(Example Introduction) Reyahd

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(Example Introduction) Reyahd

#1 Post by Chit » Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:20 am

Name: Reyahd Hasaraamah
Age: 19 or so
Gender and race: Female human
Occupation: Dancer, musician, singer in that order

Reyah or Rey grew up at a fishermans hut in Tanaris where her family tried to dodge the dangers of the pirates and the dangers ashore. She soon learned that the hard fishermans life was not for her and he wanted to brighten the word with dancing and music. When she danced she could shut out the world and also she learnt that most dangerous people would start to laugh and smile as she danced for them, making dancing a valuable weapon to survive.

She studied dancing in many places and even lived with a peaceful troll tribe to learn how they used tribal dancing as a means to tell stories and hand down important cultural traditions to the younger.

Rey dreams to get to dance for the king and nobility, being an important part of the cultural scene of Stormwind eventhough this is her goal dancing infront of a lowly farmers family is not beneath her - she simply enjoys to dance and play her instruments.

She does not have a lot of money and has to work her way through life, travelling around with stories, songs and dances to brighten moods all over Azeroth. She is used to travelling and does not shy away from long journeys, living off what she can find on her way and she is almost too good to pass through enemy lands unharmed.

Rey is a dreamer with a bright demeanour yet she knows the hardship of the world too. She can at times be broody as if there is something on her mind, dampening her otherwise cheerful spirits but she dislikes talking about herself

She is a warlock but has not had training nor uses that kind of magic. It is more like she has a guardian from somewhere unknown to her - whom she has not ever really seen but who sometimes saves her behind if she is in trouble.

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