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introduction - Fioliea Dawnlight (joined)

#1 Post by Fioliea » Tue Sep 03, 2019 7:38 am

Name: Fioliea Dawnlight
Race: Kal'dori
Age: Adult (around the 4000)
Sex: Female
Profession: Priest and healer

Fioliea Is a friendly and polite elf, that strive not to make herself too noticed in social situations. She loves company, don't get me wrong, but she prefers not being the center of attention. You might call her timid, and you would not be wrong, though from time to time a slight hint of a stronger and more assertive side shines through. But the Burning of her home and family broke something in her. That resulted in that she left politics and a center stage in the sisterhood behind, which had been the focus of her life for milliner, to dedicate her time and energy on mending and healing those fighting the Invaders.

She was born in Ashenvale and lived the majority of her life there. Having a somewhat calm childhood and udbringning she and her younger sister joined the Sisters of Elune when they both became of age.

Fioliea had been an acolyte for only a few years when she ran into a, a calm and steadfast hunter. He lived by himself and only came into town once in awhile to trade his wares. This made the romance between the two a truly slow burn but eventually they two became mates a union that would last millennia. And the two later have a son.
Despite objections from her mate the family moved to Darnassus when city was founded on Tendrasill. And a proud Fioliea saw her son enlisted The Darnassian City Guard.

During the attack of the forsaken She was on shore with her sister Fighting the forces of Sylvanas. She had set her son back to the capital to assist with the evacuation, And make sure his father got out as well.
The sisters fell close to the shore, Fioliea stuck under a glaive thrower her leg crushed and her sister felled by forsaken arrows. Fioliea could do little but watch as Sylvanas ordered the burning.
She hoped beyond hope that the two had survived, but knew that they both would see the last survivor off the tree before leaving themselves.

Fioliea is now trying to find new roots. So when Liathene spoke about a friendly community and invited her to one of Starlights meetings she agreed to come. The rest is history.

So I've been around awhile and didn't get around to doing this. So here it is. I hope it is sufficient. :)
I have not been Wow rp'ing for ages so I might be a bit rusty, also a slow typer.

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