E'larrah Nightspirit - Introduction (2nd Edition)

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E'larrah Nightspirit - Introduction (2nd Edition)

#1 Post by Nightspirit » Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:21 pm

Name: E'larrah Nightspirit
Race: Highborne
Age: In the 12,000's
Sex: Female
Profession: Shadowblade & Crafter

Description: A Highborne weathered by both age and life experiences, often clad in armour with a single blade or pair of blades at her hips. She has the sharp and high-cut facial features common amongst her kind, with blue tinted eyes and mid-length dark blue hair which she either leaves to flow freely or has gathered up in a loose tail when not in a position to relax.

Reason for Joining: Having left shortly after the defeat of Legion and the destruction of Silithus at the hands of The Dark Titan, E'larrah went on a journey for herself to explore other communities that could be found throughout the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Despite her search she found none others she felt suitable and welcomed in up until the point the Horde brought war to the Alliance in the north of Kalimdor. She rushed to take part in whatever fighting she could through Ashenvale, Darkshore and even so far as trying to help people escape from the burning Teldrassil. Following on from that, she barely made it to Tirisfal Glades in time for the assault upon Undercity where she once again pressed herself into service.

After the fighting had been done and Alliance forces began to split up and return to their homes, she found herself wanting ever more for a community that she could call home, something she had lost after her depart from Starlight and wanted to recover once again, naturally her only solution was to go back to the same community she had left in ill-considered haste and try to integrate herself for a second time.

Out Of Character: E'larrah is a former Sentinel and Huntress who has since given up the art of combat using a bow with an animal companion at her side and has instead re-educated herself into the use of swords, axes, daggers and other melee weaponry as well as finally tapping into her full potential to wield the Arcane as a Highborne. However, due to the dark times recently, she has also opened herself up to the use of Void magic as well, despite terrible experiences the last time she was overtaken by those very same energies.

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