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Interesting stuff for new members

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First action
Can you help people get to know you by posting in the World of Warcraft/In Character/Character Profiles - give us a short introduction (format is your choice) to your character. We won't use this ic information until and unless you choose to reveal it to our characters! These profiles also give you a head start to find ways of relating to other characters in the guild. Here's a link to the Profiles.

Explorer Rank - Everyone starts as an Explorer. This role is like a trial period in which you decide if you are right for us and if we are right for you. When you initially join the guild we will help you to meet people and get into rp that you enjoy. During this period you will be asked to create an event or social for the guild. By doing this you show that you are willing to accept that Starlight is about give and take and that every member is expected to help create roleplay for others as well as themselves. Each of us are working to build on the guilds story and our own. We hope that this event is one of many. After a period of time you would be asked "Do you wish to become a full member of Starlight?" and this signifies the end of your explorer path and joining as a committed member of the guild.

Our rules - The main rule we have is Real Life comes first. This will come in many forms whether it is the choice to opt out of a certain style of roleplay or if something comes up. People will not be questioned on this and we do not expect to be questioned on this in return. When this choice is made there are to be no reprecussions IC or OOC. We believe the player matters more than the character and we treat people as individuals of value.
We ask that you keep OOC and IC separate. If you find yourself in a situation where this isn't going to happen refer back to RL comes first and opt out. As mentioned before. The player matters more than the character and we like to keep Starlight a safe and friendly place for everyone.

IC - We have the rule of do not kill in Stormwind. Needless to say we try to solve conflict through other methods however the breaking of this rule reflects badly on Starlight as a whole and gets us in big trouble with the guard.

Pathfinder are like a buddy and well, host at a party. They are your new contact who will check up on you every so often and initially help you integrate yourself into the guild by pulling you into conversations and activities. The idea behind it is to give you someone you can go to about anything. Hosts are people who know the guild well and like to welcome new members. Always feel free to approach a Pathfinder or an Officer if you are finding it hard to get into the thick of things - we love to help, and really enjoy helping people with their rp.

Officers/seneschals - The officer or seneschal are the core team who lead Starlight along side the Lord Protector(Guild leader) Our job is to make sure everyone is safe, happy and to keep the well oiled machine we call Starlight running. We are here to help so do not hesitate to ask questions. We deal with the ins and outs of things and if you're worried about something and how it would affect the guild then it's a good idea to run things by us. The current officer team is as follows

Nomine (Lord Protector)

Guild meetings - Guild meetings happen every week, alternating between Monday and Sunday. They are usually held at Stormwind Lighthouse at 20.00 gametime. However this can be subject to change depending on events happening etc. We expect that our members come to the guild meeting if they are online, as it is the best way to know what is happening and is an open forum for people to discuss concerns or upcoming events. It's where we connect and spread our news. During these meetings we strive to focus on IC chat and we ask that OOC is kept to a minimum during IC interactions. We also have an OOC section to the meeting, usually at the end.
During these meetings we tend to have a raised hand to signal if an individual would like to ask a question. Please be patient and wait your turn. If by chance we miss the emote then please don't be afraid to raise your hand again or prod OOC to say you wished to ask something.

The channels -
Guild chat is IC. We use a hearthstone engraved with a rune which when touching the skin allows focused thoughts to be 'heard' over distances. What can you hear? Words and emotions are conveyed - just as you pick up emotions over the phone. Occasionally some local noise which the person is hearing. This allows us to do some casual rp and relationship building while actually questing!

SL channel is ooc for SL and their alts outside the guild, also a few old friends of SL. It's ok to ask who people are. Officers like to keep track of who's alt is who so if asked let us know. If you don't wish other people to know about it then answering via whisper is acceptable.
As we are largely an IC guild we would like very much if people could refrain from using open brackets (( blahblahblah)) in /say. We also ask that if you want to correct spelling mistakes do this in the /SL ooc chat - or ic repeat yourself (*ahem* "I mean double not bubble"). Mostly typos can be ignored, if the meaning is clear.

Whispering - If you are physically in earshot Whisper is seen as IC. The preferred method when whispering OOC is to whisper someone ((with the content in brackets)). This doesn't really matter as much if you are in different places but if you are sitting next to another player it allows players to quickly work out if you are whispering in character or as the player.

Questing - Also dungeons, raids. Feel free to ask for help. You will find many areas in the forums where you can do so as well. IC or OOC.

What is RIPA? - Starlight's drill in an emergency - eg a guild member is attacked/kidnapped etc.
Roll Call - Find the names of whom is available to help and where they are.
Information - Find out more about what and where something has happened, if this is possible.
Planning - Make a plan of action.
Action - Do as planned.

This is Starlight's Emergency protocol. In other words if you feel you may be in danger soon you can call on us or if you are in danger you call out RIPA. This links directly to the use of Guild chat too so please when using (if not using all the time) touch the area in which you keep your guild stone so as to inform those attacking that you may have something of interest to them. It stops being called out for being overpowering. Much like a guard would pull out their radio to call for aid so you too would reach for your communication device. This tips people off to take it off you, if they are sensible!

Do not use RIPA to 'cry wolf!'. If we find that you are constantly getting into trouble on purpose and using us to bail you out then much like the boy who cried wolf you will find yourself alone in a dangerous situation.

The role of Journals - You don't have to explain your entire life history to everyone you meet. You can hint at things or explain what lies behind your interactions. Reading in the journal means that you as a player know what is going on - but your character ic doesn't know that - you have to provide a situation in which you can be told ic. It allows more subtle ways of resolving conflict e.g. if you can see how a character is reacting to what your character said. Never use this information as given though IC and do not force a conversation into such matters. We try to keep journals in order to show the other side of the coin people may not see during the RP or perhaps their adventures while you're away. It's a really useful tool to get more insight into them and also builds on your own story/RP. We encourage the use of them. Other people love seeing how your character is reacting to theirs!

We have an ooc thread in this section - this is for feedback on journal entries and stories, and this kind of response is very highly valued by our writers. Make a point of telling them what were the best bits for you, and why.

Alts - once you become a member you are welcome to bring in more alts.
They get invited through joining an event/guildmeeting and approaching an officer at that time. Please note that normal restrictions on characters like DK still apply. We look at activity on a player basis, not for each individual alt. Also - what we ask, is that you only bring in alts you wish to use for RP, even if this is on an rare/special occasion basis.

Note that as your alts never meet, they won't know anything that the other alt knows. Avoid 'learning things from the alt' as in "Sprocket told me that..." - try to get someone else to tell you. Some members have several with the 'same' name that are the same character, but with different specs for ooc reasons. Treat them as the same character.

Guild bank - If you see something you need then feel free to take it. However if you do wish to take something we ask for a donation in kind. For example if I take 20 sumptuous fur I give back 20 blackrock ore or gold donation. If you can't get access to a tab then speak to an officer and they'll be able to help you.

The guild bank repair system. We use this for guild runs in Instances/raids etc so please don't abuse it. The gold from here generally goes into competitions etc too. ICwise the gold can be used to buy materials for big events (Reike used it to buy stalls for the market). Or for example fireworks and other visual items may be compensated. Again speak to an officer on this matter.

Now if there are any other questions you can think of please ask in the Q&A and if it's not answered here i'll be sure to add an extra line on the subject. Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay in Starlight!

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