Introduction - Jack Graves

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Introduction - Jack Graves

#1 Post by Graves » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:14 pm

Name: Jack 'Tallhat' Graves
Age: 48
Gender and race: Human Male
Occupation: Labourer, Mercenary

Graves left Gilneas, like many others. Unhappy, and alone. With nowhere to go, Graves chose Northrend. Already being strong, Graves found a supportive bunch of people he might of called family there, and worked for quite a few years as a Lumberjack with his Sister, Milly Graves. When his ties in northrend died down, He took into the city of Stormwind, following a letter sent by his cousin: Samuel Caterwell. Here, He worked as security of the Blue Recluse, since that is where Samuel Caterwell ran his business from. On the side, Graves took to flirting with the women that passed through the bar, and to earn extra money, Brawling. It was illegal brawling, but even the guards took part, and bet, on those brawls.

It did not take long for his cousins business to fall apart, leaving Graves somewhat in the situation he started in. Alone, other than his sister, and a new romantic intrest he had acquired in his time at the Blue Recluse.. Yazmin Blackwood.

Needless to say, The new business with Yazmin, didn't last very long. And of course, once more. Graves was alone. Graves did not hang around in Stormwind for to long, after a breakup with his Romantic interest, He set to find new hopes in the Howling Fjord at Westguard. Joining Primarily as a Military Man, he decided it best to improve his aim, since he has always kept hold of a rather fine rifle.

With a better aim, and a salty attitude, Graves returned to the city, falling into place with a bunch of Amatuer Rioters, and people he used to call friends. Having quite a time being the main 'nuiscence' of the guard for the best part of a month, It fell, Disbanding the organisation and landing Graves in the stocks for several weeks.

Having a long time to think about it, Jack Graves set himself on a path to change, and focussed on changing the way he is, and finding his lost sister. On the day he was released from the stocks, he got friendly with a Detective during some riots against the king, and helped out the guard disperesing the other noble guilds and criminals. It landed him a Job in the Detectives for a short time, untill things got sour. The search for a group to call family, for a job he doesn't wish would end quickly simply started again.

TL:DR Graves is a physically strong Labourer, capable of shooting well and fighting harder; Having a background that can only be described as troubled brings a few strong opinions and behaviours, What seems to be a tough and pessimistic, and downright offensive brute can be surpassed in seconds depending how he views you.

Out Of Character: Warrior. He's definitely not a warrior in anything other than spirit, and more of a commoner / mercenary at a push. Where as I'm very chilled out and can quite easily separate OOC from IC.

Reasoning to Join: Graves has led a troubled life from a young age. Yet, he does want to change and at the least settle down with a group of people he can call his family. Travel and mild Adventure is good encouragement for this.

Also. It's a way to get paid to fuel his rampant abuse of alcohol.

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Re: Introduction - Jack Graves

#2 Post by Nomine » Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:59 am


Thank you for your application - what would be the easiest way to reach you in game? :)
FYI: We got a guild meeting tonight (Monday 24.09). While I personally got limited time after, Nomine is one of 3 that can interview. Two others being Tikal and Stoen

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Re: Introduction - Jack Graves

#3 Post by Graves » Mon Sep 24, 2018 10:08 pm

Thanks for the reply.

I'm available pretty much whenever, the only lynchpin on my availability is my dreadful sleeping schedule that I can't keep control of! Here is my battletag so we can get some contact in-game, and I'll figure out how to approach ICly.


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