what we do when there's an immediate need for help. Like if you're being attacked or injured or something.
11/2 20:36:04.368 Nomìne-ArgentDawn listens and nods to Stoen
11/2 20:36:21.194 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: R is for Response or Roll call, it.. We never really agreed but it means the same anyway. You all state your names and location.
11/2 20:36:31.030 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: This is so we know who is available.
11/2 20:37:02.160 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: I is Information. After the roll call, anyone with.. with relevant information says it. No conjecture or guessworks, just plain, factual information you have.
11/2 20:37:34.344 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Then P. This is Planning, which is where we take the available people and.. and information at hand and use it to form the optimal course of action.
11/2 20:37:46.394 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: And finally A for action where.. where we do whatever we planned.
11/2 20:37:51.308 Jingtei nods at Stoen.
11/2 20:38:12.616 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Without RIPA, it would just, it.. Everyone running in at random times. Chaos.
11/2 20:38:32.282 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn raises a hand.
11/2 20:38:40.481 Stoen peers at Aíluropoda searchingly.
11/2 20:39:02.580 Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn says: What happened and went wrong, for the RIPA to be thought up and put into place?
11/2 20:39:24.697 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. I'm not sure, um.. Chit, you came up with it, right?
11/2 20:39:39.443 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Nah, it was Devvy.
11/2 20:39:49.624 [1. sl] Milwin-ArgentDawn: back
11/2 20:39:51.719 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Let us not focus on what made RIPA be part of Starlight,
11/2 20:39:53.966 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We will be doing RIPA exercises in the near future.
11/2 20:39:56.642 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. We'll have to ask Devvy then.
11/2 20:40:00.847 [1. sl] Aíluropoda-ArgentDawn: If I remember rightly it was back when we had the weekly kidnappings but not sure
11/2 20:40:12.964 Chit-ArgentDawn raises her hand.
11/2 20:40:18.920 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, Chit?
11/2 20:40:30.256 [1. sl] Severket-ArgentDawn left channel.
11/2 20:41:00.950 Chit-ArgentDawn says: I spotted when we were at the Lighthouse an before with Eileena's gnome, that people ain't good at reportin in with a status update.
11/2 20:41:04.334 [1. sl] Hwayoung-ArgentDawn joined channel.
11/2 20:41:37.797 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Can we stay alert when asked fer Status? Like health, situation?
11/2 20:41:44.070 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn nods at Chit.
11/2 20:41:48.876 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We will include that in the exercises, but thats not for tonight
11/2 20:41:52.963 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Chit
11/2 20:41:55.936 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Make it an unwritten rule.
11/2 20:42:12.378 Chit-ArgentDawn says: If ya don't respond we waste time findin out if yer dead or dyin
11/2 20:42:43.044 Chit-ArgentDawn subsides.
11/2 20:42:52.174 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: To wrap up tonight
11/2 20:43:40.255 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: The pathfinder trainings, will be similar to tonight, focusing on various topics that are important for pathfinders, from dealing with Starlights history, to making people feel included, or take part of gatherings
11/2 20:44:10.001 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Most likely, we will continue the training, also after some people have been made pathfinders, as the need is "now" rather than in three months
11/2 20:44:52.233 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We will ask people to sign up after the guildmeeting, an the week thereafter, this includes old Pathfinders like yerself Milwin, so we know that they wish to continue
11/2 20:45:08.519 Chit-ArgentDawn raises her hand.
11/2 20:45:12.866 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We hope to draw on the experience from past pathfinders, to make the training better for all.
11/2 20:45:27.825 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: And current pathfinders will be asked to take part of the training.
11/2 20:45:33.334 Milwin-ArgentDawn says: Very well
11/2 20:45:35.323 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We do not yet know how many pathfinders we need.
11/2 20:45:36.826 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, Chit?
11/2 20:46:06.656 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Is it ok fer someone to attend the trainin if they ain't sure they want to be a Pathfinder yet?
11/2 20:46:24.127 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, that will be ok.
11/2 20:46:40.513 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Any other questions?
11/2 20:46:47.059 Milwin-ArgentDawn shakes her head
11/2 20:46:52.323 Syrawenn-ArgentDawn shakes her head
11/2 20:46:58.381 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Nope.
11/2 20:47:02.686 Anomen-ArgentDawn says: I'm good.
11/2 20:49:33.360 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: In that case, we are at the end.
11/2 20:49:42.189 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Thank you all for coming, an move safely all

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